Hasty Intrenchments

Henry S. King & Company, 1872 - 94 páginas

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Página 91 - Vera." 2 vols. Fifth Edition. Cloth, gilt tops, I2j. *„* Also a Cheaper Edition in i vol. With Frontispiece. Crown 8vo. Cloth, price 6s. BLU ME (Major W.). The Operations of the German Armies in France, from Sedan to the end of the war of 187071. With Map. From the Journals of the Head-quarters Staff. Translated by the late EM Jones, Maj.
Página 92 - One of the best-known and coolest-headed of the metropolitan regiments, whose adjutant moreover has lately published an admirable collection of lectures addressed by him to the men of his corps.
Página 91 - The work of Major von Blume in its English dress forms the most valuable addition to our stock of works upon the war that our press has put forth. Major Blume writes with a clear conciseness much wanting in many of his country's historians. Our space forbids our doing more than commending it earnestly as the most authentic and instructive narrative of the second section of the war that has yet appeared.
Página 92 - Army of the North German Confederation : a Brief Description of its Organisation, of the Different Branches of the Service and their role in War, of its Mode of Fighting, etc.
Página 91 - WARTENSLEBEN (Count H. von.)— THE OPERATIONS OF THE SOUTH ARMY IN JANUARY AND FEBRUARY, 1871. Compiled from the Official War Documents of the Head-quarters of the Southern Army. Translated by Colonel CH von Wright. With Maps. Demy 8vo.
Página 91 - The work of translation has been well done ; the expressive German idioms have been rendered into clear, nervous English without losing any of their original force ; and in notes, prefaces, and introductions, much additional information has been given.
Página 92 - ... precision. . . . We must, without delay, impress brain and forethought into the British Service ; and we cannot commence the good work too soon, or better, than by placing the two books (* The Operations of the German Armies' and 'Tactical Deductions') we have here criticised, in every military library, and introducing them as class-books in every tactical school.

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