Grundsätze des praktischen europäischen Seerechts: besonders im Privatverkehre, mit Rücksicht auf alle wichtigeren Partikularrechte, namentlich der Norddeutschen Seestaaten, besonders Preussens und der Hansestädte, sowie Hollands, Frankreichs, Spaniens, Englands, Nordamerikas, Dänemarks, Schwedens, Russlands, etc, Volumen1


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Página 317 - ... for the right of stopping in transitu does not depend upon a supposition that the property has not passed from the consignor ; but, on the contrary, is founded on an admission that the property has become vested in some other person. No question can ever be made upon the right of a man to seize his own goods ; but the question in cases of stoppage in transitu generally is, whether, under the circumstances, the consignor may devest the property which has passed to another, and revest it again...
Página 51 - An Act to amend and consolidate the Laws relating to Merchant Seamen and for keeping a Register of Seamen...
Página 51 - An Act to alter and amend an Act for the better Protection of the Property of Merchants and others who may hereafter enter into Contracts or Agreements in relation to Goods, Wares and Merchandize intrusted to Factors or Agents...
Página 98 - Les sommes dues au vendeur, aux fournisseurs et ouvriers employés à la construction , si le navire n'a point encore fait de voyage ; et les sommes dues aux créanciers pour fournitures, travaux, main-d'œuvre, pour radoub, victuailles, armement et équipement, avant le départ du navire, s'il a déjà navigué...
Página 14 - A General Treatise of the Dominion of the Sea, and a compleat body of the Sea Laws...
Página 51 - An Act for consolidating and amending the Laws relating to Wreck and Salvage.
Página 54 - System of the Shipping and Navigation Laws of Great Britain ; and of the Laws relative to merchant ships and seamen, and maritime contracts.
Página 98 - Les dommages intérêts dus aux affréteurs, pour le défaut de délivrance des marchandises qu'ils ont chargées, ou pour remboursement des avaries souffertes par les dites marchandises par la faute du Capitaine ou de l'équipage; 13) Les créanciers ayant, d'après les arts.
Página 219 - ... entitled to keep possession of the ship until he was paid, or to enforce the lien while abroad, and compel a sacrifice of the ship. Sir William Scott, in the case of the Favourite," observed, that it had been repeatedly decided, that the master could not sue in the admiralty for his wages, because he stood on the security of his personal contract with his owner, not relating to the bottom of the ship.

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