Continuation of the Complete History of England, Volumen3

Richard Baldwin, 1760

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Página 103 - Barker, to advance and burn two ships that lay close to the mouth of the harbour. They accordingly approached with great intrepidity, and met with a very warm reception from divers batteries, which they had not before perceived. Two small forts they attempted to destroy, and cannonaded...
Página 338 - ... greatest consequence to the honour and interest of his majesty's government, and absolutely necessary for the restoring and perpetuating the true use...
Página 191 - ... on that part of the field. Captain Ochterlony sat down by his friend ; and, as they expected nothing but immediate death, they took leave of each other. Yet they were not altogether abandoned by the hope of being protected as prisoners: for the captain...
Página 120 - Ireland to exert their wellknown zeal and spirit in support of his majesty's government, and in defence of all that was dear to them, by timely preparation to resist and frustrate any attempts of the enemy to disturb the quiet and shake the security of...
Página 110 - Indies. Thurot's armament at Dunkirk was watched by an English squadron in the Downs, commanded by Commodore Boys; the port of Havre was guarded by Rear-Admiral Rodney; Mr.
Página 202 - Novo, she took fright; and after landing the provisions with which she was laden, she would not stay long enough even to take on board twelve of her own guns, which she had lent us for the siege.
Página 232 - Lieutenant-General the Marquis of Granby, that he is persuaded that, if he had had the good fortune to have had him at the head of the cavalry of the right wing, his presence would have greatly contributed to make the decision of that day more complete and more brilliant.
Página 192 - At length, about nine in the morning, the enemy advanced to the charge with great Order and vivacity, though their fire was irregular and ineffectual. On the contrary, the British forces reserved their shot until the French had approached within forty yards of their line : then they poured in a terrible discharge ; and continued the fire with such deliberation and spirit, as could not fail to produce a very considerable effect.
Página 202 - If I was the judge of the point of honour of the company's officers, I would break him like glass, as well as some others of them.
Página 291 - They likewise allowed twelve thousand eight hundred and seventy-four pounds, fifteen shillings, and ten-pence, for defraying the charge of a regiment of light dragoons, and of an additional company to the corps commanded by lieutenant colonel Vaughan.

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