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1 tution of the proposed State of New Columbia and for two

2 Senators and one Representative in Congress.


(2) In the first election of Senators from the State (pur

4 suant to paragraph (1)) the two senatorial offices shall be

5 separately identified and designated, and no person may be a

6 candidate for both offices. No such identification or designa

7 tion of either of the two senatorial offices shall refer to or be

8 taken to refer to the terms of such offices, or in any way

9 impair the privilege of the Senate to determine the class to

10 which each of the Senators elected shall be assigned.


(b) The proclamation of the Mayor of the District of Co

12 lumbia required by subsection (a) shall provide for the holding


13 of a primary election and a general election and at such elec14 tions the officers required to be elected as provided in subsec

15 tion (a) shall be chosen by the people. Such elections shall be

16 held, and the qualifications of voters shall be, as prescribed

17 by the constitution of the proposed State of New Columbia

18 for the election of members of the proposed State legislature.

19 Election returns shall be made and certified in such manner

20 as the constitution of the proposed State of New Columbia

21 may prescribe. The Mayor of the District of Columbia shall

22 certify the results of such elections to the President of the

23 United States.

24 (c)(1) At an election designated by proclamation of the 25 Mayor of the District of Columbia, which may be the primary

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1 or the general election held pursuant to subsection (b), a ter2 ritorial general election, or a special election, there shall be

3 submitted to the electors qualified to vote in such election, for

4 adoption or rejection, the following propositions: 5

(A) New Columbia shall immediately be admitted

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(B) The boundaries of the State of New Columbia


shall be as prescribed in the New Columbia Admission


Act and all claims of the State to any areas of land or


sea outside the boundaries so prescribed are hereby ir


revocably relinquished to the United States.

(C) All provisions of the New Columbia Admis




sion Act reserving rights or powers to the United
States, including those prescribing the terms or condi-
tions of the grants of lands or other property made to
the State of New Columbia, are consented to fully by




the State and its people.


(2) In the event the propositions under paragraph (1) are

19 adopted in such election by a majority of the legal votes cast 20 on such submission, the proposed constitution of the proposed 21 State of New Columbia, ratified by the people at the election 22 held on November 2, 1982, shall be deemed amended accord

23 ingly.

(3) In the event any one of the propositions under para


25 graph (1) is not adopted at such election by a majority of the

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1 legal votes cast on such submission, the provisions of this Act

2 shall cease to be effective.


(4) The Mayor of the District of Columbia is authorized

4 and directed to take such action as may be necessary or ap

5 propriate to ensure the submission of such propositions to the

6 people. The return of the votes cast on such propositions 7 shall be made by the election officers directly to the Board of

8 Elections of the District of Columbia, which shall certify the 9 results of the submission to the Mayor. The Mayor shall cer

10 tify the results of such submission to the President of the

11 United States.

12 (d)(1) If the President finds that the propositions set 13 forth in subsection (c)(1) have been duly adopted by the

14 people of New Columbia, the President, upon certification of

15 the returns of the election of the officers required to be elect16 ed as provided in subsection (a), shall issue a proclamation

17 announcing the results of such election as so ascertained.

18 Upon the issuance of such proclamation by the President, the

19 State of New Columbia shall be deemed admitted into the

20 Union as provided in section 2 of this Act.


(2) Until the State of New Columbia is admitted into the

22 Union, individuals holding legislative, executive, and judicial 23 offices of the District of Columbia, including the Delegate in 24 Congress from the District of Columbia, shall continue to dis25 charge the duties of their respective offices. Upon the issu

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1 ance of such proclamation by the President of the United

2 States and the admission of the State of New Columbia into

3 the Union, the officers elected at such election, and qualified 4 under the provisions of the constitution and laws of such 5 State, shall proceed to exercise all the functions pertaining to 6 their offices in, under, or by authority of the government of 7 such State, and offices not required to be elected at such

8 initial election shall be selected or continued in office as pro

9 vided by the constitution and laws of such State. The Gover

10 nor of such State shall certify the election of the Senators 11 and Representative in the manner required by law, and the 12 Senators and Representative shall be entitled to be admitted

13 to seats in Congress and to all the rights and privileges of 14 Senators and Representatives of other States in the Congress

15 of the United States.



17 SEC. 8. The State of New Columbia upon its admission 18 into the Union shall be entitled to one Representative until

19 the taking effect of the next reapportionment, and such Rep20 resentative shall be in addition to the membership of the

21 House of Representatives as now prescribed by law, except

22 that such temporary increase in the membership shall not 23 operate to either increase or decrease the permanent mem24 bership of the House of Representatives or affect the basis of

25 apportionment for the Congress.

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Sec. 9. Upon admission of the State of New Columbia

3 into the Union, all of the territorial laws then in force in the 4 Territory of the District of Columbia shall be and continue in

5 force and effect throughout the State, except as modified or

6 changed by this Act, or by the Constitution of the State, or

7 as thereafter modified or changed by the legislature of the

8 State. All of the laws of the United States shall have the

9 same force and effect within the State as elsewhere in the

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SEC. 10. (a) No writ, action, indictment, cause, or pro

13 ceeding pending in any court of the District of Columbia or in

14 the United States District Court for the District of Columbia

15 shall abate by reason of the admission of the State of New 16 Columbia into the Union, but shall be transferred and shall

17 proceed within such appropriate State courts as shall be es

18 tablished under the constitution of the State, or shall continue

19 in the United States District Court for the District of Colum

20 bia, as the nature of the case may require. And no writ,

21 action, indictment, cause, or proceeding shall abate by reason 22 of any change in the courts, but shall proceed within the

23 State or United States courts according to the laws thereof, 24 respectively. The appropriate State courts shall be the suc

25 cessors of the courts of the District of Columbia as to all

26 cases arising within the limits embraced within the jurisdic

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