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For the Event of His Life Get Him a Timekeeper for Life Make Hamilton His Watchword

The Hamilton Watch, by the service it performs, teaches the same lesson that school and college training gives-accuracy, precision and faithful performance of duty. A good watch is a constant reminder of the

value of time-a dollars-and-cents asset. When you think of a graduation gift, decide upon the

has increased their business considerably by enabling them to fill orders: promptly from districts that were considered beyond their range with a horse and wagon.

Each motor truck they have installed has replaced three horses and three wagons.

Launderers, too, place great emphasis on the importance of being able to deliver to distant parts of a city promptly and at low cost. One of the largest laundry companies in Chicago — Davies Laundry Company—was compelled to refuse business from outlying districts simply because the cost of collection and delivery proved prohibitive in time and money, and by reason of the physical inability of horses to cover such a distance. They tried the plan of maintaining transfer barns in various. parts at Chicago, but without success. Then they tried motor delivery. This immediately opened up to them hitherto. inaccessible trade, which is now col-. lected and delivered from one central station. As to costs, Mr. Davies states, “Motor delivery beats horses hollow.”.

Hamilton Watch

The Watch of Railroad Accuracy.

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The railroad men who operate the fastest trains in America depend upon the accuracy of the Hamilton as a matter of life and death.

A watch is a gift of a lifetime, and the Hamilton tells true time all the time.

There are thirty different Hamilton models for men and women, ranging in price from $12.25, for movement alone, ($12.50 in Canada), up to $150.00 for the Hamilton Masterpiece in 18k. heavy gold case. All have Hamilton Accuracy, Beauty and Durability. Consult your jeweler about fitting a Hamilton movement to your present watch case. Write for The Hamilton Watch Book,

The Timekeeper" describing all models and containing much interesting watch information. It is a book that will interest you whether you plan to buy

watch now or later. If you expect to buy a graduation present, be sure to read this book first.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania


HAT motor trucks reduce the price of land for farmers seems.

strange statement to make. Yet it is so nevertheless. Here is the way it works out: Where a farmer grow's vegetables or small fruits near a city or town, it is necessary to have land which is close in, if the produce is to be hauled by horse and wagon. A minimum time must elapse between the gathering of the crops and shipment or delivery to customers. Everything depends on the freshness of the produce.

Farmers have found that if they go. out ten or twelve miles and use motor truck for delivery, they are really just as close to market as if they were adjoining the city limits and hauling their produce with horses. The result is that they can go ten or twelve miles out in the country, get land for about one-third the price they would pay near the city, and by using motor delivery have extreme accessibility to markets.

It is only recently that a scientific study has been made of delivery problems. In the past a delivery system was a delivery system, and that's all there was to it. To-day, however, the more progressive retailers have applied the principles of efficiency to their delivery systems, and as a result have effected many remarkable economies.

The Thin Model of Railroad Accuracy

Current Opinion Scholarship Fund


In this Land of Opportunity no boy or girl need forego the advantages of a college education because of lack of funds.

During the past six years the Current Opinion Scholarship Fund has enabled over 1,000 ambitious, energetic, high-school and college students to meet their college expenses.

What others have accomplished YOU can accomplish.
Write TODAY for “The Open Door to a College Education."

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Dept. F. I





its proper and safe loading, has prevented the equipment from developing its maximum efficiency. In every instance where the equipment has been scientifically routed and operated as a railroad would schedule and operate its trains, most phenomenal savings have been shown.”


Alba Ornamental Globes in William Taylor & Sons'Store, Cleveland, O., “make buying easy".


HE Hub Store, Chicago, operates a system whereby its motor trucks

seldom stop more than a few minutes for loading. The driver does not even need to leave his seat. Their trucks are fitted with detachable bodies -two bodies to each truck. While a truck is out on the road the duplicate body is in the basement being loaded. Simply by pulling a lever the body of the truck slips on to an elevator, and while this empty body goes down a loaded body comes up.

This is then almost instantly slipped on to the truck, and it is ready to start out again.

Other concerns apply the same idea but use a framework of wood or light metal instead. of detachable bodies. When a truck comes in the empty "nest” is taken out of it, and a loaded "nest” put in its place. The change is made in a few moments and the truck

start out again almost immediately.

A grocer in Cleveland has developed still another plan for keeping his truck "on the go," and minimizing the time of each stop. His truck is operated by a driver and two boys; the boys stand on the running boards and take care of all deliveries on their respective sides. The driver never leaves his seat.

Proper care of a motor truck plays an important part in its success as an investment. First in importance is the driver. The transportation head of a large packing house, which employs scores of motor trucks, says: "Seventyfive per cent. of the success or failure of a motor truck is due to the driver." A new truck should be “limbered up” gradually the same as any other piece of high-grade mechanism. Its maximum service should never be attempted until it has traveled at least a few hundred miles.

Experience shows that the best allaround motor truck drivers are developed by taking experienced horseand-wagon drivers and schooling them in the motor truck. The firm from which the truck is bought will gladly attend to this. Under the right instruction it is a comparatively simple matter.

Good Light for Profit

Poor Light for Loss
Good Light to make buying easy for customers.

Good Light to enable your employees to do their best — more work; better work. Poor light to hinder them—less work; more mistakes; more headaches and “days off”.

Good light for the best use of high-price equipment, high-price labor and high-price space. Poor light for the worst use. Good light for profit. Poor light for loss. Alba Lighting Equipment

for Good Light Alba for light that is easy on the eyes. Alba to distribute the light to where employees need it.

Alba to help them see better, work better, feel better. Alba for increased efficiency and fewer mistakes.

Alba to save you money-more light from the same current or the same light from less current.

These Pamphlets for Everyone Vour home or business needs light suited to your particular requirements. The Pamphlets listed below tell how to get good light. Ask for the ones which interest you. We will also send a Portfolio of Suggestions for your particular need.

Y 5.15

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Send me

Individual Suggestions and

Lighting Information on Subiects



Macbeth-Evans Glass Co





EXT in importance comes the garage question. While a mo

tor truck needs nothing like as much care as a horse, it can not be expected to operate at maximum efficiency without little adjustment now and then. Many merchants get together and operate cooperative

Sales and Showrooms also in New York

Chicago, Philadelphia
St Louis, Boston, Cincinnati
Cleveland, Dallas, San Francisco
Macbeth Evans Glass Co

Ltd Toronto

City and State

Reg. U.S. Pat. OIT.

Macbeth -Evans Glass Co Pittsburgh


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"That's Your
Friend, The
B.V.D. Label,



Copyright U.S. A. 1915, by HE cooperative idea has also
The B.V. D. Company,

worked out satisfactorily in con

nection with a delivery system. Three leading merchants in Minneapolis jointly purchased six trucks. All

the trucks are cared for in one garage David Reinsons

and looked after by one man. One of the trucks makes five calls daily at each of the stores, collects packages and takes

them to a central distributing station. AKE a mental snapshot of that Red Woven assigned to the other five trucks, each

There they are sorted by districts and Label, Tom, and you won't be fooled as of which makes three delivery trips I've been once.

daily. Now, they can't sell me

Merchants who feel that their busianything but B. V. D.' Underwear.

ness is not large enough to keep a just as particular about my underclothes as I am motor truck busy all the time also find about my outer clothes.

a solution in the cooperative method. Says a merchant in a lichigan town of 10,000: “I made an arrangement

with four other dealers in various lines “I prefer B.V.D. because it feels so soft and fits

of trade, and we bought a two-ton so good. Take my word for it, it's certainly cool truck. Each man contributed capital and comfortable, washes up, like new and gives in proportion to his trucking expense me no end of wear. I don't buy, if the B.V.D.

for the past year.

Each draws six Red Woven Label is missing.'

per cent. interest on his investment. Il'e have a good, reliable man as driver.

His office is at my store. My clerk On every B.V.D. Undergarment is sewed This Red Il'oz'en Label

attends to telephone calls from other

members, and I get a reasonable comB.V. D. Union Suits

B.V. D. Coat Cut Under-

pensation for this service. Early in (Pat. U. S. A. 4-30-07)

shirts and Knee Length

B.V.D. $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, $3.00

the forenoon the driver receives reDrawers, 50c., 75c., $1.00

ports from all of us covering work for and $5.00 the Suit.

and $1.50 the Garment. BEST RETAIL TRADE

the day as far as then known. He

makes his plans and starts in. He (Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Of. and Foreign countries)

has two signs for each firm, and attaches the signs to the truck according to the firm he is working for at the time. We pay him good wages and a

higher rate for overtime. He does London Selling Agency: 66, Aldermanbury, E. C.

his best to accommodate us all, and makes out very well. When the demand is very heavy, he does some of

the delivery work in the evening. A HIGH-SCHOOL STUDENT

"When work is slack he picks up

all the outside jobs he can. We allow writes to the Current Opinion Scholarship Fund:

him ten per cent. of the receipts from "I heartily endorse your Scholarship Plan. I earned $425 this last summer, altho such work, and the balance goes to I had no previous experience whatever. One of the features of your Plan is that it enables

reduce our expenses.

The total exa student to work whenever he has spare time after school, and on Saturdays, as well as during vacations.

penses for the month are apportioned “I know of no better proposition for self-supporting students, and I recommend it to all who may want to earn their way through college."


according to the work done for each The Current Opinion Scholarship Fund has enabled hundreds of High-School students member of the association. We find to go through college on their own resources. The Fund is ready to help YOL.

that it works satisfactorily for all, and Send dT OVCE for our free booklet, “The Open Door to a College Education."

that our delivery expense has been reCURRENT OPINION

134-140 West 29th Street duced from about twenty per cent. in SCHOLARSHIP FUND, Dept. F,

New York City

one case to as much as thirty-five per cent. at the other extreme."

The B.V. D. Company, New York.

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Mr. Newlywed sees only the new home, but Mrs. Newlywed alone sees the "Reception Committee,'.

which plans to worry her for 25 years


Dustless houses for brides!


HEX Congress again

venes, one of the most im

portant measures demanding its attention will be "The Stevens Bill." The passing of this bill will restore to the manufacturers of stand-! ard, identified goods, which do not constitute a monopoly, the right to fix the price at which the goods may be resold. This right of price maintenance for specialties and trademarked articles was recognized as legal one until a few years ago.

For years the decision of the Supreme Court gave countenance to the general principle that a manufacturer could sell his goods on condition that the retail price be maintained.

Then a change ensued, and price maintenance, when directly challenged before the court, was decided illegal and in violation of the Sherman anti-trust law'.

The history of the Supreme Court shows that it has repeatedly modified its decisions to conform to settled pul)lic opinion and to changing economic conditions. In this instance public opinion

demanding which would decrease the cost of living The abolition of price maintenance, instead of benefiting the consumer, has resulted in unfair competition and in injustice to manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer and consumer. The Imerican Fair Trade League, an ganization representing many lines, has waged a relentless campaign against the unhealthy condition thus injected into business, and with these objects in view:






Most brides must wonderingly long to inquire why loving friends do not unite in a gift of the fairy-like, magical ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner, to do away forever with thousands of hours of the weary, time-wasting, dangerous task of sweeping and dusting. How much more sensible would be this cleaner, guaranteeing 50 years relief from cleaning drudgery and health risks, instead of gifts of fancy lamps that are never lighted, books never read, vases rarely to contain flowers, etc?

Wise brides, new and old, and the thought-
ful husbands of today now make their first
home-outfitting choice the ARCO WAND,
which instantly and completely removes
all dirt without raising any dust.
Avoids use of insanitary dusters or rags. No more
backaches, beating,
lifting, reaching, step-

ladder climbing, dust-
breathing-a boon and a protection to women!
Just connect the light-weight hose to an iron suction pipe in partition-
wall - at base-board - and all dirt, insect-eggs, paper-bits, thread, lint,
etc., are instantly drawn to sealed bucket of machine, set in cellar or side

Noiseless -requires no watching or regulation; permanent, like radiator heating. Easily put into old buildings, or new. ARCO WAND Vacuum Cleaner protects furs and clothing, and prolonging the freshness and durability of carpets, rugs, hangings, upholstery, wall-paper, etc., cause the machine to soon pay for itself.

A successful, built-in Cleaner, at $150. ARCO WANDS are proving great successes in homes, apartments, churches, schools, stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, libraries, clubs, theaters, barns, garages, etc., for the past three years under most severe

Machine is set in basement Backed by our reputation and full guarantee. Accept no substi

sicle-roorn. tute! Whether newlywed or longwed, save thousands of hours of cleaning work; write for free catalog. Public showrooms in all large cities.

Cleaners, hose and tools

are solil by all_Heating Department

S. Michigan Av. and Plumbing Trade, in

sizes at $150 up.

does not include labor, Makers of the world-famous IDEAL Boilers and AMERICAN Radiators connections and freight.






Suction pipe runs to each floor. ARCO WAND Vacu

Write to





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First-To aid in the reestablishment and

continuance of fair competitive com

mercial conditions. SecondTo promote honesty in manufac

turing, in advertizing and in merchandising, for the mutual interest of the consumer, the middleman and the

manufacturer. ThirdTo bring to public attention the

existing evils in merchandising methods which operate to the injury of

society. Fourt11To act as a clearing house of in

formation concerning trade practices and systems, and legislation relating

thereto. Fift11To aid in securing the enactment

and enforcement of law's, state and

national, that will (a) prohibit and penalize unfair com

petition : (1)) prohibit and penalize unfair ad

vertizing : (c) prevent the elimination of the

smaller business man by unfair meth

ods. Sirt11And secure to the public the bene

fits and protection of stable, uniform

HE ultimate value of a trade chase the satisfactory. Therefore the

marki and of the advertising presumption of excellence is always in

of a trade-mark, depend abso favor of the trade-marked, nationally lutely upon the merit of the goods advertised goods as against the unwhich bear the trade-mark. There branded article of uncertain origin. fore you may depend upon it that when manufacturer brands his

The trade-mark of the known, es

tablished manufacturer is for your goods, thereby identifying them, and then advertises their identity, he is protection as well as his. In fact it going to put merit into them. He

is only because the tracle-mark proknows that if he doesn't, his first sales tects you that it is profitable to him. will be his last. The consumer may

Trade-marks and national advertisbuy the first time on advertising, but

ing are the two greatest public servants he buy's the next time on satisfaction

in business today. Their whole tendor not at all.

ency is to raise qualities and standThe trade-mark makes it as easy to ardize them, while reducing prices and avoid the unsatisfactory as to re-pur stabilizing them.

Current Opinion

retail prices upon all trade-marked and branded goods.


Power with Economy

Unquestionably, if all Regal owners could give expression to their opinion of the dominant feature of Regal cars—the one outstanding fact would be their unlimited power, They are always hungry for the hills, and at a touch of the throttle leap forward as only an engine, with surplus power, and perfect balance can. Yet this power is secured with the greatest economy. Now, there are Three Regals, all of the same rugged design and construction, which has characterized Regals for eight years. Surely among them is one, suited to your needs-aná your pocket book.

Louis D. Brandeis, "the people's lawyer," said: "Your position is a very clear one; your aim is directly opposed to monopoly, and your policy one which, to my mind, is extremely beneficent, not only to business but the whole people.” Congressman M. Clyde Kelly, of Pennsylvania, in discussing the bill on the floor of the House, said: “Cutthroat competition never did and never will help the business of the average dealer. I will admit that this may not hold good as regards mail-order houses, department stores, and so forth, because their interests seem to lie in the direction of putting the little merchant out of business and taking his trade. I am not anxious to help them do that and I am willing to let them take care of themselves, and without doubt they are perfectly able to do it. I take my stand on the side of the little corner store against the great combinations that threaten to wipe it out of existence. I stand with Littlefellow & Company, against the Soak-em-good mail-order houses. I consider the neighborhood store a necessity and I want it to have a fair chance, no more and no less, to grow greater and finer.”

A Light "Four” 106 inch wheel base $ 650 A Standard “Four"..

1085 A “V” Type “Eight"..


All are completely equipped-electric lights, horn and starter-one man top, demountable rims included. All are comfortably roomy, have full streamline bodies, and crown fenders.



Regal Motor Car Co.

645 Piquette Avenue DETROIT, MICH.

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SPECIAL committee of the Chamber of Commerce of the United

States recently made a report to that body setting forth five conditions under a price-cutting system, and five conditions under a price-maintenance system:

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FirstEven when the producer's business

is not destroyed outright, the property value of his good will is in a large measure impaired.

In some cases the producer is entirely deprived of his business by the destruction of his own profits and the profits of his distribution organization. As a result, the inducement to producers as a class to devise new products is ma

terially weakened. Second—The wholesaler under a price

cutting system (which involves quantity prices and direct sales) suffers in two ways. He loses a large volume of trade and the trade which is left him yields less and less profit. The eventual result of this is the annihilation of any except large, efficient and favorably located wholesale concerns, if identified merchandise continues to be an important part of the

total volume. Third-The large retailer, who is the in

stigator of the entire “cut-price” practice, does not claim to make a direct profit out of the cut prices at which he offers identified goods. He claims that the advantage of the cut-price system to him lies in the advertizing values of a low selling price for goods protected in quality by a pro


can do so with absolute safety. Farm values are higher and farm securities more desirable than ever.


Trinity Mortgage and Investment Securities Co.

The demand in unsettled times for good first mortgages indicates their unusual stability. First mortgages do not shrink in value--they are usually on property worth three times the money loaned. We have loaned over $1,000,000 and not a single cent lost to any investor or a single foreclosure sale made. Write for booklet describing methods, and lists of loans from $300 to $10,000. Aurelius-Swanson Co.,

37 State National Bank Building. Oklahoma ('ity, Okla.

149 Broadway, New York City

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18-20-23 and 27 ft. boats at proportionate pricos. All launches tested and fitted with Detroit two-escle reversible engines with speed controlling lever-simplest engine made - orted without cranking-has only three inosing partg-anyone can run it. TITE SAFE LA'Y(Il-absolutely non-sinkable-needs no boathouse. All boats fitted with

air. ight compartments-cannot sink, leak or rust. We are role owners of the patents for the manufacture of rolled steel, lock-seamed steel boats. Orders filled the day they are received. Boats shipped to every part of the world. TREE CATALOG. Steel Rowboats, $20. MICHIGAN STEEL BOAT CO.,

1249 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich., U. S. A.

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