The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: Travels and Explorations of the Jesuit Missionaries in New France, 1610-1791 ; the Original French, Latin, and Italian Texts, with English Translations and Notes, Volumen2

Burrows Bros. Company, 1896
Establishment of Jesuit missions: Abenaki ; Quebec ; Montreal ; Huron ; Iroquois ; Ottawa ; and Lousiana.

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Página 23 - This was the greatest, most renowned and most formidable savage within the memory of man; of splendid physique; taller and largerlimbed than is usual among them; bearded like a Frenchman, although scarcely any of the others have hair upon the chin; grave and reserved; feeling a proper sense of dignity for his position as commander. God impressed upon his soul a greater idea of Christianity than he has been able to form from hearing about it, and he has often said to me in his savage tongue: 'Learn...
Página 308 - Fontainebleau, and for a long time believed, that the queen was again with child, but it was afterwards found to be a miftake ; which, the king did me the honour to- inform me of.
Página 292 - Commissioners in 1798, informed me, that they found an island in this river, corresponding to the French descriptions of the island St. Croix, and, near the upper end of it, the remains of a very ancient fortification, overgrown with large trees ; that the foundation stones were traced to a considerable extent; and that bricks (a specimen of which he showed me) were found there. These remains were, undoubtedly, the reliques of De Monts
Página 294 - Sablon lieth to the sea-ward of Cape Briton about 25 leagues, whither we were determined to goe upon intelligence we had of a Portugal, (during our abode in S. Johns) who was himselfe present, when the Portugals (above thirty yeeres past) did put into the same Island both Neat and Swine to breede, which were since exceedingly multiplied.
Página 9 - better than anyone else here, is filled with earnest zeal, and every day takes a great deal of trouble to serve as our interpreter. But, somehow, as soon as we begin to talk about God, he feels as Moses did — his mind is bewildered, his throat dry, his tongue tied.
Página 73 - Thus four thousand Indians at most roam through, rather than occupy, these vast stretches of inland territory and sea-shore. For they are a nomadic people, living in the forests and scattered over wide spaces as is natural for those who live by hunting and fishing only.
Página 9 - Savages learn are oaths and vile and insulting words; and you will often hear the women Savages (who otherwise are very timid and modest), hurl vulgar, vile, and shameless epithets at our people, in the French language; not that they know the meaning of them, but only because they see that when such words are used there is generally a great deal of laughter and amusement....
Página 77 - ... it has fallen; they are the hewers of wood and drawers of water; they make and repair the household utensils; they prepare food; they skin the game and prepare the hides like fullers; they sew garments; they catch fish and gather shellfish for food; often they even hunt; they make the canoes, that is, skiffs of marvelous rapidity, out of bark; they set up the tents wherever and whenever they stop for the night — in short, the men concern themselves with nothing but the more laborious hunting...
Página 53 - ... else that we have been able to talk with these poor Gentiles we have tried to impress on them some elementary conceptions of the greatness and truth of Christianity, as much as the means allowed. And to give a general summary, this is the fruit of our journey. We have begun to know and to be known; we have taken possession of these regions in the name of the Church of God, placing there the royal throne of our Savior and Monarch, Jesus Christ, his holy altar; the savages have seen us pray, extol,...
Página 22 - C'a esté le plus grand, renommé et redouté sauvage qui ayt esté de mémoire d'homme: de riche [56] taille, et plus hault et membru que n'est l'ordinaire des autres, barbu comme un françoys, estant ainsy que quasi pas un des autres n'a du poil au menton; discret et grave, ressentant bien son homme de commandement Dieu luy gravoit en l'âme une appréhension plus grande du Christianisme, que n'estoit ce qu'il en avoit pu ouyr, et m'a souvent diet en son sauvageois. "Apprend vistement nostre langue,...

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