Elihu Jan's Story: Or, The Private Life of an Eastern Queen

Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts, & Green, 1865 - 210 páginas
The life of Janāb Aulia, wife of Amjad ʻAli, and mother of Wajid ʻAli, King of Oudh, as told by one of her attendants.

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Página 126 - ... on the palms of their hands and the soles of their feet, and they made sounds similar to ours with somewhat similar meanings.
Página 192 - ... look imaginable. You would have been charmed with- her, she was so graceful and fawn-like. Her dress was of gold and scarlet brocade, and her hair was literally strewed with pearls, which hung down upon her neck in long single strings, terminating in large pearls, which mixed with and hung as low as her hair, which was curled on each side her head in long ringlets, like Charles the Second's beauties.
Página 181 - Dowla—a fellow who was only lately beating a drum to a party of dancing-girls, on some four rupees a-month. These singers are all Domes, the lowest of the low castes of India, and they and the eunuchs are now the virtual sovereigns of the country, and must be so as long as the King retains any power.
Página 193 - She had a nose ring also with large round pearls and emeralds ; and her necklaces, &c., were too numerous to be described. She wore long sleeves, open at the elbow ; and 'her dress was a full petticoat with a tight body attached, and open only at the throat She had several persons to bear her train when she walked ; and her women stood behind her couch to arrange her head-dress...
Página 183 - The King had several interviews of this kind with his Majesty, the King of the Fairies, who described the symptoms from which he suffered, and prescribed the remedies, which consisted chiefly of rich offerings to the Fairies, who were to relieve him. He frequently received letters from the Fairy King to the same effect, written in an imperious style, suited to the occasion. The farce was carried on for several months, and the King at different times is supposed to have given the Fairy King some two...
Página 192 - Above this was a paradise plume, from which strings of pearls were carried over the head, as we turn our hair. Her earrings were immense gold rings, with pearls and emeralds suspended all round in large strings, the pearls increasing in size. She had a nose-ring also with large round pearls and emeralds ; and her necklaces, etc., were too numerous to be described.
Página 194 - Her head-dress was a coronet of diamonds, with a fine crescent and plume of the same. She is the daughter of a European merchant, and is accomplished for an inhabitant of a...
Página 189 - The King said that he might probably have, among his many wives, some with marks of this kind ; and that this might account for his frequent attacks of palpitation of the heart. " No doubt," said the old Queen Dowager ; " we have long thought so ; but your Majesty gets into such a towering passion when we venture to speak of your wives, that we have been afraid to give expression to our thoughts and fears.
Página 181 - ... country. My letters have made no impression whatever upon him. He spends all his time with the singers and the females they provide to amuse him, and is for seven and eight hours together living in the house of the chief singer, Rajee-od...
Página 182 - ... three the next morning. One of the poets, the eldest son of a late minister, Aga Meen by name, told me that the versification was exceedingly good for a king. These are, I think, the only men, save the minister, the eunuchs, and the singers, who have had the honour of conversing with his majesty since I came here.

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