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I need not add, that while the ladies

Φίλταν 'Αρμόδι, ού τι του τίθηκα;" remain, the bath is inaccessible to

Νήσοις δεν μακάρων σε φασίν είναι the other sex; and any attempt to "Iva


ποδώκης Αχιλλεύς, , awaken the jealousy of Turkish

Τυδείδην τε φασίν Διομήδεα ; ; husbands, by intrusions into the sacred place, would entail on the or that refuses to join in the simple offender the promptest and the most but sublime declaration of this poet summary vengeance. In an of freedom, Αιεί σφών κλέος ίσσεται κατ' fortunate moment for himself, the úsev? But I am wandering from my Disdar Agà-a profligate man in subject. I left the lovely daughter regard to women-listened to the of Foresti when her lay was endsuggestions of his evil genius per- ed, and instantly repaired to Haroun sonified as the dæmon of Curiosity; the eunuch, whose life I had once, bribed Haroun the eunuch, who in Constantinople, saved from the guarded the door of the bagnio du- bow-string by my interference, and ring the time the ladies remained ; from whom I reckoned myself cersecreted himself in a dark corner of tain of ascertaining the truth. Prompt the apartment, feasting his unhal- and rapid in all my doings, I no lowed and lecherous eyes, like ano sooner found the wily spado, than ther Actæon, on the forbidden charms I taxed him with his treason. Noof many of the “ fair of Greece;" thing abashed by this accusation, he and at last escaped, unperceived by answered me cool and self-possessed; all, except the friend of Zoë, who, denied the story with a firmness and alarmed for the consequences, though modesty that almost staggered me; indignant at the insult, had hitherto and appealed to my own understandrevealed the fatal secret only to this ing, if I thought him such a blockinexperienced girl, who again, in a head as to put his neck a second time moment of unsuspecting fondness, in peril. Still I was not to be turned disclosed it to the only man on earth at fault by all his artifice and cunwho would have renounced the em- ning ; I eyed him with intense and pire of the world to possess the power furious scrutiny; and observed that, over the destiny of the Disdar, which with all his experience in deception, such a secret conferred. At the same and with all his self-command, : time I must admit, that I was at momentary hectic fitted over his first a little doubtful of the truth charnel-vault countenance, like a of the story. It was difficult to be- light cloud over the moon, while lieve that a mere distempered curio- his rebellious nether lip gave two sity could have led him to commit or three convulsive shivers. Ha! an act of such hazard and temerity, thought I, so I am to be outdone and as, had he been discovered, would deceived by this miserable emascuhave caused him to be hacked to lated slave? “ Look you here, Hapieces by the sabres of the jealous roun,” said I; “ do you know this and infuriated husbands.

yataghan? I am a man of few words. Zoë had been just singing to me, Tell me the truth; and you are safewith inimitable pathos, simplicity, hesitate a minute longer, and you are and effect, the immortal lines of Kal- food for worms. Answer me, slave. listratos, 'Ey quesov xdadi sò gipos pogáow, Has the Disdar Agà ever, by your th T. d.-words which no Greek can treachery, penetrated into the bath?" hear without feeling unutterable emo

Fear of instant death from my hand, tions and deep breathings of spirit, or, what would have been the same which seem to speak to him, with thing to him, of my revealing his an authority derived from heaven unpardonable treachery, wrung from itself, confirming his anticipations him a reluctant confession, THAT of the future deliverance, freedom, IN AN HOUR AFTER, THE DISDAR greatness, and renown, of his now WOULD BE AGAIN IN HIS CONCEALsubjugated, but still interesting coun MENT IN THE BAGNio. Not a setry.. Tyrannicide, so far from being cond was to be lost. We arranged a crime, I reckon the grand climax our plans on the instant. I was to of patriotic virtue. Is there even a return to the Monastery for my arms, Hyperborean heart that does leap to and to order my servant, with three the words,

lorges, immediately to leave the city;

and, taking the road to Ægina, to was come, and that all was ready. wait for us near the ruins of Ennea Who shall describe the stormy and krounos. Haroun, who had already conflicting sensations of that “crowdgone too far to think of any thing but ed hour of glorious life!" To live consulting his safety by a precipitate it over again I would almost encounflight, preceded by a French leave; ter the peril of endless misery. I and who, unlike the generality of his wrapt myself in my dark Mainiote brethren of the third sex, was brave, cloak-moved along the streets, as I and had oftener than once been believed, unobserved—was directed shown the eye of an enemy in the by Haroun, in three words, to the field, agreed to provide himself with concealment of the Disdar--and, in two braces of pistols, two daggers, a minute and a half, was at the enand a sword, and the moment I en trance of the bath. My own fate, as tered the bagnio, to repair to the well as that of myenemy, trembled on place of rendezvous, and there wait the butterfly wing of every moment. my arrival.

I entered softly the cavern of death I returned to my apartments in the fastened the doors behind me Monastery with a bounding, elastic and glided rapidly to the spot whence step, revenge having inspired addi- the Disdar Aga was destined never to tional vigour, and the tide of life return. It was dark, and he did not appearing to flow with greater full- recognise me. “ Haroun !" said he, ness and alacrity as I was on the eve “ be careful, or we are undone.”of accomplishing what I had long « Remorseless fiend !” cried I, in a meditated and wished for. In a mi- suppressed voice,“ you are now in nute I was armed, and had seized on my power take that and that!a purse or two of zechins and pias- and that !”-striking him three viotres. I paced the room in a state bor- lent blows with my dagger, which, dering on frenzy, yet, strange as it however, were not instantly fatal. may seem, in full possession of all We closed, and a deadly and despemy faculties. I thought the hour rate struggle ensued, which lasted for would last for ever. A hundred a few minutes. At last, after repeated times at least did I look to the watch efforts, I disengaged my right arm which the chief of the Arnaoot rob- from his grasp, and repeated my bers took from the murdered Frank, blows with such decisive effect, that and afterwards presented to me, as

he uttered a loud, long, deep groanmy deadly aim had laid him low. and expired ! Still, extreme caution was necessary. The ladies in the bath, after the I must not anticipate the Disdar. fashion of women, were making so Should he discover me on the street great a noise, and talking so loudly, in my way to the bath, my destruc- that our previous struggle had passtion would be matter of mathemati- ed unobserved. But the terrible cal certainty ; and, what was worse, groan, or rather yell, which still my plan of vengeance rendered abor- rings in my ears when I think of the tive. The terribly tardy hour must transaction, and with which the Distherefore be suffered to elapse before dar surrendered his guilty and atroI even moved from my apartment. cious spirit, made“ the vaulted roofs At this moment some one knocked, rebound” with its horrid, unearthly with unusual violence, at the gate. emphasis. A loud and long-conMy heart bounded to my throat as I tinued screaming and shrieking now cursed my evil stars, that had sent arose on all sides. I sprung towards this unseasonable interruption to neu the door, but, in the confusion, lost tralise the thunderbolt which fate had my way, and wandered among the forged for me to hurl at the head of pillars and compartments of the my enemy. As my trusty Albanian bath. The ladies, forgetful of their servant had been sent off with the being as was mother Eve before she horses, and as the good papas had fell, clustered round me in their helpgone out, I repaired cautiously to the lessness and terror, and several faintwicket, and asked, in a feigned voice, ed away at my feet, when I motioned who knocked ?--when the low but them to silence with my dagger, stil! significant whisper of Haroun in- streaming with the Disdar's blool. forined me that the Disdar's hour Let him who can imagine the agony

3 R


of this momentof unspeakable horror. plete seclusion from the world, till In vain I tried to reach the entrance. the noise of my ADVENTURE IN My brain was all in a whirl, and the ATHENS, which had beeen bruited sound of voices without now added, through all the Islands, had in some if any thing could add, to the dan- degree subsided. gers that every instant thickened The fury of the Turks, which at around me... I seized a trembling fair first knew no bounds, was considerone with the grasp of a dæmon, and ably allayed, when, after an interval brandishing the reeking and crim- of two days, the body of the Disdar soned dagger, commanded her, as she was found in the bagnio. It was desired to escape immediate destruc- then apparent that I had entered, not tion, to marshal me to the entrance for the purpose of offering an outrage of this infernal prison. She only to female modesty, but to punish a stared at me wildly, and stood fasci- gratuitous and implacable foe. Even nated to the spot, without the power the Turks themselves would have of uttering a single word. I tried to cut him in pieces had they come to soothe her, but to no purpose. She the knowledge of the truth. Becould not have moved had the bath sides, he was hated for his inhumabeen in flames; and her terror and nity, rapacity, and brutality, even surprise appeared to have paralysed by his own countrymen :-they were the organs of speech. . I addressed not sorry, that an insulted and infumyself to another and a third,-as- riated Greek had delivered them from sured them I came to punish their a tyrant; and afterwards, when the enemy as well as my own,-pointed affair was mentioned, they only said, to the dead body of the Disdar-all « Allah kierim !” “ God is great!" to no purpose! Wild with fury and Two years after this affair, a recondespair, I rushed forward as chance ciliation was proposed by some of the directed-and-oh God I found principal Turks resident in Athens ; myself at the entrance, now besieged and although I of course declared my by a crowd of people, chiefly Greeks, perfect willingness to meet them half residing in the neighbourhood of way in this good work, and the dethe bath, and attracted thither by light it would afford me to bury the the frantic screams of the women in past in oblivion, I have deemed it their terror. I burst the door open-- prudent never again to trust my life rushed forth-stumbled against the to the gracious assurances of these Voivode, who had that instant made reconciled and forgiving children of his appearance felled him to the Othman. earth with the bunch of massy keys My dearest Panhellenios, which I still held in my right hand

τροσκύνει υμας κατά χίος -cast them from me drew my

ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΣ ΦΑΝΑΡΙΩΤΗΣ, Αθήναιος. yataghan—and with sword in one hand, and dagger in the other, forced my way through the crowd, which, believing me dæmon, or spirit of Nil tam sublime est, quod non audace darkness, let loose from hell, on some dark deed of carnage, opened Aëriis spernens inferiora, petit.

volatu, to allow me to pass suffered me to

V. BOURNE. escape unmolested—and appeared to be petrified by the sudden and horrific apparition from the bagnio. I

Fond of the speculative height, availed myself of this natural panic

Thither he wings his airy flight,

And thence securely sees entered the garden of a friend of

The bustle, and the raree-show, which I had previously got the key That occupy mankind below, leaped the wall-reached the city Secure, and at his ease. gate-joined my trusty Albanian and the trembling Haroun-made my

He sees, that this great roundaluut,

The world, with all its motley ront, way to Ægina in safety--and, in a

Church, army, physic, law, little time thereafter, sailed in a Its customs, and its businesses, pirate's decked-boat for Santa Maura, Is no concern at all of his, where I resided for some time un

And says-what says he ?-Cam. der a feigned name, and in com



and his clan * In itself, the whole MR EDITOR,

dress is such as a Roman might have Your countryand your capital have worn with dignity and pride ; and always excited attention, and often except in such a dress--a Highland occasioned impertinent remarks from chief most assuredly could not attend your brother-islanders of the south, a national solemnity without degraThey even induced Dr Johnson, that dation. A king who appreciated hounwieldly mass of literary energy and nour and spirit

would value the chasensual wisdom, to visit all their cu racter and the costume more than riosities, and to explore their re those of the supplest peer at his levee. inotest caverns. His Journal has At all events, a chief who knows his been decried by extravagant patriots rank can have no alternative, but to and chivalrous Highlanders, but it appear in his proud habiliments, or has always appeared to me the most to be absent. sensible and the most correct of all These remarks, Mr Editor, are not books of travels. Let me, at the foreign to my object of giving you same time, bespeak the fair under some sketches of London, and I have standing of my ardent friends of the the more willingly alluded to this plaid and the dirk. In all their opi- subject, because I find, in a contemnions of themselves, of their country, porary Magazine, a pitiful effort to of their ancestors, of their garb, of their seem witty, in reference to the apGaelic, and of their Ossian, I agree with pearance of a Highland chief," at a them; but I think they misappre- great public solemnity, armed with hended the whole spirit and charac- dirk and pistol.” How is it that the ter of Dr Johnson's remarks. With champion has escaped the indignarespect to Ossian, the Doctor was en tion of this enlightened enemy of the tirely in error; but his error reflected fourteenth century? Nay, even his no discredit either on his discern- Majesty, which God forbid ! may ment or on his impartiality. The suffer, if the fourteenth century be ancient chiefs of Caledonia have al- forbidden to transmit aught to "the ways appeared, to my imagination, as age in which we live.” But truly the very finest specimens of despots this doughty champion of the age in which even poetry ever delineated. which we live, is not guilty of being The active, intrepid, daring leaders deeply read “ in chivalric lore," or of men, who were all brothers in at in


lore known among Christians. tachment, and heroes in hardihood. The most learned authority to which they were utterly and necessarily he appeals for a quotation, is the strangers to the low vermin of pas- Courier newspaper. ' It may not, sions in which sloth and impotence therefore, surprise one much, that he are ever prolific. Their vices, if that considers dirks and pistols as peculiar term must be applied to qualities to the fourteenth century; and the and acts which the state of society in attempt to make them “ adjuncts which they existed rendered indis- of the age in which we live, as pensable, were but the brilliant ex monstrous and artificial.But it cesses of conquerors.

ought perhaps to be further known, While I rejoice that the whole that in the sublimest flight of spirit and texture of society have his fancy in the career of possible been changed since the days of un improvements, he finds it to be the broken clanship and chieftainship, I, for one, feel the greatest satisfaction

* An Irish peeress shrieked at the sight, in seeing the dress, the generous

from patriotic anticipation, no doubt, of habits, and, above all, the high and

the prostitution of her native land, as con, dauntless spirit of Highland chief- trasted with the inflexible spirit and steady tainship preserved. It was, there- glory of Highlanders. No Irish peeress fore, with no small pleasure I re shrieked when the Queen of England was marked, at the

Coronation of George repulsed from Westminster Hall by a the Fourth, a Highland chief, state- pugilistic bully. Ireland rung with shouts ly in his person, noble in his bear- of congratulation when the dutraged ing, and set forth in all the pomp Queen expired, and circumstance of the manly dress Vitaque cum gemitu fugit indignata sub and accoutrements of his country umbras.

grandest attainment of mankind, “to meatu maxime celebre.

“ Suetonius be more careful of health, and longer came to London, which was the name lived." Yet, in this highest altitude of a colony, not very considerable

, to which his stomach could carry but much frequented on account of him, “ he apprehends there will still the number of merchants, and the be some duelling, and he has no abundance of supplies to be found hope (alas! poor gentleman !) that there.” This was in the reign of such places as the Old Bailey can be Nero, and about the 60th year of the entirely dispensed with.” Pray, as Christian æra. Suetonius Paulinus sure the gallant Macdonell, that was the Roman general who conquerchiefs, and dirks, and pistols, willed Boadicea. She fought with exsurvive this long liver and his traordinary spirit, and chose rather Courier.

to die by poison than to survive her I began by remarking, that your defeat. Of the British, nearly, 80,000 country and capital had often oc men arc said to have perished on the casioned inquiry and remark among field. In the reign of Vespasian, the your Southern neighbours. Why brave and virtuous Agricola extended should you not return the kindness and consolidated the Roman conSuppose you should tell your citi- quests in Britain. London having zens, your peaseants, your mountain- been one of the earliest colonies which eers, and islanders, what sort of place the Romans protected, enriched, and London is, and what sort of persons improved, may be supposed to have dwell therein? You may thus afford made great progress in the arts and information to some of your readers, comforts of social life, before Agriamusement to others, and gratifica- cola was recalled by the jealous and tion to all, at the expense of the proud vindictive Domitian. From the pemetrepolitans; and

riod of itsabandonment by the Ro“ Ye aiblins may-I dinna ken,”

mans, to the happy hour when it was

abandoned by the last of the Stuarts, treach some of the Cocknies to “ tak' it was not worth living in. Since a thought, an' men.”

the Revolution, it has unquestionably

embraced within its limits as large History of London.

a portion of human wisdom and hu.

man happiness as ever blessed a It is learned and imposing to be- civic congregation of capricious and gin with some references to antiquity, wayward mortals. Having thrown to the Romans and their everlasting out this tub to the whale, I may monuments. Cæsar, who first told venture to sketch the London that is the world that we existed, makes no now living and buzzing around me. mention of London. But Tacitus, the keen-eyed explorer of Northern darkness, felt a particular interest in

The Comfortable Classes. our country, and its practices, because, indeed, we had the honour of

I begin, not with Jove, or with having been thoroughly subjugated Sir William Curtis. These are being by his father-in-law. In his Annals, of whom I can know nothing certain. he gives an affecting account of the But I am happy, most happy, to sufferings and heroism of Boadicea, know some of a very numerous class “ the British warrior queen.” This in London, who are free from the high-minded and outraged queen, general evils, real and imaginary, of whose husband had brought insult human life, and who enjoy its pleaand ruin on his family and kingdom, sures and comforts perhaps to an exby leaving Cæsar joint-heir with his tent unknown in any former age. two daughters, gratified her revenge It is scarcely necessary to tell you, in some measure by putting 70,000 that all these are entrenched in inpersons to death in London, and Ve- dependent castles ; for an Englishrulamium, (St Albans,) then Roman

man, especially a Cockney, has no colonies. The words of the annalist more idea of finding domestic hapare: Suetonius Londinium perrexit, piness in a common stair, than in a cognomento quidem coloniæ non in- community of wives. The ideas of sig'ne, sed copiâ negotiatorum et coma entirety, unity, and exclusion, which

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