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Arnold, 1870

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Página 174 - Flower, W.. H.. An Introduction to the Osteology of the Mammalia. Being the Substance of the Course of Lectures delivered at the Royal College of Surgeons of England in 1870. London,
Página 63 - Nicholson, HA. A Manual of Zoology, for the Use of Students. With a general Introduction on the Principles of Zoology. Vol.
Página 136 - Slater, J.. W.. The Manual of Colours and Dye Wares, their Properties, Applications, Valuation, Impurities, and Sophistications, for the use of Dyers, Printers, Drysalters, Brokers, etc.
Página 137 - de Trovas Antigas colligidas de um grande Cancioneiro da Bibliotheca do Vaticano. Precedido de uma noticia critica do mesmo grande Cancioneiro, com a lista de todos os Trovadores que comprehende, pela maior parte Portuguezes e Gallegos. Vienna,
Página 397 - Moses Gikatilia of Cordova; to which is added the treatise on ponctuation by the same author translated by Aben Ezra : edited from Bodleian Mss. with an english translation by John W. Nutt.
Página 112 - Notes of a Course of nine Lectures on Light, delivered at the Royal Institution of Great
Página 29 - The History of Law of Tenures of Land in England and Ireland. With particular Reference to inheritable Tenancy, Leasehold Tenure, Tenancy at Will, and Tenant Right. London, 1870. 8°.
Página 143 - The lifted and subsided Rocks of America; with their Influences on the Oceanic, Atmospheric, and Land Currents, and the Distribution of Races. London,
Página 291 - mathematica oder systematisch geordnete Uebersicht der in Deutschland und dem auslände auf dem Gebiete der gesammten Naturwissenschaften und der Mathematik neu erschienenen Bücher herausgegeben von Dr.
Página 89 - the earliest Accounts to the latter half of the Nineteenth Century. Containing over forty-three Thousand Articles (Authors), with forty Indexes of

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