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Creating a New Art

"In analyzing our sales records we had noticed that orders from some lines of business would predominate at certain periods of the year. We selected a number of lines of business sold to that showed this characteristic and had them investigated. It developed that at the time the orders were placed the concerns were either beginning or were in the middle of their busy season. This condition naturally led to the obvious conclusion that at certain periods of the year most concerns likely to buy our goods than at other periods.

“We took our sales records for the preceding five years and listed every line of business sold to. Then we investigated these lines of business to find out their busy seasons.

We found that but few lines of business transact an equal volume of business the year around. The great majority have busy seasons such as April to September; February to November; July to October; Spring: Fall; July to January; September to December, and so on. This investigation as a whole showed that we had ample live prospects for every month in the year.

“Our next step was to operate seasonal advertising and selling campaigns. Instead of appealing to all our prospects the year around, in a hapliazard manner, we now concentrate on each line a little in advance of and during its busy season. Naturally a firm is more likely to be in the buying mood when its factory is humming with activity than during the dull seaSon.

"As a result of these seasonal campaigns we have now eliminated almost entirely rush seasons and dull seasons in our business. To-day our sales not only average about the same each month of the year, but also show a goodly percentage of increase each month.”

USINESSES which have to contend with the element of fashion

generally experience pronounced unevenness of sales. Seldom are their annual sales spread evenly over the entire twelve inonths. Instead, they have to work under forced draft for a few weeks or months; then, when the rush is over, lack of business compels them to close down either partially or entirely until the next fashion or sea

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At the Centennial Exhibition As the culmination of all this, at Philadelphia, the exhibit of the Bell exhibit at the Panamathe Bell System consisted of Pacific Exposition marks the two telephones capable of talk completion of a Trans-contiing from one part of the room nental Telephone line three to another.

thousand four hundred miles Faint as the transmission of long, joining the Atlantic and the speech then was, it became Pacific and carrying the human at once the marvel of all the voice instantly and distinctly

between New York and San world, causing scientists, as well as laymen, to exclaim with

Francisco. wonder.

This telephone line is part of Starting with only these feeble

the Bell System of twenty-one instruments, the Bell Company,

million miles of wire connecting by persistent study, incessant ex nine miilion telephone stations perimentation and the expendi

located everywhere throughout ture of immense sums of money,

the United States. has created a new art, invent Composing this System, are ing, developing and perfecting; the American Telephone and making improvements great and Telegraph Company and Assmall in telephones, transmitter, sociated Companies, and conlines, cables, switchboards and necting companies, giving to every

other piece of apparatus one hundred million people and plant required for the trans Universal Service unparalleled mission of speech.

among the nations of the earth. AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY

One Policy
One System

Universal Service


For Liquor and Drug Users

son conies.

The Dennison Manufacturing Company, tag makers, also manufacture a line of Christmas cards. Not so many years ago they had to contend with seasonal business in its worst form. During the three months preceding the demand for holiday goods they would be forced to work at nerve-racking pace, and even then would often be unable to fill many orders on time. This

The Keeley Treatment

A scientific treatment by specialists in

authorized Keeley Institutes only
Dwight, III.

Seattle, Wash.
Marion, Ind.

Waukesha, Wis.
Plainfield, Ind. Winnipeg, Man.
Hot Springs, Ark. Portland, Me.
Jacksonville, Fla. Columbus, Ohio
Oklahoma City, Okla. Crab Orchard, Ky.

Los Angeles, Cal., Marsh-Strong Building
Grand Rapids, Mich., 733-35 Ottawa Ave., N, W.
San Francisco, Cal., Douglas Bldg. London, Eng.
Omaha, Nel)., Cor. 25th & Cass Sts. Salt Lake City, Utah

Pittsburg, Pa., 4246 Fifth Ave. Guatemala City, Guat. Philadelphia, Pa., 812 N. Broad St. Mexico City, Mex.



-if you only knew how well!
I build up your vitality-at
the same time I strengthen
your heart action; teach you
how to breathe, to stand.
walk and relieve such ail-
ments as

Nervousness, Torpid
Liver, Constipation,

Indigestion, Etc.
One pupil writes: "I weigh 83
pounds less, and I have gained
wouderfully in strength."
Another says: "Last May I
weighed 100 pounds, this May 1
weigh 126 and ob I feel so
WELL. Won't you sit down and

for my interesting
booklet. You are welcome to il.
It is FREE. Don't wait, you
may forget it. I have had a won-
derful experience and I should
like to tell you about it.

Susanna Cocroft Dept. 6, 624 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago Miss Cocroft is a college-bred woma. She is the recognized authority on the scientific care of the health

and figure of women.

condition arose through retailers hold-
ing back their orders until public de-
mand had indicated the fashion in cards
for the season.

Glasses can be
But the Dennison Manufacturing

made becomingCompany is no longer at the beck and

It's simply a matter of the call of fashion; nor do they suffer from

right selection. With our a condition that necessitates crowding

complete stock of high grade the output of a year into a few weeks

American Optical Company

lenses and mountings I'll or months. The company now spreads

make glasses a great deal its Christmas output over

an entire

more becoming to you than year and keeps its factory running

tired, strained eyes.evenly.

Ask your oculist, optome

trist or optician-he knows. Here is the way it is done: Instead

AMERICAN OPTICAL of trailing behind fashion, the Denni


(A) son Manufacturing Company now sets

Southbridge, Mass.
the fashion in cards. They prepare de-
signs two years in advance and send

E salesmen out to submit these designs to

CE retailers eighteen months in advance of

PLN the Christmas season for which the cards are intended. Then they begin manufacturing the cards in quantities based on trade demand in the past, and keep them in stock. Rush orders no longer trouble this company, for filling orders is now simply a matter of shipping. This plan has enabled the Dennison Manufacturing Company to equalize their Christmas sales and to STILLWELL CALIFORNIA HOME keep their force steadily at work the

BOOKS The Crane Company used to be lip against the problem of rush work and consequent uneven production. This condition exists particularly in bridge construction work. They have overcome it to a large extent by putting the TYPEWRITERS ALL PRICES matter frankly to customers and discouraging rush work whenever possible. In periods of general business depression, instead of keeping some men at work full time and laying others off, the entire force is kept employed by AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO., Inc.,345 Broadway, N. Y. cutting working hours from fifty-four hours a week to thirty-two.

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year around.

132 Successful
Building Plans
“Representative Cal. Homes"

50—$1600 to $6000-Price 50c “West Coast Bungalows"

51-$600 to +2000-Price 50c

"Little Bungalows" We sell books & blue prints

31-8300 to $1700—Price 25c i on a money back guarantee All 3 for $1.00—Postpaid E. W.Stillwell & Co., Architects, 1354 Henne Bldg. Los Angeles

Inflammation of the Throat

Hoarseness, cough, bronchial and asthmatic troubles are relieved promptly by Brown's Bronchial Troches. Safe to use whenever required to check a cough or give relief in throat troubles.

Entirely free from opiates in any form. Singers and speakers will find them excellent for clearing the voice.

Sold only in Boxes--never in bulk.

25c, 50c, and $1.00. Sample Free. JOHN I. BROWN & SON Boston, Mass.

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Look at these bargains! Typewriters Re-
built in our own Factories. Every machine
is guaranteed for one year.
Remingtons $20 to $55 Smiths $18 to $40
Underwoods $35 to $60 Royals $25 to $45
L.C. Smiths $30 to $50 Olivers $20 to $35
We have others. Send for catalog describing
them, ana address of nearest branch office.

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M Dioxogen


ANY FIRMS solve the prob-
lem of dull seasons by adding

new lines or by widening their
field. The greater and more diversi-
fied the markets of a firm the less the
possibility of slack seasons. The In-
ternational Harvester Company is no-
ted for its ability to keep its large force in paint is not the novelty you
busy the year round. This fortunate
state of affairs is due primarily to the may think it. It is only new to
world-wide trade of the company. De- you.

There are painters who pressions are seldom world-wide, and will never paint without it, and a slowing down in one or even several

house owners who will never parts of the world has but little effect on the sum total of a world-wide busi- let them.

99,96 % Pure

It keeps its purity,
sweetness and effi-
ciency whether the
bottle is left open or
kept corked.
Will common peroxide
do this?


During the present war-time condi

Ask for Your Move" tions, with almost universal depression, the International Harvester Company The New Jersey Zinc Company is using the surplus time of its men to prepare for the future. The effect of Room 408, 55 Wall St., New York the large number of horses that is be- For big contract jobs consult our Research Bureau ing shipped to Europe will later be felt on farms in the United States. There will undoubtedly be a dearth of horses

It will not.




in the future for agricultural use. To meet this future condition the International Harvester Company is keeping its surplus men busy on building engine-driven farm machinery to replace horse-drawn machinery.

The Pullman Company is also meeting present conditions by doing future work. The wood facings on old cars are being replaced with steel facings. And, incidentally, the company is taking advantage of the lull to train its cabinet makers to handle steel work. In emergencies, also, the Pullman Company handles work at cost in order to keep its force busy.

This Dial Shortens The Business Day

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(For Thousands of Busy Americans ]


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ULL PERIODS can overcome by adding new lines

that will sell during the customary slack season. A typical instance of this is a coal firm that adds an ice department. But while all business will not find such an easy solution as this, the plan is practicable and is in wide use.

In its early days the Robert A. Johnston Co., of Milwaukee, manufacturers of candies, experienced a dropping off of business during the summer. The public appetite for chocolates is naturally not so great during the summer as the winter. To offset this condition they manufactured a line of candies, such as butterscotch, peanutbrittle, and the like, which would sell when more heating candies would not. This plan solved the problem of a slack summer season. Johnston's business is now spread evenly over the entire year, and the full force of workers kept busy all the time.

Slack periods in a factory are often the result of lack of careful planning of production. This is particularly true where a large number of parts enter into the finished product. Certain parts will often be manufactured in excess. When this condition arises, the department that makes these parts is often closed down until the other departments have caught up.

The McElwain Shoe Company operates twenty factories in the New England states. As a result of careful planning of production these factories are kept running with the same force

has been adopted by such representative American businesses as Sears, Roebuck & Co., Standard Oil Co., of Ohio, Solvay Process Co., Hydraulic Pressed SteelCo., Baldwin Locomotive Works, New YorkCentral Railroadand scores of others equally well known.

They have chosen it, (1) for its economy-a net, clear saving in money on operator's salaries and instrument rentals sufficient to pay the entire cost of the equipment within a very short time—(2) for its saving of time—which is even more important-(3) for its sturdy reliability—(4)foritsincompar.

able convenience—(5) for its secrecy(6) for its constant 24-hour service.

Without“pushing," without elaborate sales effort, without advertising until recently-the Automatic-Phone has forged its way ahead by sheer superiority. 37.4% of our sales for the last 10 years have been additions to equipment already installed.

Request This Booklet Our booklet “At Your Finger's End" tells how the Automatic-Phone is used and why it has been chosen. Request it now. Please address Dept. 36 and mention the number of telephones you use.

Automatic Electric Company

(Makers of 500,000 Automatic Telephones in Use the World Over)

Morgan and Van Buren Streets, Chicago New York Buffalo Pittsburgh Kansas City Indianapolis St. Louis Cleveland Toledo Atlanta


Portland, Ore.
AUTOMATIC TELEPHONES, LTD.-Liverpool-Winnipeg-Sidney

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and inventive ability PATENTABLE IDEAS WANTED. Manufac.

should write for new

“Lists of Needed Inventions, Patent Buyers and “Ilow to Get Your Patent and Your Money.” Advice FREE. RANDOLPH & CO., Patent Attorneys, Dept. 75, Washington, D. C.

turers want Owen patents. Send for 3 free

books; inventions wanted, etc. I get patent or no fee. Manufacturing facilities.

RICHARD B. OWEN, 12 Owen Bldg., Washington, D. C.

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MEN! Put Your Razor Blade

Money in this “Bank”

Safety Razor Blade

Like Finding Money

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IIones and sharpens, in one operation, like new, any inake safety razor blade (except Durham Duplex) in 30 seconds.

I'rite for circular - agents wanted NICHOLS EL. & MFG. CO., 1-3 W. Broadway, Now York


Write for our new 1915 catalog. Read the wonderful 1915 improvements below. The most wonderful bicycle value_ever built. All sizes. Boys, men and women,

[blocks in formation]

Dealers ask $40.00. Our Factory
Price $0.50. Brooks Settee

No. 10).- All Quarter.
Spend 20

We man. Sawel Oak-Massive minutes and -beautifully

ufacture save about


everything for 820. You can

home, oflice and assemble this fine,

club. We are not rich looking settee

a mail-order houseand save half usual cost.

not jobbers or wholeOur original method of salers. You deal direct shipping fine furniture in with factory. 100 designs sections

in Colonial, saves 44

Mission packing



ders. All freight-4

beautiful factory

Quarterfloor space

sawed ()ak. usually

Write for needed,

Free Book of

Brooks MagWrite tor

109 Setteo

ter. Built free book.


Furniture. 4303 Brooks Ave.,

Saginaw, Mich.
Largest plant of its kind in the world.

Electric Light Pay as You Ride

Strong Arms


Easy motorcycle saddle New coaster brake - motorcycle mudguards, stand and parcel rack

grip motorcycle handle bars

- re-inforced motorcycle

frame. Fisk Red Tread Clincher Tires -beautiful finish. Write.

multorcycle pedaotorcycle Write

Today Catalognof this

A small amount down brings you the 1916 Arrow. Pay just a little each month while you ride. Write for our rock-bottom direct offer.

Get our new free

and our rock-bottom offer. Write NOW. ARROW CYCLE CO. Dept. 1313. California & 19th St, Chicago, Ill.

for 10c in stamps or coin Illustrated with twenty full. WOMEN page half tone cuts showing exercises that will quickly de. velop, beautify and gain great and strength in your shoulders, arms and hands, without any apparatus.

CHILDREN Prof. ANTHONY BARKER 901 Barker Bldg., 110 W. 42nd St., New York

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throughout the year.

One factory makes the heels, another the vamps, another the soles, and so on.

All parts are kept moving along at a uniform rate. Instead of heels coming along in seven days, vamps in seventeen, and other parts lingering to, say, twentyseven days, all move along at the same rate—none waiting for another.

As a result of this system of dovetailing production, the company is able to keep its entire force busy all the time. And, furthermore, it has cut the time it takes to fill orders. Where it used to take, say, twenty-seven days to fill an order, it is now done in seventeen days. The company also claims that it turns out a better product than before, because by keeping men continuously on the job, they are at all times at their highest efficiency.

Western Electric


can be easily connected up-one in place of your push button at your desk, and the other where the bell or buzzer is-at your office boy's or stenographer's desk. All you have to do then is to telephone for what you want, instead of waiting for your clerk to come to you for directions. This simple arrangement saves time at both ends of the line. It costs little to install and no more to keep up than your present push buttonbuzzer arrangement. A convenience you cannot afford to be without.



(Continued from page 206) comparatively small profit makes a personality appeal—that of being in the same boat as the man he is selling.


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Manufacturers of the 8,500,000 “Bell” Telephones

463 West Street, New York 500 S. Clinton Street, Chicago

We will ship you these Inter-phones by parcel post, all ready to connect, on receipt of $8.75. Your money back if not satisfied. For full particulars and directions for attaching these Inter-phones, write for

Booklet No.44-AB.


HEN it comes to the third

point, that of the language

employed to tell the tale, the Johnson policy is in line with the celebrated anecdote of Henry Ward Beecher, who, when told of an grammatical expression that he had used, replied: "Grammer doesn't stand any chance when it gets in my way.” The policy of "farmer" Johnson has been to tell the story forcefully, naturally and philosophically. If grammar stands in the way of doing this, well, it's that much worse for gram

The personality that uses “farmer’s” grammar in selling to the farmer is one of the personality points that differentiates Johnson from the large number of other manufacturers who build similar goods. By far the greater bulk of business literature concerns itself with fineness of expression.

There is a rule of expression which this incubator manufacturer has grasped intuitively—the principle being, “The value of expression is in an inverse ratio to the value of the message.” The formulator of this rule goes on to say that we welcome news of great value to us tho it be couched in the worst argot. When we sit down to be entertained by a poem to Dulciana's eyebrows, on the other hand, we demand the utmost nicety of expression. The Johnson selling literature, not being a sonnet to the eyebrow of a fair one, but information of value to those who would make money by raising poultry, is of homely flavor and expression throughout.

The stand that the prospect or customer is entitled to a personal letter is


Hardy English Walnut Trees


Rochester Grown succeed where Peach trees are safe to plant. Plant an English Walnut orchard this Spring. We believe this is the only Northern locality where English Walnut orchards containing hundreds of trees in bearing_more than twenty years may be seen. For the lawn or driveway, English Walnut is exquisitely beautiful. Rochester parks and streets contain many beautiful bearing trees, producing delicious nuts as well as shade.

No matter what you may be interested in get our Catalog and Planting Guide, profusely illustrated, includes Nut Culture, Fruits, Roses, Shrubs, Ezcrgreens, etc., FREE. GLEN BROS., Inc., Glenwood Nursery, 1716 Main St.. Rochester, N.Y.





one that is taken theoretically by a large number of business men, but few have worked out the plans for putting the theory into practice. Meanwhile Johnson reaps the benefits of his own personality methods, and the neglect of others to get away from the traditional —and incidentally, perhaps, the strictly -grammatical.


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'HEN William Galloway

“Bill," as the farmers love to

call him-gave a "divide-themelon” banquet at his factory in Waterloo, Iowa, celebrating a milestone on the way to progress, it was said that the melons were given a thorough internal bath of champagne. When the guests came to the melon course and noted the particularly fine flavor of the fruit, it was noted that many prominent prohibitionists—to whom the flavor was a new sensation-might be seen slyly slipping the seeds into their pockets. This story is perhaps a trifle exaggerated, but it illustrates perfectly the Galloway method of adding piquancy to selling flavor. I have noted, in a previous paragraph, that “Incubator Johnson” serves his selling facts raw—and "makes 'em like 'em.” He goes straight to the point with a plain man's story. "Bill" Galloway adds the champagne flavor.

Galloway, with large ambition and financial capacity, was not content to be a one-line man. He builds cream separators, spreaders, gasoline engines -farm necessities of all kinds and sizes. And the attitude of the farmer is of as great value as the quality of the goods, for, with a small margin system of selling, only as the customer continues can

a permanent profit be earned. In working out his personality methods, Galloway sticks close to the "divide - the - melon” selling plan. When a product is put on the market by way of the traveling man and local dealer, “each must have his bite of the melon"—is the Galloway claim. When the goods are offered by the "direct-toyou” method, the farmer gets the intermediate profits-not forgetting a taste of champagne. The reason? Well, because “Bill” is a farmer himself and he just naturally likes to treat his patrons well.

—the rooms you have finished in Luxeberry White Enamel. Its ever constant freshness and lasting whiteness add that touch of permanent beauty you so want your home to have.

[ocr errors]

Your floors will be permanently beautiful, too, if

they are finished with Liquid Granite, the lasting waterproof floor varnish.

Like other celebrated Berry Brothers' Products it has withstood the hardest wear and tear in homes and public buildings for 57


Booklets and valuable information on finishings are free to you from the nearest Berry dealer or direct from our factory.


[blocks in formation]


As Much As You Need

The Typewriter Itself X-RAY VIEW Saves space. Saves time. Meets every requireShowing depth of Stationery

ment of modern business office. Stenographers

do more work because they have better light. Takes only 4 sq. ft. of floor space. Easily moved

from room to room or into corner when not in use. Casters can be raised instantly, making stand absolutely

firm. Can't Typewriter vibrate.


BSTRACTIONS, Galloway believes, do not get anything; he is

careful always to use the concrete. One of his best selling arguments, occupying a leading place in a good share of his literature, is the story of his own experience when he drove about the country as an agent selling the farmer. The Galloway past compared with the Galloway present makes easy reading—and a basis for easy logic.

In entertaining the farmer-customer,

UHL ART STEEL Table Cabinet

15 Days Free Trial Write Us

Note On Your


Lever Letterhead We also make less er penside Type. writer Stands, Typewriter and Office Chairs, Magasine and Catalog Stands, Mercantile Tables, Adding Man

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calalog. Soda Fountain Tables and Chairs, Indestructible Factory Stools, ac

Thousands in use. Only steel typewriter table cabinet on market. Made of steel with built-up wood platforms. Steel pockets for weck's supply of stationery instead of catch-all drawers. Steel dust-proof self-locking roll top. Guaranteed 100% practical. WARNING Beware

of imitations: Insist on having the gen

Write for Descriptive Booklet, Free The Toledo Metal Furniture Co., 2573 Dorr St., Toledo, O.

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