The practical English grammar


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Página 95 - One to-day is worth two to-morrows; and farther, Have you somewhat to do to-morrow, do it to-day. If you were a servant, would you not be ashamed that a good master should catch you idle? Are you, then, your own master? Be ashamed to catch yourself idle, as Poor Dick says.
Página 114 - IT is a celebrated thought of Socrates, that if all the misfortunes of mankind were cast into a public stock, in order to be equally distributed among the whole species, those who now think themselves the most unhappy, would prefer the share they are already possessed of before that which would fall to them by such a division.
Página 112 - SPAKE full well, in language quaint and olden, One who dwelleth by the castled Rhine, When he called the flowers, so blue and golden, Stars, that in earth's firmament do shine.
Página 21 - Our plan is very different," said the bee ; " we work hard in the summer to lay by a store of food against the season when we foresee we shall want it ; but those who do nothing but drink, and dance, and sing in the summer, must expect to starve in the winter.
Página 64 - ... dived do, did, done draw, drew, drawn drink, drank, drunk drive, drove, driven eat, ate, eaten fall, fell, fallen...
Página 49 - They might have been. SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD. Present Tense. Singular. Plural. 1. If I be, 1. If we be, 2. If thou be, 2. If you be 3. If he be ; 3. If they be.
Página 49 - TENSE Singular Plural 1 I am 1 We are 2 Thou art 2 You are 3 He is 3 They are...
Página 5 - A CERTAIN Man had a Goose, which laid him a golden egg every day. But, not contented with this, which rather increased than abated his avarice, he was resolved to kill the Goose, and cut up her belly, that so he might come at the inexhaustible treasure which he fancied she had within her. He did so ; and, to his great sorrow and disappointment, found nothing.
Página 110 - For six years' Sabbaths I had seen the ELDER in his accustomed place beneath the pulpit— and, with a sort of solemn fear had looked on his steadfast countenance during sermon, psalm, and prayer. On returning to the scenes of my infancy...
Página 111 - ... by every living thing, from the crocodile to the pasha, from the papyrus to the palm-tree: and yet, strange to say, it seems to pour into the sea a wider stream than it displays between the cataracts a thousand miles away. The Nile is all in all to the Egyptian: if it 'withheld its waters for a week, his country would become a desert; it waters and manures his fields, it supplies his...

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