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Address Department L

Biddle-Gaumer Company

(Formerly John L. Gaumer Co.) 3846 to 3856 Lancaster Avenue, PHILADELPHIA






barometers. As long as the house will "Yes, madam, these are Amer

fill the order, the average salesman will ican Optical Co. Toric lenses.

send it in. Frequently the credit man

ager at the home office and the salesI am glad you spoke of it. So few people

men in the field are at odds. They may are careful enough about lenses. Yet nothing is more important in buying glasses.

not acknowledge it, but most salesmen The American Optical Company has been making glasses for eighty years. It is the

feel that the credit manager is too oldest optical manufacturing company in America and the largest in the world. We

cautious and too tight-fisted. If sales

men buy.”

were penalized for each failure Ask your oculist, optometrist or optician

among their customers, the house would he knows.

have fewer losses. This method might AMERICAN OPTICAL CO.

be an injustice and tend to limit the Southbridge Massachusetts

efficiency of the sales force; but at least Largest Manufac

the salesmen should be made to send in turers of Spectacles, Eyeglasses

more comprehensive reports on new and Lenses in


and doubtful accounts. the World.

“The credit man should meet his customer face to face,” says the president of the National Grocer Company. "In

this way he can bring into effect all his

power of judging personality. I pre-
sume that I have made mistakes in
reading men's faces, but I am usually
able to decide very promptly by a man's
talk and appearance whether he is hon-
est or dishonest. I can read it in his
countenance, his talk and his manner.”
"HE average credit manager seldom

has an opportunity of meeting his

men personally, and therefore he

must find other means of determining
whether or not a customer is entitled
to credit courtesy. One credit manager

whom I know carries on quite an exFor Hoarseness tensive correspondence with all the cus

A convenient and effective remedy tomers of his concern. This is done
for throat troubles. Popular among
public speakers and singers. largely through form letters, individ-
coughs, loss of voice, irritation or sore-
ness of the throat, Brown's Bronchial ually typed. He tells me that by study-
Troches are better than syrups.
Can be carried in pocket or purse and

ing the replies he is able to gather a
used freely whenever needed. They
contain no opiates.

good deal of information about the men
Sold only in Boxes--never in bulk.

themselves, about the condition of their 25c, 50c, and $1.00. Sample Free. JOHN I. BROWN & SON Boston, Mass. business, and trade conditions.

The credit manager must work with the sales department to build up sales and develop trade, and must not drive it away by drastic collection methods or undue caution; and yet he must be so

well informed that he will not lose an You must not confuse the Acousticon with on account or let it run so long that it beinstrument you regulate instantly to clearly free

comes unprofitable or dangerous. It is Hear Every Sound easy to reduce the losses if a man ignear or distant-loud or low, indoors or out

trial doors, under every conceivable condition. The

nores the necessity for business develAcousticon receives the sound by our exclusive indirect principle, and transmits it to

opment. At the same time he should your hearing in its original tone. blurred-not a single sound is barsh,

see that credit is not so easily obtained The Acousticon covers

that the buyer does not feel the serious 48 Degrees of Deafness Unless "stone deaf" the Acousticon

obligation of paying accounts when due. perfectly. Not a theory-not new

As a general rule, few of the haz

ards and risks are in new accounts NO DEPOSIT TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL

if the new customer buys in small Write for Special Limited Offer=no money down

amounts. Even the dishonest buyer EASY TERMS Learn how to secure an

will pay promptly at first, and the honly payments before special offer expires. WRITE now for greatest free book of facts for Ifor est buyer will strive to keep his credit

the deaf-testimonials from ministers, judges and hundreds of others everywhere.

by paying small bills on time. It is far General Acoustic Co., 1327 Candler Bldg., 220 W. 42nd St.,

New York City

the more important to watch the rapidly 468 Yonge' Street, Toronto, Canada

growing account and the account of
the customer who has been buying from
time to time, and has been reasonably
prompt, but who suddenly or gradually
slips in his payments. Then is the time
to investigate and without delay. A

should not be so hide


When notifying Current Opinion of a change in address, subscribers should give both the old and the new address. This notice should reach us about two weeks before the change is to take effect.



Famous Acousticon

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enables you to hear every soundor untried-but a world-known success for many years.

-not even a promise to buy. Let us prove tho Acousticon is the instrument you must use.

Acousticon on easy month


Now Direct By Mail credit manager should not be so hide

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If you

bound that he cannot ask his competitor about his customers. Too much credit has caused the downfall of many an otherwise good customer. cannot collect an account when it is small, it isn't any easier to collect when it is larger. This is a self-evident truism, and yet how frequently it is overlooked and good merchandise is sent to collect a bad account. If a customer is justly entitled to a rating of $5,000, and seven concerns are each allowing a credit of $1,500 to $2,000, somebody is treading on dangerous ground. Better get together and conpare figures. This is true not only of small concerns but of large ones as well. Too much credit wrecked the Claflin Company and it resulted in failure for the Siegel Company, just as it has ruined the corner-grocer and the village dry-goods dealer.


There are two kinds of discontent in this world: The discontent that works, and the discontent that wrings its hands. The first gets what it wants, and the second loses what it has. There's no cure for the first but success; and there's no cure at all for the second.-Lorimer.


Nabisco Sugar Wafers are tempting morsels. Ne'er were fairy sandwiches more delectable than these cream-centered dessert confections. Serve them with ices, creams or beverages. In tencent and twenty-five-cent tins. ADORA Sugar Wafers—Another dessert confection with sweetened-cream filling.



AVID GIBSON, of Cleveland,


you have anybody working for you and they lie down on their job, don't fire them at once—just call them in and tell this story:

"Down in Virginia a farmer had an ox and a mule that he hitched together to a plow. One night, after several days of continuous plowing, and after the ox and mule had been stabled and provendered for the night, the ox said to the mule, 'we've been workin' pretty hard, let's play off sick to-morrow and lie here in the stalls all day.'

“ 'You can if you want to,' returned the mule, “but I believe I'll go to work.' So the next morning when the farmer came out the ox played off sick; the farmer bedded him down with clean straw, gave him fresh hay, a bucket of oats and bran mixed, left him for the day and went forth alone with the mule to plow. All that day the ox lay in his stall, chewed his cud and nodded, slowly blinked his eyes and gently swished his tail.

That night, when the mule came in, the ox asked how they got along plowing alone all day. ‘Well,' said the mule, “it was hard and we didn't get much done, and—'Did the old man have anything to say about me?' interrupted the ox. 'No,' replied the mule.

"Well, then,' went on the ox, 'I believe I'll play off again to-morrow; it was certainly fine lying here all day and resting.' 'That's up to you,' said the mule, 'but I'll go out and plow.' So the next day the ox played off again,

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was bedded down with clean straw, provendered with hay, bran and oats, and lay all day nodding, blinking, chewing his cud and gently swishing his tail.

“When the mule came in at night the ox asked again how they got along without him. “About the same as yesterday,' replied the mule coldly. “Did the old man have anything to say about me?' again inquired the ox. No, replied the mule, 'not to me, but he did have a long talk with the butcher on the way home.'”


Mergenthaler Linotype

Brooklyn, NY.

Built Kahn System

Reinforced Concrete Albert Kahn, Architect Ernest Wilby, Associate

I think it rather fine, this necessity for the tense bracing of the will before anything worth doing can be done. I rather like it myself. I feel it to be the chief thing that differentiates me from the cat by the fire.—Arnold Bennett.

A Service of Specialists Plus Superior Building Products really a big problem—it's just a col


FRIEND in St. Paul, who holds a real man-sized job, tells me that a big business problem isn't

The cooperation of our specialists in reinforced concrete construction is of inestimable value to engineer, architect and owner. Our practical experience, gained from thousands of important structures, is available in every building operation where Kahn Products are used.

Kahn System of Reinforced Concrete, including all types of design and all forms of reinforcement, ensures fireproofness, permanence and economy. Utilized wherever good buildings are built, it gives universal satisfaction.

Hy=Rib is the ideal reinforcement for roofs, sidings, walls, partitions, ceilings, floors, etc. This steel sheathing with rigid deep ribs eliminates forms, studs, and channels, saving labor and expense. The light weight of Hy-Rib construction, its saving in space, and its fireproofness assure efficiency and economy.

United Steel Sash are in a class by themselves, characterized by superior strength, weight, and workmanship. Manufactured by the cold welding process, and equipped with improved hardware made in our own shops. United Steel Sash are especially designed to meet individual requirements in any type of sliding and pivoted sash or casements.

No matter when or what you intend to build, write to us now for special literature and valuable suggestions, free. TRUSSED CONCRETE STEEL COMPANY, Dept. G101, Youngstown, Ohio

Representatives in Principal Cities


American Optical Company

Southbridge, Mass.

Built Kahn System Reinforced Concrete

S. F. McIntosh, Engineer

lection of little problems. In order to solve the big problem, the shortest and best way is to analyze it into a lot of little problems, and go after each one separately. This is a good point to remember when we come to wrestle with some important question affecting our business.

Instead of trying to cover it with one sweeping answerlet's pick it to pieces and find the answer to each little separate problem.

While some men have minds broad, quick and comprehensive enough to grapple and solve a big question in toto, the majority of us are apt to save time and money by going at the question piecemeal. After all, the two proc

are the same, only the exceptional man has the power to analyze almost by instinct, and pick out from the mass the vital factors which we others must pick out after separating the mass into its various constituents.

The average head of a business has laid before him, at least once a month, a carefully compiled result sheet of some sort, showing business done, gross profits, department overhead, general expense and selling expense. This report is, as a rule, subdivided according to the needs of the business, and shows the value of certain facts in determining policies. In fact, without such a sheet, any business man is up against a stone wall the minute he attempts to do any analyzing requiring reference to the past history of his business.

F SUCH a compilation of figures has any value, it is to give the busi

ness man a chance to analyze his big problem (increased cost of manufacturing, increasing cost of selling goods—whatever it be) into its constituent parts, and be able to say to himself


Ten Thousand High-School Students

in every way qualified for a higher education are obliged to forego its advantages because of lack of funds to gratify their ambition. If you are one of these students, the

Current Opinion Scholarship Fund can help you. It is helping hundreds of ambitious high-school boys and girls earn the funds for a complete four years' college course. You choose your own college.

The Fund offers to well-qualified students Cash Scholarships, renewable and non-forfeitable, ranging in value from $300 up.

Send today for a free booklet, The Open Door to a College Education.


New York City




The Telephone Unites the Nation


or those responsible: “Here is a leak; there is an apparent bad spot. Now let's see what's the reason in each case and find a remedy if possible. Probably the sum total of our remedies will answer the big problem we

are up against.”

The most exact system of accounting—the most detailed result sheet—is valueless, however, if the results arrived at not studied carefully, methodically and sensibly. The business man who understands figures and makes it a point to analyze his result sheet will be able to stop leaks in his business plumbing before the plaster falls about his head. Those faults in the management


business that eventually kill profits generally start on a smail scale and grow. Nobody notices them at first. And because they grow so gradually, nobody notices the fact that their effect on the business is bad and getting worse right along. Like a snowball rolling downhill, such faults accumulate momentum. \hen they get too big to avoid notice, someone tries to stop thém. But there's a difference between stopping a snowball and an avalanch.

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T this time, our country

have beheld the nation as it is looms large on the world today. horizon as an example of the At first, the telephone was popular faith in the underlying the voice of the community. principles of the republic.

As the population increased and We are truly one people in its interests grew more varied, all that the forefathers, in their the larger task of the telephone most exalted moments, meant was to connect the communities by that phrase.

and keep all the people in touch,

regardless of local conditions In making us a homogeneous

or distance.
people, the railroad, the tele-
graph and the telephone have

The need that the service been important factors. They

should be universal was just as have facilitated communication great as that there should be a and intervisiting, bringing us

common language. This need closer together, giving us a better

defined the duty of the Bell understanding and promoting more intimate relations.

Inspired by this need and The telephone has played its

repeatedly aided by new invenpart as the situation has required.

tions and improvements, the That it should have been

Bell System has become the

welder of the nation. planned for its present usefulness is as wonderful as that the It has made the continent a vision of the forefathers should community. AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY


TO KEEP a complicated system of

costs and accounts, to put the

results in the shape of a systematized report each day or week or month, and then to have those responsible glance at the sheet and merely remark: "Gross receipts were a little off last month. Overhead is running a little higher. Well, it might be worse," and file it all away for future referencewell, that sort of system serves about the same purpose as the morocco-bound volumes, with uncut leaves, you'll sometimes find filling the shelves of newlymade millionaires.

The man who constantly uses his result-sheet to smoke out as many as possible of the little problems that are affecting adversely the volume of profits of his business is never likely to run against a problem too big to be tackled and solved. But the one who files the sheet away “for future reference” will find little consolation months or years hence in tracing back through its aid the cause of a load of grief that has suddenly landed his shoulders.

Figures often lie to the one who doesn't get beneath their surface—but they talk to the one who burrow's clown among them and gets acquainteil. Study your result sheet. Solve the little problems while they're little. Know what's doing in your business —not what you think is doing. It saves worry and profits.


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You Have a Right to Independence


ZOU have a right to Independence, but you must have an honest purposo

to earn it. Many huvo purpose, ambition and energy, but thorough direction

and intelligent help must be supplied. My instruction supplies the first, and our Co-operation Burean fulfills the second. Large numbers have availed themselves of both, succeeding to a remarkablo degree. Investigate without prejudice this opportunity to

Learn the Collection Business

and escapo salaried drucigery for life. If you have an idea that the collection business as I teach it is not safe, suro and dignified as a bank, or any other profitable business, you aro mistaken, and I will prove it, if you earnestly desire to get ahead. No essential branch of business is so limitless, por less crowded. No business may be built so large without investment of capital. I will gladly send you, for the asking,

“Pointers on the Collection Business"
It may mean comfort for life, if not a great deal more.

Write for it now
W.A. Shryer

AMERICAN COLLECTION SERVICE, 273 State St., Detroit, Mich.

Don't waste any time worrying about the soft snap you think some one cise luas. He is doing just as much worrying as you arc.

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