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STATUTES (Compilations, Revisions, Digests).

Note. For revisions, compilations of public laws and supplements thereto, see classification "Public Laws," ante.

Fac-simile reprints of Acts and Resolves published by J. Harry Bongartz are contained in the State Library of Massachusetts in five folio volumes bound as follows: (1) Oct. 1747 to Feb. 1753; (2) May 1753 to Mar. 1758; (3) May 1758 to Mar. 1762; (4) May 1762 to Feb. 1765; (5) May 1765 to Feb. 1769. Laws enacted by Governor, Sir Edmond Andros (1686–89), and his council for territory and dominion of New England [including Rhode Island]; 2, 3, 4, and 5 James II. (Contained in Laws of New Hampshire," Vol. I, province period, pp. 143– 258.)

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xcix+914 p. 8°.

Manchester, 1904.

Index to Acts and Resolves (1758-1850); John Russell Bartlett. Printed by order of General Assembly.

xiii 424 p. 8°.

Providence, 1856.

(1850-62); John Russell Bartlett. Printed by order of General


Providence, 1863.

(1863-73); Joshua M. Addeman. Printed by order of General

xxxiv + 104 p. 8°.


lxviii+131 p. 8°.

(1873-99), prepared by Charles P. Bennett.

460 p. 8°.

missioners, July 1, 1880.

xi + 946 p. 4to.

Providence, 1875.

Providence, 1907.

Public Statutes, revision report to General Assembly by the com

n.p. N.D.

Consolidation of Statutes; report of commission to arrange and consolidate statutes, made to General Assembly, January session, 1909.

Providence, 1909.

70 p. pamph. 8°. General Laws ("Revision of 1909 "), [enacted by General Assembly, session 1909. Prefixed is constitution of United States and constitution of Rhode Island, with amendments, and also constitution of Rhode Island "as amended." With index separately bound, see title next below]. xvi + 1408 p. 4to.

Providence, 1909.

Index to General Laws ("Revision of 1909 ").

1622 p. 4to.

Providence, 1909.


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The constitution at present in force in this state is that of 1842.


Convention to ratify Federal Constitution held at Newport, May 29, 1790. Contained in Public Laws (Revision of 1844). p. 29. Providence, 1852. [See also, Staples, William R[ead], Providence, 1870, post.]


Constitution as adopted by the convention held at Newport, June 21,


18 p. 8°.


Providence, 1824.

Journal of Convention held Sept. 12 to Nov. 4, 1842. (69 p.) With constitution [and resolutions] adopted by convention. (24 p.) 69 +24 p. 8°. Providence, 1842-59.

Shown in Library Bulletin, Nov. 1894, New York State Library.

Report of committee on the action of the General Assembly on the subject of the constitution [of 1842].

[Providence, 1842.]

Constitution as adopted by the convention assembled at Providence,

15 p. pamph. 8°.

Nov. 1841.

27 p. pamph. 8°.

Providence, 1842.

Known as "Landholders" or "Legal" constitution, rejected by about 700 majority.

As adopted by the convention at Providence, Nov. 18, 1841.

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Constitution - Continued.

The constitution is to be found in Public Laws, Revision of 1844,
Providence, 1852, p. 44; also in Revised Statutes, Providence,
1857. General Statutes, Cambridge, 1872; Public Statutes,
Providence, 1882; General Laws, Providence, 1896 and 1909.
A copy of this constitution is contained in United States Charters
and Constitutions, Part II, p. 1603, where it is said: "This
constitution, which superseded the charter of 1663, was framed
by a convention which met at Newport, Sept. 12, 1842; ad-
journed to East-Greenwich, and completed its labors Nov. 5,
1842. It was submitted to the people Nov. 21-23, 1842, and

Constitution Amendments. The constitution of 1842 has been amended as follows: Articles I, II, III, adopted Nov. 1854; Article IV, adopted Aug. 1864; Articles V, VI, adopted Apr. 1886; Article VII, adopted Apr. 1888; Article VIII, adopted June 1889; Article IX, adopted Nov. 1892; Article X, adopted Nov. 1893; Article XI, adopted Nov. 1900; Article XII, adopted Nov. 1903; Articles XIII, XIV, XV, adopted Nov. 1909; Article XVI, adopted Nov. 1911. (Rhode Island State Library, Jan. 1, 1912.)


Report of Legislative Committee; report of joint select committee on changes in constitution, made to General Assembly, January session, 1882.

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[Bradley, Charles Smith.] Methods of changing the constitutions of the states, especially that of Rhode Island.

104 p. pamph. 8°.

Boston, 1885.

Brigham, C. S. [Information regarding constitutional conventions.] Bibliography in Field's Rhode Island, Vol. 3, p. 661.

Durfee, Thomas. Some thoughts on the Constitution of Rhode Island. 57 p. pamph. 8°. Providence, 1884.

Eaton, Amasa M[ason]. Constitution-making in Rhode Island.

xxiv + 128 p. pamph. 8°.

Providence, 1899.

Sheffield, William] P[aine]. Mode of altering the constitution of Rhode Island, and a reply to papers by Charles S. Bradley and Abraham Payne.

44 p. pamph. 8°.

Newport, 1887.

Staples, William R[ead]. Rhode Island in continental congress, with the journal of the convention that adopted the constitution, 1765-90. Edited by Reuben Aldridge Guild. Printed by order of General Assembly.

xlviii+723 p. 8°.

Providence, 1870.



1584. Charter by Queen Elizabeth to Sir Walter Raleigh. 1630. Grant to Sir Robert Heath; "declared void in 1663 because the purposes for which it had been granted had never been fulfilled." 1663. Charter of Carolina by Charles II to Earl of Clarendon, the Duke of Albemarle, and others as "Absolute Lords Proprietors." 1665. Second charter by Charles II to Earl of Clarendon, the Duke of Albemarle, and others as "true lords and proprietors," enlarging previous grant.

1669. Fundamental constitutions of Carolina, framed by John Locke. Only partially put into operation. "It was abrogated by the lords proprietors, April, 1693."

1669. July 26, William Sayle commissioned as governor of Province of South Carolina. See "Introduction" to "Laws of Province

of South Carolina " by Nicholas Trott. Charles-Town, 1736. [Folio.]

1710. Division of colony into North Carolina and South Carolina. See North Carolina.

1719. Renouncement of the government of the lords proprietors, and appointment by the King, of Francis Nicholson as royal governor of province. See "Introduction " to "Laws of Province of South Carolina " by Nicholas Trott. Charles-Town, 1736. [Folio.]

1728. Sale of their interests by seven lords proprietors to the crown and surrender by Earl Granville of rights in the government of the colony. (Wheeler's "History of North Carolina," Philadelphia, 1851, p. 41. See also "Introduction " to "Laws of Province of South Carolina " by Nicholas Trott. Charles-Town, 1736. Folio.)

1776. First constitution of State of South Carolina.

1787. Sept. 17, Ratification of Federal Constitution.

U. S. Charters and Const's, Part II, p. 1615.

Smith's "South Carolina as a Royal Province," New York, 1903.

McCrady's "History of South Carolina." 4 vols. New York, 1897-1902.

See also North Carolina references.

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