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s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s.d. s. d. 8. d. s. d. May 19 681 28 6 376 34 6 260 300 18 0 246 19 0 23 0

25 681 30 0 370 34 4 28 0 30 0 180,270200 24 0 June 2555 31 6 42 0 35 4 28 0 18 0 300 200 240

9 556 260 420 34 9 28 0 28 6 20 0 29 0 210 26 0 16) 774 270 48 6 34 6 - 27 0 20 0 27 0 20 0 26 0 |


s. d.
0 10 May 1836 i 6
1 0

25 346 1 6
1 0 June 1370 1 7
1 0

8 4701 17 1 01 15|| 300 1


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S. &. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. S. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. s des dis

30 0 38 0 190 240 250 270 310 320 950 990 920 260 200 22 01 53 56
30 0 380 210 25 6 250 270 ||31 0 320 270 290920 260 210.50 3 56
30 0 38 0 210 260 24 0 29 0 31 0 330 270 990 926 260 91020 53 56 0
300 38 0 21 0 26 0 24 0 29 0 31 0 330 27 0 29 01 236 260 910 240153 5€ O
500 37 0 210 260 25 0 29 0 51 0 33 0 270 29 0 250 26 6 21 0 24 0 55 56 0

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Kept at Edinburgh, in the Observatory, Caltonhill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock forenoon and four o'clock afternoon. The second Observation, in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register Thermometer. Attach.

Attach. 1824. Ther. Baro.

Wind. Weather. 1824. Ther. Baro. Wind. Weather. Ther.


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May 17{ A.52



A. 46

6? 7{A. 46 8{ A.50


M.413 29.440 M.59 May 1

Fair, with

M.35 29.528 M.56
A. 54 .598 A. 59


.590 A. 55 .760 M.59

w. A. 57


18/ M.38; .552 M.53
.729 A. 60)

Å. 48 .540 A. 52
M.39 .634 M.56

Fair foren,

A. 49

.520 M.50
.402 A. 50 )

19 rain aftern.

A. 41 .100 A. 18
.307 M.48 Fair, with

A. 42

.125 M.48

.360 A. 48 )

.559 A. 47
M.36 .495 M.53

.652 M.48

A. 49 .519 A. 55 )

.742 A. 50
M.32 .575 M.54

NE, Ditto. .575 A. 54 )


.750 M.52 M.39

.673 A.51
.646 M.55

Foren. suns.


.625 M.57 Jaftern. dull.

.656 A. 56
.998 M.56

Morn. dull

.734 M.58
.998 A. 55
day sunsh.

.818 A. 58
.999 M.54
Cole Day sunsh.

.960 M.63 .958 A. 56

even. foggy.
M.44 .830 M.61

Foren. suns.

M.43 50.180 M.63
.882 A, 56 ) dull aftern.

.260 A, 64
.946 M.54

Fair, with

A. 41

.345 M.64

.798 A. 49) sunshine.

..330 A. 66
.820 M.56

Shower of

.308 M.65
A. 15
.760 2.51
rain noon.

M.31 .741 M.55

Night frost,
A. 46 .681/A. 52

29 M.10: 29.999 M 59
day sunsh.

A. 47 .837.A. 59
.632 M.50

Dull and

.725 M.61
UA. 41
.623 A. 49

A. 53 .580 A. 60
.580 M.50
Night frost,

,571 M.59

.692 A. 50 )
A. 45

day dull. cld.


.650 A. 56 )

Average of rain .534 inches.

Dull foren. W.

sunsh. aft.

Sh. rain mn. Cble.

sh, hail aft.

Frost morn Chle.

day cble.

Frost. morn. Cble.

day shrs.hail

Morn. frost. NW.

day dull. W. Ditto.

Foren. suns. Cble.

sh, rain aft. Cble.

Fair, mild,

rather dull. Cble.

Fair, with sunsh.warm.

Foren. suns. Cble.

dull aftern.

Fair, with W.


Fair, warm. Cble.

rather dull. Cole. Very foggy.

A. 41

A. 42
A. 46

A. 53
24 M.45

A. 57 25. M.44 4,58

.910 A, 02

A. 59

28 M.13

.180 A. 62

A. 47

14 M.32

30 S M.12

Chle. Fair, with

suns. warm. Foggy, mild, Ish. rain, aft.





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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. The effects of long-protracted drought begin to be severely felt by the crops. There has not been a single drop of rain since the date of our last, and at that period the soil was unusually dry. The mean temperature for the last ten days in May was 55°, but here we must correct a typographical error in our last report, where 57° is marked in place of 51° as the mean temperature in the early part of May. The temperature for the last two weeks was something more than 57°, and had the soil not been so very dry, vegetation would have made considerable progress. As it is, the prospect of a luxuriant crop is no way flattering. On rich retensive soils, wheat looks well, and will soon shew the ear. On light lands it comes in the ear on a slender stack, with sickly foliage. It is now too evident that wheat will not be a bulky crop. Oats are much stinted in growth. Barley has come up irregularly, and where late sown, on stubborn soils, it has not yet appeared at all. Both these species of grain would improve much by rain. Beans on stiff soils shew a short and puny plant. Pease are also much in want of rain. Pastures are ex. ceeding bare, and hay will be a light crop. Potatoes shew the rows, and from the present dry state of the soil, a kindly mould would be produced by rains before horsehoeing. Few turnips are as yet sown, but the ground is for the most part ready for receiving the seed. The dry weather is favourable for cleaning fallow lands, but to reduce clay fallows to anything like a small mould is at present impracticable. There has been little alteration in the corn-market these six weeks past. Oats are still in request, and prices are looking up ; in other species of grain, prices are nearly stationary. The scanty pasture has rendered the sale of cattle extremely dull. Horses are still in request, and prices have not declined.

Perthshire, 11th June 1824.

Course of Exchange, London, June 5.Amsterdam, 12: 4. Ditto at sight, 12 : 1. Rotterdam, 12 : 6. Antwerp, 12 : 6. Hamburgh, 37 : 7. Altona, 37: S, Paris, 3 days sight, 25 : 45. Ditto at sight, 25: 75. Bourdeaux, 25 : 75. Frank. fort-on-the-Maine, 156. Madrid, 37. Cadiz, 36. Gibraltar, 304. Leghorn, 47. Genoa, 431. Lisbon, 50$. Oporto, 501. Rio Janeiro, 484. Dublin, 94-Cork, 91 cent

Prices of Bullion, V 02 Portugal Gold in coin, £.0.0.0.– Foreign Gold in bars, £.3.17.6.-New Doubloons, £.3 14.9.--New Dollars, £.0.4.9f-Silver in bars, Standard, £.0.4.114.

Premiums of Insurance at Lloyd's.—Guernsey or Jersey, 10s. 6d.—Cork or Dub lin, 10s. 6d. a 12s. 6d.-Belfast. 10s. 6d. a 12s. 60.-Hambro', 78. 6d. a l0s. 6. Madeira, 20. Jamaica, 30s.-Greenland, out and home, 6 gs. a 8 gs.

Weekly Prices of the Public Funds, from May 19, to June 16, 1824.

May 19. May 26, June 2. June 9. !June 16.



Bank Stock..........

2364 231 2334 238 3 y cent. reduced......

941 94 943 94 3 + cent. consols...


951 34 cent. do.............

101 101 1011 101 4 cent. do................

100 1001 101 101 Ditto New do..................


1073 107) India Stock.......


2944 Bonds........

77 76 71 73 78 Exchequer bills, (£. 1000)..... 36 30 29

33 Consols for account................

961 953 951 953 95 French 5 x cents..................... 104 f.25c.103fr. 75c.103 f.-c. 104ft.--c. 103f1.25c.


ALPHABETICAL List of ENGLISH BANKRUPTS, announced between the 20th

of April and the 20th of May 1824: extracted from the London Gazette. Barker, J. Butler's-alley, Little Moorefields, silk Gruncisen, C. Lower Cumming-street, Pentonmanufacturer.

ville, merchant. Barnet, C. Barlow-mews, Bruton-street, horse. Harris, T. Egg-Buckland, and F. Harris, of De dealer.

vonport, butchers. Bath, W. Copenhagen-house, Islington, victualler. Haselden, J. Grub-street, horse-dealer. Bentley, J. Leeds, stuff-merchant.

Heyden, W. Liverpool, coach-maker. Bens, J. T. Temple-place, Blackfriar's-road, wine Hodson, J. Liverpool, timber-merchant. merchant.

Holgate, G. and T. Burnley, Lancashire, bankers Bochsa, N. C. Bryanstone-street, teacher of music. Holbrook, J. Derby, grocer. Bowes, J. Battersea, carpenter.

Jackman, w. Horsforth, Yorkshire, miller. Broady, W. Old Jewry, woollen-warehouseman. Jackson, W. High Holbom, victualler. Brown, T. Chelmarsh, Shropshire, farmer.

Jepson, J. Congleton, spirit-merchant. Butt, W. P. Wimborne Minster, Dorsetshire, Johnson, W. Worksop, Nottinghamshire, coal grocer.

dealer. Clark, W. H. and R. Clement, High Holborn, Keast, J. East Looe, Cornwall, scrivener. linen-drapers.

Kennedy, H. Brighton, carpenter. Cooke, T. Banbury, mealman.

Kerby, 6. T. Finch-lane, stock-broker. Corbet, B. 0. Friday-street, linen-draper.

Lansley, W. Andover, carpenter. Corfield, C. W. Norwich, carrier.

Manifold, J. Kendal, skinner. Critchley, M. Crooklands, Westmoreland, coal Morgan, J. Bedford-street, Commercial-road, vie dealer.

tualler. Crole, D. Old Broad-street, stock-broker.

Mortimer, R. Scholefield, Yorkshire, dyer.
Crooke, H. Burnley, Lancashire, cotton-spinner. Narraway, J. Bristol, fellmonger.
Dacre, G. H. Jerusalem Coffee-house, merchant Nelson, J. Cheltenham, tea-dealer.
Dale, T. Old Bell-Inn, Holborn, coach-master. Palting, W. Old South Sea House, merchant
Davis, S. Davenport, grocer.

Petty, R. Manchester, joiner.
Davis, W. Lewisham,

Plaw, J. New Kent-road, grocer. Dawe, J. Hellingtown-mills, Devonshire, miller. Procter, J. Oxford-street, wine-merchant. Douthwaite, C. Pancras-lane, wine-merchant. Ramsden, R. Wandsworth, coach-proprietor. Durham, J. New Cut, Lambeth-marsh, oilman. Ree, J. and Sanders, Cobb's-yard, Middlesex. Eaton, G. Upper Thames-street, stationer.

street, Whitechapel, rag-merchants. Edy, E. L. Charing-cross, coffeehouse-keeper. Rees, B. Haverfordwest, linen-draper. Ella, S. Noble-street, shoe-maker.

Rhodes, J. Heywood, Lancashire, house-carper Emens, W. Barnsbury-row, Islington, stationer.

ter. Featherstonehaugh, M. G. Bishopwearmouth, mer. Roberts, T. A. Montford-place, Kennington me, chant.

coal-merchant. Fisher, F. Austin-friars, merchant.

Roscow, H. Pendleton, Lancashire, brewer.
Flashborn, E. Wakefield, victualler.

Rutt, N. Coleman-street, painter.
Foster, J. Tring, Herts, victualler.
Gilbert, J. A. George-lane, Botolph-lanc, mer.

Sandison, w. Cork-street, Burlington-gardens,

tailor. chant. Graham, M. Union-street, glass-dealer.

Sargent, G. F. Marlborough-place, Great PeterGroves, i Sheffield, saw-maker.

street, patent-leather dresser. Sawtell, T. Somerton, Somersetshire, innkeeper

Shackles, W. Hull, linen-draper.

Wall, J. Brentford-butts, broker. Sintenis, W. F. Langbourne-chambers, merchant. Welsby, W. Manchester, innkeeper. Sloggett, J. jun. Bath, hosier.

Whitehouse, J. & W.N. Wolverhampton, factors. Smith, A. Beech-street, timber-merchant.

Whiting. T. Oxford, mercer. Smith, P. Petticoat-lane, spirit-merchant.

Wilo, J. Burslem, victualler. Smith, T. Kentish-town, bookseller.

Wilson, T. Little Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn fields, Sudbury, W. Reading, coach-maker.

undertaker. Tomkinson, S. Burslem, manufacturer of earthen. Wise, S. and C. Brinchley, Maidstone, paper, ware.

makers, Townsend, R. and S. Nottingham, cutlers. Wood, H. J. and J. Chandos-street, haberdashers, Twaddle, W. C. Hertford, draper.

Wreaks, J. Sheffield, saw-manufacturer. Tweed, j. Derby-street, Rosemary-lane, cabinet. Yates, J. C. Rosemary-lane, chinaman. maker

York, A. Birmingham, baker.


May 1824 ; extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Christie, Peter, grocer and spirit-dealer in Perth.
Coghill, Alex. merchant and fish-curer in Wick.

Fleming, John & Son, merchants in Langloan; Haygarth, Thomas, furniture-dealer, and Com

by James Macewan, merchant in Glasgow. mission-agent in Edinburgh.

Levack, George, merchant in Thurso; by the

trustee there. Neilson, Michael, merchant in Glasgow,

Mathie, William, & Co. late merchants in GreenRobertson, James, junior, merchant in Dysart.

ock ; by James Bog, accountant there. DIVIDENDS.

Ouller, George & Peter, cattle-dealers in Maus ; Andrew, Thomas, late brewer in Linlithgow; by by William Bett, banker, Cupar-Angus. the trustee there.

Pollock, John, cotton-spinner in Glasgow; by Brown, William, cattle-dealer, Longbedholm; by William Sharpe, writer there.

the trustee at Tibbers, parish of Penpont. Robertson, James, & Co. booksellers in EdinDove, James, merchant and ship-owner in Leith; burgh; by James Marshall, accountant there.

by James Spence, accountant in Edinburgh. Smith, William, innkeeper in Hamilton; by the Douglas, Alexander, sheep and cattle-dealer in trustee, 40, Dunlop Street, Glasgow.

Perthshire; by W. Wedderspoon, writer in Singer, Adam, merchant and grocer in Aberdeen; Perth.

by Alexander Smith, junior, advocate there.



May 18. At No. 10, St John's Street, Edinburgh, 1823. Dec. 31. At Madras, the Lady of Major Mrs Dr Poole, a daughter. Cadell, Assistant Adjutant-General, a son.

25. Mrs George Robertson, 28, Albany Street, 1824. March 2. At Jordanhill Estate, Trinidad, Edinburgh,

a daughter. Mrs Francis Brown, a daughter.

Lately. The Lady of Benjamin Digby, Esq. 4. In Liguanea, Jamaica, the Lady of Lieut Mountjoy Square, Dublin, a son. Colonel Rose, a daughter.

April 19. At Wandsworth Common, the Lady of Alexander Gordon, Esq. a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 22. At Westwood, near Southampton, the Lady 1823. Nov, 12. At St John's Church, Masulipa. of Rear-Admiral Otway, a son.

tam, Captain Kyd, of the Madras European regi26. At Portrack, the Lady of Alexander Harley ment, to Mary Ann, daughter of the late George Maxwell, Esq. a son.

Ross, Esq. of Crookham, Newbury. 29. At Edinburgh, the Lady of George Fullar 26. At the Royal Terrace, Edinburgh, John ton Carnegie, Esq. a daughter.

Lang, Esq. surgeon, Linlithgow, to Ellen, third - At Madeira, the Lady of Robert Wallas, Esq. daughter of the late Richard Younger, Esq. Lona daughter.

don. May 2. At Edinburgh, the Lady of Jas. Greig, - At Memus, in Forfarshire, William WotherEsq. of Eccles, a son.

spoon, Esq. writer, Queen-Street, Edinburgh, to 4. At Edinburgh, the Lady of William Shand, Miss Sally White, daughter of the late Captain Esq. of Balmakewan, a son.

John White, of Liverpool. 7. At Dovecot, Musselburgh, Mrs Home, a son. 27. At Bellabeg, the Rev. Alexander Tulloch,

8. At Serlby, Nottinghamshire, Viscountess minister of Kirkmichael, to Miss Stuart, Bellabeg. Galway, a son.

- At_Dublin, in St Mark's Church, James 9. At Inverness, the Right Hon. Lady Anne Brown, Esq. of Edinburgh, to Martha, daughter Fraser of Torbreck, a daughter.

of the late George Hill, Esq. merchant Dublin. - At Milton House, Edinburgh, Mrs Lee, a 29. At Dewar Place, Edinburgh, Lieutenant daughter.

John Eddington, Royal Scots, to Mary, youngest 10. At Lord Calthorpe's, Grosvenor Square, daughter of the late Captain Smollett Campbell, London, Lady Charlotte Calthorpe, wife of the royal invalids. Hon. Frederick Calthorpe, a daughter.

30. At Edinburgh, John Tait, Esq. advocate, to 11. Mrs Alexander Douglas, Albany Street, Mary Amelia Sitwell, eldest daughter of the late Edinburgh, a son.

Francis Sitwell of Barmoor, in the county of 12. Ať No. 65, York Place, Edinburgh, the Northumberland, Esq. Lady of Dr John Campbell, a daughter.

1824. April 29. At South Bridge, near Aberdeen, 14. At the College of Glasgow, the Lady of William Simpson, Esq. advocate in Aberdeen, to D. K. Sandford, Esq. a son.

Helen, third daughter of Patrick Still, Esq. South 15. At Elie, Fifeshire, the Lady of Captain Bridge. Porteous, R. N. a son.

May 3. At Kirkaldy, H. Stopford Nixon, Esq. - At Forres, Caithness, the Lady of Alexander R. N. to Charlotte, third daughter of Walter Cruikshank, Esq. of Keithock, a daughter.

Fergus, Esq. of Strathore. 16. At Bonnington Bank, Edinburgh, Mrs 4. At London, Janies John Fraser, Esq. Major Wyld, a son.

in the 7th Hussars, to Charlotte Ann, only child - At York Place, Edinburgh, Mrs Dr Gillespie, of the late Daniel Craufurd, Esq. 3 son.

- At London, Captain Francis J. Davies, of - At London, Mrs Duff of Carnousie, a daugh the Grenadier Guards, to Anna, eldest daughter ter.

of Lieutenant-General Dunlop, M.P. of Dunlop, 17. At Dumbarton Castle, the Lady of T. Y. county of Ayr. Lester, Esq. a sou

5. At George's Place, Leith Walk, Mr W. B.

Mackenzic, silk-mercer, Edinburgh, to Agnes der Sage, minister of that parish, in the 724 yes
Greig, second daughter of Mr Robert Anderson, of his age and 37th of his ministry.
merchant, Leith.

April 16. In High Street, Wexford, agers

d95, Ca.
May 6. The Rev. John Peel, son of Sir Robert nelius Fitzpatrick, Esq.-Mr Fitzpatrick serral in
Peel, Bart, to Augusta, daughter of John Swinsen, the army under George the Second, at the battle
of Swinfen House, in the county of Stafford, Esq. of Dettingen, and witnessed, on that memorable

- At Camberwell church, the Rev. William occasion, the remarkable step taken by Lord
Swete, second son of the late Rev. John Swete, Stair, in depriving the impetuous Monarch of the
of Oxton House, Devonshire, to Mary Ann, command, and placing hím under arrest till the
youngest daughter of David Gordon, Esq. of day was decided
Abergeldie, N. B., and Dulwich Hill, Surrey. 20. At Chichester Palace, at a very advanced

7. At Mrs Keith's, Corstorphine Hill, James age, the Right Rev. Dr John Buckner, Bishop of
Wilson, Esq. to Miss Isabella Keith, youngest Chichester.
daughter of the late William Keith, Esq. of Cor. 21. At his Lordship's residence at Bath, Richard,
storphine Hill.

Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, in the 87th yeez
8. At Pennyland, near Thurso, Robert Rose,

of his age.
Esq. writer in Thurso, to Elizabeth, third daugh - At Deptford, on board of his Majesty's ship
ter of the late Alex. Paterson, Esq. Pennyland. Fury, Lieutenant Hume Jchnston, R. N. sa o

11. The Rev. H. H. Milinan, Professor of Robert Johnston, Esq. of Hutton-Hall.
Poetry in the University of Oxford, to Mary Ann, - At London, aged 33, Dunbar Dougias Ve.
youngest daughter of Lieutenant-General Cockell,

ter, Esq. merchant, St Lucia, sixth son of the late
of Sandleford Lodge, Berkshire.

Rev. Dr Robert Muter, minister of Kirke
- At the parish church of Blackburn, James bright, and one of the Deans of the Chapel Royal.
Hozier, Esq. advocate, younger of Newlands and - At Assapole, island of Mull, the Rev. Degalų
Barrowfield, to Catharine Margaret, second daugh Campbell, minister of Kilfinichen, in the sth
ter of William Feilden, Esq. of Fenniscolles, Lan year of his age and 5d of his ministry.

23. At her house, Prince's Street, Edinburgh,
12. At London, the Marquis

of Exeter, to Miss Miss Keith of Ravelston.
Isabella Poyntz, daughter of W. S. Poyntz, Esq. - At Edinburgh, in the 86th year of her age,
of Grosvenor Place.

Mrs Rachel Thomson, relict of the late Mr Jatin
15. At London, John Cross Buchanan, of Auch Douglas, hatter.
intoshan, Esq. to Jean, eldest daughter of Andrew At Florence, in the 28th year of his age.
Wardrop, Esq, of the
island of Madeira.

William Crosbie, Esq. his Majesty's Secretary of
18. At Edinburgh, S. Callender, Esq. merchant, Legation at the Court of Tuscany.
to Amelia, youngest daughter of the late Mr 24. At Stranraer, Hugh M'Kie, Esq. M.D.
Archibald, wine-merchant, Leith.

25. At the new Hummums Hotel, Louston,
- At Trull, Somersetshire, the Rey. David

Major-General Francis Stewart of Lismurdie, in
Smith Stone, only son of Webb Stone, Esq. of the county of Banff, in his 60th year.
Comeytrowe House, near Taunton, to Isabella 26. At Newton, in the parish of St Vigean's
Ann, eldest daughter of the late Captain Thomas Mrs Scott, of Newton, in the 59th year of her age.
Elphinstone, R.N. of Belair House, in the county 27. At the seat of his Grace the Duke of Pure
of Devon.

cleuch, at Richmond, the Most Noble the Mar-
Lately. At the Isle of Wight, John George

quis of Lothian.
Campbell, Esq. of the 32d regiment, (nephew of - At Dechinont, William Wilson, Esq.
the Duke of Argyll) to Ellen Flax, fourth daugh 28. Thomas Scott, Esq. of the Retreat, Dorn-
ter of Sir Fitz-William Barrington, Bart. of Bar ham, Norfolk.
rington Hall, in the county of Essex, and Swain - At Stamford Hill, near London, Jean, rife
ston, in the isiand.

of Captain John Gordon, R. A., and youngest

daughter of the Rev. Dr Ogilvy of Old Aberdeen.

129. At his house, Lower Belgrave Place, Lon-
1823. Nov. 22. At Vellore, East Indies, Lieute don, George Yeats, Esq. of the Navy Office.
nant-Colonel Alexander Mackintosh, of Hilton, At Edinburgh, Mrs Henrietta Affleck, relict
Inverness-shire, and in the service of the Hon. of Dr Alexander Murray, Professor of Oriental
East-India Company.

Languages in the University of Edinburgh.
1824. Jan. 2. Åt Madras, John Fraser Lane, Esq. Miss Hope Balfour, daughter of the late
Collector of Masulipatam, in the service of the George Balfour, Esq. W. S.
Honourable the East-India Company.

30. At Torquay, Devonshire, Miss Euphemis
March 4. At Orange Hill, Tobago, the Hon. Dr Ballantine, daughter of the late Patrick Ballan
James S. Campbell, one of the members of his tine, Esq. of Orchard.
Majesty's Council there.

- At Edinburgh, Mr David Sime, clark to the
6. At Montreal, Canada, James Henderson, Esq. British Linen Company, Edinburgh, aged 71.
son of the late Dr Robert Henderson, physician, - At Gilmour Place, Edinburgh, the Rer.

James Simpson, of the Associate Congregation,
9. At Drumore, in the parish of Kirkmaiden, Patterrow.
in the 105th year of his age, John King, officer of May 1. At his residence in Argyllshire, John
his Majesty's Customs. "He was born in Edin Macalister, Esq. of Cour, in the sid year of his
burgh, and was three days under arms, when the age.-The memory of this gentleman will be long
citizens at Edinburgh armed for the defence of cherished, and associated with the fondest reol -
the town in the year 1745. He used to tell as a lections, by the rich as well as the poor of the
joke, that he had been three days a soldier, for neighbourhood where he so long lived

which he had not yet got his pay.

honoured and respected.
April 5. At Burnfoot of Menmuir, Wm. Byres, 2. At Dundee, Mr James Stewart, surgeon,
in the 93d year of his age.

aged 81.
9. At Winchester, Andrew Crawford, sen. M. D. - Mrs Agnes Hunter, spouse of Mr William

14. At Cottartown of Logiealmond, Elspeth Ro Marshall, jeweller in Edinburgh.
bertson, in the 100dth year of her age. This ve - At Edinburgh, Miss Mary Buchanan, daugh-
nerable matron retained her health and faculties ter of the late John Buchanan of Aruprior, Ese
to the last. She had all the predilections of the 5. At London, the widow of the Right Hol
olden time for the days of the Rebellion; and, William Windham.
until within a few days of her death, she would Lately. At his house in Soho Square, London,
trip through the mazy dance with any maiden in Richard Payne Knight, Esq. (who had long bers
the district, when John Dow's fiddle played up distinguished in the literary circles of Europe.)
“The auld Stuarts back again." She was rather suddenly, of an apoplectic affection. He had the
eccentric in her dress-always preferring the fa reputation of being one of the most eminent
shion of the days of Queen Anne. She has left Greek scholars of his day, and was deeply amer-
a goodly host of children, grandchildren, and sant in all matters of literary antiquity.

- At Clifton, suddenly, Lieut. Colonel Samuel
- At the ironse of Kildonan, the Rev. Alexan Hall, C. B., of his Majesty's 65th regiment

J. Ruthven & Son, Printers,

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