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ant it is that they should early become acquainted with the organi-
zation of that Government—by inquiring into its peculiarities-as-
certaining its fundamental principlesall the branches of which
have admirably harmonized as to prove to the world that a Na-
tion can be great, and at the same time be FREE.

It will be generally admitted that many children in obscure life,
leave our Common Schools and enter work-shops, or seek employ-
ment upon farms, with but limited ideas of the general organization
of the National and State Governments; and being subsequently
merged in the business of life, they find but little opportunity of sup-
plying any deficiency that may have existed, in receiving the rudi-
ments of their education.

Now, the GOVERNMENTAL INSTRUCTOR is intended to supply the

vacuum which has heretofore existed, in this particular, and instead

of placing before the young learner a large volume of confused mat-

ter beyond the reach of his comprehension, the Author has endeav-

ored to suit it to his capacity ; trusting that the work may prove not

only interesting, but that it may be the means of urging the young

mind to higher and praiseworthy attainments in the knowledge of

our admirable form of Government.

J. B. S.

New York City, FEBRUARY, 1845.

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