Bradshaw's hand-book to Brittany, Volumen13


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Página 20 - THIS is the forest primeval. The murmuring pines and the hemlocks, Bearded with moss, and in garments green, indistinct in the twilight, Stand like Druids of eld, with voices sad and prophetic, Stand like harpers hoar, with beards that rest on their bosoms.
Página 38 - The situation is unsurpassed, the eye ranging a distance of above 180 miles — a Panoramic View including the whole of the Swiss Alps, and the
Página 68 - URCH & CO., 84, Long Acre, London, WC, Contractors to Her Majesty's Cavalry and the Government of India.
Página 55 - PIERRE PERNIGOTTI, the new Proprietor, offers a comfortable home and first-rate Cuisine at moderate charges. The only Hotel in Spezia that has an Establishment of Hot and Cold Baths. HOTEL ROYAL DE LA CROIX DE MALTE. SOLE HOTEL of the name at Spezia, and kept always by the same Proprietors, LENZI BROTHERS. Every Sunday, English Divine Service In the Hotel. GRAND HOTEL SPEZIA. SPLENDID situation.
Página 67 - For children it is invaluable, as it forms the basis of a magnificent Head of Hair, prevents Baldness in mature age, and obviates the use of dyes and poisonous restoratives.
Página 67 - Is the best and only certain remedy ever discovered for Preserving, Strengthening, Beautifying, or Restoring the HAIR, WHISKERS, or MOUSTACHES, and preventing them turning grey. Price 3a.
Página 64 - Banking-houses of London, for the payment of Circular Notes and Letters of Credit. Omnibuses of the Hotel to and from each Train. Fine Private Carriages when requested. Warm and Cold Baths in the Hotel.
Página 56 - HOTEL ET PENSION DBS ILES BOROMEES.— Proprietors, Messrs. OMARINI BROTHERS.— This Hotel, newly built, contains more than One Hundred Bedrooms and Saloons, and is considered as the nearest to visit the Borromenn Islands.

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