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Laws of Maine - Continued.

(1822), with appendix. Published by William Hyde. Printed by Goodale, Glazier & Co. [The title page to this vol. declares "2 vols.", only 1 vol. being shown.]

iii (1) +682 + xcv + (1) p. 8°.



Portland, 1822.

Hallowell, 1830.

In New York Bar Association.

(1831), Vol. 3. Printed by Thomas Todd.

xlviii+ 413 + xxxvii p. 8°.

Portland, 1831.

(1834), Vols. 1 and 2; with notes and references delineating" the additions and modifications thereof" from 1821-34, and "a full synopsis" of decisions by Francis O. J. Smith.

2 vols. 8°.

Compiled Laws (1822-33).


In New York Bar Association.

Public Laws of Maine (1842-51).

Portland, 1834.

Hallowell, 1834.

In Department of Justice, also in New York Bar Association.

Hallowell, 1852.


Augusta, 1874.

In Department of Justice.

Report of Commissioners, appointed to revise the Public Laws.

viii+91 + various paging. 4to.

Augusta, 1840.

In Social Law Library.

Revised Statutes (1841), with appendix [Eastman and Everett].

[blocks in formation]

Revised Statutes - Continued.

(1904-" 1903 "); 5th revision [John A. Morrill).

xii 1020 489 p. 4to.

Augusta, 1904.

Harvard Law School shows an edition at Portland, 1904, 80

also does Social Law Library.

Reference Tables of Changes (1909), made in the Revised Statutes, by Public Laws of 1905, 1907, and 1909. Annotated by F. L. Dutton.

62 p. pamph. 8°.

Public School Laws (1848-67).


Portland, 1909.

Augusta, 1848–67.

Maine Statutes [binder's title]. Report of the commissioner of revision. [By C. W. Goddard.]

91238 p. 4to. [Binder's label, 1883.] n.t.p. n.p. N.D.

Report of Charles W. Goddard, commissioner; appointed to revise .. and consolidate the general and public laws, by resolve approved 1881.

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1621 + viii p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

n.p. N.D.

Report of the Commissioner (1902), on the revision, etc., of the public laws, [by John A. Morrill, commissioner]. xxxiv 984 p. 4to. [Binder's date, 1903.]

Maine Statutory Citations (1894); L. D. Carver.

Augusta, 1902.

87 p. 8°.

Augusta, 1894.

Digest of Resolves (1820-62 inclusive); Joseph B. Hall.

xiii + 175 + xii p. 8°.

Augusta, 1862.

Index to all the public laws not embodied in Revised Statutes of

1871. By R. D. Trask.

8 p. pamph. 8°.

Portland, N.D.


[blocks in formation]

The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1820.


Brunswick Convention [regarding separation from Massachusetts. See Debates and Journal of constitutional convention, 1819-20].


Journal of Constitutional Convention of district of Maine; with articles of separation and Governor Brooks' proclamation prefixed.

112 + (1) p. 8°.

Augusta, 1856.

Debates and Journal of constitutional convention and amendments subsequently made to constitution. [With articles of separation from Massachusetts and Brunswick convention of 1816.] Various paging. 8°. Augusta, 1894.

Debates, Resolutions, and other proceedings of convention assembled at Portland, Oct. 11, 1819 for purpose of forming a constitution. To which is prefixed the constitution. By J. Perley.

iv 300+ (1) p. 12mo.

Portland, 1820. Constitution; a copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part I, p. 788, where it appears that the same was formed by a convention which met at Portland, Oct. 11, 1819, and adjourned until Jan. 5, 1820, during which time it was submitted to the people and ratified.

In force 1902. With notes by L. D. Carver.


Augusta, 1902.

Shown in Library Bulletin, 98, New York State Library, Albany, 1905. Constitution Amendments. The constitution of 1820 was amended in 1877, 1879, 1880, 1884, 1888, 1892, 1896, 1908, and two amendments in 1911. (Maine Register for 1911-12, Resolves of 1911-12. Maine State Library, Jan. 2, 1912.)



1632. Charter by King Charles I, to Caecilius Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, and first Lord Proprietary of the Province.

1680. The government taken from Lord Baltimore by William and Mary, but his proprietary rights remained undisturbed.

1776. State constitution adopted.

1788. Federal constitution ratified.

U. S. Charters and Const's, Part I, p. 811.

Browne's "Maryland” (“American Commonwealths ").


Title of legislative body from 1637, "General Assembly," or "Assembly." Session laws called "Laws."

A Hand List of laws, journals, and documents of Maryland to 1800, was privately printed by John W. M. Lee, Librarian, Maryland Historical Society, under date Baltimore, 1878.

There were no sessions of the Maryland legislature in the years 1733, 1739, 1742, 1761, 1764, 1767, 1772, 1775, 1776, 1850, 1851, 1855, 1857, 1859, 1863.

[blocks in formation]

Proceedings and Acts of General Assembly from assembly of Jan. 1637. [Reprint contained in "Archives of Maryland," by William Hand Browne, Baltimore, 1883. 4to. See also "Laws of Maryland at Large," by Thomas Bacon, Annapolis, 1765. Folio.] See Statutes, etc.

Laws of Maryland from assembly of September 1664 to July 1754 inclusive. [See "Laws of Maryland at Large," by Thomas Bacon, Annapolis, 1765. Folio. For laws subsequent to 1691, see also "Laws of Maryland" in 2 vols. by William Kilty, Annapolis, 1799-1800.]

Sessions of Assembly referred to in "Lee's Hand List of Laws," etc., of Maryland to 1800, the laws of which are described as being published in folio size.

Session, Mar. 15, 1725.

Session, July 12, 1726.
Session, Oct. 10, 1727.

Session, Oct. 3, 1728.
Session, July 10, 1729.

[blocks in formation]

1 "Lee's Hand List of Laws," etc., of Maryland shows an Act under Dec. 1, 1757.

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