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31 years

That's the only kind we have. without the loss of a dollar. Our invest ments have stood the test of time. "We're

HE surest way to discover how
little you really know about a
given subject is to sit down
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You must not confuse the Acousticon with lon
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the facts which you remember, you will

instrument you regulate instantly to clearly free

Hear Every Sound probably find that you haven't one


near or distant-loud or low, indoors or outsixteenth part of the information that doors, under every conceivable condition. The

Acousticon receives the sound by our excluyou ought to have about the matter. sive indirect principle, and transmits it to

your hearing in its original tone. Not You will find yourself in the fix of the

blurred-not a single sound is harsh,

The Acousticon covers schoolboy who was told to write an es 48 Degrees of Deafness

Unless "stone deaf" the Acousticos say upon Snakes in Ireland. He wrote:

enables you to hear every sound

perfectly. Not a theory-not new “There are no snakes in Ireland," and or untried-but a world-known suc

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Reservations made for January ist

ness of information, suggestion, ideas
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Established 1883

An Unusually Desirable

to the







Peabody, Houghteling & Co.

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have always had my work-desk top covered with glass. Under that is my schedule of activities; simply a sheet of paper with numbers opposite certain subjects in which I am interested, such as: 'Salesmanship,' 'Advertizing,' 'Commercial Organization,' «Printing Displays,' and some forty others.

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Don't turn down a suggestion because you happen to dislike the man who advances it. Better frankly consider the suggestion on its own merits.

Four Through All Steel Electric Lighted Dining Car Trains Daily.

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GOOD-WILL' HIS'intangible thing which we call

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I have said intangible thing, and yet is it intangible? When Philander C. Knox was Secretary of State he said something like this: “Good-Will is property capable of being appraised, bought and sold. In many cases it is the main ingredient of value. It represents all of the strength, industry, tact and judgment that makes success. In estimating the worth of a business it is not infrequently reckoned more valuable than the buildings and the machinery that make up the physical plant.

Every day we come in contact with men who are dissipating this wonderful asset. Knowingly or unwittingly they make claims, either about themselves or the goods which they sell, which are not in accordance with the facts. If the truth is known to us at the time, this man's "good-will” depreciates in value immediately; if the facts are unknown to us at the time, but we discover later that the goods were not as represented, or we find that the claims he has made about himself were not correct, his "good-will" loses its market value as far as cerned.

Your reputation as a man, and the merit of your goods, are estimated and weighed by the public at large.

So your "good-will," while yours by right of creation, is, nevertheless, in the keeping of those who know you and those whom you serve. curtail your efforts, it may even cut you down; fire, panic, tornado, or

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We are

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Bond is made in
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ishes, with Enve.
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Has Taught U. S.

Construction Bond

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floods may put your business out of existence, but it cannot destroy your "good-will."

“Good-Will” is the cyade in the U. S a

clone-proof cellar which will protect com New Domestic Rags

you when everything goes dead wrong. CONSTRUCTION


BY LITTLE THINGS 'HE stuff men are made of is shown

up more quickly in forced self

denial of the little things of life than in anything else. It will dishearten and crush the weak ones and

develop and strengthen the ones who The Lesson the War

possess backbone. Self-denial is a thing that may be forced on any man and every one should train himself to be able to meet it.

When Emerson said, "Train thyself Here's the real truth the European War has forced home on us-that

in the little things and thence proceed America must become more self-sustaining. She must make her products instead of buying them. She must build up American indus

to greater,” he did not set any limit try instead of drawing her materials from abroad. She must make

on how small the things should be. It American business safer-more stable. The only way she can do it

is the little things that reveal characis by using products that are made in America of American material.

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in an unenviable light. But IIr. W'ilson's buoyancy of Indianapolis was as important as the general tone tone is unaffected by any or all these things. of the address. It was a buoyant challenge, confident, aggressive, good-natured. Ile smilingly spanked the

The President Assails the Republicans, bircher the insui rectos in his own party,

Republican Trenches. wooed the independent voters exulted over the record HERE is the way in which the l’resident opens fire the

: it, for the first time since he was inaugurated “cut the Republican party," he says, "is that it has not had loose" generally with "straight-tlung words that rent a new idea for thirty years. I am not speaking as a whizzing to their mark." Ile covered a good deal of politician; I am speaking as a luistorian.

; I have looked ground in a rapid-fire way. Ile talked about Mexico in for new ideas in the records and I have not found any anything but an apologetic tone. lle took up the tariff. proceeding from the Republican ranks. They have had the trust legislation, the new system of federal reserve leaders from time to time who suggested new ideas, banks, conservation, the ship-purchase bill, and the but they never did anything to carry them out.” Even need of reform in our “antiquatedl" system of julicial a good Republican with a sense of humor can chuckle procedure. He aclvanced one new issue--a "great fer over tlie audacity of that when he remembers iow often eral reserve bureau,'' to help solve the problem of the that same kind of shrapnel has been fired into the Demunemployed. But none of these things, as he dealt ocratic ranks. The President goes on in the same with them, equalled in interest his frankly political strain: “The Republican party is still a covert and utterances. The tone of it all was the more surprising refuge for those who are afraid, for those who because of the reports that have been coming from


to consult their grandfathers about everyWashington lately of the strise between the President thing. You will notice that most of the advice and the Senate over the subject of federal patronage. taken by the Republican party is taken from genIn several cases presidential nominees have been re tlemen old enough to be grandfathers; and that when jected unanimously by the Senate, and even the Wilson they claim that a reaction has taken place, they react papers have been talking uneasily about the "revolt in to the reelection of the oldest members of their party." the party" and "the factional figlit against the l’resi About one week later, it may be observed, VIr. Il'ilson dent." In addition, affairs in Mexico seem to be grow himself became a grandfather! lle continues his chaling steadily worse, the opposition to the ship-purchase lenge by estimating that about one-third of the Repubbill, on which the President has apparently set his lican party is progressive and about two-thirds of the mind, is assuming formidable proportions, the unem Democratic party. Therefore the independent voter ployed in New York City and Chicago and elsewhere

should use the latter as an instrument for the reforms are threatening to raise a troublesome issue for the he seeks, as "it would be hopeless to attempt to use the party in power, and a rather nasty scandal is being ven Republican.” “I do not have to prove it,” he adds; tilated in connection with the federal administration of "I admit it." Then the President proceeds to pay his the Dominican customs, in which Ir. Bryan emerges respects to the unprogressive members of his own party,

who, he says, are “sitting on the breeching strap.” fact that Mr. Herrick was out of the country during The Democratic party, he admits, is still on trial : the row two years ago between the Taft and Roosevelt “The Democratic party still has to prove to the inde

forces being played up prominently as a reason why pendent voters of this country not only that it believes in

the two forces can unite on him in 1916. It is sigthese things, but that it will continue to work along these

nificant to find a paper like the N. Y. Telegraph, with lines, and that it will not allow any enemy of these things

close Tammany affiliations, saying: "If Myron T. Herto break its ranks. This country is not going to use any rick opposes Woodrow Wilson for the presidency in party that cannot do continuous and consistent team-work. the next campaign, the Ohio man will go over Wilson If any group of men should dare to break the solidarity of like a steam roller." It is also significant, in another the Democratic team for any purpose or from any motive, direction, that Senator Borah seems to have been the theirs will be a most unenviable notoriety and a responsi

spokesman selected in the Senate to answer the Presibility which will bring deep bitterness to them.”

dent's Indianapolis speech, and, after he concluded the Then the President returns to the attack on the Re answer, "almost the whole Republican side rose and publicans. Speaking of the independent voter, he says: the Senators filed forward to shake his hand and con"I want him to come where there are great emotions. gratulate him.” The Senator repelled what he calleri That is what I miss in the Republican party; they do the imputations cast upon a great coordinate branch not seem to have any great emotions. They seem to of government–casting imputations upon the Senate think a lot of things, old things, but they do not seem and repelling them being one of the favorite games of to have any enthusiasm about anything."

Presidents and Senators—and then proceeded to liken

President Wilson to "Tom" Taggart and "Boss" The Campaign of 1916 Get Murphy. ting Under Way.

Senator Borah Replies THE frankly political character of all this is taken as a sort of opening of the campaign for 1916.

to the President. "Play politics,” says the President, in effect, and the THE language which fell from the lips of the leader

of the Democratic party at Indianapolis,” said game proceeds. The Washington correspondents speak

Senator Borah, referring to the passage already quoted of a rallying of the President's opponents in his own

about team-work, "was not different from that which party around Champ Clark. The suggestion comes also

Tom Taggart would have issued to the men in Indianthat Mr. Wilson will not be a candidate for reelection, but is planning to have Secretary McAdoo nominated.

apolis, eighty of whom this morning pleaded guilty to

the crime of corruption. It is not different from the The Republican elder statesmen in Washington are said

language which would be used by Mr. Murphy, of New to be concentrating on Justice Hughes. The Herrick

York, to his slavish adherents to follow the dictates of “boom” is receiving serious attention in the press, the

the Captain, regardless of what their conscience or judgment might suggest.” The Senator went on to mention some of the "new ideas" which the Republican

party has embodied in law in the last thirty years, such WAITINGINE as the interstate commerce commission, the Sherman

anti-trust law, the pure food law, employer's liability, etc., and then remarked:

“There are at least 3,000,000 inen in this midwinter asking for work, and the soup-house is again dotting the land. The cry in that campaign of 1916 will not be for more ideas, but for bread; not for more rhetoric, but for more soup; and the termination of the campaign will not be doubtful when its issue is once raised before the American people. Ideas—many a poor fellow wishes to-night that they were eatables."

He assailed the administration for extravagance, for SACKER.IO

having "given the Panama Canal to England," and most of all for its Mexican policy. On this last sub

ject the Senator grew impassioned. He said: MEMOR

“The mistreatment of American citizens in Mexico is due to the fact that there has passed into the Nlexican minds the idea that we will never protect our citizens, and I say that, whatever criticism shall come to me from those who love peace more than they love honor, that the 'flag which will not protect its protectors is a dirty rag that contaminates the air in which it floats.'

“We cannot have peace, we cannot have honor, unless we are prepared to protect our own citizens, and I believe, verily believe, that we may do so and still have no war with Mexico."

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How the Political Parties

Are Now Lined Up.


-Gates in Los Angeles Times

THUS early begins the next presidential campaign.

The in vember, gathered by the N. Y. Times and published a

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