Human Physiology, Statical and Dynamical, Or, The Conditions and Course of the Life of Man

Harper, 1858 - 649 páginas

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Página 360 - In the tympanic cavity of all mammals, are three small bones: the malleus or hammer; the incus or anvil ; and the stapes or stirrup.
Página 407 - I think it was, that this faculty became positively distressing to me: at night, when I lay awake in bed, vast processions passed along in mournful pomp; friezes of never-ending stories, that to my feelings were as sad and solemn as if they were stories drawn from times before (Edipus or Priam, before Tyre, before Memphis.
Página 34 - Before the discovery of the passage to the East by the Cape of Good Hope...
Página 407 - That, as the creative state of the eye increased, a sympathy seemed to arise between the waking and the dreaming states of the brain in one point — that whatsoever I happened to call up and to trace by a voluntary...

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