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Constitution - Continued.

Adopted in convention June 4, 1897. Published by secretary of state by authority of convention; republished by order of state senate, 1903.

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1788. Maryland ceded land for federal district (Dec. 23). 1789. Virginia ceded land for federal district (Dec. 3).

1871. Territorial form of government established by Act of Congress (Feb. 21).

1874. Territorial government abolished, and government by commissioners provided (Act of June 20).

1878. Act framing present form of District government passed by Congress (Act of June 11).

Dodd's "Government of the District of Columbia."


Title of legislative body "The Congress."

Session laws called "Acts."

There was at one time, a legislative body known as the "Legislative Assembly of the District of Columbia," whose session laws were called "Acts and Resolutions." Its legislation has been repealed and the body no longer exists.

STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests, Codes).

Code of Laws (1819), prepared under authority of the Act of Congress of April 29, 1816. [By W. Cranch.] Not adopted. 575 p. 8°.

Digest of Laws (1823); Burch.

In New York Bar Association.

Compilation of Laws (1831); W. A. Davis.


In New York Bar Association.

Washington, 1819.


Washington, 1831.

(1833), Laws of the corporation of the city of Washington. By Andrew Rothwell.


In New York Bar Association.

Washington, 1833.

Black Code (1848), of District of Columbia in force Sept. 1, 1848. By

W.G. Snethen.

In New York Bar Association.

New York, 1848.

Corporation Laws (1853), of the city of Washington. By J. W. Sheahan.


In New York Bar Association.

(1860); J. W. Sheahan.


In New York Bar Association.

Washington, 1853.

Washington, 1860.

Abstract of Laws (1855), of District of Columbia. 3d ed. By M.



In New York Bar Association.

xv+ 699 p. 8°.

Revised Code (1857); Ould and Cross [not adopted].

Digest of Laws (1863); M. Thompson.

454 p. 8°.

Washington, 1855.

Washington, 1857.

Washington, 1863.

(1868), Laws of the city of Washington digested. By W. B. Webb.


In New York Bar Association.

Washington, 1868.

Laws of the Corporation of the City of Washington; passed [1869-70]. Printed by order of council.

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Territorial Bill for District of Columbia. Ap

proved Feb. 21, 1871. p. 1–15.

Regulations adopted by governor and judges. p. 17-20.

Acts of Congress for government of District of Columbia. p. 1-6+ (1).

Legislative Assembly:

1st Assembly, 1st Session, May 15, 1871. p. i-vi +3-169+ ix.

1st Assembly, 1st Special Session, Oct. 12, 1871. p. i-iii + 3-5.

1st Assembly, 2d Special Session, Nov. 8, 1871.

p. 5-60 + iii.

2d Assembly, 1st Session, Apr. 22, 1872. p. i-v + 3-76.

3d Assembly, Regular Session (in 2 parts). [May] 1873. p. 1-145 + (1).

Washington, 1870.

Bound in 1 vol. 8°. [Legislative Assembly is not now in existence. Its legislation is repealed.]

Revised Statutes of the United States (1873-4), relating to District of Columbia. [Bound with Revised Statutes relating to District of Columbia, post-roads and public theatres, 43d congress, 1st session.]

p. 1-201. 4to.

Washington, 1875.

Compiled Statutes (1887-89), in force in the District of Columbia, 1887-89. By Abert and Lovejoy.

vi 730 p. 4to.

Washington, 1894.

Code of Law (1901), enacted Mar. 3, 1901. Indexed by E. C. Brand


334 p. 8°.

Washington, 1901.

(1902), with amendments. Compiled by Charles Moore. Indexed

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(1911), enacted 1901, amended in 1902 and 1911. Recompiled, indexed and annotated to 1911 by William F. Meyers under supervision of E. H. Thomas.

544 p. 8°.

Washington, 1911.



1763. Prior to this time belonged to Spain.

1763-1783. Belonged to Great Britain. 1783-1821. Belonged to Spain.

1821. General Andrew Jackson vested with command as "Governor of the Provinces of the Floridas," by Act of Congress of Mar. 3. 1822. Territory of Florida established by Act of Congress (Mar. 30). 1845. Admitted as a State by Act of Congress (Mar. 3).

T. L. Cole, Publications Southern Hist. Ass'n, Vol. I, p. 211.
U. S. Charters and Const's, Part I, p. 304.


Title of legislative body of the territory was "Legislative Council." From 1845-68 its title was the "General Assembly." Since the Constitution of 1868 it has been the "Legislature."

Session laws called “Acts and Resolutions."

Bibliography of Statute Law of Southern States, Florida. By Theodore Lee Cole. Vol. I, Southern History Association. Washington, 1897. p. 211. 8°.

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