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L. M.


3 A gentle stream of hope and love

To us shall ever flow;
It issues from His throne above,

It cheers His Church below.
4 When earth and hell against us came,

He spake, and quelled their powers :
The Lord of Hosts is still the same :
The God of


is ours.
1 ALL ye people, clap your hands,

And with triumphant voices sing!
No force the mighty power withstands

Of God, the universal King.
2 He shall opposing nations quell,

And with success our battles fight;
Shall fix the place where we must dwell,

The pride of Jacob, His delight.
3 God is gone up, our Lord and King,

With shouts of joy, and trumpet sound;
To Him repeated praises sing,
And let the cheerful


4 Your utmost skill in praise be shewn,

For Him who all the world commands;
Who sits upon His righteous throne,

And spreads His sway o'er heathen lands. 48

1 YREAT is the Lord our God,

S. M.

He makes the Church His own abode,

His most delightful seat.

2 The temples of His grace,

How beautiful they stand !
The honour of our native place,

The bulwarks of our land !
3 In Sion God is known,

A refuge in distress ;
How bright has His salvation shone

Through all her palaces !
4 Oft have our fathers told,

have often seen,
How well our God secures the fold

Where His own sheep have been !
5 In every new distress

We'll to His house repair,
To think


His wondrous grace,
And seek deliverance there.

Our eyes



. s. M. 1 ITHDRAW not, Lord, Thy help,

Nor cast me from Thy sight;
Nor let Thy Holy Spirit take

His everlasting flight.
2 The joy Thy favour gives,

Let me again obtain ;
And Thy free Spirit's firm support

My fainting soul sustain.
3 So I Thy righteous ways

To sinners will impart;
Whilst my advice shall wicked men

To Thy just laws convert.

4 A broken spirit is

By God most highly prized;
By Him a humble contrite heart

Shall never be despised. 51

Version 2. 1 SHEW pity, Lord : O Lord, forgive !

L. M.

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Are not Thy mercies large and free?

May not the guilty trust in Thee ? 2 0 wash my soul from every sin,

And make my guilty conscience clean;
Great God, Thy nature hath no bound,

So let Thy pardoning love be found. 3 My lips with shame my sins confess,

Against Thy law, against Thy grace ;
Lord, should Thy judgments grow severe,

I am condemned, but Thou art clear. 4 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord,

Whose hope still hovering round Thy word,
Would light on some sweet promise there,

Some sure support against despair.
O ,

Its thankful tribute to present;
And with



voice I'll raise,
To Thee, my God, in songs of praise.
2 Awake, my glory, harp and lute,

No longer let your strings be mute ;
And I, my tuneful part to take,
Will with the early dawn awake.

L. M.


S. M.


3 Thy praises, Lord, I will resound

To all the listening nations round :
Thy mercy highest heaven transcends,

Thy truth beyond the clouds extends.
4 Be Thou, O God, exalted high ;

And as Thy glory fills the sky,
So let it be on earth displayed,

Till Thou art here, as there, obeyed.
1 THEN overwhelmed with grief,

My heart within me dies,
Helpless and far from all relief,

To heaven I lift mine eyes.
2 O lead me to the rock
That's high above my

And make the covert of Thy wings
My shelter and


3 Within Thy presence, Lord,

For ever I'll abide ;
Thou art the tower of my defence,

The refuge where I hide.
1 GOD God


all Thou art !

L. M.

Thy sovereign light within my heart,

Thine all-enlivening beams display.
2 O Lord, within Thy sacred gates,

Where I so oft have sought for Thee,
Again my longing spirit waits

That fulness of delight to see.


3 In blessing Thee with thankful songs

My happy life shall glide away;
The praise that to Thy Name belongs

Daily with lifted hands I'll pay. 4 More dear than life itself, Thy love

My heart and tongue shall still employ:
Thy love to sing, Thy grace to prove,

Be this my glory, peace, and joy. 65

L. M, 1 OR Thee, O God, our constant praise

In Sion waits, Thy chosen seat :
Our promised altars there we'll raise,

And all our zealous vows complete. 2 0 Thou, who to my humble prayer

Didst always bend Thy listening ear,
To Thee shall all mankind repair,

And at Thy gracious throne appear. 3 Our sins, though numberless, in vain

To stop Thy flowing mercy try;
Whilst Thou o'erlook'st the guilty stain,

And washest out the crimson dye.
4 Blest is the man who near Thee placed

Within Thy sacred dwelling lives;
Whilst we at humbler distance taste

The vast delights Thy temple gives. 67

1 TO bless Thy chosen race,

S. M.

And cause the brightness of Thy face
On all Thy saints to shine.

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