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Página 11 - But this momentous question, like a fire-bell in the night, awakened and filled me with terror. I considered it at once as the knell of the Union. It is hushed, indeed, for the moment. But this is a reprieve only, not a final sentence. A geographical line, coinciding with a marked principle, moral and political, once conceived and held up to the angry passions of men, will never be obliterated ; and every new irritation will mark it deeper and deeper.
Página 11 - I regret that I am now to die in the belief, that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776, to acquire selfgovernment and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.
Página 22 - Massachusetts . . Rhode Island . . Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania . . . Delaware Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina . Georgia Florida Alabama Mississippi Louisiana Texas Arkansas Tennessee...
Página 22 - That the following article is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, which shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of the Constitution when ratified by conventions in three-fourths of the several States : "ARTICLE — "Section 1.
Página 14 - ... does : by it the hand of man is raised against his neighbour, against his brother, and against his father; the servant betrays his master, and the whole scene ends in confusion and devastation.
Página 22 - SEC. 2. On demand of one-third of the Senators of any one of the sections, on any bill, order, resolution, or vote, to which the concurrence of the House of Representatives may be necessary, except on a question of adjournment, a vote shall...
Página 22 - Resolved, By the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in congress assembled, twothirds of both houses concurring, that the following articles be proposed to the legislatures of the several states, as amendments to the constitution of the United States...
Página 22 - Union, should be forever hereafter ignored ; and whereas this important end is best to be obtained by the recognition of other sections without regard to slavery, neither of which sections shall alone be strong enough to oppress or control the others, and each be vested with the power to protect itself...
Página 22 - ... sections, causing hitherto, and from the nature and necessity of the case, inflammatory and disastrous controversies upon the subject of slavery, ending already in present disruption of the Union, should be forever hereafter ignored ; and whereas this important end is best to be...
Página 22 - Electors in each of the four sections in this article established, shall be necessary to the choice of President and Vice-President ; and the concurrence of a majority of the States of each section shall be necessary to the choice of President by the House of Representatives, and of -the Senators from each section to the choice of Vice-President by the Senate, whenever the right of choice shall devolve npon them respectively.

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