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for the Haber synthesis-nitrogen from Whenever the price of coal-tar carbolic “At present, not only the cutting but the atmospheric air and hydrogen from

acid rises beyond a point at which syn- also the welding of iron and steel is acwater gas—are obtainable in unlimited

thetic carbolic acid can be profitably complished by means of such a flame; quantities in the country. In the Haber synthesis ammonia is first produced which,

manufactured, this equipment is put every machine shop is provided with an in the form of the sulphate of ammointo operation. But even this instance

oxygen apparatus, and soon every garage

will be similarly equipped, as it has been of the development of synthetic chem- observed that the carbon collected in the nium, is as efficient a fertilizing material as saltpeter . This method, however, has istry through militarism in Germany cylinders of gas engines for automobiles

, the disadvantage that the ammonia must

is exceeded in wonder by the method etc., can be easily removed by burning be converted into nitric acid by processes of the steelmaker:

it out with the oxygen-flame. which are not yet completely worked out.

“The oxygen problem also plays an imUndoubtedly, however, the economical

“Instead of carbon, which originally manufacture of nitric. acid from ammonia was added to iron to produce the iron- portant part in the running of submarine

boats, where it is necessary to provide alloy called steel, we use nickel, will soon become an accomplished fact,

the crew with oxygen for breathing unas recent publications seem to indicate chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, vana

der particularly difficult circumstances. that the problem is almost solved. Durdium, manganese and silicon, which en

It is stated that nitrogentetroxide, a able us to manufacture refined steel posing the present war all the saltpeter in the

gas which can be easily compressed to German Empire has been requisitioned by

sessing varied properties. Most of these
additions in order to give the desired re-

a liquid and which, when appropriately the government for the manufacture of nitric acid and the production of ammusults must be in the state of highest pu

heated, decomposes with the liberation of

oxygen, has been employed for this purnition, while sulphate of ammonium ob

rity. These substances, which at first
seemed of no use in any other industry, cessity of supplying oxygen to the sub-


But for the ne

with great success. tained by the Haber synthesis and that recovered from the by-product of the were produced primarily to fill the re

marine boats, this substance—until now coking industries takes its place for fer

quirements of the manufacturers of cantilizing purposes. The output of the non, projectiles and armor plate, and the largely a chemical curiosity-would per

haps never have been thought of for any existing Haber plant was doubled at the largest maker of these elements in the

technical purpose.” beginning of the war in order to pro

pure state is the firm of Th. Goldschmidt, vide sufficient sulphate of ammonium for

located in Essen, where it is able to work Germany has played only a small

in close union with the Krupp Works. the coming crops, and it is said that since

part in the inception of scientific truths, that time another unit is in course of con

"By these modern improvements won

according to London Nature, altho by struction which will definitely secure Gerderful materials were ,placed at the dis

organization she has greatly extended posal of the industries. The hardness many's requirements for nitrogenous fertilizers.” of steel has been so increased that for

their application. This impression is safety vaults and safes an alloy is made conveyed in various ways in the sciThe industry for the recovery of the which can neither be drilled nor exploded cnce press of England by men like Proby-products from the coking process nor cut by the oxy-hydrogen flame. The fessor Karl Pearson, Professor Sayce as a source for sulphate of ammonium chemical industries have been supplied and Sir E. Ray Lankester. Huxley, and -has also been highly developed, writes with refined steel which is not attacked Bywater held this, affirms the London Doctor Schweitzer, because. German by acids, not even by boiling ‘aqua gia,”

organ of science already named, and it militarism needed some of the resulting while other modifications are not affected

appears to be shared, as regards their by hot caustic soda. Some of them are coal-tar products for the manufacture non-magnetic, others are unaffected by at

respective fields, by geologists, physiof explosives. Benzol, toluol, carbolic mospheric influences, or exhibit great re

cists and chemists in England. “Ausacid, metacresol and diphenylamine are sistance to electricity, while some possess

arbeiten” is the goal of the Germans, starting materials used in the manu high tensile strength. They are thus of

notes Nature. The inventive faculty, it facture of ammunition. Formerly most specific value in the manufacture of auto thinks, has not been their strong point. of these substances were imported from mobiles, of steam turbines, of electric ap On the subject of Doctor Schweitzer's England, where they were produced

pliances, of rails for electric tramways, article Nature says: from coal tar obtained in the manufac- of dynamos, motors and transformers.

“Vanadium steel furnishes our modern

"Naturally, his examples refer entirely ture of illuminating gas by the distillatools, which are distinguished by extreme

to technical applications of science. And tion of coal, while in most other counhardness, and here a war on a small scale

here, again, if they are analyzed, it can tries—for example, in the United States is going on between structural steel and

be shown that the development of which -illuminating gas is made from water steel for tools with which to work the

he boasts is due to concentrated and orgas. By developing the coking indus- former. Every improvement in the hard- ganized effort; of the starting-points of try, that is, by suitably and economic ness of structural steel must of necessity the manufactures which he cites, a few

are of German origin. They have been ally heating coal, Germany has made bring about the manufacture of a still herself independent of England and harder steel for tools, exactly as in the appropriated and worked out, no doubt, now produces all the materials required case of armor plates and armor-piercing in order to place the materials of war

at the disposal of the German Army; but for explosives and ammunition within projectiles.”

it is not proved that the necessities of her own borders.

German militarism has likewise ef

peace are not more effective as a stimulus Germany, moreover, is the only coun fected great results in experiments with to progress than those of war. To take try which has made itself independent hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is only one instance, it is probable that of England as concerns its consump- used in immense quantities for all sooner or later all our railways will be tion of carbolic acid, one of the most lighter-than-air Aying machines — the electrified; but that would not suit miliimportant coal-tar products. This sub- filling of Zeppelins and the filling of tary exigencies; each train must have an

independent motive power; and so long stance, employed both for explosives captive balloons, the latter having an

as German militarism persists, we may and as a disinfectant, is a material of unexpected importance in war for pur- reckon that German railways, at least, high value. It was not considered wise poses of observation. The cheap pro will not be run by the electric current. or profitable to remain dependent on duction of hydrogen is one of the prom “The aims of science are the antitheses foreign sources for such an indispen- inent features in the manufacture of of those of war. It is the object of pure sable article. Soon the ever watchful sulphate of ammonium according to the science to attempt to know and correlate and resourceful chemist found artificial

Haber process.

The manufacture of natural phenomena, and its devotees are methods for its manufacture, employ- oxygen likewise assumed gigantic pro- the object of applied science to make use

inspired by an insatiable curiosity; it is ing clomestic raw materials. To-day portions after it was found that armor several German factories have equip- plates could be cut almost like butter

of that knowledge for the benefit of manment to produce carbolic acid by the by the heat of the same from a burner destruction of life and property is the

kind. To degrade its applications to the action of sulphuric acid on benzol fed with a mixture of hydrogen and most unscientific act of which a people and subsequent treatment with alkali. oxygen or oxygen and acetylene gas: can be guilty.”






EVANGELIST “BILLY” SUNDAY HE SPECTACULAR evan is assuredly a failure and a menace to weeks, 7,000 converts : "Whether indorsgelistic campaign conducted in Christianity.

ing Mr. Sunday's peculiar methods for so large a city as Philadel “But we must admit that the evidence effecting conversions or not, it would be phia by the Reverend William to date is the other way. It is not con silly to deny that his sojourn here had

failed to influence deeply and to all apA. Sunday, the ex-baseball vincing to denounce as mere vulgarity and

blatant sensationalism a message which pearances permanently religious feeling player familiarly known as “Billy” Sun- changes the lives of men and women, and morality in South Bend.”—J. M. day, has made news for many metro which has rescued thousands from slavery Studebaker, chairman Board of Studepolitan newspapers even in war times

to wickedness and has put a new spirit of baker Corporation. and induced an immense amount of edi- brotherhood and right living into whole “In November, 1913, following the May torial comment. New York and Chi- communities.

Billy Sunday revival of 1913, the city cago editors appear to be particularly

"Our view is sympathetic, but it is sec elected a complete citizens' ticket which interested because of the possibility that ular. For a church opinion we look else- disregarded politics and was based upon where. And we find it significant that the a campaign of law enforcement.

The he may come to those cities soon. Spe

very utterances which so offended and ticket elected throughout, mayor, cial articles covering his record in smaller places, and full-page character quoted were listened to by a great comhurt the reader whose letter we have counsel, and all city offices. The tone of

the city—i. c., the popular sentiment of sketches of Sunday and his Philadel

pany of clergymen, not one of whom the city—upholds the city administration phia campaign have been featured. In failed to rejoice in the Sunday aggressive- in the fact that it is following out fully this connection readers of CURRENT

the policy under which it was elected.”— OPINION will recall the interpretation "A Presbyterian minister, formerly Marvin Campbell

, president Campbell of the man and his methods in our is- pastor of Woodrow Wilson, declared the Paper Box Company. sue last May. We find repeated in the evangelist is 'a prophet of God.' Former FAIRFIELD, Iowa, 1907, 32 days, 1,118 secular dailies the usual criticism of Bishop Neely, of the Methodist Church, converts: "The effect of this meeting is

says his tendency is wholesome.' And still seen in this city. It brought the his “extravagant statements," "billings- Bishop Garland, of the Episcopal Church, churches and the people closer together gate," "vaudeville stunts,” and the like, heard ‘nothing objectionable.'

and made them work in harmony with but the disposition to take his work "W'ith such testimony before us, from one another. It is estimated that 90 per seriously as a force for righteousness men who we think would be alert to con cent. of the people that were converted prevails.

demn scurrility or irreverence, we are con are now working in the churches."—W. In Philadelphia Mr. Sunday's sertent to await results."

C. Merkens,

PITTSBURGH, PENN., 1913, eight weeks, mons are reported in full in the daily

The Chicago Tribune recently asked 22,352 converts: "Most of the hostile papers. To a critic who protested its correspondents in eight cities where criticism of Sunday in Pittsburgh comes against publishing his “vulgar, scurril- Billy Sunday had conducted revivals to from those who refused to go to his ous language,” the Philadelphia North report on the results after as well as meetings and study the man at close American replied in part by quoting the during the campaigns. In publishing the range: often from those who chose to biblical report of scorching denuncia- remarkable results recorded by these lead lives of indulgence in questionable tions by the Great Teacher, such as,

reports and supplementary statements pleasures' and resent being disturbed. A “The publicans and harlots go into the from influential citizens, The Tribune very small amount comes from excellent kingdom of God before you. . . . Ye

citizens, even earnest Christians, who resays: serpents, ye generation of vipers, how

gard the whole revival idea as wrong in can ye escape the damnation of hell?” "The sentiment in the main is strongly

principle. in favor of Billy Sunday. The makers of

“About 6,000 persons identified themadverse statements declined to allow their

selves with various churches as a direct "If Mr. Sunday were to say, 'It would

result of the campaign. be a waste of good material to preach the

names to be used. gospel to a lot of hogs,' many of us

“The general impression from these

“Of the 350 ministers in Allegheny would be shocked. But in the Sermon on

eight towns and cities is that Billy Sun- county, thirty were questioned regarding the Mount, the most beautiful passage in day's work not only had a lasting effect the final results of the Sunday campaign. literature, we read, 'Give not that which

upon the converts made in the communi- Practically all united in saying there had is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your ties, but that the political and moral con

been a great religious awakening, less inpearls before swine'; and we consider the ditions there were permanently improved temperance, increased interest in church

by his visit. Even among those who are figure poetical.

services, excellent attendance by Sunday enthusiastic about the work of Billy Sun

converts, who gave freely of their means “Billy Sunday reviles the faithless

to support the work of the church. A Christian as a 'four-flusher,' and we shrink day, there are some expressions of disfrom the 'vulgarity, but the gentlest of

taste for his fanfaronade and his use of few said some of their Sunday converts Men blazed into wrath against those who slang. But others declare that in these had fallen back into former ways, but that He said had made His temple ‘a den of things lie the value of Sunday's revivals for the most part these converts made thieves,' and He scourged them from it

that through his extraordinary methods splendid Christian workers. with whips. he engages the attention of persons he

“Sunday talked little about celestial "Frankly, our mind is open on the whole could reach in no other way.”

crowns and halos. He talked a great deal

about the immense importance of pure subject. If it appears finally that Mr.

From the mass of the testimony we living and thinking. Right here may be Sunday. does bring religion into disrepute, reproduce some representative para- found a reason for the quickened civic if his remarkable actions and words have

conscience observable in Pittsburgh. The no other result than to draw throngs of graphs:

red-light district is closed. Gamblers no curious seekers after amusement, then he SOUTH BEND campaign, 1913,

longer dare to operate openly. Low


characters of all kinds are seeking other accounted for as still active Christians. A force which set the Crusaders aflame with fields. This is because the bureau of pub- few were counted as 'backsliders, and a what they thought was religious zeal; and lic morals, formerly sneered at by the small number had moved from town and this force grips those to whom he speaks. underworld and even associated in the it was not known what they were doing. "What is it? Nobody knows. But the public mind with bribery, has become a “The force of Mr. Sunday's work is invisible fire is there." thing of force and life. Its superintend seen in the work of the men's gospel ent is Arthur G. Burgoyne, a former teams that were organized here shortly

Another equally voluminous special newspaper man, who became converted after his campaign closed. These teams writer for the New York Times lays. while reporting the Sunday meetings.” of four to twenty men visited several it down that “altogether there are four T. F. Smiley, Tri-State News Bureau. hundred other towns in Kansas, Okla- factors to which much of Mr. Sunday's.

BURLINGTON, Iowa, 1905, seven weeks, homa, and Missouri. The result of their amazing success is due: baseball, slang, 2,500 converts: "Many who are gratified work has been the conversion of more

calculated eccentricity of platform manover the results were not pleased with the persons than Billy Sunday converted in methods of the speaker. One man who Wichita, to say nothing of the converts

ner, organization.” He asked Sunday was prominently identified with the move obtained by the teams organized by the point-blank, “What is the secret of ments to bring Mr. Sunday here said he in the towns visited. ... At Emporia your success?” would not favor bringing him here again.” about six months ago a gospel team of -Max E. Poppe. which Henry J. Allen was a member

“The evangelist was in bed, resting "Upon the whole, Mr. Sunday's work counted nearly 100 converts as the result after the afternoon meeting, while Mrs. in Burlington was beneficial to the com of one day's meetings. Among the num

Sunday—Ma' Sunday, she is generally munity in both a moral and an economical ber was William Allen White, well-known known—was on watch nearby. sense.”—J. L. Waite, editor and publisher Kansas writer and newspaper editor.”.

'There isn't any secret,' said the evanThe Hawkeye. Orman C. Emery.

gelist. “A lot of people talk about mob. DIXON, ILL., 1905, four weeks : “A new STEUBENVILLE, O., 1913, six weeks, 7,887 psychology and hypnotism and all that Y. M. C. A. building, costing over $30,000, converts : “Following the revival the Billy kind of rot to explain things about me, was largely due to the fund raised at the Sunday workers voted the saloons out of but they don't stop to think what a mighty Sunday meetings. Sunday himself gave this city of 25,000 people. At the recent power the friendship of the Lord is.' $50 to the fund. Sunday converts were state election this county went dry by

“ 'He's a splendid ally,' said “Ma' Sunfrom all classes, and every church in the 3,000 majority, showing that the Billy day, who was sitting on the edge of a. city received a lasting and substantial Sunday influence lasts. Assessors who nearby bed. boost in its membership. The improved worked last spring state that the differ

“And then,' went on Mr. Sunday, 'I home life of many families in Dixon can ence in the making out of personal re

may do more with people than some oth-be placed to the credit of the work.”—T. turns was noticeable and the returns were

ers do because I talk to them in plain W. Fuller, Daily News.

more honest. Better clothes and better language-language they understand and PRINCETON, ILL., 1906, five and a half furnished homes have followed the re

that they're accustomed to hear. Long weeks, 2,225 converts : “The favorable ef vival.”—Chalmers C. White.

words they don't understand and never fects of the work of the Rev. Mr. Sunday

heard before are no good.'” are felt in Princeton until this day. His

A special writer for the New York lists of converts included bankers, business

Assuming to represent the attitude of Sun concludes more than a six-column New York City, The World's editorial, men, lawyers, and professional men. In

hunt for the secret of Mr. Sunday's under the caption “If Billy Sunday the lists were large numbers of elderly

success by attributing it to “psychic Comes,” remarks: men who had never been identified with a church and many who had not even

force." been in a church in a score of years.

“To Billy Sunday New York is the The lists of converts included about as “One thing is sure—the men who be- bottomless pit. To New York the slangmany men as women, his work seeming to lieve in Billy Sunday are not confined to whanging, boisterous revivalist who has appeal particularly to men. While there the ignorant. During the early part of been stirring up Philadelphia is an object have been a good many backsliders and 1914, for example, a wave of suicide swept of more or less mild curiosity. If he besides some others who are not as en across the student body at the University comes here to reclaim us from eternal thusiastic in the work now as they were of Pennsylvania. What caused it to start perdition he should find plenty to do, and at the time of the meetings, it can be said is not known. But it grew by that mys on the other hand, this city would have that considerably more than half have terious power of suggestion, imitation, the opportunity to try a new form of enstood firm and of this number many are mob spirit, whatever one chooses to call tertainment. He is not conducting what active in religious work.

it. Finally the provost, Edgar F. Smith, is generally known as a refined meeting, "The meetings closed in Princeton early urged Billy Sunday to conduct a revival but he has the reputation of drawing in March. At that time there were eight in the hope that it would tend to prevent packed houses wherever he goes. There saloons in the city, paying a license fee further suicides by students. It should are a good many people not fastidious of $1,000. The city election was held in be borne in mind that on Provost Smith even in matters of religion. the following month and the town went some of the most important institutions "This is a big town, and Billy Sunday 'dry' by a majority of 450. This majority of learning in this country and Europe would have to face the competition of no

so overwhelming that the saloon have bestowed degrees and that he is a end of popular attractions. Dowie, whoproposition has never been voted on here member of a number of the leading scien had also been magnificently advertised, since."—H. U. Bailey.

tific societies of the world. Well, Sunday undertook to convert New York in a. Wichita, Kansas, 1912, six weeks, responded to the call, and much fervor hurry, but the public soon had heard 5,245 converts : “Sunday's influence is still was shown at the meetings. Also the enough of him. He fell flat. The exfelt almost as strongly in Wichita as it suicide wave instantly subsided. Bible baseball-player is a more sensational camwas when he left here three years ago last classes were organized among various paigner when he tries than the Zion City Christmas day. He held one campaign groups of undergraduates, some being prophet was, and he is also a much here lasting six weeks. The writer re formed even in fraternities for carrying shrewder and more engaging person. ported nearly all the meetings and had an on study of the Holy Scriptures.

There is no denying that he has maniopportunity to watch the man and his “How did Billy Sunday accomplish fested extraordinary powers in swaying work.

this? His friends say it was because he the emotions of large crowds. But the “Mr. Sunday is a vigorous campaigner was imbued with the spirit of God. Oth- fickleness of New York is proverbial. and consistent throughout, tho some per ers are inclined to think that with mar “A revival that will interest 5,000,000 sons in the church and out criticize his velous magnetism he works powerfully people, or even a considerable proportion methods. But he obtains results.

on the emotions of those who hear him; of them, is an ambitious scheme of salva“Two years after Mr. Sunday left that audience after audience is carried tion. Still, if the ministers who have inWichita, St. Paul's Methodist Episcopal away by the resistless sweep of his elo- dorsed the project feel the need of Billy church held a 'Sunday reunion.' Of 213 quence, crude and shocking tho it be to Sunday's help, it may prove worth while. persons who joined the church ås a result sensitive ears. . . . Embodied within the At any rate, nobody ever heard of one of of Sunday's work, 197 were present or man seems to be something of that strange Sunday's revivals doing any harm."




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COMPENSATIONS IN WAR N CONTRAST with prevalent on without his Church. They have neg- alone,' and because this is mysteriously, criticism of the Christianity which lected its claims and ignored its appeals, eternally true, and only because it is true, failed to prevent war between

turned aside from its worship and sacra the nations are steadily trooping forth toEuropean nations, there are many ments; they have desecrated its Sundays, day, old men and boys, nobles and com

mon born, rich men forsaking their riches, commentators who already discern they have sought their pleasure in sen

suous comforts and enjoyments, placed and poor men braving deeper poverty. incidental moral, ethical and religious their safety in riches and markets, their And what for? compensations in the great conflict.

peace in reliance on the world's strength, "Just to give the best they have to the The historical fact is that war makes and then, when their falsely founded best they know. its own standards of moral values for and fraudulently built House of Life “If that is not religion, then Jesus was the time being and throws to the winds has toppled about their ears, they have deluded, and the wisest and greatest of others which men ordinarily seek to the amazing effrontery to put the blame all races and of all religions were de

on the very religion they have despised luded, too. Self-sacrifice may build up. Nevertheless we are told to

be and and scorned. They attribute their in- sometimes has been misdirected; if so it observe that in this war it is moral is

solvency to the true gold which they will fail of its immediate purpose, but it sues which are of paramount interest

have kicked aside and contemned in order is the root and source of all lasting reto everybody-a fact of large signifi- to hoard its glittering counterfeit. Surely ligion, and so long as it can control the

The Churchman, New York, there never was a more striking instance life of men, even in times of crisis, that goes so far as to say that “in none of of the tendency of men to wreak their re life cannot fail to be in its essence rethe previous wars between the Great sentment on the thing they have wronged ligious. To-day self-sacrifice is the rePowers that have taken place in the and injured! Having tried everything ex ligion of the embattled world.” nineteenth and twentieth centuries has cept Christianity, they proclaim the fail

Nobody denies that thinking people there been such a conscious effort to

ure of the very faith that would have
saved and redeemed them. What we find

everywhere, even in centers of so-called reach the moral values involved. From

heathendom, have been set to asking all sides it is assumed that the exist- proved up to the hilt is the colossal fail

ure of materialism and its abundant sec fundamental questions regarding God ing warfare is but the outward and

ularities. What we find established is and Christian civilization. William T. visible sign of an inward and invisible the inexorable success of the Christianity Ellis, the religious syndicate writer, retype of social morality.” It might be which materialism has denied. If any

views some of the remarkable results somewhat difficult to cite a war where- thing can ever convince the world of the

cf the war in this respect which have in the combatants had not strenuously triumphant power of Christianity, if any

been the basis of wide comment in the attempted to justify themselves morally thing can avail to vindicate our faith in for entering into it. But it is certainly the eyes of the nations it is the recurring, religious press. Everywhere among the

warring nations, he says in the Philatrue that the connection between the life unfailing, inevitable collapse of every Christless civilization."

delphia North American, churches are of the modern state and primary ethical

crowded daily as well as on Sunday;
convictions has been the crux of much The world that emerges from this the indifferent are turning again to the
of the discussion of this war.
awful caldron of fire and blood will be

houses of prayer:
War in itself is a thing indifferent, a different world, far more truly Chris-
declares the London Morning Post, be- tian world than the old, predicts the

“France seems to be finding her lost
ing either good or bad according to its Reverend W. S. Rainsford, formerly faith. So deep is the mood of religion
use and service.
Behold the oppor rector of St. George's Church (Prot- the service of the priests and monks, both

among the people, and so shining has been tunity for a spiritual harvest : estant Episcopal), New York, in the

in the ranks and in relief work, that it is New York Times:

freely predicted that a return of the old “The war opens out a vast field of

relation betwee: Church and State is posusefulness for the Christian Church; as "Behind the awful turmoil of struggling, sible. it reminds people of death, so it reminds strangling millions the Kaisers and the “Belgium's quickened religious fervor is them of faith; as it destroys their wealth, Czars, the Chancellors and Generals are the most explicable of all; for adversity so it suggests to them spiritual consola- calling on God to aid them strangle and ever turns men to God. Germany, whose tions; as it teaches them the folly of


. What sort of a god are they calling church congregations had been depleted by sloth and self-indulgence, so it instructs on? The merely national god, the tribal what orthodox folk call ‘rationalism,' is them in the deeper purposes and mean god, the god that favors one

turning again to the simple devotion of ings of life. Therefore war and faith against another, the god that loves his its fathers. Russia is sure that this is a go commonly hand in hand; and war

Jacobs and hates his Esaus, a god as un "holy war' and that it will result in the teaches mankind what childbirth teaches

like the God and Father of all as Jugger- sacred consummation of the return of the women. The spiritual field is plowed and naut is unlike Jesus.

cross to the Mosque of St. Sophia in Conharrowed by such terrible events, and the

"Men are beginning to tire of such a stantinople. The religious fervor of the seed which the Church sows should fall god to-day. After this war they will loath Russian soldiers is remarked by all obupon prepared ground.

And if the him.. Church uses the opportunity well, and "In the nations of men, in all the na “In this country many persons are descorns all comfortable doctrine, not con

tions, unorganized Serbs or highly or claring that the world-war presages the fusing safety with virtue or

war with

ganized Germans, there are unimagined, return of Christ to earth. Everywhere a
evil, it should reap a great spiritual har- undreamed-of springs of unselfishness and deepening of religious interest is reported.
of valor but waiting the call of a great Revivals have not had such vogue or suc-

cess for many years.
With astonishing perversity people emotion. The supreme call of self-sacri-
have been writing and speaking as if


“'Billy' Sunday, the baseball evangelist, same call that led Jesus to the cross. who opened a ten weeks' series of meetthis European war were a proof of

“We have had it dinned into our ears ings in Philadelphia in January, the the bankruptcy of Christianity, observes by essayists, learned professors, and the largest evangelistic project America has the London Cliristian Commonwealth. clergy that our age was given over to known for a generation, is the center of What it proves, of course, continues materialism, and that the modern man's surprising national interest. It is being this religious weekly, is the bankruptcy god, whether he carried a dinner pail or said by many observing persons that this of everything that is not Christian:

hired a French cook, was his belly. attempt to awaken cities of the first mag

“We know better now. It is before all nitude is providentially timed, because the "Men have tried to conduct civilization preceding ages an idealistic age.

war has sobered the thinking of all classes without Christ. Men have tried to get "Jesus said, “Man can not live by bread of people.




“In America the churches have shown pared by a metropolitan federation our hand are deeply thoughtful. Their quick and beautiful sympathy with the committee and editorially displayed in hearts have been opened by pity and comvictims of war. If 'to visit the widows large type in the New York Christian passion for the suffering. They stand in and fatherless in their afflictions' is, as Advocate as follows:

a solemn hush before the Lord of all the St. James declares, 'pure religion and un

earth. They are ready for the truth with defiled,' then America has been undergo “God's movements are marvelous. He a readiness seldom felt before. ing a great religious experience.

seizes an opportunity which men would “Over various sections of our domain "Christians, as well as Jews, have been not discern, and uses it for spiritual strat- evangelistic tides are sweeping with amazdeeply stirred by the suffering of the in egy.

ing power. Thousands of souls are turnhabitants of the holy land, and especially “The world is rent by profound grief ing to God. They represent all classes of the Zionists there. The prediction is being over a war which is marked by unparal- society. Religion is having such a hearing freely made that when this war ends leled devastation. Men speak dismally of as has not been given to it in many years. Palestine will be open to the Jews to pos the collapse of civilization. Divine Provi "We must not let the critical hour pass sess, in fulfilment of their ancient king- dence finds in the abyss unwonted hope without employing it faithfully for God dom dream." of religion.

and humanity. We must preach the

“Driven to their knees by the very hope. Word, continue instant in prayer, obey Appeals for renewed Christian con lessness of their estate, millions of Euro- the monitions of the Holy Spirit, draw secration and zeal have been notice- peans who had almost forgotten how to near to troubled hearts, woo and win reable features of the religious denomi- pray are now supplicating the throne of lenting souls to penitence, and confirm national journals in the United States Grace. Chapels, churches, and cathedrals them in their purpose to serve God.

are thronged with petitioners. Religion is “Not a moment can safely be lost. God for some months. The opportunity for

has lifted a curtain to show us our way. a spiritual harvest set forth by the Lon- experiencing a unique and unforeseen revival.

'The harvest truly is plenteous, but the don daily paper quoted earlier in this

"A kindred movement shows itself on laborers are few. Pray ye, therefore, the article is strikingly paralleled over here this side the globe. An unusual serious- Lord of the harvest, that he will send in "A Message to Methodists,” pre ness has seized America. The people of forth laborers into his harvest !'”


man concern.


ITS LUST OF EMPIRE? HE CATHEDRAL at Rheims merely the beautiful stones of an old declared, 'Render therefore unto Cæsar is bombarded. Horror and in- Christian temple that, tho we were only the things which are Cæsar's; and unto dignation are world-wide be- half aware of it, had long ago taken its God the things that are God's. If this cause, forsooth, a world's art place with Karnak and the Parthenon.

means anything, it means that the postreasure has been damaged,

It is this splendid isolation, this slow session of those things which by nature

conversion of a sectarian house of worwhile “even the clergy seem to have ship into a monument of art, that has

belong to Cæsar presupposes a loss of

those things which by nature belong to forgotten that it is a house of God that made possible the world-wide regret that God; in other words, that Cæsar is on lias suffered disaster.” Can we realize even war should violate this treasure of one side and that God is on the opposite that here is the most complete indict. humanity. At last, after centuries as a side. If the church has fallen upon evil ment ever made of the Church and shrine of a narrow doctrine, the old days, the reason is not difficult to find. plain proof that it has collapsed? Such building has become a thing of wide hu- Throughout the ages churchmen have are the premises and the argument of

Shintoist and Hindu, Mo- tried to reconcile in theory and in practice fered by Edwin Davies Schoonmaker hammedan and Christian, all these may these irreconcilables, to bridge a chasm in The Century, who says: “It has

now in unison cry out as from a personal that in its very nature is unbridgable and wound.”

eternal. From the very beginning the ceased even to be incongruous one day

church has found herself in the dilemma, to pray to Jehovah for success for the

Mr. Schoonmaker would have us un Cæsar or God, and she has held firmly to German guns and the next day to turn derstand that it is no more discredit- both horns. And holding thus fast to a those guns upon a cathedral. Some- able for an institution to die than it is contradiction, she has died.” thing has severed the connection be- for a man to die. But when death has tween this building and the high heav- been hastened by a violation of this

The Roman Empire was everywhere ens, for the sigh of the world is only higher law, the event is a proper sub- and always, according to Mr. Schoonthat a work of art has been damaged. ject for moralists and there is a lesson maker, a material kingdom, a denial of The beauty of the nave has outlasted to be learned. The sum of this writer's the spiritual world. In essence Christhe religion of the altar. Apollo has indictment is that direction of the moral tianity and Romanism are opposites. triumphed over the Christ.”

forces of the world having been left But the Church, seeking empire, denied Surprise over such an unprecedented to the Church through the centuries, the humanity of Jesus and invented a tribute to art is less significant than the we find ourselves falling into the same claim of divinity for Him similar to the shock of coming face to face with a moral vacuuń into which the Roman claim made for the Caesars as a founprofound change in the Christian world Empire fel]: Wl'hy? Because the pre- dation for outer authority. Through of which we are made aware for the vailing idea of the Church has been militant Peter, Church empire builder, first time. What has been happening? that the spiritual kingdom is not wholly came material pageantry of the Eternal mr. Schoonmaker exclaims: “Only this spiritual, that inner perception must City rather than a spiritual kingdom. morning, it seems, the sighing of Swin- somehow be squared with outward au Paul's philosophy turned a religion to burne’s ‘Last Oracle' was in our ears: thority. In other words, the Church be lived into a creed to be believed. 'Thou has conquered, Galilean.' And lias lost its soul through lust of em Then the Church, with the Roman state here almost in one lightning flash the pire:

model of organization and a creed to pagan world is restored !”

serve the purposes of Roman law, had “The carpenter of Nazareth was in

only to put on empire robes of mag“That which we have witnessed is

every respect a complete antithesis of the simply a unique registering of an ancient Cæsars, and that which He gave to the

nificence. Here is where Cathedral art fact. For, as we all know, it was during world is inherently as opposed to that

appears to come into Mr. Schoonyears of peace that the spirit of the church which Rome gave to the world as one

maker's analysis. The Renaissance was bombarded. That which fell yester- thing can be opposed to another. And was a classical revival; art served the day upon the heart oi the world was Jesus Himself recognized this when He dignitaries of the Church, but thereby

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