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P S A L M S.


C. M,

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1 OW blest is he who ne'er consents

By ill advice to walk;
Nor stands in sinners' ways, nor sits

Where men profanely talk.
2 But makes the perfect law of God

His business and delight;
Devoutly reads therein by day,

And meditates by night.
3 Like some fair tree, which, fed by streams,

With timely fruit doth bend,
He still shall flourish,

and success
Shall his designs attend.
4 For God approves the just man's ways,

To happiness they tend :
But sinners, and the path they tread,

Shall both in ruin end.


C. M.

1 LORD, in the morning

Thou shalt hear

To Thee will I direct my prayer,
To Thee lift

up mine

eye. B

2 Oft to Thy house will I resort,

To taste Thy mercies there;
I will frequent Thy holy court,

And worship in Thy fear.
3 O may Thy Spirit guide my feet

In ways of righteousness;
Make every path of duty straight,

And plain before my face.
4 For those who love and fear Thy Name

Shall see their hopes fulfilled :
The mighty God shall compass them

With favour as a shield.


Version 2.

C. M. D.


O I Wait for hallowing grace ;

None without holiness shall see

The glories of Thy face.
In souls unholy and unclean

Thou never canst delight,
Nor shall they, if enslaved by sin,

Appear before Thy sight.
2 But, as for me, with humble fear

I will approach Thy gate,
Though most unworthy to draw near,

Or in Thy courts to wait ;
I trust in Thine unbounded grace,

To all so freely given ;
I worship in Thy holy place,

And lift my soul to heaven.

3 Lead me in all Thy righteous ways,

Nor suffer me to slide ;
Point out the path before my face:

My God, be Thou my Guide.

I ne'er to evil yield,
Defended from above,
And kept and covered with the shield

Of Thine Almighty love.


C. M,


O TOM, to whom all creatures bow,
Through all the world how great art Thou !

How glorious is Thy Name !
2 In heaven Thy wondrous acts are sung,

Nor fully reckoned there ;
And yet

Thou mak’st the infant tongue Thy boundless praise declare. 3 Lord, what is man, that Thou shouldst love

To keep him in Thy mind ?
Or son of man, that Thou shouldst

To him so wondrous kind ?
4 O Thou, to whom all creatures bow,

Within this earthly frame,
Through all the world how great art Thou !

How glorious is Thy Name!
To celebrate Thy praise, O Lord,
I will


prepare ;
And to the listening world Thy works,
Thy wondrous works declare.

C. M.

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2 The thought of them shall to my soul

Exalted pleasure bring :
Whilst to Thy Name, 0 Thou Most High,

Triumphant praise I sing.
3 All those who have Thy goodness proved
Will in Thy truth confide :

ne'er forsook the man
That on Thy help relied.
4 Sing praises, therefore, to the Lord,

From Sion, His abode ;
Proclaim His deeds, till all the world

Confess no other God.

Thy mercy

C. M.

1 Y lot is fallen in that blest land

He fills my cup with liberal hand,
'Tis He supports my

throne. 2 I strive each action to approve

To His all-seeing eye ;
No danger shall my hopes remove,

Because He still is nigh.
3 Therefore my heart all grief defies,

My glory doth rejoice;
My flesh shall rest in hope to rise,

Waked by His powerful voice. 4 He shall the paths of life display

Which to His presence lead,
Where pleasures dwell without allay,

And joys that never fade.

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