The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 ; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volumen35

Reuben Gold Thwaites
Burrows Bros. Company, 1899
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Página 157 - I, Noel Chabanel, — being in the presence of the most holy Sacrament of your Body and your precious Blood, which is the tabernacle of God among men, — make a vow of perpetual stability...
Página 111 - ... their strength and finding themselves vanquished; when they thought to be themselves the conquerors. Some took to flight; others were slain on the spot. To many, the flames, which were already consuming some of their cabins, gave the first intelligence of the disaster. Many were taken prisoners, but the victorious enemy, fearing the return of the warriors who had gone to meet them, hastened their retreat so precipitately, that they put to death all the old men and children, and all whom they...
Página 81 - But on each of us lay the necessity of bidding farewell to that old home of sainte Marie,— to its structures, which, though plain, seemed, to the eyes of our poor Savages, master-works of art; and to its cultivated lands, which were promising us an abundant harvest. That spot must be forsaken, which I may call our second Fatherland, our home of innocent delights, since it had been the cradle of this Christian church; since it was the temple of God, and the home of the servants of Jesus Christ.
Página 155 - ... the virtue of charity in a zeal for souls, and expend their lives for the salvation of their fellow-men. Never, for all that, would he break away from the Cross on which God had placed him; never did he ask that he might come down from it. On the contrary, in order to bind himself to it more inviolably, he obliged himself, by a vow, to remain there till death, so that he might die upon the Cross.
Página 25 - Nay, more, we even applied the torch to the work of our own hands, lest the sacred House should furnish shelter to our impious enemy: and thus in a single day, and almost in a moment, we saw consumed our work of nearly ten years...
Página 151 - God had given him a strong vocation for these countries; but, once here, he had much to contend with; for, even after three, four, and five years of effort to learn the language of the savages, he found his progress so slight, that hardly could he make himself understood even in the most ordinary matters. This was no little mortification to a man who burned with desire for the conversion of the savages, who in other ways was deficient neither in memory nor mind, and who had made this manifest enough...
Página 157 - Superiorum ejus interpretations™, et dispositionem. Obsecro te igitur, suscipe me in servum hujus Missionis perpetuum, et dignum effice tam excelso ministerio, Amen. Vigesima die Junii, 1647.
Página 107 - In the Mountains, the people of which we name the Tobacco Nation, we have had, for some years past, two missions; in each were two of our Fathers. The one nearest to the enemy was that which bore the name of Saint Jean; its principal village, called by the same name, contained about five or six hundred families. It was a field watered by the sweat of one of the most excellent Missionaries who had dwelt in these regions, Father Charles...
Página 147 - Charles Gamier; and when the village of Saint Jean was taken by the Iroquois, there were but two days in which they were separated, in accordance with the orders which they had received, — our Fathers and I having thought it wiser not to keep two missionaries exposed to danger ; considering, besides, that the famine in that quarter was so severe that sufficient food for both could not be obtained. But it was not God's will that, having lived and been yoked together in the same mission, they should...
Página 149 - Island where we were, found himself checked at the bank of a river, which crossed his path. A Huron reported the circumstance, adding that he had passed him, in his canoe, on this side of the stream; and that, to render his flight more easy, the Father had disburdened himself of his hat, and of a bag that contained his writings; also of a blanket, which our Missionaries use as robe and cloak, as mattress and cushion, for a bed, and for every other convenience, — even for a dwelling-place, when...

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