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These essays appeared in the Fortnightly Review at various times between the spring of 1865 and the first month of this year. I much wish that I were able to recast them, for such a series must have many defects when presented as a continuous book; but many occu! pations forbid me to hope that I could accomplish this ! within any moderate limits of time, and as the opinions here set forth (whatever may be their value) have at least cost me much time and thought, I venture to publish them in the only form I can. t .... .

, . **** * * **/**** ti:,-", The arguments of the "fir st .Essay*; "had been re********

written, might have been-jextjeedingiy'Tllustrated by

"^ - * *> * * f

the present contest between' the*"President and the

"IS** "-" *' 'J **-* Congress of the United §tai^l::'buVI;ieaye it to stand

as it was published a few days after Lincoln's death—

when Mr. Johnson was said to be a violent Anti

; Southerner, and no such quarrel was thought of. There

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