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I would have REALLY liked to have a searchable version (e.g. "justice") since the numbering changed from edition to edition. This is clearly an image, rather than searchable text, since I was looking for the section which referred to a law used in NY State in the past twenty years: NY Judiciary (section) 487, which had to do with intent to deceive.
"if any Serjeant, Pleader, or other, do any manner of
Deceit or Collusion in the King's Court, or consent
[unto it,] in deceit of the Court [or] to beguile the
Court, or the Party, and thereof be attainted, he shall
be imprisoned for a Year and a Day, and from
thenceforth shall not be heard to plead in [that] Court
for any Man; and if he be no Pleader, he shall be
imprisoned in like manner by the Space of a Year and a
Day at least; and if the Trespass require greater
Punishment, it shall be at the King's Pleasure"
(3 Edw,c 29; see generally Thomas Pitt Taswell-Langmead,
English Constitutional History 153-154 [Theodore F.T.
Plucknett ed, Sweet & Maxwell, 10th ed 1946]).
[pages 3-4]
I wanted to see how it was presented in the original book, or even using modern font, instead of Olde English font / script.

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