Germany, Present and Past, Volumen2

C. K. Paul & Company, 1879 - 492 páginas

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Página 37 - He will not suffer thy foot to be moved ; and he that keepeth thee will not sleep.
Página 193 - What are the common wages of labour, depends everywhere upon the contract usually made between those two parties, whose interests are by no means the same. The workmen desire to get as much, the masters to give as little, as possible. The former are disposed to combine in order to raise, the latter in order to lower, the wages of labour.
Página 151 - I happened to he at Geneva one Sunday morning as the bells were tolling to church. The very sounds which once called the powerful minds of a Calvin, a Knox, a Zwingli, to religious exercise and meditation, were now summoning the descendants of their contemporaries to the same house of prayer. - There are few Scotchmen whose hearts would not respond to such a call. I hastened...
Página 152 - ... the shout, the laugh, the distant shots of the rifle-gun clubs, are heard above the psalm, the sermon, and the barren forms of state-prescribed prayer, during the one brief service on Sundays, delivered to very scanty congregations, in fact, to a few females and a dozen or two old men, in very populous parishes supplied with able and zealous ministers.
Página 277 - The men are constantly occupied how to make straitened means support the extravagances of their life. The women are harpies, debauched through want of modesty rather than from want of anything else. They prostitute their persons to the best payer, and all delicacy of manners or sentiment of affection are unknown to them.
Página 177 - And Moses and Aaron gathered the congregation together before the rock, and he said unto them, Hear now, ye rebels ; must we fetch you water out of this rock...
Página 151 - ... on the Mosaic chronology, a couple of psalm tunes on the organ, and a waltz to go out with, were the church service. In the...
Página 151 - Presbyterian doctrine and practice, has fallen lower from her own original doctrine and practice than ever Rome fell. Rome has still superstition ; Geneva has not even that semblance of religion. In the head church of the original seat of Calvinism, in a city of...
Página 277 - A total corruption of morals reigns throughout both sexes in every class of life, joined to penuriousness, necessarily caused partly by the oppression of his present Majesty, and partly by the expensive ideas they received from his grandfather, constituting the worst of human characters.
Página 152 - ... in opinion and strength of argument from his own religious dogma. This is action and reaction in religious spirit, with a vengeance. In the village churches along the Protestant side of the Lake of Geneva — spots upon...

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