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Wardle, J. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer.

Woodward, John, and Shenton, John, Birming. Warren, J. Bridgwater, tanner.

ham, spirit merchants. West, I. R. Louth, Lincolnshire, coachmaker. Wright, Charles, Ludgate Hill, wine-merchant. Whiteside, Richard, Hither, Henry, and Hastie, Wright, David, St. Catherine-street, cor-dealer.

Thos. Whitehaven, Cumberland, merchants. Yell, I. and I. Woodham Terris, salesmet

AL PHABETICAL List of Scotch BANKRUPTCies and DIVIDENDS, announced

September 1821, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

Duguid, William, Aberdeen, manufacturer; by the Beck, William, Hawick, manufacturer.

trustec there. Blair, Rolo it, Inchinnan, farmer and grain-dealer. Ferguson, James, Stewarton, writor; by J. Dcans, Campbell, W. & R. Linlithgow, brewers.

of Peacock-bank. ('ormack, Alexander, Wick, merchant.

Fyfe, Charles, & Co. Aberdeen, merchants; by J. Edie, James, Cupar-Fife, merchant.

Ewing, advocate there. Graham, W. & Brothers, Glasgow, merchants. Gordon, Patrick, Glasgow, stationer; by Mr GurM'Eachern, Donald & Co. Bridgend, island of Islay, don, merchant there. distillers.

Hogg, Richard, Edinburgh, cloth-merchant; by d. M'Donald, John, Perth, Merchant.

Livingston, merchant there. Miller, R. Glasgow, tailor and clothier.

Lourie, W. & R. & Co. Glasgow, merchants; by Riddock or Riddoch, William, Banff, merchant.

D. Bannatyne, merchant there. Wares, Donald, Pulteneytown, merchant and fish Loudoun, George, & Co. Glasgow, merchants ; by

A. Main, accountant there. Webster, James, Ferry-Port-on-Craigs, ship-master. Lover, Mary, late of Edinburgh and Leith, chinaWilson, Robert, Thornton, corn-dealer and lime dealer ; by W. Scott, accountant Edinburgh. merchant.

Mackintosh, Arthur, Inverness, bookseller; by the DIVIDENDS.

trustee there. Boyd, Robert, Edinburgh, merchant; by J. Liv Pinkerton, James, jun. Glasgow, brcwer; by Jams ingston, merchant there.

Boaz, accountant there. Braidwood, Francis, Edinburgh, stove-merchant; Stewart, John, Aberdeen, merchant; by J. Ewing, by Adam Anderson, iron-monger there.

advocate there. Douglas, John, Dumfries, draper; by J. Hair, dra. Vallance, Hugh, & Co. Paisley, timber-merchants; per there.

by James Lamb, iron-merchant there.




The Lady of the Hon. and Rev. L. 1821. March 17. At Madras, the Lady Dundas, a son. of Captain Macqueen, a son.

6. At Camis Eskan, Mrs Dennistoun, August 5. At Constantinople, Lady of Colgrain, a son. Strangford, a son.

At Inchdairnie, Mrs Aytoun, a 20. Mrs Mitchell, of Garnethill, a son. daughter.

24. At Clapham Road Place, the Lady - At Kirkmichael House, the Lady of Norman Macleod, Esq. of the Hon. of Captain Houston Stewart, R. N. a son. Company's service, Bengal, a son.

Mrs W. Young, jun. Cassels' Place, 26. Mrs Bridges, 41. Northumberland Leith, a son. Street, Edinburgh, a son.

9. At 77. Great King Street, Edin28. At Longniddry House, Mrs Drys- burgh, Mrs Cathcart, a son. dale, a son.

10. At Coldstream, the Lady of Cap30. At Durie, Fifeshire, Mrs Christie, tain A. D. M‘Laren, Berwickshire milia son.

tia, a son. 31. At Rome, the Lady of Thomson 11. At No. 9. Abercromby Place, EdinBonar, Esq. of Camden Place, Kent, a burgh, the Lady of James Greig, Esq. daughter.

of Eccles, a daughter. Sept. 2. At 57. George Street, Edin 13. The Right Hon. Lady Eleanor burgh, Mrs C. B. Scott, a son.

Balfour, a daughter. 3. At Gogar House, the Lady of James 15. A: Drummond Place, Edinburgh, L'Amy of Dunkenny, Esq. advocate, a the Lady of Sir William Milliken Napier,

Bart. a son. At Largs, Mrs James Smith, of 16. At the George Inn, Litchfield, Lady Craigend, a son.

Charlotte Seymour, a son and heir. 5. At Carnousie House, Mrs Duff, of 20. In Berkley Square, London, Lady Carnousie, a son.

Mary Fitzroy, a son. In Bernard Street, Russel Square, 24. Mrs C. Tawse, Gayfield Square, London, the Lady of John Fraser, Esq. Edinburgh, a daughter.

27. Mrs George Robertson, 28. Al- At Annat Lodge, the Lady of Ken- bany Street, Edinburgh, a daughter. neth Bruce Stuart, Esq. of Annat, a At Kilbagic, Mrs Stein, a son. daughter.

28. Mrs Burncit, Queen Street, EdinAt llopes, Mrs Hay, a con.

burgh, of twin daughters.


a son.


terson, youngest son of the late George 1821. Feb. 6. At Cawnpore, Bengal, Paterson, of Castle Huntly, Esq. to Miss Lieut. James Wright, 24th regiment, to Davie Erskine, youngest daughter of the Jane Butler, daughter of John Campbell, late David Erskine, Esq. clerk to the Esq. of Inverliver, Argyleshire.

signet. June 24. At the island of St Christo

At Edinburgh, Henry Meredith pher's, John Wilson, Esq: Captain of his Warter, Esq. of Sibberscript, in the counMajesty's ship Salisbury, to Caroline Con- ty of Salop, to Elizabeth, only daughter stance, third daughter of Rear-Admiral of the celebrated Mr Mungo Park. Fahie, C.B. K.S.T. Commander in Chief At Cadder, the residence of Charles of his Majesty's ships and vessels on the Stirling, Esq. Thomas Dunmore, Esq. Leeward Islands station.

Commissary-General, to Mrs Stirling, July 12. At St. Helena, George Wat. widow of the late Robert Stirling, Esq. son, Esq. surgeon, to Eleanor, daughter 6. The Rev. Mr Anderson, minister of of Thos. O'Connor, Esq. merchant there. Dunbarny, to Miss Thomson, daughter

20. At Kingston, Upper Canada, Mr of David Thomson, Esq. Newburgh. John Turnbull, merchant (late of this 7. At Dornoch, Mr George Rule, Cycity), to Charlotte, youngest daughter of derhall, Sutherlandshire, to Jessie, second Major Evivitt.

daughter of William Taylor, Esq. writer August 1. In the island of St. Vincent, there. Pemberton Hobson, Esq. barrister-at-law, · At Vogrie, John Cockburn, Esq. to Margaretta Jane, second daughter of to Eliza, youngest daughter of James John Wilson Carmichael, Esq. late Cap- Dewar, Esq. of Vogrie. tain in his Majesty's 63d regiment.

8. At Abinger, in Surrey, John Camp27. At Seton House, Dr John Fletcher, bell, Esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister-atEdinburgh, to Agnes, second daughter law, to Mary Elizabeth, eldest daughter of James Seton, Esq.

of James Scarlett, Esq. M. P. for PeterAt Irvine, Robert Rankine, junior, borough. Esq. writer, Irvine, to Miss Elizabeth, 10. At Dysart, Mr Ralph Strachan, eldest daughter of Mr Robert Dunlop, distiller, Kirkaldy, to Miss Mary Chrismerchant there.

tina Jackes, only daughter of George - At Dunnichen, the Right Honour. Jackes, Esq. Dysart. able the Earl of Kintore, to Louisa, third 12. At Edinburgh, Colin Campbell, daughter of Francis Hawkins, Esq. Se Esq. of Demerara, to Mary, eldest daughnior Judge in Bengal.

ter of the late James Rose, Esq. Depute - At Conway, North Wales, Sir Da. Clerk of Session. vid Erskine of Cambo, Bart. grandson of 12. In Pitt Street, Edinburgh, Mr Anthe Earl of Kellie, to Jane Silence, only drew Thomson, surgeon, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late Hugh Williams, Esq. daughter of Mr Wm. Traquair, builder. of Conway.

15. At Eling Cottage, Hants, the seat 28. At Leith, Mr John Hill, merchant, of Samuel Eliot, Esq. William Stewart, Edinburgh, to Margaret, daughter of the Esq. of the Royal Artillery, to Mary, only late Mr William Loudon, farmer, Kerse daughter of Richard Bendyshe, Esq. of hall, near Kirkliston.

Barrington Hall, Cambridgeshire. 30. At Portobello, James Lamont, Esq. 17. At Pinkerton, Mr Alex. Denny, to Helen Currie, daughter of Alexander merchant, Glasgow, to Janet, daughter Laing, Esq. Gayfield Square, Edinburgh. of John Gourlay, Esq. of Cowlairs.

At Dumbarton, William Dow, Esq. At Kilmarnock, James Finnie, Esq. of his Majesty's Customs, Glasgow, to of Lisbon, to Miss Mary Anne Brown, Miss Frances Dixon, daughter of the late eldest daughter of William Brown, Esq. John Dixon, Esq. of Knightswood. of Kilmarnock.

Sept. 3. At Glasgow, Mr James Weir, At Aberdeen, Wm. Knight, LLD. merchant, Edinburgh, to Jacobina Anna Professor of Natural Philosophy in the Dunbar Murray, daughter of the late Institution of Belfast, to Jean, eldest Alexander Murray, Esq. of Inglestone, daughter of the late Dr Glennie, Profes. Dumfries-shire.

sor of Moral Philosophy and Logic in At Kilmarnock, Mr John Letham the Marischal College, and one of the miAvery, merchant, Glasgow, to Anne, se nisters of Aberdeen. cond daughter of Mr John Moffat, mer 18. At Edinburgh, Charles Doyle Strachant, Kilmarnock.

ker, Esq. to Miss Catherine Cornelia 4. At Glasgow, Mr James Ritchie, Story, daughter of the Capt. George merchant, to Martha, eldest daughter of Story, of the Sth light dragnons. the late Mr Ivy M‘Lachlan, merchant.

Ai Stanwix, near Carlisle, Mr Wil. - At Linlathen, Captain James Pa. liam Devar, of Glasgow, to Jane Eliza

beth, eldest daughter of the late Oliver nerally respected and beloved, or to die Davis, Esq. of the Navy Office, Somerset so deeply and sincerely regretted. House.

April 10. At Cananore, East Indies, 24. At Port-Glasgow, Mr Wm. John Captain Gilbert James Blair, of the 25th stone, merchant, to Elizabeth, second native infantry. daughter of Rt. Steel, Esq. Port-Glasgow. 19. At Rio Janeiro, in his 77th year,

At Bushby-house, Renfrewshire, Mr Field - Marshal John Shadwell Connel, David Loudon, merchant, Glasgow, to Councillor of War, and Knight of the Or. Janet, only daughter of the late Mr Mal der of the Tower and Sword. colm Macfarlane, cotton-spinner, Bushby. May 21. At St. Kitts, Mr Samuel

Lately, Capt. George Digby, R.N. to Steel, Assistant Surgeon of his Majesty's Miss Walsh, only daughter of Sir John ship Salisbury. Walsh, Bart. of Warfield, in Berkshire. 25. At Nicolaef, Captain Samuel Mof.

At St. John's Street, Edinburgh, the fat, Imperial Russian Navy. Rev. Hector Allen, minister of Kincar June 17. At Malta, Mr John Monro, dine, Ross-shire, to Catherine, eldest of his Majesty's ship Cambrian, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Dr Stewart, of son of the late George Munro, Esq. of the Canongate.


July 7. At Kingston, Upper Canada, DEATHS.

in the 26th year of his age, Claude Scott 1820. Dec. 6. At Calcutta, Mr John Browne, Esq. Assistant Commissary-GeWallace, surgeon on board the Hon. East neral. India Company's ship Lady Carrington. 12. At St. Ann's, Barbadoes, Mrs Cum.

1821. Jan. 3. At Madras, James Chal. ming, relict of Captain Cumming, Demers, Esq. of the Hon. East India Com. puty Assistant Quartermaster-General of pany's service, and Civil Surgeon at Pa that island, daughter of the late Baron lamcattah.

de Bretton, of the island of St. Croix. Feb. 6. In the house of Mr R. Scott, 27. At Corfu, Wm. Hamilton CampAssistant-Surgeon at Hingolee, Lieute bell, of Winton, Esq. nant Thomas Fleming, Adjutant 1st bat August 7. At Lisbon, Lady Maria h talion Berar regular infantry, son of the Macdonell, widow of Lieutenant-General Rev. Dr Fleming, one of the ministers of Alexander Macdonell of Lochgarry.

12. At Fernacarry House, Roseneath, March 19. At Chowringhee, in India, in his 23d year, Donald, second son of Lieutenant-Colonel Archibald Campbell, Captain Campbell. of the 26th regiment of native infantry, 18. At Granite Place, near Aberdeen, son of the late Dugald Campbell, Esq. of William Duguid, Esq. formerly of BaltiKintarbert. We extract the following more, North Ameriea. paragraph from a Calcutta newspaper an 19. At his brother's house, of Whitenouncing his death :-“ Died on the fore- hill, Roxburghshire, Thomas Milne, Esq. noon of the 19th instant, at his house in Dryhope. Chowringhee, Lieut.-Colonel Archibald 20. At Peterculter, (where he had gone Campbell, of the 26th regiinent native for the recovery of his health,) the Rev. infantry, after a short but extremely se David Gillatly, minister of the Shiprow vere illness, which he bore with that pla- Chapel, Aberdeen. cidity of temper and resignation to the 21. At Peterhead, Jane, eldest daugh. Divine will which characterised him ter of the Right Rev. Bishop Torry, in through life. Gifted with excellent na. the 29th year of her age. tural abilities, and always conspicuous At Falkirk, Mr John Taylor, surby an active and intelligent discharge of geon. the duties of his profession, this officer 23. James, youngest son of Jas. Grant, was at an early period of his service in Esq. of Bught, a youth, in his 18th year, India selected for situations of high trust who lost his life, while bathing in the and responsibility, and preserved through river Lea, near Hertford College. out a long and distinguished career of 24. At Edinburgh, Jane, eldest daughpublic life the strictest integrity and the ter of the late Thomas Wharton, Esq. most unblemished honour. Combined as and of Lady Sophia Wharton. these superior qualities were in this in. At Bristol, John Duncan Gerard, stance with a remarkable warmth of heart, Esq. son of the late Dr Gilbert Gerard, and a disposition so uniformly humane, Professor of Divinity in the King's Colconsiderate, and kind, that it was felt hy lege and University of Aberdeen. all with whom he had any intercourse. 25. Mr Bartolozzi, (son of the celebraIt may be safely asserted, that it has fal ted cngraver), himself in great estimation len to the lot of very few to live so ge in the same line as his father, aged 64.

this city.

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26. At Burrowmuirhead, near Edin Drummond, relict of George Haldane, of burgh, Anne Fraser, wife of Major A. Gleneagles, Esq. Rose.

5. At Haverfordwest, aged 92, Mr Ro27. At Leith, James Pillans, second bert Rees. This veteran served in the son of Mr W. Mowbray, merchant there. fleet under Admiral Hawke, and after be

At Viewfield House, near Dunbar, ing engaged in the reduction of Belleisle, Mrs Burnet, spouse of Mr Burnet, of Manilla, Martinico, St. Lucie, &c. lost Viewfield House ; and, on the 13th, at an arm at the taking of Havannah, on the same place, Miss Henrietta Lawson, board the Dragon. her sister.

At Edinburgh, John Hercy, Esq. 29. At her house in Warriston Cresof Hawthorn, Berkshire, Master of Arts cent, Mrs Ann Margaret M‘Konochie, of St. John's College, Cambridge, a memwidow of the late Alexander M‘Konochie, ber of the Royal Medical, and one of the Esq. one of the Commissioners of his Ma- Presidents of the Royal Physical Society jesty's Customs in Scotland.

of Edinburgh, and assistant to Dr Ha- Ín Portland Place, London, Anne, milton, Physician of the Royal Infirmary. the wife of Sir Jas. Graham, Bart, M. P. His death was occasioned by a puncture for Carlisle.

which he received when examining the 28. At Ormiston, Mrs Jane Ferguson, morbid appearances of a dead body. His daughter of the Hon. James Ferguson, remains are deposited in the same grave Lord Pitfour.

with those of one of his respected coun- Suddenly, Miss Cumming, Dovehill. trymen, the son of Darwin, in the burial She was returning from King Street, Glas- ground of Dr Duncan, senior, Professor gow, where she was suddenly taken ill, of the Institutes of Medicine, and Physiand sat down on the pavement in the cian to his Majesty for Scotland. Gallowgate. Some people carried her 7. At Ashover, in Derbyshire, Mr Jas. into a surgeon's shop, where she imme- Hay Milnes, midshipman in his Majesdiately expired.

tý's navy: 30. At Tranent, David Aitken, in the At her house, No. 22. Society, Miss 23d year of his age, eldest son of Mr Jean Belsches Brymer, eldest daughter of Wm. Aitken, late merchant in Dunbar. the late Rev. John Brymer, minister of

- Suddenly, in a steam-boat on his the gospel at Marykirk. way to Helensburgh, Mr Jas. Marshall, 8. At Stirling, Mrs Chisholm, widow woollen-yarn merchant, Glasgow. of Captain Chisholm, 42d regiment.

At London, James Robinson Scott, — At Aberdeen, Mr James Reid, late, F.R.S.E. F.L.S. late Senior President of commander of the Jean whaler of Aberthe Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, deen. Lecturer on Botany, &c.

- At Edinburgh, Miss Perry, aged 75. 31. Christian Paterson, daughter of Mr The admirable qualities of Miss Perry's Andrew Paterson, writer, Albany Street, heart were well known to a numerous Edinburgh.

circle of acquaintances; she was highly - At Bourdeaux, Madame Moreau, distinguished for piety, benevolence, and widow of General Moreau.

disinterested friendship ; there was someAt Perth, after a long and painful thing indeed in every part of her characillness, Captain Duncan Dewar, late of ter far surpassing the common standard the 21st regiment.

of humanity. At Dumbreck, near Glasgow, Miss 9. At the manse of Mid-Calder, EuSophia Woddrop, daughter of the late phemia Hamilton, youngest daughter of John Woddrop, Esq. writer, Edinburgh. the Rev. Dr Sommers.

At Portobello, Mrs Wardrobe, of 9. At Annan, aged six years, David Charlotte Place, Edinburgh.

Scott, youngest son of John Dalgliesh, Sept. 1. At Stirling, James, youngest Esq. son of the late Mr Randall, printer and At Valley field, in the stewartry of bookseller.

Kirkcudbright, Miss Maitland, eldest At Glasgow, Mr George Cowan, daughter and co-heiress of the late Alexwine and spirit merchant.

ander Maitland, Esq. of Valleyfield. At London, Wm. Kinnaird, Esq. At Leith, Bethea, youngest daugh. senior Magistrate of the Thames Police. ter of Mr John Crawford, merchant there.

2. At Edinburgh, Mr Benjamin Wa 10. At Great Malvern, Worcestershire, ters, late merchant in Leith.

Captain Samuel Mansfield, of the retired 3. At Borthwick-burnfoot, Mr James invalids, and late of the 59th regiment. Oliver, farmer there.

At Versailles, in the 69th year of 4. At Edinburgh, the Hon. Margaret his age, of an aneurim of the heart, after



a few hours illness, John Peter Adden

At her mother's house in Heriot brooke, Esq. formerly Major in the 54th Row, Miss Grace Donaldson, third daughregiment of foot, Gentleman Usher to her ter of the late Alexander Donaldson, Esq. late Majesty Queen Charlotte, Equerry some time captain in the 36th regiment. to her late Royal Highness the Princess At Stewarton, Jean, youngest Charlotte, and retained upon the estab. daughter of Mr Robert Carnduft, mer. lishment of his Royal Highness the chant there. Prince of Saxe Coburg.

16. At the manse of Ratho, Mrs MarAt Old Meldrum, in the 70th year garet Bethune, wife of the Rev. Dr Dunof his age, Bailie George Cooper, parochial schoolmaster of Meldrum for the At Queensferry, Mr William Morilong period of 41 years.

At White Thorn, Milnathort, Jane At Dalkeith, of a lingering illness, Whyte, wife of Mr William Morrison. Captain Hector M‘Lean, late of the 4th,

At Perth, Mary Whyte, spouse of formerly of the 10th royal veteran batMr Evan M'Gregor, merchant.

talion. 11. At St Andrew's, Mr William Edie, 17. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Janet Brown, teacher.

wife of Mr Richard Tosh, writer there. In her house, North Frederick 17. At Airdrie, after a few days illness, Street, Edinburgh, Mrs General George Mr John Cleland, surgeon Cunninghame.

At Stockbridge, near Edinburgh, At Edinburgh, George Johnston, Mrs Lockart, widow of the Rev. Dr Wm. Esq. fourth son of the late David John Lockart, late minister of St. Andrew's ston, Esq. of Lathisk.

Church, Glasgow 12. At Dumfries, Mr John Turner, 19 At Ely, Isabella, daughter of Mr surgeon, in the 23d year of his age. Spied, W. S.

At Drummuir, in the prime of life, In her 76th year, the Dowager Francis Reid Affleck, assistant surgeon in Landgravine Caroline of Hesse Homburg. the 1st battalion 24th regiment N. I. Ma Her Highness was daughter to the Landdras establishment.

grave Lewis IX, of Hesse Cassel, born - At his house, 36, Queen Street, March 2. 1746. She married, on the Edinburgh, Mr John Forman, junior, 27th of September 1768, the late Landwriter to the signet.

grave Frederick Lewis of Hesse HomAt King Street, Borough Road, burg. Southwark, Mrs Gillon, aged 48.

At Dunbar, Mary Ann, only daugh-13 At the manse of Morebattle, Tho. ter of the late Mr V. Moinet, merchant mas, son of the Rev. Walter Morrison. in Edinburgh.

At Glasgow, Mr John Wood, mer 20. At Glasgow, Captain Andrew Fra. chant.

ser, late of the 92d regiment. At Balfron, the Rev. John Cooper, 21. At Montrose, Bailie Andrew Milne, minister of the United Associate Congre- in the 88th year of his age. gation in that place.

25. At Whitevale, in the 18th year of 14. At Reigate, in Surry, Mrs Jean her age, Miss Nancy M‘Lean, niece of Paterson, widow of the late George Pater- Captain Francis M'Lean, Whitevale. son, Esq. of East Sheen, Surrey, and 27. At Greenwich, Lieutenant-Colonel, eldest daughter of the late Joseph Cu William Frederick Machean, formerly of mine of Auchry, Esq. county of Aber the 6th regiment of foot, youngest son of deen.

the late General Forbes Macbean, of the At Lennoxlove, Miss Lindesay, royal artillery. daughter of the late Patrick Lindesay, Killed, in the engageinent with the Esq. of Eaglescarnie.

Arabs, at the capture of Beni Bocali, in At Cupar Fife, Mr Robert Philp, the Persian Gulf, John Gordon, assistante brewer ; also, on the 20th current, Mar. surgeon in the service of the Hon. the garet, his second daughter.

East India Company, son of the Rev. W. 15. At Kirkton, Burntisland, Mrs Gordon, minister of Elgin. Lowrie, wife of Mr John Lowrie, in At Edinburgh, Mr John Scott, eldest spector of Excise cutters, Leith.

son of the Rev. John Scott, minister of In the 79th year of her age, Mrs Dalgaty, Fifeshire. Janet Maxwell, wife of Mr Nathaniel At Tunbridge, the Rev. Vicesimus Stevenson, merchant in Glasgow.

Knox, D. D.

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