The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volumen17

Burrows Bros. Company, 1898
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Establishment of Jesuit missions: Abenaki ; Quebec ; Montreal ; Huron ; Iroquois ; Ottawa ; and Lousiana.

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Página 13 - ... with the dogs, which are held as dear as the children of the house, and share the beds, plates, and food of their masters. Everything is in a cloud of dust, and, if you go within, you will not reach the end of the cabin, before you are completely befouled with soot, filth, and dirt.
Página 181 - The sick woman having returned to the cabins, she begins to relate her troubles in a plaintive and languishing voice, giving the rest to understand that her recovery depends upon the satisfaction of her last desire, of which she proposes the Riddle. Each one straightway applies himself to ascertain its solution, and at the same time they throw to the sick woman whatever they imagine it may be, as we have just stated. Those who are attending the sick woman collect all these things and go out burdened...
Página 177 - What I ask for is seen in my eyes— it will be marked with various colors'; and because the same Huron word that signifies 'eye' also signifies 'glass bead,' this is a clue to divine what he desires — namely, some kind of beads of this material, and of different colors. Another will intimate that he desires an Andacwandat feast — that is to say, many fornications and adulteries. His Riddle being guessed, there is no lack of persons to satisfy his desire.
Página 165 - I am," quoth this specter to her, "the immortal seignior general of these countries, and of those who inhabit them; in testimony whereof I desire and order that in all quarters of my domain, those who dwell therein shall offer thee presents which must be the product of their own country — from the Khionontaterons or Tobacco Nation, some tobacco; from the Attiwandarons or Neutral Nation, some robes of outay; from the Askicwaneronons, or Sorcerers, a belt and leggings, with their porcupine ornaments;...
Página 175 - They enter, then, everywhere, and having during the time of the feast, in all the evenings and nights of the three days that it lasts, liberty to do anything, and no one dares say a word to them. If they find kettles over the fire, they upset them; they break the earthen pots, knock down the dogs, throw fire and ashes everywhere, so thoroughly that often the cabins and entire villages burn down.
Página 157 - ... a turtle shell and skin, and in the enclosed space have been placed pebbles for rattles. But this instrument is interesting beyond all that. Father Lejune, in his Relation of 1639, makes the following statement in describing a dance at a feast given for a sick woman : At the head of the procession marched two masters of ceremonies singing and holding the tortoise, on which they did not cease to play. This tortoise is not a real tortoise, but only the shell and skin so arranged as to make a sort...
Página 218 - Flamans, qui bordent les costes de l'océan de nostre costc, et qui rehaussent et fortifient puissament le courage des ennemis des peuples qui sont nos alliés, parmy lesquels nous vivons, et par le seul moyen desquels nous pouvons passer plus avant soit au midy, soit à l'occident. Les entreprises de ces nations ennemies leur ayant, particulièrement depuis quelques années, réussi à souhait, ils ont reduit ces pauvres peuples...
Página 216 - Eminence; et voicy maintenant qu'au nom de tous ceux de nostre Compagnie qui sont icy, je luy en fay le plus humble et le plus cordial remerciment qui m'est possible. Que si Vostre Eminence désire scavoir en peu de mots quel bien a produit sa charité, voicy, Monseigneur, ce que j'en puis dire : On a annoncé l'Evangile à plus de dix mille sauvages, non tant en général, qu'à chaque famille, et presque à chaque personne en particulier : on en a baptisé dans les maladies extraordinaires qui...
Página 199 - It is beyond my power to picture the diligence and activity of our barbarians in preparing themselves and In seeking all the means and omens for good luck and success in their game. They assemble at night and spend the time partly in shaking the dish and ascertaining who has the best hand, partly in displaying their charms and exhorting them. Toward the end they lie down to sleep in the same cabin, having previously fasted, and for some time abstained from their wives, and all this to have some favorable...
Página 201 - It is then that every one begins to pray or mutter I know not what words, with gestures, and eager motions of the hands, eyes, and the whole face, — all to attract to himself good luck, and to exhort their Demons to take courage and not let themselves be tormented. Some are deputed to utter execrations, and to make precisely contrary gestures, — with the purpose of driving ill luck back to the other side, and of imparting fear to the Demon of the opponents. This game was played several times...

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