Bradshaw's railway almanack, directory, shareholders' guide, and manual


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Página 554 - ... to take copies thereof; and any party not complying with such notice shall not afterwards be at liberty to put any such document in evidence on his behalf in such...
Página 130 - ... on the thirty-first day of December, there are not profits available for the payment of the full amount of preferential dividend or interest for that year, no part of the deficiency shall be made good out of the profits of any subsequent year, or out of any other funds of the company.
Página 8 - Act relating to railways now in force, or which may hereafter pass during this or any future session of Parliament, or from any future revision and alteration, under the authority of Parliament, of the maximum rates of fares and charges authorized by this Act [or by the said recited acts] . 170.
Página 554 - ... the Court or judge may make an order accordingly, and may direct such question of law to be raised for the opinion of the Court, either by special case or in such other manner...
Página 554 - If it appear to the Commissioners at any time that the statements in the application or answer, or reply, do not sufficiently raise or disclose the issues of fact in dispute between the parties, they may direct them to prepare issues, and such issues shall, if the parties differ, be settled by the Commissioners.
Página 553 - Act, 1873, shall be for an order upon the railway company, against whom the application is made, restraining them from permitting and suffering the canal therein mentioned, or parts thereof, or works belonging thereto, to remain unrepaired, or in want of dredging, or not in good working condition, or without proper supplies of water thereto ; and also enjoining them to keep and maintain the said canal or such parts thereof, or such works thereto belonging, thoroughly repaired or dredged or in good...
Página 555 - Judge that the other party bona fide desires the production of a witness for cross-examination, and that such witness can be produced, an order shall not be made authorising the evidence of such witness to be given by affidavit.
Página 552 - It shall be endorsed, with the name and address of the applicant, and if there be a solicitor acting for him in the matter, with the name and address of such solicitor, and if he be an agent for another solicitor in the matter, then also with the name and address of such other solicitor.
Página 555 - Commissioners may direct, state a case in writing for the opinion of any superior court determined by the Commissioners upon any question which in the opinion of the Commissioners is a question of law.

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