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L, M.



ORD of the Sabbath! hear our vows,

LOBbis the day, in this Thy house;

And own as grateful sacrifice,

The songs which from Thy temple rise. 2 Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love,

But there's a nobler rest above;
To that our labouring souls aspire

With ardent hope and strong desire. 3 No weariness, nor pain, nor care,

Nor sin, nor death, shall enter there;
No midnight shade, no clouded sun,

But sacred, high, eternal noon. 4 O long-expected day begin,

Dawn on these realms of woe and sin;
Fain would we leave this

weary road,
And sleep in death, to rest with God.
1 THIS is the day the Lord hath blest,

The day to us in mercy given,
The holy Sabbath of His rest,

The pledge and type of rest in heaven.
2 This day within Thy courts, O Lord,

Thy people love to seek Thy face,
To sing Thy praises, hear Thy word,

Unfold their wants, implore Thy grace.
3 May we the blest assembly join,

To God devote the sacred day,
Our earthly cares and thoughts resign,

Look up to heaven, and learn the way.

L. M.


4 May we by every Sabbath grow

In grace, humility, and love ;
Thus by Thy holy rest below,

Made fitter for Thy rest above. 13

148th M. 1 A !

And hail the sacred day :
In loftiest songs of praise

Your joyful homage pay :
Come, bless the day that God hath blest,

The type of heaven's eternal rest. 2 On this auspicious morn

The Lord of life arose;
He burst the bands of death,

And vanquished all our foes;
And now He pleads our cause above,

the fruit of all His love. 3 All hail, triumphant Lord !

Heaven with hosannas rings ;
And earth in humbler strains

Thy praise responsive sings;
Worthy the Lamb, that once was slain,
Through endless years to live and reign!”


i mo Thy temple I repair,

Lord, I love to worship there,
When within the veil I meet
Christ before the mercy-seat.

2 While Thy glorious praise is sung,

Touch my lips, unloose my tongue,
That my joyful soul may bless

Thee, the Lord my righteousness.
3 While the prayers of saints ascend,

God of love, to mine attend;
Hear me, for Thy Spirit pleads,

Hear, for Jesus intercedes.
4 While I hearken to Thy law,

Fill my soul with humble awe,
Till Thy gospel bring to me

Life and immortality.
5 From Thine house when I return,

May my heart within me burn;
And at evening let me say,
“ I have walked with God to day.”

L, M.



ESUS, where'er Thy people meet,


Where'er they seek Thee, Thou art found,

And every place is hallowed ground. 2 For Thou, within no walls confined,

Inhabitest the humble mind :
Such ever bring Thee where they come,

And going take Thee to their home. 3 Here may we prove



To strengthen faith, and sweeten care,
To teach our faint desires to rise,
And bring all heaven before our eyes.


4 Lord, we are few, but Thou art near:

Nor short Thine arm, nor deaf Thine ear :
O rend the heavens, come quickly down,

And make a thousand hearts Thine own. 16

C. M. 1 IND Shepherd of Thy people, hear,

Thy presence now display ;
As Thou hast given a place for prayer,

So give us hearts to pray.
2 Show us some token of Thy love,

Our fainting hope to raise ;
And pour Thy blessing from above,

That we may render praise.
3 Within these walls let holy peace

And love and concord dwell;
Here give the troubled conscience ease,

The wounded spirit heal.
4 The hearing ear, the watchful eye,

The contrite heart bestow;
And shine upon us from on high,

To make our graces grow.
1 NOME to Thy temple, Lord,

Thy waiting Church to bless ;
Let here Thy glory be adored,

Give here Thy word success. 2 Our inmost hearts refine,

And for Thyself prepare ;
Cast out all thoughts but thoughts divine,

And reign triumphant there.

8. M.


S. M.

3 Thy servants, Lord, we are,

Baptized into Thy Name :
All hurtful things put from us far,

All works of sin and shame. 4 Come to Thy temple, Lord,

Thine own assembly bless,
That all may offer with accord

Offerings of righteousness.
1 YOME ye,

who love the Lord,

joys be known; Join in a song with sweet accord,

And thus surround the throne. 2 Let those refuse to sing,

Who never knew our God;
But children of the heavenly King

May speak their joys abroad. 3 The men of grace have found

Glory begun below;
Celestial fruits on earthly ground

From faith and hope may grow. 4 The hill of Sion yields

A thousand sacred sweets,
Before we reach the heavenly fields,

Or walk the golden streets. 5 Then let our songs abound,

And every tear be dry;
We're marching thro' Immanuel's ground

To fairer worlds on high.

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