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Hymns whose first lines are marked with an asterisk are copyright, and must not be reproduced without permission.



A few more years shall roll..... 443 Rev. Horatius Bonar..

1842 A great and mighty wonder..... 82 St. Germanus.


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1862 A little child the Saviour came.... 341 Rev. William Robertson..

1861 A mighty Fortress is our God.... 213 Rev. Martin Luther...,


Tr. Rev. Frederick H. Hedge..... 1852 Abide with me; fast falls the eventide.... 18 Rev. Henry F. Lyte...

1847 Above the clear blue sky. 353 Rev. John Chandler..

1841 According to Thy gracious word.... 320 Rev. James Montgomery.

1825 Advent tells us Christ is near. 348 Katherine Hankey...

1888 Again the morn of gladness... 352 Rev. John Ellerton..

1874 *Ah, holy Jesus, how hast Thou offended...... 155 Rev. Johann Heermann..

1630 Tr. Robert S. Bridges.

1899 All glory, laud, and honour.... 143 St. Theodulph..,


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1854 All hail the power of Jesus' Name. 192 Rev. Edward Perronet...

1779 All my heart this night rejoices.... 545 Rev. Paulus Gerhardt.

1656 Tr. Catherine Winkworth..

1858 All people that on earth do dwell.. 249 Rev. William Kethe....

1561 All praise to Thee, my God, this night..... 25 Bishop Thomas Ken.

1709 All thingsare Thine; nogift havewe 460 John G. Whittier..

1872 All things bright and beautiful.... 358 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander. 1848 Alleluia! Alleluia...

520 Bishop. Christopher Wordsworth.. 1872 Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia. 555 Jean Tisserand..

1494 See, O sons and daughters, let Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1852

us sing Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia.... 173 Latin: Anonymous See, The strife is o'er, the battle Tr. Rev. Francis Pott..

1861 done Alleluia! sing to Jesus.... 193 William C. Dix..

1866 Alleluia, song of gladness..

110 Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1851 Am I a soldier of the cross. 488 Rev. Isaac Watts...

1724 Ancient of Days, Who sittest throned in glory... 519 Bishop William C. Doane..

1886 And now, O Father, mindful of the love.... 333 Canon William Bright..

1874 Angel voices, ever singing... 461 Rev. Francis Pott....

1861 Angels from the realms of glory... 80 Rev. James Montgomery.


DATE 1769 1775 1779 1795 1842 1862 1736 1837

First LINE


AUTHOR Angels, roll the rock away....

177 Rev. Thomas Scott....

Rev. Thomas Gibbons.
Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat 303 Rev. John Newton...
Arm of the Lord, awake! awake... 487 William Shrubsole.
Around the throne of God, a band. 291 Rev. John Mason Neale.
Art thou weary, art thou languid.. 386 Rev. John Mason Neale..
As now the sun's declining rays.. 30 Charles Coffin...

Tr. Rev. John Chandler.
As pants the wearied hart for cool-
ing springs..

313 Bishop Robert Lowth.

Tr. George Gregory...
As with gladness men of old.. 94 William C. Dix...
Asleep in Jesus! blessed sleep... 413 Mrs. Margaret Mackay..
At even, when the sun was set. 399 Canon Henry Twells..
At the cross her station keeping... 161 Latin.

Tr. Bishop Richard Mant.

Rev. Edward Caswall.
At the Lamb's high feast we sing.. 178 Latin; Tr. Robert Campbell..
At the Name of Jesus...

528 Caroline Maria Noel.. Awake, and sing the song..

261 Rev. William Hammond.. Awake, my soul, and with the sun. 2 Bishop Thomas Ken. Awake, my soul, stretch every nerve 111 Rev. Philip Doddridge...

1753 1787 1860 1832

1868 12th cent.

1833 1849 1849 1870 1745 1695 1755


Before Jehovah's awful throne.... 309 Rev. Isaac Watts...

Arr. Rev. John Wesley Before the ending of the day.. .... 28 Latin: St. Ambrose...

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale.. Behold the Lamb of God...... 148 Rev. Matthew Bridges.. Behold us, Lord, a little space.. 10 Rev. John Ellerton.... Beneath the cross of Jesus..

150 Elizabeth C. Clephane.. Blessed city, heavenly Salem... 508 Latin...

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale...
Blest are the moments, doubly blest 9 William Wordsworth...
Blest are the pure in heart... 277 Rev. John Keble....
Blest be the tie that binds..

489 Rev. John Fawcett..
Bread of heaven, on Thee we feed.. 332 Josiah Conder...
Bread of the world, in mercy broken 336 Bishop Reginald Heber..
Breast the wave, Christian.. 112 Joseph Stammers..
Breathe on me, Breath of God.. 380 Rev. Edwin Hatch..
Brief life is here our portion.... 69 St. Bernard of Cluny..

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale...
Brightest and best of the sons of the

95 Bishop Reginald Heber.. Brightly gleams our banner.. 529 Rev. Thomas J. Potter. By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored...

335 George Rawson... By cool Siloam's shady rill.. 351 Bishop Reginald Heber. By the gracious saving call. Part II. 142 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..


1852 1848 1870

1868 7th cent.

1851 1834 1819 1782 1824 1827 1830 1878 1145 1858

1811 1860

1857 1812 1871

Call Jehovah thy salvation.... 310 Rev. James Montgomery.

1822 Calm on the listening ear of night. 84 Rev. Edmund H. Sears..

1834 Children of the heavenly King..., 517 Rev. John Cennick..

1743 Christ be with me, Christ within me 525 St. Patrick...


Tr. Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander. 1889 Christ for the world we sing ...... 486 Rev. Samuel Wolcott.

1869 Christ is made the sure foundation 457 Latin...

7th cent. Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale.......






DATE Christ is our corner-stone.... 458 Latin...

7th cent. Tr. Rev. John Chandler.

1837 Christ, of all my hopes the ground 219 Rev. Ralph Wardlaw..

1817 Christ the Lord is risen today..... 175 Rev. Charles Wesley.

1739 Christ, Whose glory fills the skies.. 4 Rev. Charles Wesley..

1740 Christian! dost thou see them .... 126 St. Andrew of Crete...


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1862 Christian, seek not yet repose..... 128 Charlotte Elliott...

1836 Christians, awake, salute the happy

John Byrom.

1750 City of God, how broad and far... 470 Rev. Samuel Johnson..

1860 Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove.. 201 Rev. Simon Browne...

1720 Come, Holy Ghost, Creator blest.. 375 Latin: Tr. Rey. Edward Caswall

and Compilers of Hymns An-
cient and Modern..

1861 Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire 455 Latin: Tr. Bishop John Cosin.. 1627 Come, Holy Ghost, Who ever One 8 Latin: St. Ambrose...


Tr. Rev. John Henry Newman.. 1836 Come, Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove 200 Rev. Isaac Watts..

1707 Come, labour on......

Jane Borthwick..

1859 Come, my soul, thou must be waking.

3 Baron F. R. L. Canitz.. 1654-1699

Tr. Rev. Henry J. Buckoll. 1838 Come, my soul, thy suit prepare... 304

Rev. John Newton..

1779 Come, 0 Thou Traveler unknown. 230 Rev. Charles Wesley.

1742 Come, pure hearts, in sweetest measures.....

288 Latin: Tr. Robert Campbell..... 1850 Come, see the place where Jesus lay 174 Rev. Thomas Kelly...

1804 Come, Thou almighty King..... 209 Anonymous.

1757 Come, Thou Holy Spirit, come. 196 Latin: Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall. 1849 Come, Thou long-expected Jesus.. 55

Rev. Charles Wesley.

1744 Come to our poor nature's night... 203 George Rawson..

1853 Come unto Me, ye weary.... 387 William C. Dix..

1867 Come, ye disconsolate... . 388 Thomas Moore..

1816 st. 3, Thomas Hastings.

1831 Come, ye faithful, raise the strain. 170 St. John of Damascus..


Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1853 Come, ye thankful people, come.. . 421

Dean Henry Alford.

1844 Conquering kings their titles take.. 91 Paris Breviary..

1736 Tr. Rev. John Chandler.

1837 Creator Spirit, by Whose aid...... 198 John Dryden..

1693 Crown Him with many crowns.... 190 Rev. Matthew Bridges.

1851 Day of wrath! O day of mourning 65 Thomas of Celano.....

13th cent. Tr. Rev. William J. Irons..

1849 Dear Lord and Father of mankind 120 John G. Whittier...

1872 Dost Thou in a manger lie........ 550 Latin: Abbé Jean Mauburn


Tr. Mrs. Elizabeth Charles... 1858 Draw nigh and take the Body of the Lord.... 330 Latin.....

7th cent.

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale... 1851 Earth has many a noble city..... 93 Aurelius Clemens Prudentius... 348–413

Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall..

1849 Easter flowers are blooming bright. 558 Mary A. Nicholson....

1875 Eternal Father! strong to save.... 415 William Whiting...



AUTHOR Eternal Light! Eternal Light...... 241 Rev. Thomas Binney..... Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless round 491 Rev. John W. Chadwick..

DATE 1826 1864

1677 1849 1868 1834 1906

1864 1805

1841 1858 1760 1906 C. 800 1862

1863 1848

Fairest Lord Jesus.. ::

356 Anonymous, Münster.. Faith of our fathers! living still.... 441 Rev. Frederick W. Faber. Faithful Shepherd, feed me.. 357 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock.. Far from my heavenly home.. 408 Rev. Henry F. Lyte.... *Father in heaven, Who lovest all. 367 Rudyard Kipling. See, Land of our birth, we pledge

to thee Father, let me dedicate...... 448 Rev. Laurence Tuttiett..... Father of all, Whose love profound 206 Rev. Edward Cooper.. Father of heaven, Who hast created all....

342 Rev. Albert Knapp.

Tr. Catherine Winkworth..
Father, whate'er of earthly bliss.. 396 Anne Steele...
*Father, Who on man dost shower 506 Rev. Percy Dearmer.
Fierce was the wild billow...... 416 · Ascribed to St. Anatolius.

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale.....
Fight the good fight with all thy

113 Rev. John S. B. Monsell.. Fling out the banner! let it float... 482 Bishop George W. Doane... For all the saints, who from their labours rest..

295 Bishop W. Walsham How...... For ever with the Lord...

516 Rev. James Montgomery.
For the beauty of the earth.. 425 Folliott S. Pierpoint.
For thee, O dear, dear country.... 512 St. Bernard of Cluny..

Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale...
For Thy dear saints, O Lord.... 293 Bishop Richard Mant..
For Thy mercy and Thy grace.. 447 Rev. Henry Downton.
Forsaken once, and thrice denied.. 283 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander.
Forth in Thy Name, O Lord, I go. 7 Rev. Charles Wesley..
Forty days and forty nights.... 123 Rev. George Hunt Smyttan..
Forty days of Eastertide... 180 Rev. Jackson Mason..
Forward! be our watchword... 531 Dean Henry Alford.
From all that dwell below the skies 250 Rev. Isaac Watts...

Doxology, Bishop Thomas Ken...
From all thy saints in warfare..... 267 Horatio, Earl Nelson..
From every stormy wind that blows 32 Canon Hugh Stowell..
From Greenland's icy mountains. . 476 Bishop Reginald Heber..
From the eastern mountains...... 92 Rev. Godfrey Thring..

1864 1835 1864 1145 1858 1837 1841 1875 1749 1856 1889 1871 1719 1692 1864 1828 1819 1873

Give me the wings of faith to rise.. 301 Rev. Isaac Watts....

1709 Glorious things of thee are spoken. 468 Rev. John Newton..

1779 Glory be to Jesus....

162 Italian: Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall 1857 Glory to the blessed Jesus..

347 Anonymous Go forward, Christian soldier. 535 Rev. Laurence Tuttiett..

1861 Go labour on! spend and be spent. 490 Rev. Horatius Bonar...

1843 Go to dark Gethsemane.. 151 Rev. James Montgomery..

1825 God bless our native land... 428 Siegfried A. Mahlmann..

1815 Tr. Rev. Charles T. Brooks.. 1833 Rev. John S. Dwight..

1844 God hath sent His angels to the earth again..... 557 Bishop Phillips Brooks.

1877 God is our stronghold and our stay 214 Elizabeth Wordsworth...

1903 God is working His purpose out... 483 Arthur C. Ainger.

1894 God moves in a mysterious way... 216 William Cowper..



DATE God, my King, Thy might confessing... 311 Bishop Richard Mant..

1824 God of mercy, God of grace... 312 Rev. Henry F. Lyte...

1834 "God of our fathers, known of old. 439 Rudyard Kipling..

1897 God of our fathers, Whose almighty hand..... 430 Rev. Daniel C. Roberts...

1876 God of the living, in Whose eyes. 410 Rev. John Ellerton....

1858 *God of the nations, Who hast led 442 Rev. Frederick Edwards...

1906 'God of the prophets! bless the prophets' sons.... 451 Rev. Denis Wortman....

1884 God that madest earth and heaven 26 Bishop Reginald Heber.

1827 and

Archbishop Richard Whateley.... 1855 God, the All-terrible! King Who ordainest....... 435 Henry F. Chorley...

1842 Rev. John Ellerton...

1870 God the Father, God the Son... 141 Rev. Richard F. Littledale..

1875 God the Father, God the Son.. 142 Rev. Thomas B. Pollock..

1871 Golden harps are sounding... 560 Frances R. Havergal..

1871 Good Christian men, rejoice. 549 Latin: Tr. Rev. John Mason Neale 1853 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost. 121 Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.. 1862 Great God, what do I see and hear 64 Rev. William B. Collyer...

1812 alt. Rev. Thomas Cotterill.

1820 Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah.. 42 Welsh: Rev. William Williams... 1745

Tr. Rev. Peter Williams..

1772 alt. Rev. John Keble. .


Hail! festal day! to endless ages
known (Easter)....
168 Venantius Fortunatus..


Tr. Rev. Theodore A. Lacey. 1884 Hail! festal day! to endless ages known (Ascension).... 184 Venantius Fortunatus...


Tr. Rev. Theodore A. Lacey. 1884 Hail! festal day! through every age divine (Whitsunday)...... 195 Venantius Fortunatus...


Tr. Rev. Theodore A. Lacey. 1884 Hail, Thou once-despised Jesus.... 191 Rev. John Bakewell..

1757 Rev. Martin Madan...

1760 Rev. Augustus M. Toplady.

1776 Hail to the Lord Who comes.. 274 Rev. John Ellerton....

1880 Hail to the Lord's Anointed.... 99 Rev. James Montgomery.

1821 Hark! a thrilling voice is sounding. 63 Latin .

5th cent. Tr. Rev. Edward Caswall..

1849 Hark! hark, my soul! angelic songs are swelling. 290 Rev. Frederick W. Faber...

1854 Hark, my soul! it is the Lord.. 389 William Cowper....

1768 Hark! the glad sound! the Saviour comes.... 54 Rev. Philip Doddridge...

1735 Hark! the herald angels sing.. 73 Rev. Charles Wesley..

1739 Hark! the song of jubilee... 103 Rev. James Montgomery.

1818 Hark! the sound of holy voices.. 297 Bishop Christopher Wordsworth.. 1862 Hark! the voice eternal... 518 Canon John Julian..

1882 Hark! what mean those holy voices. 81 Rev. John Cawood..

1819 Hasten the time appointed... 477 Jane Borthwick....

1859 He is risen, He is risen..

179 Mrs. Cecil Frances Alexander. 1846 *He leadeth me! O blessed thought 245 Rev. Joseph H. Gilmore...

1862 He who would valiant be..... 117 John Bunyan...

1628-1688 Heal me, O my Saviour, heal.... 137 Rev. Godfrey Thring,


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