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COMPACT, violation of, in what DEARTH, artificial, iniquity of,
selpect not destructive of its *429.

obligation, 134, 135.1) DefÁMarion, how far punish-

able in England,
pounding, what, $ DEMOSTHENEs; his character and
CONCLAVE, at Rome, animofi- ; conduct, 264, 2654278.

tiesamong the Cardinals there, DESAGULTERS his hypothesis

at the election of a Pope, 620. for accounting for the ascent
CONFIRMATION, a Reply to a of vapours, 363. Sond

Quære concerning it, 314. As DESCARTES, his opinion as to
practised in our church, tends

the ascent of vapours, ibid.
to cherish false presumptuous DeSPOTISM, what, 220-222.

hopes, 315... TOXO Dew, drops of, on the leaves of

colewort, not in contact with
CONSISTORY, of whom compo- the plant, 383.
sed, 618.

DISSENTERS, of all denomina-
CONSTANTINI, a Pagan Empe- tions, number of in London,
ror, his kindness to the Chrif.

tians, 570...1

CONSTANTINOPLE, number of DIVAN, defcription of 137, Note.
people in, 286.

Meaning of the word, ibid.
CONTEMPLATION, what, 46. Dropsy, Tweet oil a cure for,
CONTROVERSY, a religious one 276.
decided by King Ofwy, 579.

Druids, their conduct and in-
COPTs, a remarkable convent of, fluence in religion and politics,

568, feq.
CORRECT Ness, the term often" DRUMMOND, of Hawthornden,
misapplied, 61.

his poetical character, 55.
CRITICISM, an enquiry whether Dydimus of Alexandria, his re.

the study of, has prevented the markable fagacity, 245.
appearance of any extraordi. Eeles, Henry, his attempt to ac-

nary poetical works, 62, feq. count for the ascent of vapours,
CRUCIFIXIon, the true time of 363.

our Saviour's, endeavoured 10 EGYPT, fome good accounts of,
be ascertained, 241-244.

in the Arabic language, 249.
CurceLLÆUS, his doubt con. Why a preference due to Mr.

cerning the omnipresence of Norden's, ibid. * Weather in,
God, 248.

261. Advice to travellers in,
Custom, not to be pleaded in *353. Prefent civil government

favour of injustice, 6221 of, 358. Europeans, how de-
CYCLOPOEDIA, new edition of, nominated at Alexandria, 351.

censured for a particular 'arti. ELDEN-HOLE, in the Peak, some
cle, 626.

pas" account of, 597, Note.

ELECTRICITY, Profeffor Rich
DANCINO, how improved, 109. man killed by, 278. Its pro-
DANIAL de Foe, account of a

digious force, ibid. Difference
modern scribbler characterized between its effects and those of
under that appellation, 417–

lightening, ibid, feq. Leffens

Specific gravity; 366. The
DATURY, its meaning and uses, cause of the ascent of vapours,

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of, 245:

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364. The fame with æther, FANS, of peacock's feathers, part

467. Very different from fire, of the Pope's parapharnalia, at
- 468. Inftances of its use in the

grand ceremonies, '618.
art of healing, 562, feq. FATHERS, primitive of the church,
ELIZABETH, Queen, the death of greatly mistaken in fome of

an irreparable loss to Europe, their religious opinions, 81.)
214. Friendly intercourse be-' Fenton, Elijah,observations on
tween her and Henry the Great,

his writings, 74.
209, seq. Grand design pro- Fire, differept from electricity,
jected between them, 214. 468.
ELOISA to Abelard, Pope's, criti• Flowers, and Vegetables, their
cised and commended, 75-77:

beauty and uses, 477, seq.: ?
ELOQUENCE, British, abuse of, FLUXIONS, Saunderson's, account

EMBARGOS, discussion of their - Foetus, how nourished, 37863

compatibility with our consti- FOLARD's observations on the
tution, 628, feq.

importance of maintaining a
ENGLAND, number of inhabi- strong marine force, 658, Note

tants in, 378. Capable of main- His remarks on the Roman
taining a third more than it at custom of satyrising their Gees
present does, if duely cultivat- nerals at their triumphant en-
ed, ibid. Annual increase of tries, 659Note. His censure
people in, 379. A fee of the of the Duke of Marlborough
papacy, 584:

for his avasice, ibid. 5199
ERASMUS, respectable mention FRANKLIN, Benjamin, his elec
of, 60.

trical experiments, 379, 380.
ETERNITY, of the world, a France, said to be as great a

Atrong philosophical argument loser by the capture of her Ships
against it, 240.

as Great Britain by the lofs of
Ethe, or Mores, among the an-

Minorca, 409.
tient painters, requisite to all FRENCH, character of, 458. Cau-
Professors of that art, 163 tion against, 459.

FULLERS-EARTH, a particular
ETHICS, advantages of studying, fort, of, found near Aleppo,

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499, feq.

Its uses, 142,

Evil, physical, whether it pre-

ponderates in the world or not, GAMING, a passion for its parti-

cularly detrimental to a Mini-
EXAMPLES, too many of, rather

fter of state, 105.
perplex than explain a rule,538. GEORGE I. King of England, in-
EXPERIENCE, necessary to com- ftrumental in the promotion of -
plete a surgeon, 514.

a certain Cardinal, 620.
EXPORTs from Jamaica, where- GINGER, method of cultivating

in they confift, and valuation and curing, 332-337. Bota-
of, 34, feq.

nical characters of, 336.

Good, moral, enquiry whether
FANCY, the productions of, whe- it preponderates in the world,
ther less powerful than those of

551-555976*** la tien.
nature in moving the passions, Gospels, the three first, could

not be composed till after, or


trymen, ibid.

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about the yean fixty, 148. Twice in danger of being af
GOVERNMENT, best form of, faffinated, 99, 102. Stabbed
221, seq.

by Ravaillac, 215. His cha-
GRAMMATICAL Quantity, from

racter, 215
whence derived, 110.

HIEROGLYPHICş, whence, 1/2.
GRAND defign, projected be- Egyptian observations on, 263,

tween Henry the Great, and feq.

Queen Elizabeth, 214. HISTORY, antient and modern,
GRANITE found in uncommonly advantages of being well ac-

large masses in Egypt, 252, quainted with, 301,502. How
345, 347.

we ought to form our judg.
GRAPHIC-ARTs, in a more im- ment concerning it, 565, 566.

proved state at present than HOBB.E s, the pureft Englith wri-
formerly, 162. Of advantage ter in the reign of Charles II.
to manufactures, 163. Defici- 57. This affertion controvert.
ency in them not owing to any

ed, ibid.
want of genius in our coun- HOGARTH, the celebrated pain-

ter, his contempt for copiers,
GRAVITY, reflections upon, 238 285

-240. Specific, leslened by HORACE, remarks on his imper-
electricity, 366.

fections and excellencies 57
GREAVES, Mr, bis account of

the Egyptian pyramids con-s Hotel-DIEU, at Paris, regula-

troverted, 258, 260, 262. tion' of, commended, 456.
GRECIAN Writers, though some.. HUMAN Nature, in a state of

times of polite literature, 62. wildness, described, 107-109.
GREEKS, their learning, 281.

Its ftructure remarked upon,
GRONOVIUS censured, 222. 217-
GUISE, Duke of, deserts the HUMMING-BIRD, description of,

league, and makes his peace 343
with Henry the Great, 101.

Their first interview after- JAMAICA, quantity of improve.
wards, 102. Dutchess of, her able land in, 32. Exports from,
character, 101.

34. feq. Imports thither, and

from whence, 36. Revenues,
HARRINGTON's Oceana recom- 4k, seg. Salary of the Gover.
mended, 218.

nor of, 42. Inhabitants of cha.
HEARING, method proposed to

racterised, 42.
restore, 375

JANISSA RY, remarkable story of
HEAT, whether that of the fun, one, 352.

is most intense at the equator, James II. King, remains unbu-
or at the tropics,480, feq. Cau- ried, 456. Why, 457.
fes of Heat and Cold, 478. feq. IDOLATRY, enquiry into the c-
Why they do not increafe and

rigin of, 3.30--333-
decrease regularly, as the sun JEROM, censure of, 81. For

approaches, or departs, 479. what, see CHRYSOSTOM.
HeNBANE-SEED, white, uncom- Ja suits, accused of a plot a-
effects of, 389.

gainst the life of Henry the
Henry the Great, his accession. Great. Banished the kingdom
97. Changes his religion, 98. of France, but re-establithed


there at the instance of the

Pope, 163.

Kent, kingdom of, how con-
Jewish traditional books, a re- verted to Christianity, 537:

mark concerning them, 131, Relapses from Christianity,

575, seq.
IMAGINATION, what, 46, 47. Kepler's problem, what, 386.
INFANTRY and Cavalry, of my. KEYSLER, John George, hiş

tual assistance to each other, birth and education, 604.

Commences his travels in the
INFIDELITY, the common peo- capacity of Tutor to two

ple, as well as the better fort, young Noblemen, ibid. His
infected with it, 483.

learned acquaintance, 605.
INN-KEEPERs, chargeable with Honours paid him in England,
the goods of their guests, 17,

ibid. Account of his writings,

606. Further anecdotes con-
INOCULATION, not practised by cerning him, ibid-608.

the Turks. 281. Whence de- KỊNDRED, nearness of, no ob-
rived, ibid. Answer to an ob- stacle to matrimony, under the
jection to, 396, seq. Reflec- Old Testament dispensation,
tions on some late attempts for 176-183. Nor under the
a chirurgical monopoly of, New, 184, feq.
541, feq.

Kings and Queens betake them-
INSTINCT, what, 49.

selves to monafteries, 580.
Job, book of, Bishop of London's Why, 583. Become Generals

differtation upon it confidered, of religious Orders, 584.

KIRBY, Jolhua, his Perspective
Jorn, St. design of his gospel, commended, 288.

his personal character, 150 KNOWLEGE, manner in which

it is acquired, 564, feq.
Joseph, his Well, in Egypt, de- KNUPHIS, temple of described,

fcribed, 354, feq. his granary, 415: Explanation of the

word, ib. note.
IRELAND, number of inhabitants

in, 378. Capable of maintain- LANGUAGE, how invented, and
ing three times the number it improved, 107–112.
does maintain, ibid.

LARCENY, what, and how pun.
TRON-ORE, account of a moun-

ishable in England, 15,

LATIN, who the first English-
IsOPERIMETRICAL problems, man that wrote in chat lan.

general rule for solving, 272. guage, 581, leg.
ISRAELITES, their manner of Law, (Jewish) Bishop of Lone

living, marriages, education of don's account of the particu-
children, religion, &c. 373 — lar end and design of it COR-

sidered, 125-127
JUDGING, what, 51.

LAWRENCE, Archbishop of Can.
JUROR, what damages are reco- terbury, flogged by St. Peter,

verable against one who re- 576.
ceives a bribe for a verdict, 18. LEGATEE, whether, and under
Rev, 1756.

Y y


tain of, 273

of, 549.

what circumstances, his tefti- MALLET, his poem of the Hermony concerning a will can mit, vindicated, 55. be admitted by the law of MAMMILLARIANS, an account

England, 12, seq. LETTERS, how invented, 112. MAPPs, original ones, few of,

the Author of four to in the l'urkish dominions, 228. the People, excused of propa- MARK, St. account of his Gor. gating falfhoods, 411. Self

pel, 150. condemned, 418.

MARRIAGES, what fort are forLime-WATER, instance of the bidden in Scripture, 183. How

efficacy of, in the cure of Dy- affected by Civil Law, 225. senteries, 391,

Mars, orbit of, elliptical, 386. Light and Colours, Melvil's MATERIA Medica, animadverobservations on, 382.

fion on the exuberance of, 204: LIGHTNING, method of pre- MATHEMATICS,

attainable venting, or weakening the without the sense of fight, 245. ftroke of, 380.


late of, in Tur- what manner, it may be vakey, 281.

lidly contracted, according to Locke, Mr. advantages of ftu- the law of England, 10, 11. dying his Essay on the Human

Recommended, 174. Understanding, 499. Defend- Matthew, St. account of his ed against Condillac, 113.

Gospel, 149. LONDON, estimate of the num- MEMNON, famous Natue of, ber of its inhabitants, in 1746,

where, and how seated, 489. Of the number of cat. Opinion of its vocal power extle killed in that city, for

ploded, 490

pro. visions, in one year, 614.

MEMORIAL, fubftance of the LONGINUS, the observations of, Saxon to the States of Hol.

too general, and his method land, relative to the Prussian too loose, 59.

invasion of that Electorate, Love, that passion not naturally 635, seq. Pruffian, in answer

treated by most of the Poets, thereto, 336–338. Another 477, seq.

in vindication of the King of LUCIUS, " the first Christian Prussia's conduct, from the acKing of Britain, opens a cor

cusations of Saxony, 641– respondence with the Bishop 643. And a third, describing of Rome, 570.

the dangerous designs of the LUKE, St. account of his Gof- courts of Vienna and Saxony,

againit Pruflia, 643–651. Lycoperdon, recommended as MEMORY, what, 46, seq. a ftyptic, 277:

METHODISTs, their preaching LYCURGÆS, oblervations on his cencured by Dr. Warner, 483. laws, 545-548.

MILITIA, objections to the late M


pel, 150.

bill for, 415. Another plan MAGNESIA, process for prepar

for establishing, 416. ing, 387. Medical qualities MILITARY Discipline, several of, 388.

observations on, 404,- 407. MAHOGANY, natural History

Writers, several men. 8


of, 337.

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