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and vigorous leaps towards the young £.5000 to any subject of Great Briman, coming nearer to him at every ef. tain who shall reach the Longitude fort; and, being teazed more and more of 130o from Greenwich, within the with the whip, at last threw himself into Arctic Circle ; the air, with such energy, that when he £.10,000, besides the above, for the descended, he seemed scarcely to touch North-West Passage into the Pathe ground; but instantly rebounding, executed a succession of leaps, so rapid £.1000 for reaching 83° of North and so great, that there was not the Lat., and a similar sum for 85°, slightest intermission, and he appeared 87', and 89°, respectively. to fly. The young man betook himself Effects of Cold upon Ice. On Lake to a rapid flight; but his dreadful pursuer Champlain, and other American lakes, gained rapidly upon him, till approach. and even on narrow rivers, fissures and ing a fence, he perceived that he could rents of enormous magnitude are often not pass it before the fangs of the snake made in the ice, and are always accomwould be hooked in his fesh. As his panied with loud reports, like those of only resource, he turned, and, by a fortu. cannon. The unwary traveller, who, with nate throw of his lash, by which he wound his sleighs and horses, adventures by it completely round the serpent's body, night, and sometimes even by day, across he arrested his progress, and killed him the great northern lakes, is frequently Mr Pierce had a living rattlesnake two swallowed up in the openings, which are months in his possession, and every day thus unexpectedly made in the ice. When' watched his manners. He immediately the weather grows warm again, before the killed birds and most small animals, when ice melts, the fissures close, and someput into his cage, but did not eat them. times the edges of them even overlap. He permitted a toad, however, to remain At Plattsburg, in the winter of 1819-20, weeks with him unmolested, and allowed when the thermometer during night was it to leap upon his body, and sit upon his from 15° to 17° below 0° of Fahr., and head. When he opened his mouth, his during the day, from 10° to 12° below it, fangs were not visible unless he was pro- the reports of the rending ice were like voked; at other times they were covered that of a six-pounder, and the openings with a membrane like a scabbard, only were from 10 to 15 feet wide.-See Amethey were drawn back, so that the sheath rican Journal of Science, Vol. ii. No. 1. p. ing membrane formed only a slight pro. 177. tuberance on each side of the upper jaw. Third Report of the Commissioners of If irritated, he flattened his head, threw Weights and Measures. The following is it back, opened his mouth wide, and in the substance of the final report of the stantly the fatal fangs were shot out of Commissioners of Weights and Measures, their sheaths, like a spring-dagger, and viz. Sir George Clerk. Bart., Davis Gilhe darted upon his object." After his bert, Esq., Dr Wollaston, Dr Young, and death,” says Mr Pierce, “ I examined the Captain Kater : fangs: they are shaped like a sickle; a * 1. That the Parliamentary standard. duet led from the reservoir of poison at yard, made by Bird in 1760, be hencethe bottom of the tooth, quite through its forward considered as the authentic legal whole length, and terminated just by the standard of the British Empire; and point, which was exceedingly sharp. that it be identified, by declaring, that

Thus the fang is darted out at the will of 39.1393 inches of this standard, at the the animal; it makes the puncture at the temperature of 62° of Fahrenheit, have instant, and simultaneously the poison been found equal to the length of a pen. flows throw the duct, and is deposited in dulum, supposed to vibrate seconds in the very bottom of the wound. As this London on the level of the sea, and in a rarely fails to touch a blood-vessel, the venom is then instantly issued into the “ 2. That the Parliamentary standard system, and without delay commences Troy pound, according to the two pound the march of death through every vein and weight made in 1758, remains unaltered; artery."-American Journal of Science, and that 7000 Troy grains be declared to Vol. jj. p. 229.

constitute an Avoirdupois pound; the Rewards for Discoveries in the Arctic cubic inch of distilled water being found Regions. In the New Longitude Act, to weight at 620, in a vacuum, 252.72 which is the 58th of Geo. III. amended, Parliamentary grains. it is assumed, that no ship has gone be “ 3. That the alc and corn gallon be yond 81° of North Lat. and 113° of restored to their original equality, by takWest Long. within the Arctic circle. ing for the statutable common gallon of The rewards which it proposes are : the British Empire, a mean value, such


that a gallon of common water may weigh Tree which produces the Caoutchouc, or 10 pounds Avoirdupois in ordinary cir. Elastic Gum.- In the region of the Miscumstances, its content being nearly 277.3 sissippi, on the Arkansas and Red River, cubic inches; and that correct standards grows the tree which yields the vegetable of this imperial gallon, and of the bushel, caoutchouc. It has a tolerably smooth peck, quart, and pint derived from it, and back ; and when incisions are made in it, of their parts, be procured without delay, & milky fluid exudes, which coagulates, for the Exchequer."

and forms elastic gum. Some trees yield Gelatinous Meteor at Amherst in Mas- from 150 to 200 pounds of caoutchouc. sachussets. On the 13th August 1819, Mr Bringier observed, that the wood of it between eight and nine o'clock in the was very elastic, when dry. If rubbed evening, a fire-ball, of the size of a large on a body which is electric, particularly blown bladder, and of a brilliant white in a cold day, the body rubbed will adhere light, was seen in the atmosphere. It fell to the wall. A quill, for example, will be near a house, and was examined by Rufus attracted six inches from the wall, and stick Graves, Esq., formerly Lecturer in Che- fast to it, till all the electricity is dissipated. mistry at Dartmouth College. It was of Altitude of Dhwalagiri and other Moun. a circular form, resembling a solid dish, tains of the Himalaya.—The superior altibottom upwards, about 8 inches in dia- tude of the Himalaya range to the mounmeter, and about one in thickness, of a tains of the Andes has been established bright buff colour, with a fine nap upon beyond a doubt, by the survey of Captain it, similar to that in milled cloth. On re Blake. The following are the altitudes moving this nap, a buff-coloured pulpy deduced from his observations, by Mr substance, of the consistence of soft soap, Colebrooke : appeared, having an offensive suffocating

Allilude in feet above the sco. smell, producing nausea and giddiness. Peak without name,

21,935 After a few ininutes exposure to the air, Chandragiri, or Mountain of the the buff colour was changed into a livid Moon,

23,007 colour, resembling venous blood. It at Peak without a name,

24,108 tracted moisture readily from the air. A Swelagar or Nepal,

25,261 quantity of it in a tumbler soon liquified, Dhwalagiri, or Ghasu Coti, or the and formed a mucilaginous substance, of White Mountain,

28,015 the consistence, colour, and feeling of See the Journal of Science, Literature, starch, when prepared for domestic use. &c. Vol. xi. p. 210. The tumbler was then set in a safe place, Plant which Dissolves in Water. The where it remained undisturbed for two or plant called Nostoch communis, which is three days, and it was found to have all found in the south of France, in the form evaporated, except a small dark-coloured of a green and membranaceous envelope, residuum adhering to the bottom and sides filled with a species of jelly, containing a of the glass, which, when rubbed between number of elongated filaments, has the the fingers, produced about a thimbleful remarkable property of dissolving in of a fine ash-coloured powder, without

It always disappears when the taste or smell. With concentrated and rain has ceased, leaving only a small dry diluted muriatic and nitric acids, no che membrane, apparently inorganised, which mical action was observed, and the mat resumes its original form, by being wetted. ter remained unchanged.

With the con A curious paper on this plant, and on the centrated sulphuric acid, a violent ef- different names it has received, is pubfervescence ensued, a gas was evolved, and lished by M. Vallot, in the Journal de the whole substance nearly dissolved. Physique, Mars 1821, tom. 93. p. 216– American Journal of Science, vol. ii. p. 335. 227.




an Officer in the African Company's ser. SHORTLY will be published, a Voyage vice : one vol. 8vo. with maps and plates. to Africa ; including a particular narrative Sir S. E. Brydges is printing a Tale, of an Embassy to one of the interior King called the Hall of Hellingsley, in tko doms, in the year 1820, by William Hut. volumes, ton, late acting Consul for Ashantce, and A Voyage of Discovery into the South

Sea and Beering's Straits, for the purpose Poems, by Richard Ryan, author of " A of finding out a North East Passage; un Biographical Dictionary of the Worthies dertaken in the years 1815, 16, 17, and of Ireland.” 18, at the expence of the Chancellor of The same gentleman is preparing for the Empire, Count Romanzoff, in the ship publication, a Catalogue of Works, in vaRurick, under the command of the Lieu- rious languages, relative to the History, tenant in the Russian imperial navy Otto Antiquities, and Language of the Irish; Von Kotzebue, will be published immedi. with remarks, critical and biographical. ately, in three vols. 8vo. illustrated with Shortly will be published a new work, maps.

entitled the Duellist, or a cursory view of A new volume of Sermons, selected the Rise, Progress, and Practice of Duel. from the Manuscripts of the late Dr James ling, with illustrative anecdotes from his. Lindsay, is preparing for the press by his tory, by the author of “ The Retreat," son-in-law, the Rev. Dr Barclay, and will &c. &c. be published by subscription.

A Monthly Journal of Popular MediMr J. S. Buckingham will speedily cine, explaining the nature, causes, and publish his Travels in Palestine ; through prevention of Disease, the immediate the Countries of Bashan and Gilead, east management of Accidents, and the means of the River Jordan: including a visit to of preserving Health, has been undertaken the cities of Geraza, and Gamala, in the by Charles Thomas Haden, surgeon to Decapolis ; a more interesting work on the Chelsea and Brompton Dispensary, &c. these countries has not appeared.

of which four Numbers have appeared. The Three Voyages of Captain James The second and third (or last) series of Cook, round the World, a new edition, Church of England Theology, by the Rev. complete in seven volumes, 8vo. with Richard Warner, consisting of ten Serplates, will be published immediately. mons in each series, on points of Chris

A Treatise on the Game of Chess, is in tian Practice, and on the Parables of the press, on a plan of progressive im. Jesus Christ, printed in manuscript chaprovement, hitherto unattempted ; com- racters, for the use of young Divines, and prising a regular series of lessons, adapt- Candidates for Holy Orders, are now in ed to every class of players, by J. H. Sar. the press, and will be published in the ratt, Professor of Chess

present month. Mr David Booth is preparing for pub Mental Discipline, or Hints on the Cullication, a Letter to the Rev. T, R. Mal. tivation of Intellectual Habits, addressed thus, M.A. F.R.S., relative to the Reply particularly to Students in Theology and (inserted in the 70th Number of the Edin. young Preachers, is printing, by Henry burgh Review) to Mr Godwin's Inquiry Foster Burder, M.A. concerning Population; in which the er. The Rev. Mark Wilks is preparing an roneousness of the Theories of Mr Mal. English edition of the Old Cevennol, by thus will be more fully illustrated.

Rabaut de St Etienne. A Treatise on the Law, Principles, and Shortly will be published, a Picture of Utility of Insurance upon Lives, includ Ancient Times, and a Sketch of Modern ing summary Remarks on Insurance Com. History, in a most exact Chronological panies, their high rates of premiums, &c.; Order, forming a pair of Maps for the study also Tables exhibiting the rates of annual of Universal History, by Miss Thomson. premiums, and the probabilities of duration and expectations of human life; to

EDINBURGH. gether with a synoptical arrangement of The Fairy Minstrel, and other Poems; the principles and dissimilarity of the va by William Miller, Dumfries; in one vol. rious Insurance Offices, will speedily be post 8vo. price 5s. boards (to subscribers). published by Frederick Blayney, author of In the press, and speedily will be puba Treatise on Life Annuities.

lished, the Sixth Number of Dr Watts' A new edition is printing of Arthur Bibliotheca Britannica ; price £.1.1s in Young's Farmer's Kalendar, in 12mo. un boards. der the superintendance of John Middle Besides finishing the first part of the ton, Esq. author of the Survey of Middle- work, this Number will contain nearly the

whole extent of the two first letters of the A small volume is in the press, contain second, consequently a very important ing Eight Ballads on the Fictions of the part of the most valuable and useful divi. Ancient Irish, and several Miscellaneous sion of the work.

sex, &c.




The Double Wedding: a Dramatic ANTIQUITIES.

Ballet, in two Acts; by T. Wilson. 18. 6d. Vol. II. of the Antiquities of Ionia. Royal folio, £.6u6s. bds.

The History and Antiquities of the Ca A new edition of Blair's First Catethedral Church of Oxford, with engrav- chism for Children, to which is now added ings and Biographical Anecdotes; by John the Accidents of Children, with cautionBritton, F. S. A. medium 4to. £.1.46. áry engravings; by the original author. imperial £.2. 2s.

9d. The History and Antiquities of the Ca. Familiar Dialogues on interesting subthedral Churches of Great Britain, with jects, intended for the amusement and inengravings; by J. Storey. 4 vols 8vo. struction of young ladies in their hours of BIOGRAPHY.

leisure on Sundays. 3s. Part II. and III. of Lives of Eminent The Young Reviewers; or, the Poems Scotsmen. 2s. 6d. each.

dissected; half-bound, Is 6d. The Life of David Haggart, alias John

The Reader's Guide; being a CollecWilson, &c. &c. containing an account of tion of Pieces in Prose and Verse, designhis Robberies, Burglaries, Murders, Trials, ed to exemplify an entire new system of Escapes, and other remarkable adven. Notation, in which an attempt is made to tures; written by himself while under reduce the Art of Reading to a simplicity sentence of Death. 12mo. 48. bds.

hitherto unattained by any former work Memoirs of the Rev. Joseph Howell; upon the subject; by William Andrew. by the Rev. Hugh Howell, rector of Bal.

12mo. 48. bound. laugh, Isle of Man. 12mo. 3s. 6d. bds. The Literary and Scientific Class Book ;

The Royal Martyr; or, Memoirs of the consisting of three hundred and sixty-five Public and Private Life of her late Ma. Reading Lessons; with a thousand ques. jesty, from the earliest period to her la- tions for examination; by the Rev. John mented death; in parts, 2s.

Platts. 12mo. gs. 6d. bound.

An Introduction to the Grammar of the Part I. of Botanical Illustrations; being Latin Tongue; principally taken from the a series of Figures, designed to illustrate

Eton Latin Grammar, but having the the Terms employed in a course of Lec. Syntax and Prosody in English, with tures on Botany, with descriptions; by Questions. 28 6d. bound. W. Jackson Hooker, L.L. D. oblong 4to. The Menagerie: a Reward for good 6s. plain, or 10s. 6d. coloured.

Children. ls. Promarium Britannicum; an Histori Ralph Richards, the Miser. 18mo. 2s.6d. cal and Botanical Account of Fruits Theodore; or, the Crusaders: a tale known in Great Britain; by Henry for Youth; by Mrs Hofland, with 24 enPhilips, 8vo.

gravings. 5s. half-bound. Vegetable Materia Medica of the Unit. Polar Scenes, exhibited in the voyages ed States, or Medical Botany ; containing of Heamskirk and Berentz to the northa Botanical, General, and Medical His. ern regions, and in the adventures of four tory of Medicinal Plants indigenous to the Russian sailors, interspersed with moral United States, with coloured engravings; and religious reflections for youth, with by William P. C. Barton, M.D. 2 vols. 36 engravings. 5s. 4to. £.6.6s.

The Indian Cabinet opened, in which

many natural curiosities are rendered a The Lyrics of Horace; being the first

source of amusement to young minds, by four books of Odes, translated by the Rev.

the explanations of a mother. Price 2s.6d. Francis Wrangham, M. A. F. R.S. 8vo.

half-bound. 10s. 6d.

The Original Rhythmical Grammar of

the English Language, &c. &c. A Treatise on the newly-discovered

Selections from Lucian, with a Latin White Vinegar, called Pyroligneous Acid;

Translation and English Notes ; to which with detailed directions for its application

are subjoined, a Mythological Index and to Pickling and every other domestic pur- Schools ; by John Walker, 12mo. Sa bid

a Lexicon; compiled for the use of

A new Greek and English Lexicon to DRAMA.

the New Testament, on the plan of Daw. Faustus : from the German of Goethe. son's Greek and Latin Lexicon; by the 8vo.

Rev. H. Laing, L.L.D. 8vo. 10s. 6d.



pose, 6d.


MISCELLAXIES. An Account of a new Process in Paint. Part I. Vol. 5. of the Supplement to the ing, in two parts. Part I. Remarks on Encyclopædia Britannica; edited by Macits general correspondence with peculiari- vey Napier, Esq. F.R.S. &c. 4to. £.1-5s. ties of the Venetian School. Part 11. bds. Supplementary details explanatory of the

MUSIC. process: with Miscellaneous Observations Holy! Holy! Holy! an Anthem for on the Arts of the Sixteenth Century. 8vo. three voices and chorus. 8s. bds.

The Lord's Prayer, a Solo, Treble, or A New Drawing-book in the Chalk Tenor Laudate (“Ye Servants of the all Manner; by Samuel Prout, containing 12 bounteous Lord”), a favourite quartetto, Views in the North of England ; atlassung at the Drury-lane Oratorio, and at 4to. 15s.

the royal Spanish and other chapels. Illustrations of Taming the Shrew, be Thoughts on the Music and Works of ing the second number of Illustrations of Psalmody, as at present used among the Shakspeare, from Pictures painted by R. members of the Church of England; by the Smirke, R.A. imperial 8vo. 18s., royal 14s. Rev. Rann Kennedy, A.M. 8vo. 4s. bds. GEOGRAPHY.

Webb's improved Psalmody, containA Grammar of general Geography, for ing all the established Church Tunes, with the use of schools and young persons, with numerous adaptations, from Handel, Purmaps and engravings; new edition cor cell, Corelli, Haydn, Webbs, sen. &c. and rected and modernized; by the Rev. J. various original tunes by the author. Goldsmith, author of the Grammar of A Collection of 24 Original Tunes, set British Geography, &c. &c. 18mo. 3s. 6d. to choice hymns and psalms ; by Webbe, boards.

sen. and jun. An Essay on the Geography of North

NATURAL PHILOSOPHY. Western Africa ; by T. Edward Bowdich, A Physiological Essay on the SensibiliEsq.

ty of Animals : being the first part of a HISTORY

series of enquiries on the nature of Life; A History of Brazil, comprising its Geo- by G. W. 8vo. graphy, Commerce, Colonization, Abori Twelve Essays on the Proximate ginal Inhabitants, &c. &c., illustrated by Causes of the Aggregate and Atomic Phe27 plates and 2 maps ; by James Hen nomena of the Universe; Physical, Me. derson. 4to. £3.13, 6d. bds.

chanical, Chemical, and Organic; by Sir A History of Madeira, with 27 colour. Richard Phillips, illustrated with engrav. ed engravings ; imperial 8vo. £.2.2s. ings. 9s. bds.

[blocks in formation]


Regal Heraldry; the Armorial Insignia De Willenberg; or, the Talisman: a of the Kings and Queens of England, Tale of Mystery; by J. M. H. Hales, from coeval authorities; by Thomas Wil- Esq. 4 vols. 12mo. £.1.2s. lement, Heraldic Artist to the King. 4to. Letters from Wetzlar, developing the £.2.2s.

authentic particulars on which the Sor

rows of Werter are founded ; by Major Hammond's Digest of Chancery Re James Bell. ports, 2 vols. royal Svo. £.1.88.

POETRY Hancock on the Laws of Pestilence. 8s. Poetical Essays on the Character of

Report of the Committee of the Society Pope, as a Poet and Moralist: and on the for the improvement of Prison Discipline, Language and Objects most fit for Poetry; and the reformation of Juvenile Offende by Charles Lloyd. 12mo. 3s. ers. 2s.

Poetical Fragments; by Richard BaxMEDICINE AND SURGERY.

ter. 12mo. 4s. 6d. Advice to the Young Mother in the Lays on Land; by Ismael Fitzadam. 7s. Management of Herself and Infant; by a The Old English Squire: a Poem in Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. ten Cantos ; imperial 8vo. £.1.11.6d. 12mo. 3s 64. bls

Hero and Leander ; a Tale of Love, A Statement of Facts tending to estab translated from the Greek; by Francis lish an estimate of the true value and Adam. 8vo. 2s. 6d. present estate of Vaccination; by Sir Gil Rouge et Noir, and other pieces; f. cap. hart Blane.

Svo. 78. Lucidus Ordo, comprising a course of The Lay of the First Minstrel; by Jas. studies on Musical Science, with Skeleton Grocatt. Svo. 2s. 6d. and Planary Exercises, for the purpose of Don Juan, Cantos 3, 4, 5; 8vo. 9s. 6d. self-instruction ; by J. Rolle, musician in f. cap. 7s. ordinary to his Majesty.

A Familiar Treatise on Disorders of the

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