The Works of Francis Parkman: Count Frontenac and New France under Louis XIV

Little, Brown, 1897

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Página 111 - Yonnondio, our women had taken their clubs, our children and old men had carried their bows and arrows into the heart of your camp if our warriors had not disarmed them and kept them back, when your messenger, Ohguesse, came to our castles. It is...
Página 109 - Then he recounted the offences of the Iroquois. First, they had maltreated and robbed French traders in the country of the Illinois ; " wherefore," said the governor, " I am ordered to demand reparation, and in case of refusal to declare war against you." Next, " the warriors of the Five Nations have introduced the English into the lakes which belong to the king my master, and among the tribes who are his children, in order to destroy the trade of his subjects, and seduce these people from the obedience...
Página 23 - Your assembling of the inhabitants to take the oath of fidelity, and your division of them into three estates, may have had a good effect for the moment ; but it is well for you to observe that you are always to follow, in the government of Canada, the forms in use here ; and since our kings have long regarded it as good for their service not to convoke the...
Página 62 - The bishop, the ecclesiastics, the Jesuit fathers, the Supreme Council, and, in a word, everybody, complain of you; but I am willing to believe that you will change your conduct, and act with the moderation necessary for the good of the colony.
Página 162 - Journal. The old Seneca, on being shown a map of the locality, placed his finger on the spot where the fight took place, and which was long known to the Senecas by the name of Dyagodiyu, or "The Place of a Battle.
Página 207 - Brother Kinshon, we hear that you mean to send soldiers against the Indians to the eastward ; but we advise you, now that we are all united against the French, to fall upon them at once. Strike at the root : when the trunk is cut down, all the branches fall with it. " Courage, Corlaer ! courage, Kinshon ! Go to Quebec in the spring ; take it, and you will have your feet on the necks of the French and all their friends.
Página vi - English-speaking races in America would have been more than endangered. Under the rule of Frontenac occurred the first serious collision of the rival powers, and the opening of the grand scheme of military occupation by which France strove to envelop and hold in check the industrial populations of the English colonies. It was he who made that scheme possible. In " The Old Regime in Canada," I tried to show from what inherent causes this wilderness empire of the Great Monarch fell at last before a...
Página v - the most remarkable man who ever represented the crown of France in the New World. From strangely unpromising beginnings, he grew with every emergency, and rose equal to every crisis.
Página 131 - India rum to be sent to the Long House. " Think you that religion will make any progress, while your traders supply the savages in abundance with the liquor which, as you ought to know, converts them into demons and their wigwams into counterparts of hell?" One seems to see the Irishman's tongue curl under his cheek as he replies, " Methinks our rum doth as little hurt as your brandy, and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome.
Página 240 - if there were any French among them, and if they would give us quarter. They answered that they were Frenchmen, and that they would give us good quarter. Upon this...

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