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The last word in paint is and saidense

Exactly What
You Should



miller, of whom London Tit-Bits tells. He
had made this remark in a train one day on
the way to market, when a pompous indi-
vidual in the corner turned to him crossly

"Nonsense, sir. I can tell you a great
many things which neither patience
perseverance can accomplish."

"Perhaps you can.' said the miller, “but I have never yet come across one thing."

"Well, then, I'll tell you one. Will patience
and perseverance ever enable you to carry
water in a sieve?"

“I would like to know how."

"Simply by waiting patiently for the

water to freeze.” The best paint makers put it


“Dear Sir," wrote the anxious mother, "I in their best paints. The best

am afraid Johnny is not trying enough.” painters use it on their most teacher, I assure you that Johnny is quite


the harassed important jobs.

trying enough. He is the most trying boy

in the class.' Act upon the facts giren in "l'our llorc,"

Couldn't Remember It All.

Little Robert, says sent free

an exchange, rushed into the kitchen one day and asked his

mother what kind of pie she was making. The New Jersey Zinc Company

“Lemon meringue pie." she answered.

The little fellow disappeared, but presently Room 408, 55 Wall St., New York

returned. “Mamma,” he asked, “what did you

say is the pie's middle name?” For big contract jobs, consult our Research Bureau

Not Their Fault.

recent social affair the talk, accord-
ing to the Philadelphia Telegraph, turned
to sentimentalism, when Congressman Edward
Gilmore of Massachusetts was reminded of a
story about Uncle Josh.

Uncle Josh was comfortably lighting his
FACTORY pipe in the living-room one evening when

Aunt Maria glanced up from her knitting.

"Josh,” softly remarked the good woman, Look at these bargains! Typewriters Rebuilt in

"do you know that next Sunday will be the our own Factories, and guaranteed for one year. Remingtons $20 to $55

twenty-fifth anniversary of our wedding ?” Underwoods $35 to $60 Royals $25 to $45

"Ye don't say so, Maria !” responded Uncle L. 0. Smiths $30 to $50 Olivers $20 to $35

Josh, pulling vigorously on his corn-cob pipe.

“What about it?". AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO., Inc., 345 Broadway, N.Y.

“Nothing," answered Aunt Maria, “only I thought maybe we ought to kill them two

Rhode Island Red chickens.” $50 to $100 Per Week

"Say, Maria,” impressively demanded l'ncle is being made by many agents, both men and women, Island Red chickens fer

Josh, “how can you blame them two Rhode selling the Wallace Portable Electric Lamp-Stands,

what happened Hangs, Clamps or Sticks Anywhere and at any twenty-five years ago ?” Angle you put it. Sells at sight wherever there are electric lights. Advertised in national magazines. Write us for agent's proposition.

Taking Life Easy.

Senator Overman tells this story, and the Wallace Novelty Co., Suite 0, 22 E. 41st St., New York Youth's Companion publishes it :

In the southern part of Arkansas, where the natives take things easy, a man and his

wife were sitting on their porch, when a IMPORTANT!

funeral procession passed the house. The

was comfortably seated in a chair that

was tilted back against the house, and was When notifying Current

whittling a piece of wood. As the procession

passed, he said: Opinion of a change in address, “I reckon ol' man Williams has got about subscribers should give both the the biggest funeral that's ever been held old and the new address. This

round hyer, Caroline."

“A purty good-sized one, is it, Bud?" notice should reach us about queried the wife, making no effort to move. two weeks before the change is

“Certainly is !" Bud answered.

"I surely would like to see it," said the to take effect.

"What a pity I ain't facin' that


- if you only knew how well! I build up your vitality-at the same time I strengthen your heart action; teach you how to breathe, to stand. walk and relieve such ments as

Nervousness, Torpid
Liver, Constipation,

Indigestion, Etc.
One pupil writes: "I weigh 83
pounds less, and I have gained
wonderfully in strength."
Another says: "Last May I
weighed 100 pounds, this May 1
weigh 126 and ob ! I feel So well.
Won't you sit down and write now
for my interesting booklet. You
are welcome to it. It is FREE.
Don't wait, you may forget it. I
have had a wonderful experience
and I should like to tell you about

Susanna Cocroft Dept. 6,624 Michigan Boulevard, Chicago Miss Cocroft is a college-hred wma. She is the recognized authority on the scientific care of the health

and figure of women.

At a


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Smiths $18 to $40

Made in 17 degrees to suit all requirements, also 2 copying degrees.
Send for an interesting booklet.

AMERICAN LEAD PENCIL Co., 229 Fifth Ave., New York

We have all makes, Send for catalog and address of nearest branch office.

She Plunged Europe An Epigram




Looking For a Bargain Perhaps.
OLD LADY (looking oier art student copy'-
ing at South Kensington from the old mas-
ters): “Now, that's uncommon bright and
pretty; ain't it, John? Something like a pic-
ture, I calls that !”

OLD GENTLEVAN: “Yes, my dear, I won-
der”—ruminatively—“what they're going to
do with the old ones?”

She ruled France more absolutely than any monarch because she had at her feet both the King and ministry. How she did it, how women have ruled the world's rulers and always will rule them is told in this new volume.

Memoirs of Madame Du Barry

It is a grippingly fascinating journal of the woman who had more power than any king of to-day. But it is more than that, it is a human document, the baring of a soul. Never having been

intended for publication, it gives the gossip of the kitchen and the back stairs and the "boudoir cabinets" which Jeanette Du Barry dominated as mistress of Louis the XV. It puts you into the heart and mind of this extraordinary woman and indirectly of all such women. Perhaps to-day some such woman is swaying your state, your community, unknown, as Du Barry was unknown to the French people of her time. This is a book for all times. You must read it.

Sent On Approval Remit $2.00 and this beautiful and interesting De Luxe volume will be sent on approval, all charges prepaid. If after five days you don't want it, return it and your money will be refunded. Current Literature Publishing Co. 134 W. 29th St., NEW YORK, N. Y.


Course of forty lessons in the history,
form, structure, and writing of the

Short-Story taught by Dr. J. Berg
Esen wein, for years Editor of Lippincott's

One student writes: I know that you
will be pleased when I tell you that I
have just received a check for $125 from
'Everybody's' for a humorous story.
They ask for more. I am feeling very
happy, and very grateful to Dr. Esen-

Also courses in Photoplay Writing. Ver. sification and Poetics. Journalism.

In all, over One Hundred ('ourses. under protes. Dr. Esenwein sors in Harvard Brown. ('ornell, and other

leading colleges. 250-Page Catalog Free. Please Address The Home Correspondence School

Dept. 266, Springfield, Mass.

Might Get It That Way.
An absent-minded husband, says the Ladies'
Home Journal, was asked by his wife to stop
in a store on his way down-town and buy her
three articles of feminine Wear. Of course
when he reached the store he had forgotten
what they were. So the young clerk behind
the first counter was amazed to hear :

"Excuse me, my wife told me to come in
here and get her some things to wear and I've
forgotten what they are. Would you mind
naming over a few things?”

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Treasurer, Steinway & Sons


Editorial Note:

spray of water, and at the same instant "Disrupted organization is of vital Our children will live to see the day send in a fire alarm.

moment to Steinway & Sons, because when the dreaded fire peril will be as

"We found that even in the day the sweet tone of the Steinway piano obsolete as log houses; the day when there time, when our 500 employees are on which has a world-wide reputation is will be no such thing as buildings or build- duty, a small blaze might gain great the product of a peculiar organization ing contents that will burn.

headway, if no sprinkler was there that has handed the method down

like a sentinel to automatically discover from father to son. No one or two All buildings and their contents will be as immune from fire as ifvaccinated." it

, drench it and automatically call for of our artists and artisans can produce

the fire department. Automatic fire this Steinway tone, but the whole This method is not a new and untested fighting is obviously quicker and more organization working in harmony, is thing. It is old and practical. it is fatal to fire than human attack. what creates it. thirty years old. It has prevented many "We found that the Grinnell Sprink “Therefore, if through a stoppage of thousand fires from getting away,put- ler System is a vaccine which makes our plants by fire, this organization ting them out with an average loss of both building and its contents immune were disbanded and scattered, the loss only $265 per fire. from fire.

to us would be a calamity. And we A world-wide campaign against fire “Therefore, 3 years ago we installed propose to have no such calamity.” has begun. Great business concerns have a Grinnell Automatic Sprinkler System

(End of letter) consented to give their experience with this in our plants.

No Investment Needed "vaccine,for the benefit of merchants,

Saved $15,000 Per Year

The reason why many reputable manufacturers, public officials and human

“The initial cost of the Grinnell in- Construction Companies offer to furity, in the hope that their experience may

stallation was $30,000. As soon lead every building owner or tenant to

nish an automatic sprinkler system the equipment was in, the insurance free of charge is quite clear, when you give his property the treatment."

companies reduced the cost of our The following is the first of these experi- insurance $15,000 per year.

consider the large saving on insurance.

Thus These construction companies purences, written by Mr. Frederick Reide

during the three years which the chase the sprinkler system, have it inmeister, Treasurer Steinway & Sons, one Grinnell System has been in our stalled in your plant; let the insurance of the greatest piano manufacturers in the plant, it has paid for itself and, besides, reductions pay for it, then deliver it world.

has earned a profit of $15,000. It will free and clear to you, taking a small Read this Steinway Letter

continue to earn a profit of $15,000 margin of profit for themselves.

per year indefinitely- perhaps as long “The Steinway plant, located at

Small Concerns Benefit as we are in business. Steinway, Long Island, has the regular “This reduction may seem incredible,

as Well as Large New York City fire department - the but when it is known that our rate Smaller concerns than Steinway, best that money can buy-only 5 min- dropped from $1.50 to 1078 cents per which need to keep their working utes away.

hundred dollars as soon as the Grinnell capital undisturbed, should see in this "In addition to this city fire protec- System was installed, the fact that we new method a great opportunity to tion, we have our own fire department effected a saving of $15,000 per year make money without investment. in the Steinway plant. We have two will not be astonishing.

Any obstacles (local or foreign) 50,000 gallon cisterns connected with a

"Purchasing and installing an auto- which are preventing you from instaltremendous high pressure steam pump,

matic sprinkler system in our plant is ling sprinklers can be overcome by our and these are connected with stand pipes and hose throughout our buildthe most profitable business we have experts. We have shown hundreds of

merchants and manufacturers how to ings. We also maintain a fire brigade engaged in or known of.

get sprinklers in spite of seeming obequipped with a chemical engine and "When asked what first induced us stacles, such as short leases, inadequate have frequent fire drills.

to install automatic sprinklers, we re water supply, indisposition to invest “These two fire departments would plied “To get a low insurance rate, working capital in sprinklers, despoilaseem more than abundant fire protec but that was not the only inducement. tion of artistic effects, exposure hazards, tion. But they were not enough to “For example, we have 500 employ- lack of watchman service, unheated get us a low insurance rate.

ees working in our plants. We wanted buildings, etc., etc. “And until we could get a low rate them absolutely free from the peril of

Many concerns which now have of insurance we knew our buildings fire. Also, we wanted our employees Grinnell sprinklers thought it imposwere not safe from fire. As the insur- free from any danger of being thrown sible to have sprinkler protection until ance rate, so the fire danger. out of employment.

they wrote us. "We found that only an automatic The Real Tragedy of Fire Dictate a short letter to your secresprinkler system would reduce our in

“Lastly, we did not want the business tary-now—telling the reasons, if any, surance rate to the point where we interruption which a fire always entails why you think you cannot have a felt out of danger.

- the real tragedy of a fire. One can Grinnell System. "We found that a fire department recover his property loss from the in The Grinnell Automatic Sprinkler and a watchman system, however effi surance companies, but he cannot System is manufactured and installed cient, cannot automatically discover a recover the orders which a fire prevents by the General Fire Extinguisher Comfire in our buildings at dead of night; his filling, nor can he recover his dis- pany, 276 West Exchange St., Providrench it instantly with a quenching banded organization. .

dence, Rhode Island.

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ITS EFFECTS ON THE WILSON ADMINISTRATION THE 'HE most serious situation that has developed in our after the close of the European war, and the ships

relations with the warring nations, especially with should then revert to the navy, as naval auxiliaries, or, Germany, found us last month in the midst of a bitter if not suitable for such use, might be leased to private political struggle in Ilashington—the most bitter that owners. As this is written, the fight on this new form has taken place during the Wilson administration. In of the bill is still on, but the passage of the bill seems to the Senate, resort has been had, and by such Senators be impossible. as Root, Burton and Lodge, to that most extreme of

President Wilson's Hold all forms of opposition, the filibuster. The floor was

On His Party. held by Senators in opposition to the ship-purchase bili, IT HAS become increasingly clear that this contest

over the ship-purchase bill is a sort of premature the debate. The life of this Congress terminates by opening of the next presidential contest. The division law on the fourth of March, and the effort of the Re in both houses of Congress has been pretty nearly on publicans was to delay a vote on the bill, if necessary, partisan lines. Altho Democratic leaders like Clark, until the end of the session. Test votes indicated that Underwood and Kitchin are opposed to the plan, yet 45 Democratic Senators and 3 Republicans were ready the appeal to support the administration was made to support the bill and 41 Republicans and 7 Democrats effectively, Speaker Clark himself, in the Democratic ready to vote against it—48 on each side, leaving the caucus, saying: “You have wandered in the wilderness Vice-President to cast the deciding vote. With no rule for sixteen years and unless you follow the leader of in the Senate for the closing of debate, the defeat of your party you will wander again.” The President's the bill became simply a question of physical endurance, power over his party was never more signally shown lung-power and constant vigilance. The Democrats than in the case of this bill. According to one Demostood the delay until within fourteen working days of cratic Senator, quoted but not named by Colonel J. C. the end of the session. Then, with most of the big ap Hemphill, there are not twelve Democratic Senators propriation bills yet to be passed, they brought in a who are at heart in favor of the bill. It came as a surclôture measure, and the Republicans promptly pro- prise, the program for this session being to pass the ceeded to filibuster on that. Then a new turn was appropriation bills and not take up any other important made. A Republican bill—the Weeks bill—that had measures. Yet, “under the spell of the White House,” already passed the Senate and had gone to the lower the President's followers in both houses have gone to house, was entirely made over in the House by means the limit in support of the measure. With a big deficit of amendments into a modified ship-purchase bill, was looming up in spite of a “war tax," an income tax and then adopted and sent back to the Senate in the hope a corporation tax, they have consented to the unexof satisfying enough rebellious Democrats to secure a pected appropriation of the $40,000,000 carried by this clear majority. The important change made in this bill. They have given it the right of way over all the new Weeks-Gore bill was one which provided that the other appropriation bills, and, after a month of futile experiment in government ownership and operation of effort to overcome the obstruction of the Republican merchant ships' should automatically end two years

filibuster, the House caucus again, on February 16, by

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commerce is being seriously hampered and ocean-rates intolerably increased, in some cases tenfold above the normal; and that no one has proposed any other method by which the situation can be met except the system of subsidies, which has been explicitly rejected by the Democratic party over and over again. "Opposition to the measure," says the N. Y. World, the most vigorous champion of the bill to be found in the press, "offers nothing but subsidy in its place":

"In the view of the elder statesmen, it is all right to make a gift of $30,000,000 to ship-owners who agree to take out American registry, but it is all wrong to expend $30,000,000 for vessels which the people will own and control. Here

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- McCutcheon in Chicago Tribune

a vote of 154 to 29, registered the will of the President, every one of his wishes, according to the New York Times Washington correspondent, being "observed to the letter.” Yet there seems to be no doubt, in the

Sesong minds of Democrats themselves, that the political situation has been very gravely affected by the fight over

"We have come into a period of confidence.”—President Wilson.

Puzzle: Find the confidence. the bill. “There is no question," says the Charleston

-Cesare in X. Y. Sun Nen's and Courier, “but that President Il'ilson is face to face with a dangerous crisis." "It is freely said,"

again it is monopoly and privilege and plunder on the one remarks another Democratic paper, the Buffalo Courier,

side and Government ownership on the other. Confronted "that this ship episode has knocked out President \\'il

by such an issue, with no other way out, most of the Demo

crats in Congress adhere to Government ownership, and son for a second term. Maybe it has. The President

The l'orld agrees with them. certainly doesn't act like a man fishing for a second “Government ownership is a last resort, to be accepted term.”

not because it is Democratic but because it is the one final

remedy for political and economic 'hold-ups.'"
Government Ownership versus
Government Subsidies.

The same paper lays stress on the fact that six years (EVER before, perhaps, has a measure that has

ago, under the Roosevelt administration, the federal made so much of a stir received so little discussion. It was proposed as an emergency measure, to

government bought and proceeded to operate the Pan

ama Railway Company and with it a line of steamships meet the conditions resulting from the war, and was,

running from New York to Christobal, an experiment for that reason, rushed through the lower house. In

in government ownership that "has not undermined the the contest in the Senate the Democrats have refused

Constitution, demoralized ocean rates or injured any to argue the points raised, on the ground that prompt private interest in its continuing.” action rather than argument is demanded. Hardly a Democratic leader has been heard from on the measure

Startling Increase in with the exception of Secretary McAdoo and Secretary

Ocean Rates. Redfield and President Wilson himself, Even the IN

NA communication to the Senate, Secretaries McPresident has had very little to say in public, his refer

Adoo and Redfield supported the measure on the ence to the measure at Indianapolis being very brief ground of the saving to be effected for American shipand his speech before the National Chamber of Com pers. They said: merce not touching on the measure at all, much to the

“The increased ocean freight charge arbitrarily imposed surprise of those present. The defense of the bill has

upon our farmers and business men, for the month of been almost entirely confined to two lines, namely, that December, 1914, only, was $18,018,700. If exports by sea there is a ship famine, in consequence of which our continue for the twelve months of 1915 at the December,


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