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Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.
2 Jesus, the Saviour reigns,

The God of truth and love ;
When He had purged our stains,

He took His seat above :
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.
3 His kingdom cannot fail :

He rules o’er earth and heaven:
The keys of death and hell

To Christ the Lord are given :
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :

Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.
4 He sits at God's right hand,

Till all His foes submit,
And bow to His command,

And fall beneath His feet:
Lift up your hearts, lift up your voice :
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice.


1 SPIRIT of truth! on this Thy day

C. M.

To guide us through the dreary way

Of dark mortality!
2 We ask not, Lord, Thy cloven flame,

Or tongues of various tone;
But long Thy praises to proclaim

With fervour in our own.

3 We mourn not that prophetic skill

Is found on earth no more ;
Enough for us to trace Thy will

In Scripture's sacred lore.
4 When tongues



power decay, And knowledge empty prove, Do Thou Thy trembling servants stay

With faith, with hope, with love !


L. M.

1 SPIRIT of mercy, truth, and love,


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And still from age to age convey

The wonders of this sacred day.
2 In every clime, by every tongue,

Be God's surpassing glory sung :
Let all the listening earth be taught

The wonders by the Saviour wrought.
3 Blest Comforter and heavenly Guide,

Still with the Church of Christ abide ;
Still let our souls Thy blessings prove,

Spirit of mercy, truth, and love. 51

1 NOME, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire,

P. M.

Thou the anointing Spirit art,
Who dost Thy sevenfold gifts impart:
Thy blessed unction from above
Is comfort, life, and fire of love.

2 Enable with perpetual light

The dulness of our blinded sight;
Anoint and cheer our soiled face
With the abundance of Thy grace ;
Keep far our foes, give peace at home:

Where Thou art Guide, no ill can come. 3 Teach us to know the Father, Son,

And Thee, of both, to be but One ;
That through the ages all along,
This may be our endless song:
Praise to Thine eternal merit,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit !



MOME, Holy Ghost, eternal God !

Proceeding from above,
Both from the Father and the Son,

The God of peace and love. 2 Visit our souls, into our hearts

Thy heavenly grace inspire,
That truth and godliness we may

Pursue with full desire. 3 Thou art the


In grief and all distress;
The heavenly gift of God most high,

No tongue can it express.
4 O Holy Ghost, into our minds

Send down Thy heavenly light;
Kindle our hearts with fervent zeal,

To serve God day and night.

L. M.


1 YOME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove,

With light and comfort from above !
Be Thou our Guardian, Thou our Guide,

O'er every thought and step preside. 2 The light of truth to us display,

And make us know and choose Thy way;
Plant holy fear in every

That we from God


ne'er depart. 3 Lead us to holiness, the road

That we must take to dwell with God;
Lead us to Christ, the living Way,

Nor let us from Him ever stray. 4 Lead us to God, our only rest,

To be with Him for ever blest :
Lead us to heaven, that we may share
Fulness of joy for ever there.

L. M.

TRINITY SUNDAY. 54 1 FATHE ATHER of heaven, whose love profound

ransom for our souls hath found, Before Thy throne we sinners bend;

To us Thy pardoning love extend. 2 Almighty Son, incarnate Word,

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, Lord,
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;
To us Thy saving grace extend.

3 Eternal Spirit, by whose breath

The soul is raised from sin and death,
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;
To us Thy quickening power extend.

4 Jehovah, Father, Spirit, Son,

Mysterious Godhead! Three in One !
Before Thy throne we sinners bend;
Grace, pardon, life, to us extend.

148th M.



TE give immortal praise

For all our comforts here,

And better hopes above;
He sent His own eternal Son
To die for sins that man had done.

2 To God the Son belongs

Immortal glory too,
Who bought us with His blood

From everlasting woe;
And now He lives, and now He reigns,
And sees the fruit of all His pains.

3 To God the Spirit's Name

Immortal worship give,
Whose new-creating power

Makes the dead sinner live;
His work completes the great design,
And fills the soul with joy divine.

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