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STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests).

Laws of State (1794-1801); George Roulstone. Reprinted.


In Department of Justice.

Knoxville, 1803.

Revisal of all the Public Acts (1809) of North Carolina, and of Tennessee, now in force in Tennessee. By John Haywood.

(4)+474+ (11) p. 8°.

(1810), 2d ed. John Haywood.

Nashville, 1809.

Nashville, 1810.

In Department of Justice.

Public Acts of North Carolina and Tennessee (1715–1813),


In Department of Justice.

Nashville, 1815.

Laws of Tennessee (1715-1820), including those of North Carolina in force in [Tennessee], from 1715 to 1820 inclusive. By Edward Scott.

2 vols. 8°.

Statute Laws (1831) of public and general nature.

John Haywood and Robert L. Cobbs. By

2 vols. 8°.

Knoxville, 1821.

Revised, etc., by

order of General

Knoxville, 1831.

Compilation of Statutes (1836) of general and permanent nature, from commencement of the government to present time; with references to judicial decisions and a new collection of forms. By R. L. Caruthers and A. O. P. Nicholson. v+808 + cviii p. 8°.

Statute Laws of State (1846); A. O. P. Nicholson.


Nashville, 1836.

Nashville, 1846.

In Department of Justice; also in New York Bar Association. Statute Laws (1848) of general character, passed since compilation, by Caruthers and Nicholson, 1836, being a supplement to that work; with general Acts passed in 1847-8. By A. O. P. Nicholson.

348 p. 8°.

Nashville, 1848.

Compilation of Common School Laws (1854), appended to Acts

of 30th Assembly, 1st session.

xx + 833 +67 p. 8°.

Nashville, 1854.

Code of Tennessee (1858), enacted by General Assembly of 1857-8. Prepared by R. J. Meigs and W. F. Cooper. Published by authority.

xxx + 1150 p. 8°.

Nashville, 1858.

Public Statutes (1871), since 1858, being a supplement to the Code. Edited by James H. Shankland.

xcv + 286 p. 8°.

(1872), 2d ed. James H. Shankland.

(1) p. + p. I-xxxii + 306 p. 8°.

In Harvard Law School.

Nashville, 1871.

Nashville, 1872.

Statute Laws (1871), compilation of statute laws of general and permanent nature compiled on basis of Code of Tennessee; with notes, etc., including Acts of session 1870-71. By S. D. Thompson and T. M. Steger.

2 vols. 4to.

St. Louis, 1873.

St. Louis, 1873.

Supplement (1873), Acts 1871–73. By Thompson and Steger.


In Harvard Law School.

The Social Law Library contains a set of the foregoing in 3 vols. printed at St. Louis, 1871–72.

Code of Tennessee (1884), being compilation of laws of general nature in force June 1, 1884. By W. A. Milliken and J. J. Vertrees.

cxxx+1403 p. 4to.

Nashville, 1884.

Supplement (1885-93), arranged by R. T. Shannon with reference
to the code of 1884 by Milliken and Vertrees.
340 p. 8°.

In Social Law Library.

Nashville, 1893.

Annotated Constitution and Code (1895), embracing all decisions pertinent to constitution or statutes with references to amendments or repeals of laws embraced in Milliken and Vertrees Code since 1884. By D. L. Grayson.

2 vols. 4to.

Chattanooga, (1895).

Code of Tennessee (1896), public and permanent statutes of general nature, being Annotated Code of Tennessee. With Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Constitutions of United States and of State, Naturalization Laws and Laws for authentication of laws and records; [also] chancery rules. By R. T. Shannon.


1952 p. 4to.

Nashville, 1896.

Supplement to Shannon's Code (1897-1903), embracing statutes enacted since Shannon's Code of 1896; with annotations. By R. T. Shannon.

926 p. 4to.

Nashville, (1904).


[blocks in formation]

The constitution at present in force in this state is that of Feb. 23, 1870.


Constitution; a copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1664.


Journal of Proceedings of a convention begun at Knoxville, Jan. 11, 1796. [Originally] printed at Knoxville by George Roulstone, 1796. [Bound with Journals of the legislative council of the territory.]

32 p. 8°.

[Reprinted] Nashville, 1852.

Constitution; appended to laws of 2d session, June 29, 1795. (See session laws, ante.)

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1667, where it appears that the same was framed by a convention which assembled at Knoxville, Jan. 11, 1796. It was not submitted to the people for ratification.


Journal of Convention convened for revising and amending constitution, May 19, 1834.

415 p. 8°.

Nashville, 1834.

Constitution; prefixed to laws of 21st Assembly, 1st session, [Oct. 5, 1835]. See session laws, ante.

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1677, where it appears that the convention which framed it assembled at Nashville, May 19, 1834. It was submitted to the people in Mar. 1835, and ratified.


Journal of Convention to amend, revise, or form and make a new constitution, assembled at Nashville, Jan. 10, 1870.

467 p. 8°.

Nashville, 1870.

New Constitution as revised Jan. 10, 1870.

xxxii p. 8°. n.t.p. [Nashville, 1870.] Constitution; prefixed to laws of 36th Assembly, 2d session, [May 9, 1870], is the new constitution. See session laws, ante.

A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1694, where it appears that the convention which framed it assembled at Nashville, Jan. 10, 1870. It was submitted to the people and ratified Mar. 26, 1870.

Constitution Amendment. "There has been no amendment." (Tennessee State Library, Jan. 26, 1912.)



1803. French claims to Texas ceded to United States as part of Louisiana


1827. Constitution of Coahuila and Texas as a state of the Mexican


1833. Constitution of State of Texas [never put into operation nor recognized by Mexican government].

1835. Provisional constitution of Texas.

1836. Texas declaration of independence of Mexico. 1836. Constitution of the Republic of Texas.

1838. Convention between United States and Texas.

1845. Annexation of Texas [as a state] by Act of Congress, approved

Mar. 1, 1845.

1845. Consent of Texas to annexation.

1848. Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceding to the United States Mexican rights to Texas.

U. S. Charters and Const's, Part II, p. 1712.

See "Texas" by George P. Garrison, (" American Commonwealths" series), Boston, 1903.


State of Coahuila and Texas

Title of legislative body "Constituent Congress."

Session laws called "Decrees."

Republic of Texas

Title of legislative body "Senate and House of Representatives in

Congress assembled."

Session laws called "Acts" and "Joint Resolutions."


Title of legislative body "Legislature."

Session laws called "Laws," " General Laws" and "Special Laws." List of Texas laws, statutes, etc., by F. H. Thomas Law Book Co. St. Louis,

Mo. 4 p. 8°. (Leaflet.)

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