The World Displayed, Or, A Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volumen1

J. Christie, 1814 - 395 páginas

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Página xxiii - he returned to Aden, and then to Cairo, where he had agreed to meet Paiva. At Cairo he was informed that Paiva was dead, but he met with two Portuguese Jews, one of whom had given the king an account of the situation and trade of Ormus: they brought orders to
Página xxvi - diately fitted out for Congo, under the command of Gonsalvo Sorza, who, dying in his passage, was succeeded in authority by his nephew Roderigo. When they came to land, the king's uncle, who commanded the province, immediately requested to be solemnly initiated into the Christian religion, which was granted to him and his young son, on
Página v - for ever in the boundless deep. At last, in the midst of their despair, they found a small island, where they sheltered themselves, and which the sense of their deliverance disposed them to call Puerto Santo, or the Holy Haven. When they returned with an account of this new island, Henry performed
Página vi - former. As they looked round the island upon the ocean, they saw, at a distance, something which they took for a cloud, till they perceived that it did not change its place. They directed their course towards it, and in 1419, discovered another island covered with trees, which they therefore called
Página iv - of Africa; which, though rude and indistinct, were sufficient to raise his curiosity, and convince him, that there were countries yet unknown, and worthy of discovery. He therefore equipped some small vessels, and commanded that they should pass as far as they could along: that coast of Africa which looked upon the great Atlantic Ocean, the immensity of which
Página 30 - he immediately sent an express by land to their catholic majesties, -with the news of his arrival, and another to the king of Portugal, to desire leave to cast anchor before the city, as he did not think himself safe in his present station. On the 5th of
Página xxvii - but that time was then at a great distance. According to this grant, the Portuguese continued their discoveries eastward, and became masters of much of the coast both of Africa and the Indies: but they seized much more than they could occupy, and while they were under the dominion of Spain, lost the greater part of their Indian territories, THE
Página vi - thanksgiving, and sent them again with seeds and cattle; and we are told by the Spanish historian, that they set two rabbits on shore, which increased so much, in a few years, that they drove away the inhabitants, by destroying their corn and
Página iv - emperors, ships seem to have been of little other use than to transport soldiers. Navigation could not be carried to any great degree of certainty without the compass, which was unknown to the ancients. The wonderful quality, by which a needle, or small bar of steel, touched with a loadstone or magnet, and turning freely by equilibration on. a point, always preserves
Página xiii - which seems to be the common method of establishing a trade, that is yet too small to engage the care of a nation, and can only be enlarged by that attention which is bestowed by private men upon private advantage. Gomez continued the discoveries to Cape Catherine, two degrees and a half beyond the line. In the latter part of the reign

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