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April 8. In York Place, Edinburgh, the Lady Oct. 8. At the manse of Urray, Alex. Mackenzie, of the Hon. H. T. Liddell, of Ravensworth Castle, Esq. at Kinnahaird, to Margaret, eldest daughter Durham, a son and heir.

of the Rev. Donald Macdonald, of Urray. - At Government House, Jersey, the Lady of - At Fountainhall, near Aberdeen, Alexander his Excellency Sir C. Halket, K.C.B. and G.C.H. Murchison, Esq. M.D. of Jamaica, to Mary, only daughter,

daughter of Dr Patriek Copland, Professor of Na9. In York Place, Edinburgh, the Lady of tural Philosophy in the University and Marischal Rear-Admiral Otway, a daughter.

College of Aberdeen. 10. Mrs Orr, 26. Albany Street, Edinburgh, a - At Penrith, John Cowan, Esq. brewer, Andaughter.

derston, near Glasgow, to Alice, daughter of Wil- Al Drummond Place, Edinburgh, the Lady liam James, Esq. banker in Penrith. of Major Nickle, of the 88th regiment, a daughter. 9. At Kinninghouse, Archibald Grahame, Esq.

12. At Hartfield House, Mrs Macdonald of Bo writer in Glasgow, to Barbara Loriston, daughter lisnald, a daughter.

of the late John Dixon, Esq. of Knightswood. At 51. Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Greig 10. At Barnes Church, Surrey, Charles Stuart, of Hallgreig, a daughter.

Esq. of Rothsay, to Miss Leake, of Barnes. - At Boulogne-sur-Seine, the Right Hon. Lady 11. At Ellister, island of Islay, Duncan CampJane Lindsay Carnegie, a son.

bell, Esq. Kilchoman, to Ann, eldest daughter of 13. At No. 9. King's Head Court, Broad Way, Neil M.Neill, Esq. Westminster, Mrs Ann Gregory, wife of a private - At Glasgow, David Prentice, Esq. editor of soldier in the 3d regt. of foot guards, three sons. the Glasgow Chronicle, to Mary, daughter of Tho14. At Lathrisk, Mrs Johnston, a son.

mas Craig, Esq. late of Nantwich, Cheshire. - Mrs Tod, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, 15. At Old Aberdeen, Captain George Thomas a daughter.

Gordon, of the Hon. East India Company's light - At St Andrew's, the Lady of Capt. William cavalry, upon the Bombay Establishment, to Playfair, a son.

Margaret Catherine, youngest daughter of the 13. At Aberdeen, the Lady of Major Henderson, late Roderick Macleod, D.D. Principal of King's Royal Engineers, a son.

College, Aberdeen. 16. In Great Cumberland-Street, London, the 16. At Dumfries, John Hyndinan, Esq. advoLady of the Right Hon. Lord Glammis, a sou and cate, to Maria Lemaistre Macrae, daughter of the heir, which died the same day.

deceased James Macrae, Esq. of Holmains. At London, the Lady of William Davidson, 17. At the Church of Overton, the Rev. Dr Esq. younger of Muirhouse, a daughter.

Dewar, minister of the Tron Church, Glasgow, to The Lady of J. H Mackenzie, Esg, a Susan, youngest daughter of Edward Place, Esq. daughter.

of Skelton Grange, Yorkshire. 11. At Edinburgh, Mrs George Wauchope, 8 22. At Paisley, William Mercer, Esq. W.S. daughter.

Edinburgh, to Catherine, eldest daughter of RoAt the house of Mrs Grant, sen. of Kilgras bert Maxwell, Esq. Paisley. ton, Mrs Fraser Tytler of Burdsyards, a son. 23. At St George's Chapel, Edinburgh, Captain

At Loudham-hall, Suffolk, the Lady Sophia J. Thornton, half-pay, 78th regimnt, son of John Macdonald, a son.

Thornton, Esq. of Kensington, to Miss Helen 18. In Harcourt-Street, Dublin, the Countess of Smail, daughter of the late John Smail, Esq. of Erroll, a daughter.

Overnains, Berwickshire. 19. At Campbelton, Argyleshire, the Lady of 25. At Edinburgh, William Johnston, Esq. 30. the late Dr Alex. M•Larty, physician, Kingston, Northumberland-Street, to Mrs Reidie, widow of Jamaica, a posthumous daughter.

Dr Reidie, physician, Brechin. Lately, at Agra, in the East Indies, the Lady of Lately, in Maitland Street, Edinburgh, William Lieut-COL M Leod, a daughter.

Fraser, Esq. of Madras, to Mrs Mary Turner, MARRIAGES

daughter of the late Captain William Bruce, of

the Hon. East India Company's service, Madras Sept. 10. At Leghorn, the Hon. Arthur Hill

DEATHS. Trevor, eldest son of the Right Hon. Lord Viscount Dungannon, to Sophia, daughter of Georges Feb. 10. In an attack at night on the British D'Arcy Irving, Esq. of Castle Irving, county

of camp at Zoor, on the coast of Arabia, whilst gal Fernanagh, Ireland

lantly defending himself against seven men in front 94. In the British Chapel at Leghorn, John of the lines, and after receiving thirty-five wounds, Christie, Esq. of Hoddesdon, in the county of Capt. Charles Parr, of the Bombay European regiHertford, to Caroline, eldest daughter of John ment of infantry, youngest son of the late William Falconar, Esq. his Britannic Majesty's Consul Ge Parr, Esq. of Norfolk-Street, Strand, London, and neral for Tuscany.

Pentomville. - At Mary-le-bonne Church, London, James 17. At Zoare in Arabia, while on duty with the H. Markland, Esq. of the Inner Temple, to Char 2d regiment, Lieutenant James Paoli Boswell, of lotte, eldest daughter of Francis Freeling, Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's 10th regiment of the General Post Office.

native infantry, second son of William Boswell, Oct. 1. At Glasgow, James Hill, Esq. writer, Esq. Advocate. Edinburgh, to Margaret, daughter of William March 11. At Madras, of the cholera morbus, Kelly, Esq. merchant.

Mr Robert Stevenson, a native of Kilmarnock. At Netherlay, Alfred Harvey, Esq. of Bristol, Mr Stevenson was resident at Manilla when the late to Margaret, daughter of the late Joseph Innes, shocking massacre took place, and escaped the Esq. of Pitmedden.

poniard of the as assin only by flying to a convent. - At Edinburgh, Mr James Denham, of the 29. At Dinapore, in India, Colonel Alex. M‘Leod, Register Office, Edinburgh, to Isabella, youngest C. B. commanding his Majesty's 39th regimentdaughter of James Glover, Esq. Broughton

April. At Elchipore, in India, Mrs Ogilvie, wife 2° At Inver Dunning, Mr_Alexander M. Ander of Capt. Duncan Ogilvie, 2d regiment Madras N.I. son, writer, Nelson-Street, Edinburgh, to Catha and daughter of the Rev. Dr Duncan, Ratho. rine, eldest daughter of Alex Stewart, Esq. of 10. At Cochin, East Indies, George Brown, son Inver Dunning.

of the late Rev. John Brown, Falkirk. - At St James's Church, Westininster, Major 24. At Roseau, in the island of Dominica, John James Hackett, of the Hon. East India Company's Reay, Esq. a native of Dalmellington service, to Marguerite, eldest daughter of the late May 8. Near Calcutta, aged 68, Colonel Coliri Colonel Gledsdale, of Whitehaven, Cumberland. Mackenzie, C. B. of the Madras engineers, Sur

2. At Edinburgh, Henry Sibbald, Esq. W.S. to veyor-General of India. The services of Colonel Agnes, only child of the late James Edmund, Esq. Mackenzie, as an engineer or surveyor on the conGlasgow.

tinent of India, in Ceylon, and in the eastern 1. Robert Renton, M.D. to Christina, youngest islands, have been acknowledged by the different daughter of the late Dr Adam, Rector of the High Governments under which he was employed, and School of Edinburgh.

by the Hon. the Court of Directors, on many oc6. At Valleyfield, John Hay, Esq. younger of casions, during a long public life of more than Smithfield and Hayston, to Miss Anne Preston, daughter of the late Lieut.-Col. George Preston, of 12. At Madras, Lieut-Colonel Samuel Dalrymple, the Royal Marines, and niece of Sir Robert Pres C. B. of the Madras Artillery. ton of Valleyfield, Bart.

17. In Campbell county, Virginia, aged 121, Mr

forty years.

Charles Layne, sen He was born in Albemarle, tinguished by the discharge of those duties and the near Buckingham county, in the year 1700. He

exercise of those virtues which are at once its or has left a widow aged 110 years, and a numerous nament and pride. To early formed habits of and respectable family down to the third and temperance he adhered rigidly through life. Fru. fourth generation.

gal, industrious, conscientious, the merit of being July 15. At his house, in Stromness, John Loutit, « wise in his day and generation” might be applied Esq. of Banks, merchant in Sromness.

to him with much sincerity. Aug. 6. In the island of Jamaica, Mr Thos. Ker, - At Thornhill (Perthshire) William M‘Ewan, youngest son of Gilbert Ker, Esq. Iate of Gateshaw. Esq. W.S. 9. At Rome, in the 80th year of his age, Sir 4. At her house, No. 45.

North Frederick-Street, Walter Synnot, Knight of Ballymoyer, in the Edinburgh, Mrs Charles Mackenzie, widow of the county of Armagh, of which he had been an ac late Charles Mackenzie,

Esq. writer in Edinburgh. tive Magistrate for thirty years, and had materially - At Dunkeld, Mrs D. Landale of Kirkaldy. contributed to the civilization and improvment of At his house in Stamford Street, London, in that part of the county, by a constant residence, the 64th year of his age, John Rennie, Esq. the and the opening of new roads, and extensively celebrated engineer. Mr Rennie had been complanting. His ancestors held large possessions in plaining for some time, but appeared to be retr the county of Wexford, all of which they were de vering, when, on the morning of the 4th curt., he prived of by Cromwell, for fighting for their King suffered a severe relapse, which carried him off the and country, and never restored to them by Charles. same evening at seven o'clock. Colonel David Synnot was Governor of Wexford, 6. At Cunninghamhead, Neil Snodgrass, Esq. when besieged by Cromwell, whose army broke in of Cunninghamhead, in the 82d year of his age. during a capitulation, and put two thousand of the 7. At Whitehaugh, John Scott, Esq. of that garrison to the sword. Seven brothers of this place. family sat at one time in the Irish Parliament 9. At manse of Deer, the Rev. John Craigie, in

29. At Kinchurdy, Mrs Grant, relict of the late the 81st year of his age. J. Grant, Esq. Kinchurdy.

10. At Edinburgh, Mr Gifford Cuming, surgeon, 31. At Kingston, Jamaica, Mrs Mary Mackie, R.N. widow of the late Robert Mackie, Esq.

At Grecnock, John Holmes, Esq. merchant Sept. 17. At Fraserburgh, in the 32d year of his 11. At Wellhall, Thomas Boyes, Esq. age, Lieutenant William Alex. Green, R. N.

At Perth, Mr David Marshall of Manchester, 20. At Naples, the Lady of James Dupre, of youngest son of William Marshall, Esq. Perth. Wilton Park, Esq. and second daughter of the late - At Edinburgh, Henry, infant son of Mr Sir William Maxwell of Monreith, Bart.

Drysdale, W.S. 21 At Guernsey, John Condamine, Esq. late his 18. At Belfast, Major Andrew Patison, late of Majesty's Comptroller, or Advocate-General of the the 29th regiment, in which he bravely served Royal Court in that island.

nearly 24 years, with much credit to hiniself, in 22. At Aberdeen, Captain Alex. Stuart, late of many of the engagements of the late eventful warLeslie House, in the 84th year of his age.

latterly of the 8th Royal Veteran Battalion. Du24. At Paris, Alexander Govan, Esq. late sur ring the short period he was in that corps he recei geon, Dalkeith.

ved the thanks of the Lord Lieutenant and Sheriff - At Garliestown, James Nish, Esq. of Bal of the county of Perth for his services. He was sarroch.

Interred by the 31st regiment, in garrison at Bet 25. At Glasgow, in the 90th year of his age, Ro fast, with military honours, on the 24th. bert Geddes, Es.

20. At Drylaw, Mrs Ramsay, widow of the late 26. At Ross, John Forbes Aikman, Esq. of Ross William Ramsay, Esq.of Barnton, in the 77th year and Bromelton, in the 16th year of his age. of her age. Of her it may be truly said, that she has

- At Culcheana, Mrs Ann Campbell, spouse of departed from this world possessing the unfeigned Duncan Campbell, Esq.

esteem and respect of all with whom she was con 27. At Peebles, the Rev. Thomas Leckie, 27 nected. After a long and useful life, occupied in years minister of the Associate congregation there. the strict and conscientious discharge of every duty

28. At Cray, Catharine Anabella, eldest daughter which adoms a private station, she endured, with of Major James Robertson of Cray.

pious resignation, the infirmities attendant upon 29. At Calder Bank, Alex. Drummond, Esq. increasing years, and regarding the approach of late of Jamaica.

death with that calm composure of mind, which 30. At Frankfort, Lady Charlotte Hill, eldest true religion only can bestow, after a short, but daughter of the Marchioness of Downshire, Ba severe illness, resigned her spirit to the God who roness Sandys

gave it her, leaving

behind her a name and charneOct. 1. Ai East Dalry, Richard Shirreff, Esq. ter, which will ever be cherished in the recollection

- At Bellaberta, in the county of Berwick, Miss of her family and friends. Possessing the strongVeronica Hoga, youngest daughter of the late est natural understanding, and the soundest juis Rev. Robert Hlogg, minister of Roxburgh, aged 63. ment, with the most unaffected simplicity of man

- At Noranside, John Mill, Esq. of Noranside. • ners, Mrs Ramsay was peculiarly remarkable, as 2. At Greenlaw House, in the stewartry of well for self-possession on all trying oansions, as Kirkcudbright, Lady Gordon.

for strength and tranquillity of mind under the - In the south of France, after a painful ill pressure of misfortune; and amidst the vicissiness, George Maxwell, Esq. younger of Carruchan, tudes to which human life is liable, whether when and Lieut.-Colonel of the Galloway militia.

the wife of one of the wealthiest Commoners in 3. At Cromarty, Mrs Hugh Tulloch, in the 83d this county, or in the more retired situation which year of her age.

she afterwards occupied as his widow, was hier - At Edinburgh, Mrs Jane Robertson, relict of seen affording the most effectual encouragement the late William Smellie, Esq. printer, Secretary to honest industry--was ever known as the friend to the Royal Society of Scottish Antiquaries, of the widow and the parent of the orphan-and, author of the Philosophy of Natural History, in the pure spirit of Christian benevolence, was Translator of the works of M. de Buffon, &c. daily employed in administering to the wants of

- At Pilrig Avenue, Leith Walk, James Alli the suffering poor in all the various branches of son, sen, in his 102d year. Mr Allison was a native useful charity. Religion was ever considered by of Gargunnock, in Stirlingshire, and a gardener by her as the first of blessings which Heaven has sent profession. Although upwards of 10 years when on earth in mercy to mankind, and the strict prinhe first married, he buried three wives, and lived ciples of integrity which regulated her conduet to see the fourth generation. He retained his fa sprung from its sacred source. It was seen to difculties till within three days of his death, but for fuse its genial influence over her general character, some time had been unable to walk. His memory by creating a habitual peace of mind

and cheerfulwas very remarkable; and of the revolutionary ness of disposition; and in regarding, with fond movements in the year 1745-16, by far the most regret, the memory of one so truly good, so truly imposing event in Scottish history during the 18th estimable, it may confidently be affirmed, that if century, he had a vivid recollection, and possessed ever there lived a human being, who never indulged a fund of anecdote. A life prolonged so far be a thought upon earth which might not have been yond the usual term of hunan nature was dis registered in heaven, it was the late Mrs Ramsay.

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Realities and Imaginations,” and “ The Naval Christmas Dinner,” have just been received. We have only had time to glance, in the most hurried manner, over the former of these articles; and, if we may form an opinion from such a galloping perusal, we would say, that it appears to be better suited to our purpose than some former papers from the same able pen. It will make part of our “realities and imaginations" for next month. “ The Christmas Naval Dinner" must also, contrary to all usage in such cases, be eaten in January.

If M. A. would only affix D. to his present signature, the description would be perfect.

As to Phrenologic Faith, we are rank heretics--that is confessed and notorious ! But we can honestly aver, that our scepticism is the result, not of prejudice, habit, or education, but of candid and dispassionate enquiry. We think, however, that every novelty broached in Philosophy, however absurd primâ facie, is entitled to careful and diligent examination. It is by following error to its consequences that we ultimately succeed in discovering the path that conducts to truth. For this reason we have thrown overboard the drivelling and stingless thing called “ Memoirs of the Bump Society of Edinburgh,” not forgetting, at the same time, to caution the Bump-kin of an author to eschew diligently the sight of a Phrenologist, who, we are convinced, would, with a single coup d'oeil, detect the organ of Individuality strongly developed in the head of his enemy; an organ which is said to “contribute to superficial knowledge,” and which is conversant with facts, but does not trace their relations."

The Paper “ On the Modern Greeks,” announced in our Notices for last month, is necessarily postponed. The truth is, it is too learned, and theoretical, and wants adaptation to the existing circumstances of Greece. We have, therefore, returned it to the author for revision. It is a great error in a writer to think more of himself than of his subject, and of displaying his erudition and research, than of conveying useful and practical information in a pleasant and attractive form. We trust our friend will attend to this. We have, in our time, paid some attention to Grecian Literature and Antiquities, and to the political condition and feelings of the modern Greeks; and we are free to confess our conviction that the Greeks are in no condition at present, and without eign aid, to effect their emancipation from the Othman yoke. We ground this opinion chiefly on the facts and statements of Dodwell and other travellers. At the same time, we are still totally without authentic intelligence as to the Greek Insurrection ; the proclamations of Prince Ipsilandi being singularly mysterious, and conveying no information whatever, as to the prospects of his country, except that the heads of his countrymen are parting from their shoulders with singular alacrity. It is some consolation, however, to reflect, that in this country, men of all parties and creeds unite in one generous wish for the deliverance and regeneration of the long oppressed, but highly acute, imaginative, and interesting people of Greece. We hope

Theologos" will excuse us for declining to enter on the subject of “ Sunday Schools.He has surely been in a crusty humour when he read, in a certain religious publication, some strictures on our review of Dr Chalmers. The writer, indeed, undertakes to confute us, which is probably not quite so light a task as he appears to imagine ; but, on the other hand, he states his own opinions, with so much fairness and liberality, and in such a proper temper of mind, that it would be the very height and wantonness of a wrangling disposition to seek to disturb them. Let it be once proved that any system is attended with practical good, and we are satisfied.

We have recently, by the kindness of an esteemed friend, been put in possession of part of an original, and hitherto unpublished, correspondence between Robert Burns and his friend Mr William Nicol. Some prudence is necessary as to the manner in which we shall use this valuable deposit, which appears to have escaped the research of the Relique Hunters. We have not yet been able to come to any deter, mination. Part of these Letters may, probably, appear in our January Number.

« X Y. Z.” asks us why we won't insert his lucubrations, seeing, as he asserts, that we publish articles much worse? We will give a direct answer to the question : we have declined all his communications, first, because such is our sovereign will and pleasure !-and, secondly, because they are stark nonsense !

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