Elements of crystallography

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Página 24 - ... it is one of the oldest as well as one of the most important of the lumber associations in existence. The Yellow Pine Association first had its origin among cer'Preliminary Report of the Federal Trade Commission on Activities of Lumber Manufacturers
Página 23 - ... principle in crystallography since that time and should not be abandoned unless the evidence is clearly against it. FIG. 2. The production of an (11o) face. Some authors express the fundamental law of crystallography as the law of simple mathematical ratio. Thus Williams4 says : " Experience has shown that only those planes occur on any crystal whose axial intercepts are either infinite or small even multiples of unity.
Página 42 - This system embraces all forms referable to three axes of unequal length, two of which intersect at an oblique angle, while they are both at right angles to the third.
Página 178 - These glucosides may be divided into two classes, according as they do or do not yield prussic acid on decomposition, and it is convenient to describe the former class as cyanogenetic glucosides.

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