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OF BUSINESS” FEW days ago the writer received a copy of a new book,

and on the fly-leaf the author had written: “If you had not believed in and encouraged me to give the time and thought and energy to it, this book, good or bad, would never have been made. So, godfather, on your head be the result.”

The title of the book is “Getting the Most Out of Business,” and was written by E. St. Elmo Lewis, formerly advertizing manager of the Burroughs Adding Machine Company, and now vicepresident and general manager of the Art Metal Construction Company. At the writer's urgent solicitation, Mr. Lewis wrote a series of twelve articles for The Caxton Magazine, under the title of “The New Gospel of Efficiency," and it is this series of articles, carefully rewritten, with considerable new material added, which makes the present completed volume.

Mr. Lewis possesses one of the most constructive minds in the business world to-day, and from beginning to end this book is replete with keen analytical observations and practical application of the scientific methods to business practice. While he is a university-trained man, he has been in business long enough to learn the difference between theory and practice, and he has written a book to thoughtful men, young and old, to whom life holds some problems worthy of careful study and even concentrated consideration. There is not a dull or uninteresting page in the whole book, altho there are 483 pages.

(Published by Ronald Press, New York, N. Y. Price $2.00.)

The very highest products of man's life in this world are his ideas and ideals.Hamilton Wright Mabic.

What do you do with the holes in your daythose little periods of fir'c minutes, ten minutes, fifteci minutes Waiting for an appointment, waiting for your car, waiting for luncheon, et cetera? Fill in these little chinks, and you will be surprised at what can bc accomplished.

Most men make the t'oyage of life as if they carried scaled orders, which they were not to open until thicy wcre in mid-ocean.James Russell Lowell,

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BUSINESS HOSE business men who have not done so, should find time to

read “Successward,” a book by Edward Bok, editor of the Ladies' Home Journal. Here is an extract from it: "A young man makes of a position exactly what he chooses, either a millstone around his neck or a stepping - stone to larger success. The possibilities lie in every position; seeing and embracing them rests with

RANERE The True Everbearing RASPBERRY

Bears the first year, ripens in Northern New York June 10th, and continues to produce quantities of bright crimson, luscious berries every day all summer until frosts. Rich, sugary, with full raspberry flavor; firm texture, keep in good condition long after picking.

Rugged constitution. Grows everywhere. Yield as high as $800 per acre. A small patch is a sure source of income and supply of rich sugary berries. Oct. 24,1914, growers shipping to Chicago were getting 75c. pergt.

Our 1915 Catalog includes Nut Culture, Fruits, Roses, Shrubs, etc., FREE. GLEN BROS., Inc., Glenwood Nursery, 1717 Main St., Rochester, N. Y.

The First Five FREE

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him. The lowest position can be
broadened and made the chrysalis for
the development of new strength to
master other and greater problems.

"A substantial success means several
things. It calls, in the first place, for
concentration. There is no truth so
potent as that which tells us that we
cannot serve God and Mammon. Nor
can any young man successfully serve
two business interests, no matter how
closely allied; in fact, the more closely
the interests, the more dangerous are

they. The human mind is capable of My Private Havana

just so much clear thought, and gen

erally it does not extend beyond the I want to introduce to you a ten-cent requirements of one position in these smoke at a five-cent price.

days of keen competition. This is my private Havana cigar, made up especially for me under my

“If there exists a secret of success, monogram band. I a critical it lies, perhaps, in concentration more smoker myself and this is the choicest than in any other single element. Durleaf I have found in 40 years of smok

ing business hours a man should be in ing. It comes from a mountainous district in Cuba, selected for me by an

business. His thoughts should be on expert. Made up in a Panetela shape nothing else. Diversions of thought it affords a smoke of exquisite flavor are killing to the best endeavors. The and aroma light, sweet, thoroughly

successful mastery of business quessatisfying. You cannot buy it in cigar stores. And if

tions calls for personal interest, a foryou could you would pay just twice what I getfulness of self, that can come only ask. My price is $5 per hundred; $2,60 for fifty; all charges prepaid. Try it!

from the closest application and most The First Five My Treat

absolute concentration. I go so far. in

my belief of concentration to business Send me your business card or write me your business letterhead (stating your

interests in business hours as to argue position), enclosing, 10c. toward shipping expenses, and I will send you trial cigars.

that a young man's personal letters Then smoke the five at my expense.

have no right to come to his office adyou ever experienced cigars of such dainty taste, such mild, exquisite flavor before.

dress, nor should he receive his social I supply heavier, stronger cigars, too, for But most men prefer

friends at his desk. this exceptional J. R. W. Havana Panetela. “Business hours are none too long Don't wait. Write to-day for the Free Cigars.

in the great majority of offices—and J. ROGERS WARNER

they never seem so to the right young 945 Lockwood Building Buffalo, N. Y.

man—and with a rest of one hour for

luncheon, no one has a right to chop
(44) off fifteen minutes here to read an

irrelevant personal letter, or fifteen
minutes there to talk with a friend
whose conversation distracts the mind
from the problems before it. Digres-
sion is just as dangerous as stagnation
in the career of the young man in

business. There is absolutely no posi-

tion worth the having in business life
to-day to which a care of other inter-
ests can be added.

Let a man serve

the interests of one master, and if he NEW YORK

serves him well he has his hands and SAN FRANCISCO his head full.” BY WATER ALL THE WAY

(While this book is addressed to young men, Calling at San Diego

it contains food for thought for the rest of us. or Los Angeles

The business executive who reads this book will

find many suggestions which he can apply to his LARGE AMERICAN

own efforts, and others which he can pass on to TRANSATLANTIC LINERS

his subordinates, young men for whose grouth 66 FINLAND'and and development he is responsible.) 6. KROONLAND"




See if



those who want them.

and the

Midnight Sun

Special excursion from Seattle, June 14, via "inside passage to Fort Yukon within the Arctic Circle. Other Trips at Special Rates Throughout the Summer through the famed inside" passage to Skaguay and beyond. High class service-Frequent sailings. Make reservations now. Write for booklets and information. HERMAN WEIG, G. P. A.

A, F, ZIPF, T. M. 109 W.Washington St., Chicago; 804 Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash. WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE.

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Sooner or later we all learn the cost of a lie.

The most worthless thing in the world is advice; most of it is no good, and most of what is good we cannot usc.

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The man who gets out of bed on the wrong side and starts to work with the wrong attitude is clected to rub somebody against the grain or throw sand in the business bearings before night. Such a man can create more friction in a day than can be overcome in a weck. It pays to get a good firm hold on yourself evcry morning.





It's the Muscles at Twenty—but What at Forty?

"BUSINESS MUST GO ON” had taken the measure of so many men. force of intelligence and labor getting ERBERT N. CASSON, for

I wondered what sort of philosophy he to be foreman of the gang; and then

had builded out of his observations. “I years a very active figure in

borrowing a little money and going into American business circles, asso

saw a picture in Life just the other the contracting business himself, with a ciated himself with an English com

day,” continued the tailor, “that in a few teams and a gang of his own. I'll pany just prior to the war, and has

way visualized one of my ideas. It bet he died worth fifty thousand dollars since been residing in London. In a

showed a wealthy man, big, round and -and then his son took the fifty and letter to a friend he says some things

portly, with his heavy fur-lined coat, made it five hundred thousand, and his which are so pat and to the point, that

stepping across the walk from his Fifth son made it ten millions. That's the we reprint them here.

avenue mansion, to enter a splendid fellow entering the limousine, who

limousine waiting for him at the curb. probably never notices the chaps who “In England there is no uncertainty in And down in one corner of the picture, carry picks and shovels up the road. business. Both manufacturers and mer shaded and misty, appeared the figure of "I've measured some such during my chants are maintaining their organizations

a stoop-shouldered, lean chap, meanly life, and let me tell you that about the as a patriotic duty, and their slogan is

dressed, carrying a pick over his shoul only difference seemed to be that the ‘Business must go on.' On all sides I hear

der. Below the picture was the senthis question, 'What's the matter with the

second and third generations measured United States?' No one seems to have a

tence, 'If the founder of the family more around the trouser band and less satisfactory answer. could see it now.'

about the biceps. Another thing—the "With the exception of a few men

“Can't you see the whole story?”. generation of those that go up in the representing American concerns seeking went on the tailor. “The laborer newly world is generally the one with the large orders from the government, there arrived in this country, working in the qualities that start something. There

no hustling business getters here ditch with pick and shovel, and then by is many a son and grandson and greatfrom the United States. Why are there not fifty American salesmen in London right now trying to sell $200,000,000 worth of American goods in place of the goods which last year were bought from Germany and Austria ? From the European point of view, the United States is a haven of peace, security and prosperity. Why are American factories not running night and day? What is the matter with the American business men, why are they

Your early success was largely muscularnot taking advantage of their opportuni

physical. Your buoyant vitality gave you a ties?

sort of personality which helped you as a “If I could afford it, I would charter

salesman or made you popular with your the Mauretania and Lusitania and convey

superiors and won easy promotion. It was

taken for granted that you didn't know anya party of five thousand American manu

thing and no one minded. facturers over here for a trip of educa

But what at forty? The answer is fairly obvious, is it not? The man of forty is only tion. I would give them an opportunity useful from the jaw up. His successes are not to be won with a vigorous hand shake. to study conditions here, and it would be His youthful attractiveness is the man of broad affairs it offers include men in every rank of busian inspiration to them. When they under gone. The only thing that

an invaluable summary of that ness life; presidents and officers stood that, in spite of the fact that the counts is what he knows. which he knows; that is to say, it of big corporations, proprietors

of progressive smaller concerns; British empire is engaged in the greatest What will you know at forty? organizes his own experience into

department heads and assistants; The routine of a depart The Alexander Hamilton In accountants, chief clerks and the war the world has ever known, the busi

ment? The inside affairs of stitute is planned and conducted younger men who are looking ness interests are not suffering from 'cold

authorities under forward to bigger responsibilities. feet,' then I would say to my visitors: knowledge that would be use

particular business, by recogniz

the supervision of an Advisory To all these it gives knowledge

Council composed of the following that could be otherwise obtained ‘Now go back and appreciate the United less with any other concern? educators and business leaders: only by years of bitter experience States, and realize your opportunities. Is that all ? It won't be

-if at all. Find out today what Josoph Fronch Johnson, D.C.S., Dean

it offers you. Get ready for the most tremendous boom enough. There will be plenty

“Forging Ahead in that any nation ever had. Build your fac

of boys to match that knowl-
Frank A. Vanderlip, LL.D., President of

tories bigger. Train more salesmen. Go
edge at half your salary. At the National City Bank of New York.

contains a vital message drawn forty, business must be a pro

Elijah W. Solls, M.A., C.P.A., Senior ahead with your business, and be thank

from the experience of hundreds fession. If you are to step to

of successful business men. The ful that you are living in a land that is at the front office instead

book is handsomely print

ed and bound, contains 116 peace, at a time when nearly the whole of to the scrap pile, you The Modern Business

pages, is illustrated with world is at war.'” must know business as

charts in color, and will a whole—the principles

make a valuable addition Course and Service which underlie a 11

to your business library.

We will gladly send you TAKING YOUR MEASURE

a copy free and without MENTS how to apply those

the slightest obligation, if

request it on principles in solving HAMILTON INSTITUTE

your business letterhead 'ELL,” said the little tailor to business problems.

or fill out attached coupon. me, as he finished calling off You Must Be a Trained

Joromlah W. Jonks, LL.D., Professor of
Government, New York University.

Send the
my measurements for a new

Business Brain

Elbort H. Gary, LL.D., Chairman of the suit, “I have taken the measure of many

Coupon Now.
The Modern Business Course

Board, U. S. Steel Corporation.

and Service of the Alexander It covers advermen in my time, fathers, sons, ay, and a Hamilton Institute is a course of tising, selling,

35 Astor Placo, Now York City few grandsons, too,-he pointed to his study which covers the whole financing, account

I should like to have you send, without cost or range of organized business ing, credits, bank

obligation to me, a copy of “Forging Ahead in silvering locks and smiled—“and I have knowledge. It offers to the men of ing,

Business," and full information about your Modern correspond

Business Course and Service. limited horizon the concentrated ence and commerfound that birth, position or money experience of all business-re cial law.

Its doesn't make much difference in a man's

duced to an orderly science. To

subscribers height or breadth of shoulders. We

ALEXANDER Town seem all to be built on pretty much the

Business Position... same plan, regardless of what we may

HAMILTON do or make in this world.”


(Name of firm or company) I leaned up against the cutting-table

Number of years in business and smiled encouragement at him who

35 Astor Place, New York

ball treat your lottor as confidential and give it personal attention.


of the New York University School of
Commerce, Accounts and Finance.

Member Haskins & Sells, Certified Public

business activity and of the ALEXANDER

you will


Aloxandor Hamilton Instituto


Street Address

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If you wish to add facts about yourself, or business, that will belp us datormine the fitness of our Course and Sorvice for your needs, we

A Proved 6% Investment

it is impossible to look at a question from more than one point of view. We may say that we look at it in an all around way, but do we? Unless we have no personal interest in a matter about which we are expressing an opinion, we will be biased even if it be ever so slightly. The human mind is limited and can only regard other interests after it has taken care of its

As to the truth of this we can find evidences in the biographies of all successful men.

-Frank Anderson.

Cash Cost of Security Nearly Four Times Outstanding Bonds


grandson to-day sitting in a dozen big directorates and smoking twenty-fivecent straight cigars who is just the living result of the snowball that the old fellow with the pick and brains and energy started a-rolling a generation or

so back. You see, it takes steam to get an engine started, but it's easy enough to climb on behind and go along when the wheels begin to move.

“A suit of clothes, I've found, doesn't always look quite as nice on the fellow who does the real work, but it's certainly worn a whole lot shinier." "All of which, said I, taking up the conversation, "suggests that true success is not to be judged by what a man acquires but by what he acquires with what he has to acquire it with.” “Exactly,” said the tailor. “Well, here comes a customer. I'll see you again Friday for the fitting."

-Edwin N. Ferdon.

First Mortgage Bonds of an established, successful Company. Earnings 472 to 1. Large part of issue already paid off under serial plan. Guaranteed by individuals of large net worth.

Ask for Circular No. 878T

Peabody, Houghteling & Co.

STUDY INVESTMENT Now, don't dodge. This isn't a getrich-quick or a make-a-million-overnight scheme. The best place for any man to study investment is right in his own business. If you had five or fifty thousand dollars tied up in bonds or stocks, you would expect it to earn six or seven per cent. on your investment, wouldn't you? Well, if you have the ability to earn four thousand dollars a year, and you are only earning two, you have an investment of about thirtyfour thousand dollars which is not paying dividends. Think it over.

(ESTABLISHED 1865) 10 So. La Salle Street, CHICAGO

PERSONAL EQUATION In expressing opinions, if we would be fair to our friends and honest with ourselves, we must always allow for the personal equation. To most of us

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Criticised, Revised, Typed. Send for leaflet L. References: Edwin Markham and others. Established 1890 UNITED LITERARY PRESS, 123 5th Ave., New York


The following day she resumed her subject, by way of review.

"What are the three things necessary to a civilized man?" she asked.

Several of the children remembered food and clothing, but the third requisite seemed to have entirely escaped their recollection. Finally, after the question had been repeated two or three times, one of the boys, the largest one in the class, raised his hand, triumphantly:

"Well, James, you may tell us." “A wife.

The Soul-Saving Time Limit. Here is a story told for professional platform people by The Lyccun World:

One day a visiting clergyman, who was to preach before the students at Yale University, asked how long he was expected to talk.

“Of course, we put no time limit upon you,” replied President Hadley, with his usual pump-handle gesture, “but we have a feeling here at Yale—that no souls—are saved-after the first twenty minutes."

The Landlord's Own Plan. "Well, yes," confessed the landlord of the Periwinkle Tavern, to Tom Morgan, in the Woman's Home Companion, “it is an idea of my own, painting a purple stripe all around the hotel at the top of the first story. You see, there wouldn't otherwise be anything to distinguish this particular inn from thousands of others. As it is, a good many people drop in to point out to me that such a decoration is not in good taste, or to urge some other color, or something that-a-way. And they usually remain long enough to spend a dollar or two before I am thoroly convinced.

“Persons with literary talent, and occasionally à real writer, come along and suspect me of being a character, and board here while studying me. As a matter of fact, a drummer gave me a can of purple paint out of his samples, and I didn't know what else to do with it."


Concealing a Vacuum.

Not Even Expected. There is a certain veteran hotel clerk of a certain small hotel up in the Maine woods who is noted for two things—his peculiar choice of words and the fact that every day for thirty-odd years he has inscribed on the top lines of his register the principal items of current news in the village.

Not long ago a New York editor, who chanced to be stopping at the hotel, so The Saturday Evening Post says, borrowed the register long enough to copy down the following entries :

Some people might say that the Birmingham Age-Herald suggests a cruel suspicion in this colloquy:

"Professor Diggs likes to use high-sounding phrases."

“A mere affectation, no doubt."

"No. I rather think he uses such phrases because he's afraid that if people knew what he was talking about they'd know he didn't know what he was talking about.”.

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"Monday, October 12. Yesterday, while percolating round the milldam, George Bates fell into the water; and, owing to his wife's failing to make him change his wet clothes, he is now threatened with pneumonia."

"Tuesday, October 13. George Bates is rapidly becoming no better.

"Last right his wife sent for Doctor Linden, who looked him over, collected two dollars, and departed, looking very unsatisfactory."

"Wednesday, October 14. George's symptoms are rapidly eventuating into fatalities.”

“Thursday, October 15. At seven-thirty this morning our fellow townsman, George Bates, went to his Maker, entirely uncalled for."

Not Their Style. The young man who eats all 'round the circuit ran against this quick-lunch incident recently. It probably happened in Philadelphia, as the Ledger tells the story.

A fastidious person made his way charily into the place. A tumbler of murky water was thumped before him by the young woman on the other side of the counter.

“What's yours?"
“Coffee and rolls, my girl.”

One of those iron-heavy, quarter-inch thick mugs of coffee was pushed over the counter. The fastidious person seemed dazed. He looked under the mug and over it.

“But where is the saucer?” he queried. "We don't give no

saucers here. did some low brow'd come pilin' in an' drink out of his saucer, an' we'd lose a lot of our swellest trade."

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Smokeless Firebox Boilers Cut Coal Costs

Deferred Devotion. After a period of six months of widowhood, Bridget consented to again enter the married state. Some weeks after she was led to the altar, says London Tit-Bits, her old mistress met her in the street dressed in the deepest mourning:

"Why, Bridget,” she exclaimed, "for whom are you in black?"

“For poor Barney, my first husband, mum. When he died Oi was that poor Oi couldn't afford to buy mourning, but Oi said if iver Oi could Oi would, and me new man, Tim, is as generous as a lord.”

In a 21 apartment building at 51st Street and Forrestville Avenue, Chicago, a Kewanee Smokeless Firebox Boiler saves $883.20 yearly in the fuel bill—this saving being figured from the record of coal costs during two years. I This is the way the saving was figured: T The Kewanee Smokeless burned during December 1914 a daily average of 1400 pounds of coal, costing $4.50 per ton. A coal cost of $3.15 daily or $756.00 for the entire heating season of 240 days.

Another Boiler, which was formerly used in the same building for heating 15 of the present 21 apartments, used during December 1913, 2170 pounds of coal daily, costing $4.50 per ton. A coal cost of $4.88 daily. Figuring that the other make of boiler would heat the 21 apartments at the same proportionate cost, the cost of heating the 21 apartments with the other boiler would be $6.83 daily-or $1,639.20 for the heating scason of 240 days. a This shows a saving with the Kewanee Smokeless of $3.68 per day or $883.20 in a heating season of 240 days.

Precocity. “Father," inquired the little brain-twister of the family, according to Stray Stories, "when will our little baby brother be able to talk?”

“Oh, when he's about three, Ethel." "Why can't he talk now, father?”

"He is only a baby yet, Ethel. Babies can't talk."

“Oh, yes, they can, father," insisted Ethel, "for Job could talk when he was a baby.”

"Job! What do you mean?"

“Yes," said Ethel. “Nurse was telling us to-day that it says in the Bible : Job cursed the day he was born.'


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6% Farm Mortgages Withstand Depressions


He Was "It.” When my wife and I were on our honeymoon, says a writer in The Strand Blagazine, we were advised to visit a certain ruined castle, the custodian of which was a relative of the noble owner. Having viewed the glorious old pile, I was at a loss how and in what way to offer a gratuity, bearing in mind the "blue blood" of our guide. The following conversation took place:

“We thank you for your courtesy, and would be glad to give a small sum to any

The ups and dowus of business are not reflected in our Farm Mortgage values.

Our 6 per cent. Farm Mortgages on rich WERE RIGHT

Northwestern agricultural land are safe.

steady, sure investments at all times. ON THE GROUND We're right on the ground" and have

been for 31 years. Write for our Booklet
"K" and list of otferings. Large and
sniall amounts.
Grand Forks, N. D.

Established 1883
Capital and Surplus, 8100,000

You may buy any num ber of shares for cash, one, five,

seventeen, and

etc., or you may buy ten or more shares on conservative margin.


a small first payment will permit you to buy one
or more shares of standard stocks or bonds listed
on the New York Stock Exchange. The balance
is paid in easy monthly payments.

G.3. On "Odd Lots'
G.4. On "Partial Payments"



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Alembers New York Stock Exchange Members Chicago Board of Trade

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