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of coal used; ampere hours and volt- proach. So many times we hear it said Various methods of presentation age of current generated; heating con by a salesman that he never knows were tried to get at the facts at the ditions, such as cubical contents, radi- what he is going to talk about when he first interview, but without avail. Then ating surface and exposure.

enters a man's store, until he meets it was decided to use junior salesmen This information is obtained by the the proprietor. We trust too much —understudies—as "finders.” The time technical man by direct investigation to catch-as-catch-can methods in ap- value of these young men averaged at the plant. He also has made a pho- proaching merchants. It is of great only one-third of that of a salesman. tograph of each plant as well as the importance in every case to make a And so three or four calls by one of building which it supplies. He then thoro study of the prospect's business these finders equaled in cost only one tabulates the data so as to show plainly before you introduce yourself to him. call by a salesman. the cost of operating the building with You can easily make a purchase of a The company compiles a list of prosthe existing plant, compared with the cigar, or apple, or any article in the pects in each salesman's territory and proposed cost of operating it with Edi- store, and at the same time hand the then turns these names over to the son service. This comparison is made clerk a piece of money which will re finders to obtain data on each name. with existing methods of operating quire him to make change. You can No set method is followed, as, natuwhatever machinery may already be in in this way see the location of the cash rally, conditions differ with each prosthe building, and with the indicated drawer, and learn the method of han- pect. Much of the information is changes in operative methods neces dling the sale. If possible, enter into picked up from outside sources, but sary to equip the building most eco conversation with the clerk.

when necessary the finder goes straight nomically with Edison service.

"Train your mind to grasp the situ- to the office of the prospect and quizzes

ation in the store—to see in a moment's him at first hand. HEN the technical man com

time how the charge business is han As fast as information is obtained on pletes his report, it is turned died. Gather from the baskets on the each prospect, it is turned over to the over to a salesman who uses

floor whether the merchant delivers salesman who covers that particular it as a basis upon which to

goods by drivers, and from the bill in territory. prepare

Then by studying it the a proposition and selling talk for the basket his method of handling this salesman can go straight to the pros

the presentation to

transaction. of the

From his fixtures and pect and launch a selling talk which building. How such a proposition is show-cases you can see whether or not will hit the bull's-eye right from the presented depends largely upon the

he is progressive. From the kind of start. This method has resulted in type of man with whom the sales scales he uses you can see whether he sales being made in a lesser number of man has to deal—the same as in other is a believer in modern equipment; from calls than before, and at a proportionlines of business. But the point is

his show-window, whether he is smart ately lower cost. here: a technical man seldom makes a enough to take advantage of advertiz Firms that sell pianos, stoves, and good salesman, and a salesman seldom ing space; from the general appear- the like, to farmers, use a similar plan

ance of his store and

his clerks, you has an aptitude for technical work.

with great success. During the sum

see whether he is a believer in The Edison Company realizes that each

mer, college and high-school students of these two parts of the sale calls for neatness and discipline.

are hired to make a canvass of certain expert knowledge. And so it places

"You can train yourself to take in territories, and find out the make of both in the hands of specialists. Thus

the entire situation in a few minutes, stove or piano owned by every farmer, the salesman can go straight to the

and will thus be fortified in your first how long he has had it, and whether

interview with the proprietor. You owner of a plant and command his

or not he is satisfied with it. Other ininstant attention because he not only will not only be able to show him formation such as the standing of the knows the Edison proposition but also

where money-leaks are likely to occur farmer, the size of his family, their that of the prospect. And, further- in his store, but, from the kind of fix- likes and dislikes, is obtained at the

tures he more, a study of the technical man's

and appliances with

same time.

This information is then which he surrounds himself, you can report has shown him just what ob

passed on to salesmen, who work each jections the prospect will raise, to over

judge very closely the kind of system territory a week or so after the income which he can prepare arguments

to present to him and whether he will vestigators, and use the data to guide in advance of his call, instead of trust

be easy or difficult to interest in a mod- them in phrasing their selling talks. ing to spur-of-the-moment replies.

ern, up-to-date system." By the use of these methods the

HERE'S a sales promoter in ChiEdison Company succeeds in inducing OT all businesses, however, offer

cago-Roy H. Randel—who has a right along, with a minimum of effort, the same opportunities for quick reputation for being able to stock owners of private plants to close them

sizing up as a retail store. Busi- up druggists with any new article in down in favor of Edison service. The ness offices in general seldom show on record time. It was recently the prividifficult nature of this work, and the the surface the plan of campaign in op- lege of the writer to watch him in acvalue of the methods used, will be fully eration. This can be learned only by tion. Randel had decided that a big appreciated when it is considered that personal investigation. Arthur W. market existed for a certain proprietary the average sale of this nature repre- Newcomb, who is associated with Har- article which retailed at one dollar. He sents a revenue to the Edison Com rington Emerson, the efficiency expert, had already decided on the manufacturer pany of from $10,000 to $20,000 per tells of the successful application of this to approach. But before presenting his year.

preliminary investigation idea to a con- proposition to the manufacturer, he

cern which sells a sixty-dollar plan of spent an entire week in calling on drug HE necessity of this preliminary business promotion. Selling cost ran stores in and around Chicago and work on prospects is not limited altogether too high. On investigation sounding them out. He would go into

exclusively to. high-priced propo- it was decided that the way to cut sell a store as a customer, make a purchase sitions. The National Cash Register ing cost in this case was to reduce the of some sort, and then draw the proCompany finds it of great value in sell number of calls by each salesman. This prietor or one of the assistants into ing cash register systems from fifty dol- waste of effort took the form of the conversation. In the course of this lars up to the thousands. In a talk to salesman having to devote the first few talk he would discover the attitude of his sales force, Mr. John H. Patterson calls to finding out details of the pros- the store toward the article in which said: “Enough importance has not been pect's business, and his point of con he was interested. At the end of the attached to the value of proper aptact.

weck he had accumulated a

mass of



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vital information on actual trade condi- actually sell supplies to the building usually work. This information is obtions. This data he tabulated and used owner, or to the architect, altho their tained directly as well as indirectly. It it to guide him in preparing his sell- influence is, of course, valuable. The is maintained by the supply house in ing talk to the manufacturer. As a contractor is the man who makes the card-index form. Then the moment result of this preliminary investigation actual purchase. To find out the name they learn that a certain architect is he was able to close à $20,000 deal of the contractor the architect is work preparing plans for a new building they with only four calls. Natural selling ing with, before this information be send a salesman to see the contractors ability, of course, figures largely in his comes public knowledge, is the prob with which he works, as indicated by success, but he places the greatest im- lem. When this can be done, the sup the card-index record. As a double portance upon his preliminary investi- ply house can submit a proposition long check, the investigator is sent to the gations. in advance of competitors.

architect to see if he intends using conThere is a builders' supply house Most architects, the firm in question tractors other than those with which he it wouldn't do to mention the city or discovered, have a firm or firms of con- usually works, and also to the owners the firm name—that constantly suc tractors with which they prefer to of the projected building. By using ceeds in outwitting competitors in land- work. The name of these connections this simple method the builders' supply ing orders for new buildings.

represented very valuable information house is able to scoop its competitors

to the builders' supply house. And so on many a sale. ERE is the way it works out: The they hired an investigator to find out owners of a projected building from the principal architects in the Thrice armed is he who hath his quarrel engage an architect to prepare territory they cover the names of the

just." And the man who adds good humor

to his offensive and defensive equipment is plans. Now it is useless to attempt to contractors with which the architects

well-nigh invincible.



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HE late Robert McQuillan, a he tackled his own problems. The ac-

FTENTIMES a concern whose man who was a real busi- count in question was a large one, and real assets are practically nil ness builder, and directly re for fear of offending the customer, who

will have a good rating, while sponsible for the success of had a good commercial agency rating, a concern with actual and material as

A. Storrs, Bement & Com- I permitted it to “worry along." In sets will have a very poor rating. The pany, of Boston, once said to me: less than six months the customer had system by which the agencies secure “There are only two grades of credit, failed, and our company was out sev their data is, perhaps, the best that is the good and the bad. There are no eral thousand dollars. Since then I possible under present conditions; but betwixt or middlings. Never take a have had considerable experience in it is pretty much the same system that gambler's chance on a credit propo- credit-making and credit-taking, and I was in use a quarter of a century ago. sition.

realize fully the soundness of my There has been little improvement, nor "Most business to-day is conducted friend's admonition.

is it any more exact. The agency asks on a narrow margin of profit. Why Roger W. Babson, the statistician, for a statement, which is usually furshould a man risk the loss of goods says: “One cause of the increased cost nished; the representative of the agency which have actually cost him eighty- of living is the extension of the credit makes a few inquiries, interviews the five dollars, if there is a chance of not

system.” But suppose credit were sud manager of the business; and then the getting a hundred dollars back in denly to be removed from the business agency, acting on its best knowledge money at the end of thirty or sixty world—what would happen? The great and belief, fixes the rating. days? I would rather bet my eighty- wheels of the world's business would

If a business is in an uncertain confive dollars on a two-for-one horse, come to an absolute standstill. lle dition, the manager is usually anxious than to extend credit to a man who would retrograde to the small scale to furnish statements and will go out was only “reasonably' good pay. If my of olden times, and business of his way to make sure that the inhorse won, I would receive one hun- would again become insignificant trad vestigator secures the right kind of indred per cent. profit for having taken There would be no large organ

formation. But I have known many the chance; while my profit would only izations of industry; commerce would business men whose affairs were in be fifteen dollars on the credit trans

cease, and half the world would be excellent condition who refused to give action. If you are going to take the idle.

a statement to the agencies, and who gambler's chance, my dear Holmes, take

The word "credit” comes from credo would be brusque and almost rude to the gambler's profits at the same time.” (I believe), and every transaction per

their representatives. The agency men I asked my friend McQuillan if he formed by credit involves the belief on

are only human, and having been had found it possible to reduce his

the part of one man in the integrity rebuffed will give the business only credit transactions to mathematical for

The most

a “reasonable rating.” Personally I and character of another. mulas, and his reply was: “Not by successful credit managers I have

would much rather extend credit courany means; we lose money every year

tesies to these men who are brusque owing to poor judgment or lack of known were, like my friend McQuillan,

than to the smiling, look-us-all-over correct information. But our losses depending on their own judgment of

fellows who appear to tell everything. are smaller than most other concerns human nature, plus the best informa

They never tell the things we ought in our line of business, simply because tion they could secure from all sources.

to know. we will not take the chances which No matter how well-rated a customer they do.”

may be, no matter how prompt he is O NOT misunderstand me. This with his payments, they keep their fin

is no brief against commercial T THAT time I was manager of gers on the credit pulse of each cuis

agencies. They have their place, a concern, and one of our cus tomer all the time. The most unsuc and everyone having to do with credits

tomers who appeared to be “rea- cessful credit managers are those who should study his agency reports caresonably” good pay had been slipping in blindly pin their faith to a commercial fully. I am not defending the human his payments. I had gone to my friend agency rating-book, or in some ready- turtle, who pulls himself into his shell for advice, and I got it-straight-from- made set of rules, never looking to the the minute credit is mentioned; for at the-shoulder-in the same manner that right or left.

best he is his own worst enemy.



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I am



We as

simply telling you what my experience men and others, and all information the statement may be or what the assets has been.

was in favor of the doubtful customer. The agencies try to tell you how Here is a twice-told tale, but it “He stood high in the estimation of much; but the more important question illustraies the point: One morning a everybody, especially with the church is: How was it made, and what is beman with a handful of papers went people. He was active in religious ing done with it. into a store—I don't know whose store work. The banks regarded him as a Some credit managers are interested or where—and said, turning over his substantial business man. But all this in a lot of red-tape rules and regupapers, “I would like to find out how did not offset the fact that he was not lations; but those who have few losses much stock you have.” The “boss” sud- meeting his bills promptly, and my in- apply the test of character to every denly became very busy—so busy he vestigation revealed the fact that he credit, as a chemist would test a solucould not stop to make a calculation was not doing as much business as for- tion for acid or alkali. No less an but volunteered in a very large way, merly, that he was devoting a larger authority than the late J. P. Morgan “Well, we have got about $10,000 worth and larger amount of his time to out- declared shortly before his death that of stock on our shelves.” “Yes, and how side interests. I went back home and character was the one thing to be looked many solvent debtors have you? How wrote a letter to this customer that he for in the extension of credit. He cited much is owing to you that you con must pay in full.

instances in which he had given his sider good?" "About $5,000." "Well, “Within a few days I received a check for large sums to men whose how much do you owe?” “Don't owe personal call from the merchant's local sole assets were their character. It is anything.” “Good,” said the inquirer, banker. He wanted to know why we probable, however, that the acknowl"I'll see you later."

had refused credit. 'Everybody in our edged master of finance used the term That afternoon he returned to the town has the utmost confidence in him, “character” in its broadest sense, instore, and, taking out his papers, an he said, “and if you will investigate a cluding therein the elements which nounced, “I have come to collect your little, you will reconsider your atti- others would classify under the head personal property tax.” “Well,” said tude. I told him we needed the money, of “capacity.” the “boss” not remembering him, “I but that if the merchant was so well suppose you want to find out what thought of at home, no doubt he could

UT what about the man who is property I have got.” “Why, no,” ex raise the money without difficulty, and

honest, who hasn't any bad habplained the caller; “I was here this perhaps the bank would make the loan. its, who is attending strictly to morning and you told me.

Yes, it will,' exclaimed the banker, “but business, but who is fighting a losiiig sessed you accordingly.” The “boss” it is absurd that a house like yours game? Not all of the men who fail was angry, and said: "My friend, you makes such a thing necessary.' The

to pay their obligations are dishonest. haven't treated me right. When you loan was made, and our bill was paid; It frequently happens that a man who came in this morning, I thought you but before the loan was paid, the mer

is absolutely honest is forced by cirwas a Dun or Bradstreet man.” chant had failed. This banker made

cumstances which are beyond his conthe common mistake of confusing good trol to compromize with his creditors. OU will note that it is not a fellowship and good pay.”

The loss is no less real to his creditors, legal crime to lie to a commer

even if the man's intentions were the cial agency, altho in some states

A. PARMALEE, vice-president best. they are trying to enact a law to that

of Parmalee-Dohrmann Comeffect. There are times when even a

A year ago a firm in a little up-state pany, tells of a very interest

New York town failed for more than banker, in order to save himself, willing case: give an incorrect statement regarding a "A jeweler who had been an excel- $20,000, and after months of waiting debtor. A manufacturer doing business lent customer for a number of years ramifications, the creditors received

while the court performed its usual in a small town was on the verge of began slipping in his payments. He

four cents on the dollar. The manfailure and owed the bank of his own did a good business and his account town six or seven thousand dollars. He had previously been very desirable. ager of this business was a young man,

full of ambition and energy, and poswanted to transfer his account from When we reminded him of his pastthat bank to one of the very large due account he replied, giving a very have carried him through.

sessing a determination that ought to

But it banks in the city, and the two bankers plausible excuse, and asked for a conhad some correspondence on the sub- siderable extension. Owing to his pre- odds which floored him. I asked him

didn't, because he was fighting against ject. The local banker, knowing the vious record this was granted. A few true conditions, and wishing to "get months later he did not reply

how it happened that he got in so deep.

to from under,” gave the debtor a very correspondence, and investigation dis- business in a small way and was mak

He told me that he had started his excellent reputation, and the account closed that he was drinking to excess, ing progress, but his ambition got the was removed to the city, to which news and gambling; but all this had been

best of him. He wanted to branch out, of the depositor's failure came some carried on so quietly that our salesmen

and when he explained his proposition few weeks later.

had not learned the facts. Harlow. N. Higinbotham, former "I then made a personal call and

to a group of “business builders” they

told him to go ahead and they would partner of. Marshall Field, and credit spent the day with this man. I found

take an interest in the business and manager of that great company, tells conditions so bad that his continued

help him. One of them did as he this little story from his experiences: patronage was not wanted, and I felt

agreed and more. “How little the credit man can rely free to use harsh methods. As a re

A splendid factory building was on regular methods, and how largely sult, several hundred dollars was raised he must depend on his own judgment that day, some merchandise was

erected, equipped with machinery that is shown in this case.

One of our turned, and a fairly satisfactory adjust- had been carefully selected: the outcustomers owed about $5,000, and his ment effected. Within two months he look was most promising. But the men increasing slowness in taking care of was forced to make an assignment, with

who had promised to stand “behind" his bills led to the suspicion that his assets less than half his liabilities.”

did not do as they agreed. The young business was not prospering. I visited There is only one real basis for manager found himself in much the his city and made an investigation on credit-character—the character of the position of the bank which David Hamy own account. Without disclosing man or men who are "behind” a busi

rum so cleverly described as “all buildmy purpose or asking any direct ques ness. If the man or men are not hon- ing and no assets.” “And there I was,". tion, I talked with a number of business est and square, it matters not how good

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By R. W. BEAL UCH has been said and volumes body certainly cannot do more than a Perhaps you realize now, more than

have been written describing at machine. There is entirely too much un ever, the truth of these statements, and length the many kinds of baths necessary and avoidable sickness in the

if the reading of this article will result civilized man has indulged in from time world.

in a proper appreciation on your part of to time. Every possible resource of the How many people can you name, in the value of internal bathing, it will have human mind has been brought into play cluding yourself, who are physically vig- served its purpose. What you will want to fashion new methods of bathing, but orous, healthy and strong? The number to do now is to avail yourself of the opstrange as. it may seem, the most im is appallingly small.

portunity for learning more about the portant, as well as the most beneficial of It is not a complex matter to keep in subject, and your writing for this book all baths, the "Internal Bath,” has been condition, but it takes a little time, and will give you that information. Do not given little thought. The reason for this in these strenuous days people have time put off doing this, but send for the book is probably due to the fact that few people to do everything else necessary for the now while the matter is fresh in your seem to realize the tremendous part that attainment of happiness but the most es mind. internal bathing plays in the acquiring and sential thing of all, that of giving their “Procrastination is the thief of time.” maintaining of health. bodies their proper care.

A thief is one who steals something. If you were to ask a dozen people to Would


believe that five to ten Don't allow procrastination to cheat you define an internal bath, you would have minutes of time devoted to systematic out of your opportunity to get this valuas many different definitions and the internal bathing can make you healthy and able information which is free for the probability is that not one of them would maintain your physical efficiency indefi- asking. If you would be natural, be be correct. To avoid any misconception nitely? Granting that such a simple pro- healthy. It is unnatural to be sick. Why as to what constitutes an internal bath, cedure as this will do what is claimed for be unnatural, when it is such a simple let it be said that a hot water enema it, is it not worth while to learn more thing to be well? no more an internal bath than a bill of about that which will accomplish this end? fare is a dinner.

Internal Bathing will do this, and it will IF YOUR EYES ARE If it were possible and agreeable to do it for people of all ages and in all

NOT NORMAL take the great mass of thinking people conditions of health and disease. to witness an average post mortem, the People don't seem to realize, strange to there is a perfectly safe and natural way sights they would see and the things they say, how important it is to keep the body of restoring perfect circulation of blood, would learn would prove of such lasting free from accumulated body-waste poi- which is all that weak eyes require. benefit and impress them so profoundly

Their doing so would prevent the

It is in the nature of a gentle massage that further argument in favor of in- absorption into the blood of the poisonous given over the closed lids for five minutes ternal bathing would be unnecessary to excretions of the body and health would at a time twice a day, and for twenty convince them. Unfortunately, however, be the inevitable result.

years this method has been successfully it is not possible to do this, profitable as If you would keep your blood pure, used in correcting eye troubles and bringsuch an experience would doubtless prove your heart normal, your eyes clear, your ing back normal eyesight to young and to be. There is, then, only one other way complexion clean, your mind keen, your oldto get this information into their hands blood-pressure normal, your nerves Many of those whom it has benefited and that is by acquainting them with such laxed and be able to enjoy the vigor of had very serious eye troubles too, as is knowledge as will enable them to appre- youth in your declining years, practice shown by their voluntary letters on the ciate the value of this long-sought-for internal bathing and begin to-day.

subject. health-producing necessity.

Now that your attention has been called Just note what leading authorities say Few people realize what a very little to the importance of internal bathing, it on the subject of eye massage-Doctor thing is necessary sometimes to improve may be that a number of questions will De Schweinitz of Philadelphia, Professor their physical condition. Also, they have suggest themselves to your mind. You of Ophthalmology at Jefferson College, almost no conception of how little care will probably want to know WHAT an has stated that in treating even so serious lessness, indifference or neglect can be Internal Bath is, WHY people should a condition as dreaded cataract of the the fundamental cause of the most viru take them, and the WAY to take them. eye, massage of the eyeball "has been lent disease. For instance, that universal These and countless other questions are followed by improvement in vision and disorder from which almost all humanity all answered in a booklet entitled “THE deepening of the anterior chamber.” The is suffering, known as “constipation,” WHAT, THE WHY and THE WAY OF Medical Record, in treating the same sub"auto-intoxication,” “auto-infection,” and

INTERNAL BATHING," written by ject, says that “the most feasible plan a multitude of other terms, is not only Doctor Chas. A. Tyrrell, the inventor of seems to be properly applied massage.” curable but preventable through the con the “J. B. L. Cascade," whose lifelong This system of massage to which we sistent practice of internal bathing. study and research along this line make refer is fully explained in a scientific

How many people realize that normal him the preeminent authority on this sub- book on “The Eyes—Their Care, Their functioning of the bowels and a clean in- ject. Not only has internal bathing saved Ills, Their Cure,” which may be obtained testinal tract make it impossible to be- and prolonged Dr. Tyrrell's own life, but free on request from The Ideal Masseur, come sick? "Man of to-day is only fifty the lives of a multitude of hopeless indi 134 West 65th Street, New York, if you per cent. efficient.” Reduced to simple viduals have been equally spared and pro will mention the CURRENT OPINION. English this means that most men are longed. No book has ever been written The most effective helps for our weak-. trying to do a man's portion of work on containing such a vast amount of practi- nesses nowadays are often the most simhalf a man's power. This applies equally cal information to the business man, the ple and safe. Hosts of people have saved to women.

worker, and the housewife; all that is themselves from the nuisance of conThat it is impossible to continue to do necessary to secure this book is to write stantly wearing eyeglasses by using this this indefinitely must be apparent to all. to Dr. Tyrrell at Number 134 West 65th massage (or exercise), so it will probably Nature never intended the delicate human Street, New York City, and mention hav- be well worth your while to at least inorganism to be operated on a hundred per ing read this article in CURRENT OPINION, form yourself further by writing for the cent. overload. A machine could not and same will be immediately mailed to little book which treats the subject so stand this and not break down and the you free of all cost or obligation.




Peas W

explained the young man, “head over
heels in debt, with a fine plant, plenty
of business within easy reach because
we had established a pretty good repu-
tation for the quality of our product,
but without a penny of working capital
to conduct the business.

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The Jersey



for terms-Book free.

TE HAD a reasonably good rat - she is not delicate,

ing, altho I had tried to be -not short-lived,
absolutely frank with every-

as some people suppose. Judge Six Superb

body, including the commercial agency. the Jersey by the facts. In 1913
I explained the condition of our affairs

there were among

to several of our largest creditors, and
For 250
we will mail

they told me to keep a stiff upper lip
one regular
10-cent packet (40 to 50 seeds) and dig in, altho one or two limited our
each of BURPEE'S DAINTY, a
beautiful picotee pink-edged

credit. Salesmen called on us every
day from the concerns we had pre-

cows officially tested for the year
deep carmine scarlet; BURPEE'S IRISH
BELLE or DREAM, rich lilac flushed with viously been buying of, and others who

18 cows which averaged 12 pink; Mrs. CUTHBERTSON, an exquisite

years 7 months of age. Their pink; MRS. Hugh DICKSON, rich apricot thought they recognized in us a new

average production of milk was on cream ground; also one large packet (90 to 100

and valuable customer. I had no dif 8617 pounds, seeds) of the BURPEE BLEND OF SUPERB SPEN

Average butter CERS FOR 1915, the finest mixture of Spencers or ficulty whatever in buying all the goods

fat, 387 pounds. Orchid-Flowered Sweet Peas ever offered. The Burpee leafleton Sweet Pea Culture with each collection we wanted, but I bought sparingly, Longevity, Constitution and Economic Burpee's Annual telling each salesman that we would

Production are Jersey characteristics. Known as the leading American seed catalog - this

She is everywhere proving suitable to the bright book of 182 pages for 1915 is better than ever. require long terms. The salesinen ap

American climate and farming conditions. It is mailed free. Write for it today and kindly name Current Opinion. peared very anxious for our business

The American Jersey Cattle Club W. ATLEE BURPEE & CO. and quoted their longest terms. I told

324 W. 230 St., New York City Burplee Buildings, Philadelphia

each one that I might want even longer

terms than they offered, and in most A STILLWELL CALIFORNIA cases they volunteered the information BUNGALOW HOME that I would be accommodated.

Patents, Trade Marks, Copyrights

Difficult and rejected cases specially solicited. No misleading inOur books show 132 plans.

"Every dollar I possessed was in ducements made to secure business. Over 30 years' active Representative Cal, Homes"

practice. Experienced, personal, conscientious service. Write 50 ...$1600 to $6000... Price 50c. vested in the business, and on my per“West Coast Bungalows"

Address. E. G. SIGGERS, Patent 51....$600 to $2000....Price 50c. sonal recommendation some of my

Lawyer, Suite 20, N. U. Building. Washington, D. C. “Little Bungalows"

31... $300 to $1700....Price 25c. friends had invested. This was done MSS. SUCCESSFULLY PLACED We sell books and blue prints on All 3 for $1.00—Postpaid. E.W. STILLWELL & CO., Architects, 4353 Henne Bido., Los Angeles prior to the time that the ‘promising

Criticised, Revised, Typed. Send for leaflet L. business builders' had taken an interest References: Edwin Markham and others. Established 1890 CORRECT ENGRAVING in our affairs. If I had shown the UNITED LITERARY PRESS, 123 5th Ave., New York and FINE STATIONERY

white feather we would have been in
The making of Wedding and Social Invita-
tions. Visiting Cards and Stamped Paper is our bankruptcy within twenty-four hours,

POEMS WANTED for publication. special work, done in our own shop. Samples

a big song hit! Experience unnecessary. and prices upon request. Write Desk C. so I did the best I knew how under the

Publication guaranteed if acceptable. Send

us your verses or melodies today. Write for free LYCETT, Society Stationer 302 N. Charles Street, Baltimore, Ma. circumstances, depending on optimism

valuable booklet. MARKS-GOLDSMITH 00.

Department 30, Washington, D. C.
and hard work to carry me through. I
tried not to deceive anybody, and was
always glad to discuss details with any-
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made by a standard magazine. Henry A. Dreer 714-716 Chestnut St., Phila.,


Salesmen, as a whole, are too optimistic and too anxious to secure names CURRENT OPINION on the dotted line, to act as credit

134 West 29th Street, New York City (Continued on page 132)


Dreers 1915 Garden Book


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