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Book of the General Laws of the inhabitants of the jurisdiction of New-Plimouth; collected out of the records of the General Court and lately revised . . . Published by authority of the General Court... at Plimouth, June 6, 1671. Printed by Samuel Green. 47+ (8) p. Folio. Cambridge, 1672.

Shown in Evans' American Bibliography, Vol. 1.


Declaration of the warrantable grounds and proceedings;

of the first associates of the government of New-Plymouth; in their laying the first foundations of this government, and in their making laws, and disposing of the lands within the same. Together with the general fundamentals of their laws. Enacted, ordained, and constituted, by the authority of the associates of the colony of New-Plymouth. Printed and sold at Greenleaf's printing-office, in Hanover-Street.

1 leaf + 1 leaf + 5-24 p. 8°.

Massachusetts Bay Colony.

Abstract of the Lawes as they are novv established.

F. Coules and W. Ley at Paules Chain.

1 leaf + 1-15 + (2) p. 4to.

Boston, 1773.

Printed for

London, 1641.

Referred to in "Bibliography of Laws of Massachusetts Bay," by W. C. Ford, and A. Matthews. Cambridge, 1907.

Confederacy of the Colonies (1643-72). Articles of Confederation between the colonies of the Massachusetts, New Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven, "with the plantacons in combinacon therewith."

For copy see "Compact, Charter and Laws of the Colony of New Plymouth," p. 308, by William Brigham, Boston, 1836. x+357 p. 8°.

"Scobell's Laws" [Binder's Title]. "Collection of Acts and Ordi

nances" of Parliament from November, 1640, to September, 1656 inclusive. Being a continuation from the end of Mr. Pulton's collection. With tables. By Henry Scobell, Clerk of Parliament. In 2 parts. Bound in 1 vol.

(40) + 186 + 515 + (40) + (1) p. Folio.

London, 1658-57.

Contains (p. 66, part 2), an Act entitled "A Corporation for the Promoting and Propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in New England," being chapter 45 of the Acts of 1649. Also Acts relating to other colonies, p. 113 (Part I) and p. 132 (Part II).

"General Lawes and Libertyes" (1660), "Book of the General Lawes and Libertyes concerning the inhabitants of the Massachusets, collected out of the Records of the General Court, for the several years wherein they were made and established and now revised by the same Court." (May 1649.) Disposed in alphabetical order. Edward Rawson, Secretary.

(2) + 88+ (12) p. 4to.

With the above are bound the



(Title page imprint) Cambridge, 1660. following:

14, 1654, p. 1. May 22, 1661, p. 1. December 31, 1661, p. 1.

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Ford and Matthews' "Bibliography of Laws of Massachusetts Bay," pp. 6 and 7, shows the foregoing Laws and Orders from 1662 to 1669.

"General Laws and Liberties," revised and reprinted by order of the General Court, May 15, 1672. Edward Rawson, Secretary. [Title page imprint] Cambridge, 1672.

(1) + 170 + (24) + 57 p. Folio.

1 In his preface to the edition of 1660, Rawson says that the "Books of Lawes of the first impression" (1649) "not being to be had," this "second" impression (1660) is prepared by order of the General Court. In "Bibliography of Laws of Mass. Bay," Ford and Matthews refer to the same, except that they give its date as 1648.

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The Literary News and Reviews," July 7, 1903, gives a detailed account of this edition the date of which is stated as 1648.

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General Laws and Liberties (1675), revised and reprinted by order of the General Court holden at Boston, May 15, 1672. Edward Rawson, secr. Printed by Samuel Green, for John Usher of Boston, and to be sold by Richard Chiswell... in St. Paul's churchyard, London.

Cambridge (New England), 1675.

1 leaf1-170 + (28) + 1-6 p. Folio.

Shown in Charlemagne Tower Collection of Colonial Laws, also in Ford and Matthews "Bibliography of Laws of Mass. Bay."

Charters and General Laws of the Colony and Province of Massachusetts Bay, with appendix. Published by order of the General Court. [Nathan Dane, William Prescott and Joseph Story, committee.] Binder's Title: "Ancient Charters and Laws of Massachusetts Bay."

vii+868 p. 8°.

Boston, 1814.

Granted by

Contained in the foregoing is a copy of the following:
Charter of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay.
Charles I, March 4, [1628, sometimes 1629], p. 1.
Compilation and revision of Colony Laws, 1634-91, pp. 41-211.
'Bibliographical Sketch of the Laws of the Massachusetts Colony

from 1630-86." Arranged to accompany the reprints of 1660
and 1672, by William H[enry] Whitmore. Published by order
of the city of Boston.

xliii+150 p. 4to.

Boston, 1890.


Courts held as follows:

Session, Jan. 6, 1673.

Session, Oct. 7, 1674.

Session, Aug. 30, 1675.

Session, Feb. 1, 1675(6).

Session, Apr. 4, 1676.

Session, Mar. 29, 1677.

Session, Apr. 9, 1677.

Session, Mar. 28, 1678.
Session, May 28, 1679.
Session, Oct. 15, 1679.
Session, Feb.
Session, May
Session, Oct.
Session, Mar.

4, 1679(80).
19, 1680.
13, 1680.
4, 1680 (81).

Session, Oct. 10, 1677.

Contained in the foregoing is a copy of the following:

BODY OF LIBERTIES (1641), " A Coppie of the Liberties of the Massachusets Colonie in New England." In facsimile from the Hutchinson MS., with a line-for-line printed version, p. 29. FUNDAMENTAL LAWS. Facsimiles of those pages of the answer of the General Court in 1646, which contain references to the Body of Liberties, described therein as the "Foundamentall Lawes," p. 66.

COURT OF ASSISTANTS. Description of its origin and jurisdiction, with its records from 1641-44, pp. 2 and 99.

"ANSWER OF THE GENERAL COURT IN 1646." See Fundamental

Laws above.

Colonial Laws of Massachusetts, reprinted from the edition of 1660, with supplements to 1672. Containing also "The Body of Liberties of 1641." Published by order of the city of Boston, under the supervision of William H[enry] Whitmore.

Boston, 1889.

xvi +312+ (12) p. 4to. Contained in the foregoing (p. 69) is an account of legislation from 1641 to 1672, including the two revisions of the laws in 1649 and 1660, with copies of the following:

BODY OF LIBERTIES. Same as in the edition, Boston, 1890, p. 29.
FUNDAMENTAL LAWS. Same as in the edition, Boston, 1890, p. 65.
GENERAL LAWES AND LIBERTYES. A facsimile copy of the edition
of Cambridge, 1660, p. 119.

the Laws and Orders of the following General Courts: -

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