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Lancaster Pike, an important and historic section of the Lincoln Highway to and from Pittsburgh, is the shortest route into Philadelphia from Harrisburg (99.6 m.). The old Lancaster Road dates to 1687, the Lancaster Turnpike began in 1791, and the last toll-house disappeared in 1917. Gateway to the West, this highway is rich in memories of the days of the pack-horse, the stage-coach, and the Conestoga. The Pennsylvania Railroad, first railroad to the West, was opened in 1834, and parallels the pike for most of its length. To travel over this road is to travel over the "Main Line.” Route I includes points of interest and the chief detours between Philadelphia and Malvern.

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General Warren Tavern, 1745.-Rebuilt in 1831. Here Major Andre stopped with the force that made the attack at Paoli on the night of September 20, 1777.

Detour to Site of the Paoli Massacre.-Leave Lancaster Pike at Bridge Street, Malvern, 0.0. Up steep grade to 0.2, King St., turn right. Warren Ave, 0.3, turn left. Monument Ave. 0.4, turn right. At 0.8 turn left on Park drive to old and new monuments 0.9; commemorating the disaster which overtook General “Mad Anthony" Wayne's men at this spot the night of September 20, 1777, when a British force surprised the exhausted Continentals. Reverse on Park drive to Lancaster Pike 1.8. Re-set mileage.

Site of the General Paoli Inn.-A description of pioneers on their way to the West, left by a traveler who stopped at the General Paoli Inn in 1805, says of a family journeying to Ohio: "The men wore a

GENERAL WARREN TAVERN, MALVERN plain jacket and trowsers, with very large shallow crowned hats, and the women had their hair plaited seldom beheld: old men embarking in distant, arduin long braids, which hung down their backs, with ous undertakings, which they could never live to see jackets and petticoats just the reverse of the fashion realized; their children going to a climate destructive of the present day. Altogether they had the appear to youth; and the wives and mothers partaking of all ance of a stout, hardy race, and in the company, I their sufferings, to become victims in their turn to the understood there were four generations. The master general calamity." Out of such material grew "the of the inn informed me that he had every reason to sweet clay from the breast of the unexhausted West," believe they had a very large property with them, in as Lowell said afterwards. the wagon in which they traveled." Another trav Detour to St. David's Church.-On the way to eler, writing in the same year, was not so flattering Philadelphia, leave Lancaster Pike at Waterloo Road, in his opinion of the west-bound pioneer. He stopped 0.0, turning right. Under R. R. at Devon Station 0.2. at a "miserable log-house" inn, and found it "filled At 0.5 turn left, passing Devon Inn on right. At 0.6 with emigrants who were in their passage to the Ohio, turn right. After passing Cadwalader estate on left, and a more painful picture of human calamity was cross West Wayne Ave. at 1.8. Lower gate 2.1, turn

right. Stop at Lych Gate. St. David's, Radnor, 1715, is the historic stronghold of wealthy land-proprietors on the Main Line. The Welsh builders of the church looked up to bare rafters and stood on bare ground. The woodwork of the present gray stone structure came from the tree under which the original Welsh services were held. The little church among its graves is what Longfellow called it-"An image of peace and rest;" and over it the ivy still climbs and expands. Behind the church is the grave of General “Mad Anthony' Wayne (1745–1796), A monument was erected in 1809 by the Pennsylvania State Society of the Cincinnati, The oldest tomb (Edward Hughes, 1716) is made of stone brought from Wales. In the church, over the door, is a stone cross brought from the original St. David's in Wales. Continue from Lych Gate, turning immediately right, through stable yard into church yard; left, right, and then at 2.3 left onto Valley Forge Road. At 2.4 West Wayne Ave., turn right. 3-corners, turn left. Turn sharp right 2.6. Under R. R. 3.2. At 3.9 turn left onto

Conestoga Road. Lancaster Pike 4.3, turn right. ST. DAVID'S CHURCH, RADNOR, 1715

Re-set mileage at 6.0.


Route 1–Harrisburg to Philadelphia Route IR-Philadelphia to Harrisburg (via Lancaster and Paoli)

(via Paoli and Lancaster) Mileage

Mileage 0.0 Harrisburg, at the Capitol. Harrisburg be 0.0 PHILADELPHIA, City Hall, west side. Go came the capital of Pennsylvania in 1812.

west on Market St. 36.0 Lancaster; the capital from 1799 to 1812.

0.7 23d St. On right, Marble Obelisk. 62.1 Coatesville; Downingtown, 68.2.

0.8 Cross bridge over the Schuylkill River at 78.8 After turning under R. R., pass on right Gen

Market St. eral Warren Tavern, 1745.

1.2 32d and Market Sts., West Philadelphia Sta79.4 Malvern, at Bridge St. (Right on Bridge St.

tion, Pennsylvania Railroad. On left, Woodfor Detour to Site of Paoli Massacre.)

land Ave., oldest highway in Pennsylvania.

1.2 5-corners; right with trolley on Lancaster Ave. 0.0 Malvern, at Bridge St.

1.3 33d and Lancaster, State Armory. 0.4 Green Tree; right under R. R., and then left. 3.1 Old Cathedral Cemetery, on left. 1.4 Paoli Bank, on left, adjoining Site of General 3.8 Cross 52d St.; bear right at fork just beyond, Paoli Inn.

leaving trolley. 1.5 Paoli; Post Office on right. (Right on Darby 4.4 New Overbrook Senior High School. Road for Detour to Waynesborough.)

5.0 Cross 63d St., Overbrook; straight through on 1.8 Tredyffrin Country Club, on right. On left,

Lancaster Pike (Lincoln Highway). Route II diverges at this point for Philadel 5.4 City Line Ave.; pass into Montgomery County. phia via Valley Forge.

5.6 Seminary, St. Charles Borromeo, right; seen 3.7 Berwyn. Station on left.

across Montgomery Pike. From this point, 4.0 Left under R. R.; immediately right.

numerous beautiful suburban homes. 4.5 Cross Waterloo Road, north side, on left; the 7.9 Ardmore. Station on right.

usual road to Valley Forge in coming from 8.1 Old Red Lion Inn; used for offices by Autocar Philadelphia. Ye Old Log Cabin, in use by

Company. the adjoining garage, dates to 1732.

8.4 Haverford College Gate.
4.6 Waterloo Road, south side; road does not reg 8.6 Haverford. Station on right.

ister (Right on Waterloo Road for Detour 8.8 Haverford Grammar School, left.
to St. David's, Radnor).

9.1 Old Buck Tavern (1735); now a modern dwell6.0 Conestoga Road and Lancaster Pike. Before

ing. turning right, stop or turn back on Lancas

9.5 Bryn Mawr, Elliot Road (Right for Detour ter Pike for a view of Spread Eagle Inn.

to Bryn Mawr College). 6.7 Wayne. On right, Wayne Title and Trust Co. 10.0 Roberts Road, Bryn Mawr. 7.9 Radnor Memorial, dedicated to the Men and 11.1 Villa Nova College, on right.

Women of Radnor Township who served in 11.5 Under R. R. 12.3 Radnor Memorial.
the World War.

13.5 Wayne. On left, Wayne Title and Trust Co. 9.1 Villa Nova College on left.

14.2 Old Conestoga Road; the original Old Lancas10.2 Bryn Mawr, Roberts Road (Left for Detour

ter Road. Immediately ahead, on right, to Bryn Mawr College).

Spread Eagle Inn (Sharp left on Conestoga 10.7 Elliot Road and Lancaster Pike.

Road for Detour to St. David's, Radnor). 11.1

Old Buck Tavern (1735); now a dwelling. 15.6 Lancaster Pike at Waterloo Road, south side 11.4 Haverford Grammar School, right.

(road does not register). 11.6 Haverford. 11.8 Haverford College Gate. 15.7 Cross Waterloo Road, north side; right is 12.2 Old Red Lion Inn, on right; used for offices.

Devon road to Valley Forge. Ye Old Log 12.4 Ardmore. Station on left.

Cabin, 1732. 14.4 Seminary, St. Charles Borromeo, left; seen

16.1 Sharp curve left under R. R., and immediately across Montgomery Ave.

right up hill. 14.8 Cross City Lir Avenue, passing out of Mont

16.5 Berwyn. Station on right. gomery County into Philadelphia.

18.4 Tredyffrin Country Club, on left. On right, 15.2 Cross 63d St., Overbrook, keeping on Lancas

Paoli road to Valley Forge (Left for Detour ter Ave.

to Waynesborough). 15.9 New Overbrook Senior High School.

18.7 Paoli. Post Office on left. 16.5 Cross 520 St., joining trolley.

18.8 Paoli Bank, on right, adjoining site of General 17.1 Old Cathedral Cemetery, on right.

Paoli Inn. 18.9 State Armory, 33d and Lancaster Ave.

19.8 Green Tree; turn right under R. R., then left. 19.0 Bear left into Market St. at 32d, West Phila

20.2 Malvern, at Bridge St. (Left on Bridge St. for delphia Station, Pennsylvania Railroad. On

Detour to Site of Paoli Massacre). right, Woodland Ave., the oldest highway in

20.8 Pass on left, before turning under R. R., GenPennsylvania.

eral Warren Tavern, 1745. 19.4 Cross bridge over the Schuylkill River at Market St.

37.5 Coatesville. 19.6 Marble Obelisk, on left, near 23d St.

63.6 Lancaster, Penn Square, King and Queen Sts. 20.2 City Hall, PHILADELPHIA.

99.6 Harrisburg.

Detour to St. David's Church.—On the way from left. Under R. R. to 1.6, Lancaster Pike; turn right.
Philadelphia, leave Lancaster Pike at Conestoga Re-set mileage at 10.0.
Road; 0.0; turning sharp left. At 0.4, turn right.

Harriton Farms.—Following either detour to Bryn Under R. R., 1.1. At 1.7 turn sharp left. At 3-cor

Mawr College to Roberts Road and Old Gulph Road, ners, turn right. At 1.9 turn left. Lower Gate 2.2,

turn left (at 0.0), or continue (at 0.9) to (0.1) private turn right. Stop at Lych Gate, St. David's Church,

road, on right; turn right up long lane for Harriton, Radnor. Continue from Lych Gate, turning imme

built in 1702 by Rowland Ellis, the Welsh founder diately right, through stable yard, into church yard;

of Bryn Mawr. Here lived in his closing years left, right, and then left at 2.4 onto Valley Forge

Charles Thomson, first Secretary of Congress. Road. At 2.5 cross West Wayne Ave., passing shortly on right Cadwalader estate. At 3.7 turn left, passing

Old Buck Tavern (1735).-In a letter dated “Buck Devon Inn, on left. Waterloo Road 3.8, turn right.

Tavern, Lancaster Road, September 15, 1777, 3 Under R. R. at Devon Station 4.1. Lancaster Pike

p. m.," Washington wrote to the President of Con4.3, turn left. Re-set mileage at Lancaster Pike at

gress: “Our situation at this time is critical and danWaterloo Road, 15.6.

gerous, and nothing should be done to add to its embarrassment.

We are now most probably on the Spread Eagle Inn.— The original “Spread Eagle" point of another battle, and to derange the army by and the stage-coach traveler have been preserved by withdrawing so many general officers from it, may Isaac Weld in an old print included in "Travels and must be attended with many disagreeable, if not Through the States of North America,” 1800. An ruinous, consequences." old account book, under date of November 6, 1806,

Haverford College.-Founded in 1833 by the Sosays, “Snack at Eagle," 87 cents; showing increase

ciety of Friends, as a school of collegiate grade, it was in the cost of living, for another traveler on this road

incorporated as a college in 1856. It is limited in says of earlier days: “As to the expense, it seldom

numbers to carefully selected students (less than 300), varies, being a quarter of a dollar for lodging, the

but there are no denominational distinctions. It consame sum for every meal, and half a dollar a night

serves many of the traditions of the small English for a horse."

college, including cricket and Rugby foot-ball. Villa Nova College.--Founded in 1842, by the

New Overbrook Senior High School.-Philadelphia Augustinian Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church,

has 11 Senior High Schools, 11 Junior High Schools, and named for St. Thomas of Villa Nova, Bishop of

and one combined High School, widely distributed Valencia. The college was chartered by the Legis

throughout the city, with a total enrollment of 30,131 lature in 1849.

senior and 21,215 junior pupils. The Central High Detour to Bryn Mawr College. - On the way to

School, established in 1836, was the first public high Philadelphia, leave Lancaster Pike at Roberts Road,

school in the country outside of New England. The Bryn Mawr, 0.0; turning left. Montgomery Ave. 0.1.

new Overbrook High School is being constructed at Gulph Road 0.7, turn right. Lower Merion Baptist

a cost of over two million dollars. Church, on left. On right, Bryn Mawr College Schuylkill River at Market Street.-From the floatbuildings. At 1.0 College Gate, turn right into col

ing bridge across the river at this point John Fitch, lege grounds. Straight through; and then left, pass

in 1785, ran his first experimental steamboat, with ing Taylor Hall, left. Bryn Mawr College, founded

twenty passengers, down the river to the boat's desin 1880, and first opened in 1885, notable pioneer col

tination at Gray's Ferry. This spot in Philadelphia lege for women, occupies fifty-two acres, covered with

is the birthplace of all modern steam navigationbeautiful trees, lawns, and buildings. Pass out 1.1 inland, coastwise, and ocean line. See Route 14. through tower gate of Pembroke Hall; turn right. Yarrow St. 1.2, turn left. Shipley School for Girls,

Marble Obelisk.— The weather-worn stone on on right. Morris Road 1.4, turn right. Old Bryn

Market Street near Twenty-third commemorates the Mawr Inn, now the Baldwin School for Girls, on left.

first permanent bridge across the Schuylkill, opened At 1.5, just short of station, turn left and imme

in January, 1805. It was the first covered bridge in diately right under R. R. At 1.6 straight through to

America, succeeding a floating bridge and the original Lancaster Pike 1.6; turn left. Re-set mileage at

ferry boats. One of the now obliterated inscriptions Elliot Road and Lancaster Pike, 10.7.

boasted that no pier of regular masonry into as great

a depth of water was known to exist in any other Detour to Bryn Mawr College.-On the way from part of the world. The cornerstone of the old bridge Philadelphia, leave Lancaster Pike at Elliot Road, contained this puzzling inscription: “T. F. C. S. Bryn Mawr, 0,0; turning right. Under R. R. 0.1, 0. T. S. P. B. W. L. Oct. XVIII, MDCCC." The then left, and immediately right onto Morris Road. stone mason explained it: “This first cornerstone of Old Bryn Mawr Hotel, now Baldwin School for Girls, the Schuylkill Permanent Bridge was laid October on right. Yarrow St., 0.2, turn left; Shipley School 18th, 1800.” Twitted as to how subsequent generfor Girls, on left. At 0.4 turn right. Entrance Gate, ations would be able to interpret this runic riddle, the Pembroke Hall 0.5, turn left into Bryn Mawr College. stone-carver replied: “Why, sir, by the time they will Pass Taylor Hall on right, and turn right, passing dig up that stone the people will be much more larned through gate out of college grounds onto Old Gulph than you and I be." The city of Philadelphia's entire Road at 0.6, turning left. On right, Lower income in 1770 was eight hundred pounds, and two Merion Baptist Church. Roberts Road 0.9, turn hundred of these came from the Market Street ferry.



By this alternative to Route I the tourist may diverge from the Lancaster Pike at Paoli and visit Valley Forge on his way to Philadelphia. West of Paoli the route is identical with Route I, offering opportunity for detours to the site of the Paoli Massacre and to the birthplace of General Anthony Wayne. The Bryn Mawr College detour may also be included by beginning and ending it at Montgomery Avenue. The chief feature of this highway route into Philadelphia is the complete circuit of Valley Forge Park. For the details regarding Valley Forge, see Route 9.


WAYNESBOROUGH-BIRTHPLACE OF GENERAL ANTHONY WAYNE Built in 1724 by the grandfather of the great Revolutionary soldier, on Sugartown Road, near Paoli,

stands this well-preserved colonial mansion, still occupied by a descendant of the builder.

Detour to Waynesborough.-On the way to Phila services at Brandywine, Germantown, Valley Forge, delphia, leave Lancaster Pike 0.0, turning right on Monmouth, Stony Point, and Yorktown, as well Darby Road, immediately beyond the Post Office at as his success in subduing the Indians in Ohio. Paoli. At 0.4 keep left. At tree in fork 0.8, turn Reverse on Sugartown Road to 1.5 Darby Road, turn right. At 1.0 Sugartown Road, turn right. On left. Straight through to Lancaster Pike 1.7; turn right, at 1.3, Birthplace of General Anthony Wayne. right. Re-set mileage at 1.8. Waynesborough was built in 1724 by the grandfather Detour to Waynesborough.—On the way from of the great Revolutionary soldier, born here in 1745. Philadelphia, leave Lancaster Pike at (18.4) TredyfOn the ground floor is a room in which pictures and frin Country Club, 0.0; turning left. At 0.1 straight antique furnishings are preserved exactly as they through. Sugartown Road 0.2, turn right. On right were when “Mad Anthony" last saw them. The at 0.5, Birthplace of General Anthony Wayne. Reproperty is owned by a descendant, W. M. Wayne. verse on Sugartown Road to 0.7 Darby Road; turn General Wayne became Commander-in-Chief of the left. At tree in fork 0.9 turn left. Keep right at 1.3. United States Army (1792-1796); a tablet on the Lancaster Pike 1.7, turn left. Re-set mileage at front wall of the house records his distinguished Paoli Post Office, 18.7.

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