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"Revised Code" 1820 [Binder's label). Laws revised and published under authoritv of the legislature.

xxvii + 900 p." 8°. Trenton, 1821.

Compilation (1833) of public laws passed since Revision of 1820. By Josiah Harrison. Published bv authority. 644 p. 8°. Camden, 1833.

Supplement (1833-43), by Josiah Harrison; marked "Vol. III."

[This volume is said to have been issued upon the compiler's " own authority."]

In New York Bar Association.

See Vol. 1, Comp. Stats., N. J., 1910 (1911).

Digest of Laws (1838), containing also constitutions of United States and of State; with rules and decisions of the courts. Bv L. Q. C. Elmer.

xxiv + 728 p. 4to. Bridgeton, 1838.

2d ed. to 1855 inclusive. By John T. Nixon. Published under

patronage of legislature.

xxxii + 984 p. 4to. Philadelphia, 1855.

3d ed. to 1861 inclusive. By John T. Nixon. Published under

patronage of legislature.

xxxii + 1000 p. 8°. Bridgeton, 1861.

4th ed. to 1868 inclusive. By John T. Nixon. Published under

authority of legislature.

xxxii + *1152 p. 8°. Newark, 1868.

(1877-86); W. I. Lewis.

8°. New York, 1886.

In New York Bar Association.

Revision (1845), arranged by titles, under authority of legislature, by P. D. Vroom, Green, Dayton, and Potts. Printed under Act of 1846.

Sec Vol. 1, Comp. Stats., N. J., 1910 (1911).

(1877) of statutes [by M. Beasley, D. A. Depue, and C. Parker,

commissioners]. Published by authority. [Contains in addition to the Acts revised, a compilation of all the general statutes then in force made by G. D. W. Vroom, also notes of adjudged cases by J. H. Stewart.]

xlv + 1555 + (1) p. 4to. Trenton, 1877.

Supplement (1877-86 inclusive); [G. D. W. Vroom and W. M.


vii + 1194 p. 4to. Jersey City, 1887.

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Statutes [Revision 1847], revised and published under authority of legislature. Printed by Phillips and Boswell. 1 + 1155 p. 8°. Trenton, 1847.

Revised Statutes (1874), printed by order of the governor.

(1)-910 p. Trenton, 1874.

Passed 1875.

(1)-215 p. Trenton, 1875.

Abridgment of Revised Statutes and of amended constitution. By A. Van D. Honeyman.

vii + 379 p. 24mo." Somerville, [X. J.], 1878.

General Statutes (1895), published by authority. [G. D. W. Vroom and \V. M. Lanning, editors, assisted by C. Robbins, F. B. Lee, N. L. Petty, and H. Dixon.]

3 vols. 4to. Trenton, 1896.

Social Law Library contains the above, Jersey City, 1S96.

Compiled Statutes (1709-1910), published by authority. [West Publishing Co. Contains constitution of the United States, first constitution of New Jersey (1776), constitution of 1844, amended constitution of 1875, with amendments to 1897. Also notes of decisions.]

5 vols. 4to. Newark, 1911.

Public Schools (1854), laws relating to, with instructions concerning duties of county, town, and district officers, etc.

46 p. 8°. Trenton, 1854.

(1867), act to establish a system of public instruction.

47 p. 8°. Trenton, 1867.

Index (1663-1877) to colonial and state laws between 1663 and 1877 inclusive. Bv John Hood.

1136 p. 8°.' Trenton, 1877.


1353 p. 4to. Camden, 1903.

Index to Statutes at Large (1852); Archer Gifford.

8°. Newark, 1852.

In Department of Justice.

Index-analysis (1896-1909), of statutes of New Jersey; with references to all acts in general statutes expressly repealed, and statutory crimes, during 1896-1909. Bv A. Van D. Honevman. 338 p. 4to. Plainfield, 1910 CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTIONS, CONSTITUTIONS, ETC.

Note. — The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1844.


"Original Constitutions;" contained in "Laws" 1682-1702, passed by the twenty-four proprietors. By Leaming and Spicer. Philadelphia, [1758].


Journal of Convention held June 10 to Aug 21, 1776.

100 p. 8°. Trenton, repr., 1831.

Shown in Library Bulletin, Nov. 1894, New York State Library.

Constitution; a copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1310, where it is said: "This constitution was framed by a convention which assembled in accordance with the recommendation of the Continental Congress, that the people of the colonies should form independent state governments." It was in session at Burlington, Trenton, and New Brunswick, from May 26 until July 2, 1776. "It was not submitted to the people, but its publication was ordered by the convention, July 3, 1776."

See also Vol. 1, Comp. Stats., N. J., 1910 (1911).

Minutes of convention holden at Trenton, Dec. 11, 1787. Printed by Isaac Collins.

31 p. 4to. Trenton, 1788.


Journal of proceedings of convention to form constitution. Begun at Trenton, May 14, 1844.

297 p. 8°. Trenton, 1844.

Constitution; contained in laws of 100th legislature, 32d session, 1876.

8°. Paterson, 1876.

In Harvard Law School.

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1314, where it appears that the same was framed by a convention which assembled at Trenton, May 14, 1844. It was ratified by the people, Aug. 13, 1844.

See also Vol. 1, Comp. Stats., N. J., 1910 (1911).

Constitution Amendments: There have been two amendments to the constitution, one Sept. 7, 1875, and the other Sept. 28, 1897, both adopted by the people. (New Jersey State Library, Jan. 2, 1912, also Manual of New Jersey, 1912, also Vol. 1, Compiled Statutes, New Jersey, 1910 (1911).)

Constitution and government; L. Q. C.Elmer; with biographical sketches of governors and reminiscences of the Bench and Bar. 8°.' 'Newark, 1872.

In New York Bar Association.


1846. Possession taken by General S. W. Kearny in name of United States.

1848. Ceded by Mexico to United States (comprised parts of Arizona

and Colorado) by treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. 1850. Territory organized (Nov. 25). 18153. Western New Mexico became territory of Arizona. 1865. A northern strip annexed to Colorado.

1910-11. For constitution and admission to statehood, see constitutional conventions, constitutions, etc., post. 1912. Admitted to Union on proclamation of President (Jan. 6).



Title of legislative body " Legislative Assembly."
Session laws called " Laws."



Laws of Territory. [Binder's label "Kearny Code."] (" Leyes del territorio.") [Brig. Gen. S. W. Kearny's code of laws, dated September 22, 1846 comprising the organic law for the territory of New Mexico, and laws for the government thereof. In Spanish and English, parallel columns.]

115 p. 8°. Santa Fe, October 7, 1846.

MS. memorandum prefixed, states these laws to have been "written by Col. Donophan and Hall."

Bound in 1 vol. 8°.
See compilations,
Santa Fe, 1852.

1st Assembly, 1st Session, June 2,1851. (107)—

"231 " p. (English and Spanish.) 1st Assemblv, 2d Session, Dec. 1, 1851. (235)

"442 " + (1) p. (English and Spanish.) 2d Assembly, Dec. 6, 1852. 160 p. 8°. (English and Spanish.) 3d Assembly, (4th Session), Dec. 5, 1853. 219 p. 8°. (English and

[Error in numbering sessions.]

5th Assembly, Dec. 4, 1854. 147 p. 8°. (English and Spanish.)

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