The French Revolution 1789-1795

Longmans, Green, 1897 - 262 páginas

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Página 12 - It was said, at present, that something was to be done by some great folks for such poor ones, but she did not know who nor how, but God send us better, [car les tallies & les droits nous ecrasent...
Página 12 - This woman, at no great distance, might have been taken for sixty or seventy, her figure was so bent, and her face so furrowed and hardened by labour; but she said she was only twenty-eight.
Página 111 - Juneadministrative bodies, and their revenues confiscated by the state. A decree, to which, however, the King refused his sanction, authorised the directories of the departments to banish nonjurors who refused to take an oath of fidelity to the nation, the law, and the King (May 27). Sanguine expectations of victory had been rapidly dissipated. In April the Belgian frontier was crossed ; but the troops on their first meeting with the enemy fled in disorder, disobeying their officers, whom they accused...
Página 11 - France should be so unconnected with the country ! There are no gentle transitions from ease to comfort, from com.fort to wealth: you pass at once from beggary to profusion, — from misery in mud cabins to Mademoiselle St.
Página 7 - I have yet seen of their greatness are wastes, landes, deserts, fern, ling. — Go to their residence, wherever it may be, and you would probably find them in the midst of a forest, very well peopled with deer, wild boars, and wolves.

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