Popular Treatise on the Beet Root Culture and Sugar Fabrication in Canada

J.A. Langlais, Stationer and Publisher, 177, St. Joseph St., St. Roch, 1876 - 112 páginas

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Página 68 - ... to tell us that water consists of 1 part of hydrogen by weight united with 8 parts of oxygen; that marble is composed of 56 parts of lime, and 44 of carbonic acid; common salt, of 35J parts of chlorine, and 23 of sodium ; turpentine, of 30 carbon, and 4 hydrogen ; chloroform, of 12 carbon, 1 hydrogen, and 106} chlorine.
Página 68 - This carbonate, when being precipitated to the bottom of the vessel in which the operation is carried on...
Página 55 - ... cultivation with ease. In looking over a number of chile fields it has been found that the distance may vary from three to five feet between the rows and from one to four feet between the plants in the row. After having studied the matter carefully as to the best distance, everything considered, three and a half feet between the rows and two feet in the row has been adopted by the Horticultural Department as the most desirable distances. These distances have given satisfactory results. For the...
Página 62 - Ex. water is composed of oxygen and hydrogen ; carbonic acid of oxygen and carbon...

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