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Dopt. A. Janesville, Wis.

Writo Today.

he provides more than mere representa-
tions of florid melons on his catalog
covers. One of his methods of assur-
ing the customer that his business is
appreciated is that of providing each
patron—and some of his better pros-
pects—with a ticket good for meals and
lodging, all without money and without
price. Whether the customer motors
into Waterloo or drives in humbly be-
hind a mule, he knows that he will be

Five of the Finest taken care of “at the plant”—for such

Fordhook Vegetables care is a part of his share of the melon. With the Galloway method in opera

For 25c we will mail one package

each of the following Fation, the patron feels that he is dealing,

mous Ford hook Vegetables. BURPEE'S

GOLDEN BANTAM SWEET CORN, the not with a soulless corporation, but

earliest and best first early. BURPEE'S The experience of big business with a real, live, tangible

, get-at-able


earliest butterhead variety. BURPEE'S and little business with

FORDHOOK BUSH LIMA BEAN. BURhuman being. That alone is enough to

PEE'S HAILSTONE RADISH, the quickthe Dictaphone explain a good share of the growth of

est growing of all white radishes.

CHALK'S EARLY JEWEL TOMATO, the the business, and sets a lesson which

earliest really first class tomato in the fam

ily garden. 25 cents buys all of the above. Five Carries a significant message to every other business men may follow with

collections mailed for $1.00 and mailed to five differbusiness man-especially— profit.

ent addresses if so ordered. AS A COMPLIMENT TO

THE LADIES we include with each collection a regu. To the man who has never dictated a let Personality — a striking absence of

lar 10c packet of our Ford hook Favorite Asters. ter except to a stenographer, who writes his red tape and blanket orders - is the

Burpee's Annual every word twice, once in shorthand and characteristic, aside from the wonder

Known as the leading American Seed catalog - this

bright book of 182 pages for 1915 is better than ever. once on the typewriterful efficiency—to be seen at the Cutler It is mailed free. Write for it today and kindly dame

Current Opinion.
To the man whose own time is valuable
Hammer works at Milwaukee. The

W.ATLEE BURPEE & CO. and who knows the money value of the time of his typistsstory is a classic in Cutler-Hammer

Burpee Buildings, Philadelphia

a department head To the man who believes he is fully in- history of how forined on the subject of dictation systems,

waited for some time for orders from Taylor's “Stahot” Water Bottle but may be years behind the Dictaphone the “boss”—and then found that he

and SYRINGE situation. himself was the boss. He was not

equal to 10

6 Months' Trial

Guaranteed 5 Years If you want to find out how to save obliged to submit his plans to a man

Price $3 postpaid money, time and worry in handling your higher up, because he was considered correspondence, just reach for your telethe actual head of his department and

POEMS WANTED for publication. phone and call up the “Dictaphone.” We'll

a big song hit! Experience unnecessary. demonstrate the “Dictaphone” in your own was expected to go ahead on that basis.

Publication guaranteed if acceptable. Send

your verses or melodies today. Write for free office and your own work. If you don't find


valuable booklet. en

MARKS - GOLDSMITH 00. “Dictaphone" in the book, write to

Department 30, Washington, D. C.
ployed by the Cutler-Hammer
Company is that of the morn-


and FINE STATIONERY ing meeting. I have just said that

The making of Wedding and Social Invitathe department heads

tions. Visiting Cards and Stamped Paper is our are supposed

special work, done in our own shop. Samples Suite 1306, Woolworth Bldg., New York to run their departments from their

and prices upon request. Write Desk C.

LYCETT, Society Stationer Stores in the principal cities own desk, and not to be errand boys

302N, Oharles Street, Baltimore, Md. -dealers everywhere Official dictating machine of the

To or from the
Panama Pacific Interna dictate
tional Exposition

California Expositions
"Your Day's Work"-a book
we should like to send you.



The Best Regular Services

LAND. Round World Trips

Calling at


Contains gardening knowledge

that is the result of practical exFull information from


perience, and Cultural articles CUNARD LINE, 24 State St., N. Y. Los Angeles

written by experts.

It is full of information valu-


able to both amateur and proAmerican

fessional gardeners.


The list of worthy novelties

and old favorites in both flowers

and vegetables is complete and "FINLAND and,


Especially noteworthy are the "KROONLAND

sections devoted to Roses, DahlEach 22000 Tons Displacement

ias and Hardy Perennials.

Mailed free if you mention
and the

this publication
Midnight Sun $12500 AND UP

Dreer's Superb Asters.-Selected

strains of finest varieties for garden Special excursion from Seattle. June 12, via "inside"

decoration or cutting. Packet of eight passage to Fort Yukon within the Arctic Circle. Meals and Berth Included

best colors, containing enough seed to

produce more than one hundred plants Other trips at low rates throughout the summer

--ten cents per packet. Dreer's GarBest of everything. Make reservation now.

den Book with each order. for information and booklet.

A. F. ZIPF, T.M.

Henry A. Dreer 109 W.Washington St., Chicago; 804 Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash

9 Broadway, New York
14 N, Dearborn St., Chicago 319 Geary St., San Francisco

714-716 Chestnut St., Phila. -WHITE PASS & YUKON ROUTE.



TAE DICTAPHONE ing meeting.



to the

Garden Book

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and Winter Tours in INDIA.



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! "The stock ain't fed yet, Hiram!

Third call for dinner:

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for the manager, as is the case in many institutions. How then are the department heads to know what the other "bosses"-ranking equally—are doing? The morning meeting is the answer; where incoming correspondence is discussed, past work is checked up, responsibility is diveded and apportioned.

In the morning meeting the engineer gets the views of his associates—the salesman who must keep up his quotathe credit man who is trying to make collections keep pace with sales—all get the point of view of the man who is paying his money for the product. Results are to be seen outside and inside the plant. The employee gives his best to the organization because he knows that returns proportionate to what he gives will come back to him; the patrons "tie to” a company whose departments can initiate a thing and carry it through without overhead or other interference.

Under these conditions, it is not difficult to get individuality from the individual-personality into the organization. The Cutler-Hammer method of making each man responsible and bringing the executives together to get each other's point of view is so successful that it is not only proof that it can be done, but it goes a long way to prove that it is the best method. A single instance will be ample evidence of the spirit of personality that pervades the plant. When I spoke of giving manager Berresford credit for the great efficiency of the organization, he said: "That will never do; give the boys (the other department heads) the credit. They are the ones who really run things. I merely circulate around and see how fine they are keeping things going.”

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Enchanted Homes

Transformed by Billiards

This grand old game was once the sport of royalty alone. Yet these are days when Carom or Pocket Billiards reigns supreme in mansion and cottage alike.

Look about you—learn how home folks love the boundless pleasures of Billiards. Learn how they prize its physical benefits too.

Each evening in the billiard room a round of gaiety ensues. Men's cares are lost amid the thrilling rivalry. Each winning shot brings back the old-time bloom to mothers' cheeks.

Here girls develop gracefulness and charm. And Billiards keeps boys home, quickens their wits and makes them big-hearted little men!



Billiard Tables

“GRAND,” “BABY GRAND” and “CONVERTIBLES” Real Brunswick regulation tables, modified 30-Day Trial - Outfit FREE only in sizes and design.

Test any table 30 days in your own home and Quick-acting Monarch cushions, genuine learn the delights of billiards first hand. Vermont slate bed, fast imported billiard And remember we give a complete high-class Playcloth-all the most scientific playing qualities ing Out FREE-Balls. Cues, Rack, Markers, Spirit embodied.

Level. Cue-Clamps, Tips, Table Cover, expert book

on How to Play," etc. The “GRAND” and “BABY GRAND” are Our famous book, Billiards-The Home Magnet." built of handsome San Domingo mahogany, shows these tables in actual colors and gives full richly inlaid. They add immensely to the

details. Mail the coupon at once and have this in

teresting book by return mail free. beauty of the home.

No house or apartment is too small to have real billiards now.

This Brings Billiard Book FREE

Factory Prices-20c a Day

Our popular purchase plan-terms as low as 200 a day—lets you pay monthly as you play. Thousands are buying like this-direct from us at low factory prices.

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ERE is a little confession, made by a man who now draws a

salary made up of five figures. "When I came into this office as a boy, I was elected to push a broom, run errands and do as many other things as I could find time to do between eight in the morning and six in the evening, and I pulled down three dollars every week; but I wasn't exactly happy, I must confess. You see, the fellow over would scold me fierce, and he seemed to make it his business to keep me jumping. How I longed for the happy day that I'd be able to hold his job. Well, time rolled on as it always does, and one day my ambition was gratified.

“I had his job and I had his pay, and also another point of view. The chief clerk was now my boss, a grouchy cuss with a frowning face, and I had my troubles good and plenty. But I stayed around, and after a while I became the chief clerk. Then it was that the manager discovered me, and I discovered another boss. When the manager flitted hence, I was Johnny on the spot, I was again elected, and then I found that the manager wasn't the real boss, because the president of our company was the man who said what was what.


Here's the real truth the European War has forced home on us—that America must become more self-sustaining. She must make her products instead of buying them. She must build up American industry instead of drawing her materials from abroad. She must make American business safer—more stable. The only way she can do it is by using products that are made in America of American material. That's why so many far-sighted business men have been insisting upon

Construction Bond

Such Tags

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Construction Bond has always been made of bright, clean clippings collected from American garment factories by American industry. Many bond papers have been made of imported rags collected from the tenements of Europe. cheaper, but which do rou prefer to have your letterheads made of? While war has curtailed the importation of rags, and many makers of bond paper are shifting about for new sources of supply, the manufacture of Construction Bond has gone right ahead without changes in formula or finish. That's why the quality and uniformity of Construction Bond is being maintained in spite of the war. That's why it offers even better comparative value now than ever before.

Construction Bond has long been known as the standard of value in business correspondence paper. It is a substantial and impressive paper, sold only in large quan. tities direct to the most capable and responsible printers and lithographers in the 190 principal cities of the United Statesnot through jobbers. Obviously, by eliminating the jobber and buying in large quantities, those concerns who handle Construction Bond are able to give you better value in impressive business stationery. Write us today on your letterhead for names of those concerns near you.

Also for 25 handsome letterhead specimens that may offer valuable suggestions for the improve. ment of your own business stationery.

T WAS a good long wait, but the time came when the company needed

a new president. I had been with the company longer than anyone else, and the directors suspected that I knew more about the business than anyone else, and I was elected president. At last, and I imagined that I was a genuine boss. But my dream hasn't

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My Beauty Exercises

Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights Difficult and rejected cases specially solicited. No misleading in. ducements made to secure business. Over 30 years' active practice. Experienced, personal, conscientious service. Write for terms-Book free. Address. E. G. SIGGERS, Patent Lawyer, Suite 20, N. U. Building, Washington, D. C.

First Farm Mortgages More
Desirable Than Ever Before

The disturbed conditions throughout the world has had a tendency to decrease the value of many other securities, but well placed First Farm Mortgages are by reason

of the increased demand for farm land and WERE RIGHT farin products made even more desirable ON THE GROUND than ever before. Our experience furnish

ing investments of this character covers 31
years "Right on the Ground." Send for
descriptive pamphlet "K" and list of offer-
ings in large or small amounts.
Grand Forks, N. D.

Established 1883
Capital and Surplus, 8.100.000

Our March Investment List contains short descriptions of seasoned investments for almost any amount or maturity. These are secured by properties differing widely in character and location, and the margin of security has already been increased under OUR SERIAL PLAN by prompt payment of several installments of principal.

ill make you look Younger and Tore Genuinely Beautiful nan all the artificial, external Featments known.

As my way is Just Nature's Vay, results are permanent

. nd come


It is 'astonhing to see how the too thin ce and neck round out and ne hollows fill in by scienfically developing and thickning the muscles. Other speal exercises Reduce Double hin by working away excess -tty tissue, leaving the flesh rm.

Wrinkles caused by the rooping facial muscles disppear. Muddy, sallow skins ecome clear and the

comexion Fresh as in Girlhood. o one too old to benefit. Instructions for beautifying the hair, hands, ils and feet are included. Write today for my Illustrated Facial Beauty Booklet-FREE. you tell me what improvement you would like I can write you ore belpfully. KATHRYN MURRAY, Dept. 283, 209 State St., CHICAGO

The First Woman to Teach Scientific Facial Exercise.

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Ask for Circular No. 875T

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Peabody, Houghteling & Co.

The demand in unsettled times for good first mortgages indicates their unusual stability. First mortgages do not shrink in value-they are usually on property worth three times the money loaned. We have loaned over $1,000,000 and not a single cent lost to any investor or a single foreclosure sale made. Write for booklet describing methods, and lists of loans from $300 to $10,000. Aurelius-Swanson Co.,

37 State National Bank Building, Oklahoma City, Okla.

(ESTABLISHED 1865) 10 So. La Salle Street, CHICAGO




come true, and I am not a real boss yet. I am bossed by every one of the fifteen directors, and I am blamed and cussed, at times, by every one of our fourteen thousand customers.

"In this mortal vale of tears, from the time we are born until we are dead, we find, no matter where we work or what position we hold, that there is

. times I think that the man at the top is no better off, he pays the price for place and power, he doesn't work from eight to five, but punches the time clock every hour. He has a hundred bosses now where formerly he had but one, if he makes mistakes they cost him dear, and a good excuse will help him none."

Cut Coal Costs




Q Inanapartment buildingat 246 West End Ave., New York City, two Kewanee Smokeless Firebox Boilers save the owners $7.88 daily or $1654.80 in a heating season of 210 days.

To heat this building they burn daily 192 tons of bituminous coal costing $3 75 per ton—a coal cost of $5 62 In another building, of the same size and type owned by the same concern, another make of boiler (not a smokeless) burns daily three tons of Anthracite Coal costing $4 50 per ton-a coal cost of $13 50

This shows a daily saving of $7 88 by the Kewanee Smokeless Firebox boilers compared with the other boilers in the other building Q A Kewanee Smokeless Boiler burns the cheapest of soft coal without smoke Therefore, it is unnecessary to burn high priced Anthracite or smokeless coals even in cities where a smoke ordinance prohibits smoky boilers That is one saving a And a Kewanee Smokeless Boiler has conclusively proven its ability to get a bigger proportion of the heat from cheap sost coal than ordinary boilers can get from expensive Anthracite


HE good customer is not always

the man who gives the big order,

nor yet the one who pays his bills promptly-not but that these traits are good ones in any customer—but the really good customer is the man who buys what he wants at the same price and on the same terms as other buyers get, and who pays for what he buys when he says he will.

No customer can be said to be a good customer who is always trying to beat down a price or obtain an extra favor in terms. A good customer is not the man who is always seeking to claim allowances for shortages or errors that are partly or wholly fictitious. Nor is he a good customer who mails a check on the twelfth day with the ten-day discount taken off. In fact, a good customer is a man who gives and expects a fair deal in every transaction.

Large buyers are apt to be pursued and fawned upon until they are spoilud and get an inflated idea of their importance and insist


concessions that they are not entitled to. A small buyer who is a good customer is worth more than a large buyer who is not.

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Heating Boilers. Radiators, Tanks and Garbage Burners



246 West End Ave, New York City Fullerion & Weaver Realty Company, owners

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Reminds You Instantly



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Don't trust engagements Ohne Panay

or ideas to inemory or an ordinary notebook filled with old notes. Use the Robinson Reininder which preserves only live notes.

Reminder consists of per. forated pad of couponed

sheets, six coupons to a Tespione page (bond paper) in handsome

Black Leather case 31 in. by 6g in. with pocket for special papers. Make each note on one of these

Coupons, and as soon as attended to, tear the coupon out and throw it away. No useless matter is kept to hide we uotes, $1.00 postpaid- Individual names in gold, 25c. extra.

Reminder complete with extra pad. Send remittance at our risk on Money-back guarantee. ROBINSON MFG. CO., Dept. c, Westfield, Mass.



and freight prepaid on the new 1915 "RANGER" bicycle. Write at once for our big catalog and special offer.

Marvelous improvements. Extraordinary values in our 1915 price offers. You cannot afford to buy without getting our latest propositions. "WRITE TODAY.

Boys, be a "Rider Agent" and make big money taking orders for bicycles and supplies. Get our liberal terms on a sample to introduce the new "RANGER."

TIRES, equipment, sundries and every. thing in the bicycle line half usual prices. Factory prices on Motorcycle and Automobile Supplies. MEAD CYCLE CO., DEPT, R-217, CHICAGO

Demonstrator Agents wanted NEW

GINE BAReverywhere Catalog

GAIN EVER Special whole FREE

OFFERED. sale price on

If not satisfied first outfit sold

money refunAMAZING Write

ded. 1, 2 and 4 fuel injector TODAY

cyl. 2 to 50 h.p. saves HALF

Suitable for operating cost, gives more power,

any boat, canoe, will not back-fire. Engine starts

racer, cruiser, or without cranking; reversible, only railway track car. three moving parts.

Join "boosters' club. Detroit Engine Works, 1249 Jefferson Ave., Detroit, Mich.


A Big Thought
from Subscriber No. 1


The Hon. Edward W. Gray—a real estate operator—now Member of Congress from New Jersey, was the first subscriber to The Modern Business Course and Service of Alexander Hamilton Institute.

In a splendid letter to the Institute, Congressman Gray says: “When the majority of our business men understand the fundamental principles of business, many of the serious troubles from which the country is suffering

will disappear.” The Hon. Edward W. Gray

This means that the country is looking for its leaders to the modern type of

business man. The open-minded man. The man who is bigger than the four walls of Member of Congress from New Jersey

his own work. The forge-ahead type of man who thinks of business not in terms

of “cogs, levers and wheels,” but as one vast, smoothly working Business Machine. Such a man realizes that to be in the front rank of Today's leaders of men and affairs he must understand not only his own business intimately but also he must have a general knowledge of Organization, Accounting, Costs, Credits, Finance, Advertising, Selling, Commercial Law and Economics.

The Great Profession of tomorrow is Business. The professionally trained business man can look forward to a wonderful future. He will replace the rule-of-thumb man in the management of business; he will replace the theorist, the ill-informed dreamer, the incompetent poseur in the conduct of national affairs.

The Modern Business Course and Service of the

Alexander Hamilton Institute is a reading course covering the whole range of business knowledge. From the massed experience of thousands of business men there have been distilled the basic principles and laws governing business.

As one subscriber said, “To read your Course is like mounting a watch tower to survey a field of battle—the whole plan of operations lies before your eyes, making everything clear and easily understood."

The Alexander Hamilton Institute is planned and conducted by recognized authorities under the supervision

"Forging Ahead in Business” of an Advisory Council composed of the following edu

contains a vital message drawn from the experience of cators and business leaders:

hundreds of successful business men. The book is handJOSEPH FRENCH JOHNSON, D.C.S., Dean of the New York somely printed and bound, contains 116 pages, is illus

University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance. trated with charts in color, and will make
FRANK A. VANDERLIP, LL.D., President of the National a valuable addition to your business
City Bank of New York.

library. We will gladly send ELIJAH W. SELLS, M.A., C.P.A., Senior Member Haskins

you a copy free and without & Sells, Certified Public Accountants.

the slightest obligation, if you JEREMIAH W. JENKS, LL.D., Professor of Government, will request it on your business New York University.

letterhead or fill out attached ELBERT H. GARY, LL.D., Chairman of the Board, U. S. coupon. Steel Corporation.

Send the Coupon Now Its subscribers include men in every rank of business life: presidents and officers of big corporations; proprie

Alexander Hamilton Institute tors of progressive smaller concerns; department heads

35 Astor Place, New York City and assistants; accountants, chief clerks and the younger

I should like to have you send, without cost or obligamen who are looking forward to bigger responsibilities.

tion to me, a copy of “Forging Ahead in Business," and full To all these it gives knowledge that could be otherwise

information about your Modern Business Course and Service.
obtained only by years of bitter experience—if at all.
Find out today what it offers you.

Jane ..
Street Address

Business Position......
H A MILTON Il'ith..

(Vame of firm or company)

Pumber of years in business...
35 Astor Place, New York

If you wish to add any facts about yourself, or your business
plans that will help us determine the fitness of our Course
and service for your needs, we shall treat your letter as con-
fidential and give it personal attention.



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